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So due to popular demand and customer requests, I’ve decided to start a separate BuyQualityPLR email list specifically for Health and Wellness and Self Improvement PLR content.

I figured this way you won’t be getting “unwanted” marketing related PLR and will only get freebies, advice and bonus offers related to the health and wellness industry.

And to welcome you to my new email list, if you join my list today, you’ll also get 500 FREE UNRESTRICTED health PLR article packs.

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Here’s exactly what you’ll be getting if you join my list today…


50 Unrestricted Nutrition PLR Articles
















50 Unrestricted Nutrition PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

Addictive Foods and their Harmful Consequences
Advices about Diet to Reduce Rheumatic Pain and Inflammatory Conditions
Amazing Antioxidants
An Overview of the B5 Vitamin
Antioxidants- Eat All Your Colors
Apples – Crunch Your Way to Healthy Nutrition
Ayurveda and The Raw Food Diet
Basic Meal- Menu Planning
Basics Of Nutrition
Be Healthier With Veggies.
Beans could be the answer to your diet nightmares
Bee Pollen – A Medical Miracle
Beginners Guide To Healthy Nutritional Eating
Benefits Of Carrot-Carrot Seed Oil And Carrot Root Oil
Benefits of Goji juice
Broccoli A Disease Fighting Resource
Caffeine Addiction – A Problem To Be Solved As Early As Possible
Calcium-When You Take It-It Works
Calorie requirements for the different type of body characteristics
Calories-The Good and Bad
Can Nutrition Help Slow Down the Aging Process
Carbohydrates and the Glycemic Index
Cause of Asthma-Asthma Cough Treatment Variant
Cayenne pepper could help Stomach Ulcers
Eating For Life
Eating Greens
Eating Out Wisely
Eating the Australian Way
Eating the Right Way
Eating to Ease Arthritis Pain
Elements of Good Nutrition
Fiber-rich food is the best nutrition for dieting
Fight Cancer With These 10 Foods
Finding A Diet That Works
Your Obese Child- School Nutrition
7 Reasons to grow your own organic vegetable garden
7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil
7 Ways to Make Alkaline Diet Benefit You
8 Ways You Get Great Results With Glyconutrients
10 Possible Causes of the Obesity Epidemic
10 Small Steps To Improve Your Health
10 Ways To Get More Antioxidants Into Your Diet
10 Ways To Sneak Some Extra Fruits And Vegetables In Your Familys Diet
22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice
A Colon Detox Can Improve Your Colon Health
A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition
A Juicy-Fun Way To Take Your Vitamins
About Omega 3 Fish oils
Acid Vs Alkaline Diet



60 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine PLR Articles Pack

















60 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

Benefits of Ayurveda
Benefits of Garlic by www.AyurvedicCure.com
4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache
4 Natural Home Remedies to Ease the Pain of Sunburn
4 Steps To Relieve Back Pain
5 Big Reasons to Relieve and Prevent Thyroid Disorder
5 Low Cost Ways to Soothe the Sting of Sunburn
5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol Level
10 Easy Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief
A Beginners Guide To Using Aromatherapy With Children
A Constipation Home Remedy – Cayenne
A Constipation Remedy Using Potassium and Prunes
A Morning Smoothie to Help You Stop Constipation
A Natural Herbal Remedy Could Be Your Answer
Acne Program – Step 2 Using Acne Face Cream
Acupressure Fast Facts – Get Pain Relief at Home
Acupressure more effective than physical therapy
Acupressure s Sweet Spot – How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar
Acupuncture – A Benefit
Acupuncture – Fast Escape From Infertility
Acupuncture For Asthma – Fact Or Fiction
Allergy and Mental Disease
Aloe Vera juice
Alternative Asthma Treatment
Alternative Health Treatments
Alternative herbal liver cancer cure
Alternative Medicine – Gaining Popularity And Acceptance
Alternative Medicine – What Happens During Acupuncture Treatment
Alternative medicine cervical cancer prevention
Alternative Medicine is Holistic Western Medicine is Reductionist
Alternative Medicine is Preventive Western Medicine is Curative
Alternative Medicine to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicines – Why The Silence
Alternative Medicines That Work For Me
Alternative Therapies For Asthma Treatment — Biofeedback Holds Promise
Alternative Treatments For Headaches And Advice
Applied of kineziologiya – diagnostics is treatment the health
Are Alternative Medicines Effective
Aromatherapy – Revive Your Senses
Aromatherapy – Using Nature s Aroma To Cure
Aromatherapy – Massage
Aromatherapy – New Age Fad Or Age-Old Remedy
Aromatherapy – The Scent Through Your Skin
Aromatherapy and Men
Aromatherapy Blends – A gift specially for you from the nature s lap
Aromatherapy Candles – The Brighter Side Of Candles
Aromatherapy treatment – alternative medicine
Arthritis – Home remedies for Arthritis
Arthritis Relief with Tea Tree Oil
Asthma Control – Tips on How to Cure your Asthma Naturally
Asthma Treatment Medications may not be worth the side effects
Asthma Treatment Ways
Avoiding Colds and Flu Naturally
Ayurveda Ayurvedic Medicines and Important Herbs
Ayurveda remedies for Erectile dysfunction
Ayurvedic Home Remedies for digestive disorders
Benefit of Green Tea
Benefits Of Alternative Medicine



100 Unrestricted Womens Issues PLR Articles Pack


















100 Unrestricted Womens Issues PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

10 Tips To Avoid Work At Home Mom Burnout
10 Tips To Improved Hair Care
10 Tips To Minimizing A Plus Size Body Type
48-Of Women Have Thinning Hair
A Carnation Is Never A Wrong Idea
A Guide To General Female Health
A Guide To Sunless Suntan Lotion
A Guide To Tanning Bed Bulbs And Lamps
A Quick Guide On How To Get Pregnant
A Quick Look At Sunless Tanning
A Quick Look At Tanning Beds
A Rough Battle To Smoothen Your Dry Hair
A safe non evasive alternative to surgery for Breast Enhancement
A Visit To A Jewelry Store
Abnormal Mammogram – What Now
Abnormal or excessive vaginal bleeding- Myths and facts
Abortion – No Time To Say Goodbye
Abortion and the Right to Life
Accentuate Your Looks With The Right Purse
Advertising Your Genes
Advice On Buying Maternity Wear
All About Tanning Bed Lotions-Tanning Bed Lamps And Other Tanning Bed Products
Amish beliefs that are not shared by Christians
An Overview of Fibromyalgia
Any Time Home Facials
Are Diamonds Really Forever
Are Disposable Color Contacts Good
Are Stay-At-Home Moms Better
Are you aware that you suffer from endometriosis
Are You One Of The 40 000 000 Invisible Women In Our Society
Are you suffering from painful intercourse
Are You Sugar Scrubbing Yet
Ashton- Demi-A Giant Step For Older Women
Baby Boom Icon Sally Field Takes On Osteoporosis
Baby Wants – But Maybe Doesn t Need — New Shoes–Or-The Psychology Of New Shoes-
Back Hair Laser Removal
Balancing Your Home And Business Life Without Having Super Powers
Basics Of Breast Augmentation
Before You Decide On Rhinoplasty Read This
Benefits of Progesterone Cream
Best Genes
Bigger Breasts Naturally
Bikini Fashion
Bikini Line Hair Removal – A Guide To Pubic Hair Removal Methods
Bikini Line Hair Removal – Are Razors Better Than Pubic Shavers
Bipolar Imbalances And Hormones.
Black Hair Basics
Black Hair Care-How To Take Care Of Cornrows
Bobs And Short Haircuts
Body Hair Removal- Your Choices
Body Hair Removal-Solutions For Today
BOTOX – The Temporary Wrinkle Solution
Botox-A Hit In The Cosmetic World
Brand New Mini Stun Gun Offers Powerful Punch
Brazilian Waxing-Brilliant Or Barbaric
Breast Augmentation- An Overview
Breast Augmentation- General Information
Breast Augmentation Today
Breast Augmentation-Considerations
Breast Cancer- A Curse To Every Female Species
Breast Enhancement Assists You to Get Noticed
Breast Enhancement is changing the Shape of the World for Women
Breast Enhancement Pills Formulat natural increase size firmness female breasts
Breast Enhancement to Make Your Dream Comes True
Breast Enhancement-True Beauty comes on in the bird s eye view-
Breast Enlargement – Is Natural Breast Enhancement Possible Without Surgery
Breast Enlargement Procedures Types of Augmentation Surgery
Breast Enlargement
Breast Enlargement-The Spotlight of Every Human Being
Breast Pills- An Absolute Alternative for Surgery
Breast Pills Effective in Improving the Growth of Breasts
Breast Pills Helps You to Lead the Race
Breast Self-Massage is Simple
Breastfeeding 101-Find The Perfect Breast Pump For You
Breasts Discharge- Lump
Bridal Gowns- How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress
Bridal Lingerie Buying Guide
Brittle Nails – Easy To Break
Building Better Bones
Burn Baby Burn-Getting Rid Of Your Baby Fat-After Pregnancy
Can I Wear Contact Lenses If I Need Bifocals
Can Women Build Big Muscles-Why Women Can t Build Big Muscles Easily.
Can You Gender Test Your Unborn Child
Can You Imagine A Beautiful Life
Candida Home Remedies-Simple Yet Effective
Causes and remedies for Urinary Tract Infection
Causes for Cervicitis
Causes of Hirsutism
Causes Of Stretch Marks
Cellulite Treatment Methods
Cessation Menopause
Changing Your Look With Colored Contact Lenses
4 Stages of Eclampsia
5 Minutes To Silky Smooth Skin
5 Physical Symptoms Of Menopause
7 Guidelines To Choosing A Great Patio Umbrella
8 Popular Perfume Choices For Women
8 Steps for a Woman Dancing with Cancer
10 Great Hair Care Tips
10 Natural Ways to combat PMS



150 Unrestricted Weight Loss PLR Articles Pack

















150 Unrestricted Weight Loss PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

Your Tummy Fat Could Be Killing You
Zone Diet – Criticism
Zone Diet- A New Weight Loss System
Lose Weight Fast – Changing Your Diet
Lose Weight For A Healthier Heart
Lose Weight For The Summer
Lose Weight Or Lose 13 Years
Lose Weight Permanently Without Dieting
Lose Weight Quickly With This Easy To Maintain Diet
Lose Weight Rapidly with Diet Pills Therapy
Lose Weight The Natural Way While You Sleep
Lose Weight With A Balanced Vegetarian Diet
Lose Weight With A Healthy Diet
Lose Weight With Living Foods
Lose weight without dieting and exercising with Phentermine
Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself
Lose Weight-How to Exercise and Burn Fat on a Busy Schedule
Lose Weight-Sushi Is Your Friend
Losing weight is all about what you gain
Losing Weight Is As Easy As 1 2 3 4 with Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy
Losing Weight One Pound at a Time
Losing Weight the Healthy Way is the Best Way
Losing Weight While Keeping Your Skin Firm
Losing Weight With Ephedrine
Losing Weight With PCOS – Low Carb May Help Insulin Response
Losing Weight with Phentermine
Losing Weight with Salsa Dancing
Losing weight without forgetting about Fasting Health
Losing weight without losing your mind
Love can make you lose weight
Low Carb Diet- Is It A Good Way To Lose Weight
Low Carb Diet Plan – When More Is Better
Low Carb Diet Plans
Low Carb Diets-Just How Safe Are They
Low Carb Fad Diets Revealed
Low Fat Diets – How Effective Is The Low Fat Diet Plan
Low glycemic index diets are better then high protein diets
Low-Carb Diet-Should I or Shouldn t I
Low-Carb High Protein Diets
Make Way For A Healthy Life With Phentermine
Make Your Body More Flexible and Curvy With the Help of Meridia
Mediterranean Diet Information
Metabolism- What is it and How Can I Control It
Mind Over Matter- Key Strategies for Weight Loss Success
Miracle-Weight Loss Supplements- Your Partner In Weight Loss
Move-Move-Move for Greater Weight Loss
Multi-Million Dollar Industry – Weight Loss Center
Natural Diet Pills for Weight Loss- How Safe are They
Natural Diet Tips To Achieve Fast Weight Loss
Natural Weight Loss Program lose Weight Naturally Tips
Need A Weight Loss Plan Strategy
Need Practical Weight Loss Tips
Need To Lose Weight Fast For A Special Occasion
New Year s Diet Resolution Tips
No More Excuses for Being Overweight
Now that I have to eat Salads-Any suggestions
Now the ultimate solution for successful weight loss.
Nutrition Notes on Weight Loss Supplements and Diet Pills
Oatmeal – The Most Powerful Breakfast for Weight Loss
Obesity- Diabetes
Obesity is an Increasing Health Risk
Obesity Surgery
Wanting To Lose-Weight-Why Not Go Go Herbal
Water-Your Best Weight Loss Friend
Ways To Save And Shape Up
We all want a weight loss program that works
Weight Loss Advice For Men
Weight Loss After Pregnancy – What They Didn t Tell You
Weight Loss And Appetite Suppressants – Hoodia
Weight Loss and Diet Pills
Weight loss and Dieting Plan
Weight Loss and Motivation
Weight Loss and Phentermine
Weight Loss And The Proper Nutrition.
Weight Loss As An Added Bonus
Weight Loss At Work-Non-Food Rewards
Weight Loss Diets – A Review Of 4 Popular Diets
Weight Loss Diets-How To Make Them Work
Weight Loss Discussion – To Be Or Not To Be Fat-
Weight Loss Drug – Ideal cure for the ailment called Obesity
Weight loss for Couch Potatoes – Don t Get up-I ll Explain…
Weight Loss Helps Prevent Diabetes
Weight Loss Instructions
Weight Loss Issues-Can You Be Cellulite Free
Weight Loss Motivation Guidelines
Weight Loss Motivation- How To Find It And Keep It
Weight Loss Motivation-Mastering the Motivation to Stay Fit
Weight Loss Myths
Weight Loss Newbies-The Beginner s Guide to Losing Weight
Weight Loss Or Fat Loss – Important Differences To Lose Weight And Fat Healthily
Weight Loss Pills Explained
Weight Loss Pills- Magic or Risk
Weight Loss Pills-Are They Safe
Weight Loss Plan
Weight Loss Products- A Great Alternative to Normal Diets
Weight Loss Psychology – Tips For Easier Dieting
Weight Loss Secrets Revealed
Weight Loss Strategies
Weight loss supplements buying tips
Weight Loss Surgery Risks And Benefits
Weight Loss Surgery-Is It A Safe Option
Weight Loss Surgery-What Are The Options
Weight Loss Survey-Why Dieters Fail To Lose Weight
Weight loss techniques
Weight Loss through Foods that Fight Fat
Weight Loss Tips – Live a healthy lifestyle
Weight Loss Tips and Diet Information
Weight Loss Tips for Women-5 Solutions to Staying Slim
Weight loss vs. Fat loss- Yes There Is a Difference
Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss-Discover Why Your Scale May Be Your Worst Enemy
Weight Loss With Acupuncture Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight
Weight Loss with Alternative Medicine
Weight Loss With Hoodia
Weight Loss With Hypnosis
Weight Loss With The Help Of Green Tea
Weight Loss-Body Detox And Anti Aging Are All Connected
Weight Loss-Clarity-Still Confusing
Weight Loss-Don t Eat More Than You Can Lift
Weight Loss-Dotti s Way
Weight Loss-Fitness Motivation- Your Subconscious Pictures
Weight Loss-It Maybe More Healthy Than You Think
Weight Loss-Setting Reasonable Long Term Goals
Weight Loss-The All Natural way without Gimmicks
Weight Loss-Tweaking Your Lifestyle
Weight Management Advice For All Star Signs
Weight-Loss – How a Gusty Oversized Girl Shed Her Fat To Become Extremely Attractive
What are the Alternatives to Xenical Weight Loss Pills
What Are You Doing To Control Your Weight
What Are You Willing To Do To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals
What Extend Of Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects
What Is A Balanced Diet
What Is Hoodia Gordonii And How Its Related To Dieting
What is in a Weight Loss Diet Pill and Can it Help
What is Phentrimine-Weight loss medication
What Is The Atkins Diet
What is the Green Tea Diet Plan
What Is The Mediterranean Diet
What Is The South Beach Diet
What Is The Truth About Hoodia
What Is Your Healthy Body Weight
What Is Your Weight Loss Motivation Level
Why Most of Your Diets Always Fail
Wipe Out Those Extra Pounds Through Weight Loss Tips
Women s Health and Fitness – Reducing Cortisol Levels Can Help You To Lose Weight
Women s Health and Fitness – Weight Training To Lose Weight
Yoga for Weight Loss-What you need know to succeed-part 1
Yoga for Weight Loss-What you need know to succeed-part 2
You ve lost the Weight-but how clean are you on the inside where it Counts
Your Metabolism And Fat Loss



50 Unrestricted Supplements PLR Articles Pack


















50 Unrestricted Supplements PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

Supplements for Athletes in Training
Supplements That Can Help Boost Brain Power
Benefits of Supplementing With Creatine
Benefits of Supplementing With St. John s Wort
Benefits Of Vitamin B12
Health Food Supplements – Consumer Guide
Health Medicine and Glyconutrition-The-Future Isn t What-it Used to Be
Health Supplements-Antioxidants and the FDA
Healthy Diet For Your Child
Healthy Weight Loss
Heart Health with Herbal Cholesterol Supplements
Herbal Dietary Supplements and Their Benefits
Herbal natural supplements allergy relief
How To Easily Obtain HGH
How useful are Vitamins
Human growth hormone and the weight gain trap
Human Growth Hormone- Playing An Anabolic Role In The Body
Hypnosis Weight Loss
Incorporating Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements Into A Healthy Weight Maintenance Program
Information About Chromium Supplments
Information About Germanium Supplments
Joint Pain Relief
Know Your Bodybuilding Supplement – BCAA s
Know Your Bodybuilding Supplement – L-Arginine
Know Your Bodybuilding Supplement – Tribulus
Laxatives And Weight Loss
Making Vitamins Plain And Simple
Malic Acid A Good Supplement
Managing Anemia Associated With Chemotherapy Treatment
Natural Arthritis Remedy To Reduce Inflammation
Natural Cholesterol Control Supplements
Natural Growth Hormone Supplements
Natural health supplements
Natural Mood Enhancer Supplements
Natural Sexual Stimulant Ingredients
Natural Supplements – Help Your Body
Natural Supplements for Women s Health from nutraOrigin-Menopause
Natural Supplements for Women s Health from nutraOrigin-PMS
Natural Supplements for Women s Health-Cardiovascular Health
Natural Supplements for Women s Health-Metabolism
Natural Supplements for Women s Health-PMS
Natural Testosterone Supplements
Natural Vitamin Sources
Natural Weight Loss
Nutritional Benefits From Protein Sports Supplements
Nutritional Supplements And A Balanced Diet
Nutritional Supplements And How They Help Your Health
Nutritional Supplements-Adding To Your Health
Supplement Your Diet With Vitamin B12
Supplements And Nutrition



90 Unrestricted Disease and Illness PLR Articles Pack


















90 Unrestricted Disease and Illness PLR Articles Pack Article Titles:

A Summary Of Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
A Wake-Up Call From The Heart
About Anorexia
About Cerebral Palsy
Acid Reflux – Causes
Acid Reflux Disease Causes and Effects
Acid Reflux Disease in Infants
Acid Reflux Disease
Acid Reflux-cause and natural remedies
Acromegaly Overgrowth condition in humans.
Acute Infectious Anthrax
ADD And Coexisting Conditions – Why Is It So Complicated
Addiction When Gambling Becomes a Problem
ADHD Article Help Guide
ADHD Treatments
Adult ADHD and Fear Why We Procrastinate
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Adult Scoliosis
After Cancer Treatment Health Tips Everyone Needs To Know
AIDS Education health problem associate with HIV infection
AIDS HIV Information
Alcohol and Cancer Understanding the Connection
Alcohol rehab the 12 step program
Alcoholism What Should I Know About It
Alcoholism Disease Or Not
Alcoholism Treatment Options
Allergies – Allergy Shots
Allergies – Antihistamines and How They Work
Allergies – Antihistamines and Their Side Effects
Allergies – Food Allergies
Allergies – Quality Of Life
Allergies – The Sneezing Sickness
Allergy Treatment
Alzheimer’s Disease How Does the Disease Develop
Alzheimers or Aging The Signs You Need To Know
Alzheimer’s Toxin May Be Key To Slowing Disease
Americans Fear Alzheimer s More Than Heart Disease Diabetes or Stroke But Few Prepare
An Innovative Treatment For Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
An Introduction To Eating Disorders
An Introduction To Rheumatoid Arthritis
An Overview Of Cancer
Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment and Symptoms
Anticipatory Grief and On-going Sadness for Caregivers
Aortic Dissection – Are You At Risk
Are Allergies and Asthma Related
Are You Eligible To Get A Flu Priority Shot You Need To Know…
Art Theft – Most Famous Cases in History
Arthritis – Its Debilitating and Detrimental Effects
Arthritis – The Inflammatory Disease
Arthritis and Chronic Joint Symptoms
Aspergers Syndrome – General Information
Asthma treatment utilizing natural health products versus prescription medicine
Autism – Is There A Link With Immunizations
Autism – Living With Autism
Autism Spectrum Disorders Explained
Avian Bird Flu Information
Avian Flu – Are We All Sitting Ducks
Avian Influenza – Bird Flu FAQ
Avoiding and Preventing Cancer – Simple Steps to Take
Baccarat History and American Baccarat Rules
Bad Breath It Happens To The Best Of Us
Bad Breath and Gingivitis
Bipolar Disorder – What is it and what are the symptoms
Bipolar Disorder
Bird Flu – Who Is at Greatest Risk of Dying
Bird Flu and Tamiflu Making Your Supply of Tamiflu Go Farther in an Emergency Situation
Bird Flu and You – How Will The Flu Affect You
Bird Flu Information and Update
Bird Flu No Risk To Poultry Consumers
Bird Flu Vaccines – What is Taking So Long
Bone Breaking Disease – Osteoporosis
Bons Plans pour Mariage Express
Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment
Can Alzheimer’s Be Prevented
Can Periodontal Gum Disease Be Reversed
Cancer – Courage and Love
Cancer – The Real Facts
Cancer Lies Impoverish You Before You Die part 2
Cancer Patient Beats the Odds Hopes to Inspire Others
Cancer Prevention – Eat Your Cabbage
5 Ways to Deal With ADHD
6 Essential Facts You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder
7 Tips to Take Control of Bipolar Disorder
7 Ways to Grow Flowers
10 Most Likely Cancers You Are Going To Get
A Better Understanding Of Arthritis
A Bird-Flu Pandemic Could Start Tomorrow
A Brief Introduction To Rheumatoid Arthritis
A Moving Experience



And that’s not all, you’ll be getting lots of freebies, advice, recommendations and bonus offers in the self help and health niches.

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