Early Bird PLR Special - The Invincible Mindset PLR Sales Funnel (Dimesale)

The Invincible Mindset PLR Package

How To Setup Your PLR


Here’s Our Gift to You which is a FREE Video Course on Setting Up Your PLR Product or Resell Rights Product Properly, Step By Step.


Why Should You Consider Watching This PLR Setup Video Series?


Because most people purchase PLR products and never make use of them because they do know how to set the products up properly, hit a few barriers and just give up. Then their PLR and resell rights products just land up gathering dust and get outdated, so they land up being a total waste. And this is why knowing how to setup your PLR products in of utmost importance if you are serious about making money with your new PLR and resell rights products.


What Are you Going to Learn in Setting Up a Basic Sales Funnel?


In this 8-Part “how to set up your PLR” Video Training…Your going to be able to upload and completely setup a basic PLR or Resell Rights product using FTP and create and add a PayPal button so that you can start generating sales from your new reseller products. You will also learn to setup a download page and more.


Here’s a breakdown of the videos:


Video 1 – The Introduction which will let you know what to expect and welcome you to the video series.


Video 2 – Once you have downloaded your PLR or Resell Rights Files, you need to extract them using a ZIP product, this is what you learn in this video.


Video 3 – Once you unzipped all your PLR product files, you’ll want to do basic editing if it’s a PLR product, so you’ll be learning to edit the sales-page or squeeze page in this video.


Video 4 – In this video, you going to learn to create a PayPal button quickly and easily.


Video 5 – In this video, you going to learn to insert your PayPal button so that in integrated with your sales page.


Video 6 – Once you sales page is ready to upload with PayPal buttons properly integrated, you’ll want to upload everything onto your web server using a FTP program, the best one out there is Filezilla. This video will get you familiar with Filezilla and FTP.


Video 7 – In this video you going to learn to upload your sales page and images on to your server and then test that it’s working correctly.


Video 8 – In the last video, you’ll learn to create a separate folder for the download page, where your customers would be taken to after they make a purchase so that they can download their new products.


OK, so I’m sure you’re quite anxious to get started and let me tell you, WELL DONE, the fact that you read so far and are about to take action, is the biggest part of your success. Never stop moving forwards and never give up!


OK so here you can watch each video…


Video 1 –  Intro



Video 2 –  Files Extraction


Video 3 –  Editing Your Sales Page/Html Editing



Video 4 –  How To Create A PayPal Button



Video 5 –  How To Insert Your PayPal Button Into Your Sales Page



Video 6 –  How To Use FTP and Intro to FileZilla FTP Client



Video 7 –  Uploading Your Files to Your Server



Video 8 –  Setting Up Your Downloads Page.



I hope you enjoyed it and learned how to set up your PLR, feel free to send me emails and comments.

I’d love to know if this helped!

To Your Aspiring Success and Online Profits 🙂

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