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Using PLR Content on Your Blog

 For busy bloggers—and that’s pretty much everyone—it can be a real struggle to come up with a steady stream of unique, fresh content. In these cases, PLR or private label rights content comes in handy.

As great as PLR is, though, it’s not as simple as copying and pasting. To understand the intricacies of private label rights for bloggers, let’s look at what PLR is and how it can be used for blog development.

What Is PLR?

If you’re not familiar with this acronym, PLR is private label rights. When you buy PLR content, you’re not just getting its text—you also get the right to claim it as your own and use it as you see fit. For instance, PLR can be converted into video or audio format, included in an email autoresponder, or used in blog posts. One of the biggest problems with PLR, however, is the risk that others have already used the same content. That’s why it’s so important for bloggers to take the content and make it their own!

Finding Good PLR Content

If you want to use PLR to its full potential, you can’t just use the same old stuff that’s been floating around the Internet for years. There’s a reason why these “article packs” are sold for pennies on the dollar—it’s because that’s what they’re worth! These articles have been around so long and been published so many times that it’s almost impossible to use them in their current form.

When choosing content for your blog, look for that which meets these criteria:

  • Is recent
  • Is written by a well-known author
  • Is only circulated a pre-determined number of times

Outdated content is terrible—imagine buying an PLR article pack on “making money online”, only to find that it contains references to search engines that no longer exist! It’s not impossible to rework out-of-date content, but it’s much easier to ensure that the stuff you buy is current in the first place. If you’ve followed these basic guidelines, you won’t have trouble finding good content. Here’s more info on finding good PLR content.

Turning Good Content Into Great Blog Posts

Obviously, the last thing a blogger wants to do is to simply copy and paste the content they’ve bought. Even if you think Google’s duplicate content penalties are a myth, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s your job to provide interesting, unique content to your blog’s readers. How will your authority be affected if those readers find the same article being published verbatim on someone else’s site?

At the least, rewrite your content to give it a unique voice and make it look different to the search engines. There are numerous opinions out there, but at the minimum, I suggest aiming for 50% uniqueness or more.

Rather than rewriting individual articles, use them as starting points for your research. Good PLR creators write content focused on profitable keywords and information that people are looking for. Use their content and their insights as sources of information for your blog posts.

Don’t just think of private label rights content as a source for blog posts. PLR articles, when combined properly, can form the foundation of free giveaway reports or email courses that encourage readers to sign up for your list. Although these articles should still be reworked, using private label rights content to make these ‘bonuses’ is cheaper and easier than outsourcing or creating the content yourself.

Using private label rights content to create podcasts and videos—whether they’re used on your blog or in promotional efforts—is a great idea. Because the search engines don’t index these articles as text, there’s less of a concern about duplicate content penalties and you’ll spend less time reworking the content.

Get Started

When it comes to using private label rights content to build a blog, the only limit is your imagination. Wherever you need new content, you can successfully use PLR—and save money and time while you’re at it. So, find some great content on, rework it, make it your own, and use it to give readers the information they’re seeking. You really can’t go wrong!

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