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Ways You Can Save on PLR and Resell Rights Products

At buyqualityplr.com, we look after our customers and always look for new ways to help them save.

Buy quality PLR Discounts

Since there’s a few ways you can get discounts in our PLR store, I decided to create this page to help you to understand how each discount and coupon code works and created short videos on how you can use each discount and coupon code to get maximum savings on your cart when checking out.


1. Social Discount 5% Off!

How to get your 5% discount using social media?

On the product page of any product in store, there is a social sharing option, meaning if you share any of our products using the social sharing feature on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus or LinkedIn, you’ll get an automatic 5% discount applied to your entire cart when you check out.

Watch the below video on how to get your social discount automatically applied to your cart for 5% off.

Here’s a screenshot of what the social sharing section looks like, which is located at the bottom of each product page:

Social Discounts


2. 20% off your first purchase!

We try to encourage new customers to give us a try and as a welcome gift, every customers can get 20% off their first purchase in-store.

This discount can be applied at checkout and will give you a 20% discount on your entire cart.

The coupon code is: BQPLRFirstTime20

This code can only be used once per customer.

You can copy and paste it when you checkout, watch the video below to see exactly how it works, step by step.


3. 10% Discount on your cart items


The coupon code is: BQPLR10off

This discount can be applied at checkout and will give you a 10% discount on your entire cart.

You can use this coupon as many times as you like.

Watch the video above, it’s works with the same concept. Just copy and paste the above coupon code at checkout and your discount will be applied to your entire cart.

I added 2 screenshots below in-case you’re having problems viewing the video:

Simply Copy and Paste the below coupon code:

into the area shown in the screenshot below:

First time buyers discount - Buyqualityplr - screenshot 1


Then Click the “apply” button as seen in the screenshot below, your discount will then be applied to your cart.

First time buyers discount - Buyqualityplr - screenshot 2


Congrats, your coupon code will then reflect to your cart as seen below, enjoy your 10% discount!


First time buyers discount - Buyqualityplr - screenshot 3

This 10% discount coupon code has unlimited uses! So yes, with BQPLR, you can save….ALWAYS! 🙂


Happy shopping, if you need any help, I am always an email away.

As many of you must know, I respond quickly 🙂

Buy Quality PLR


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