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PLR FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about PLR content

I put this page together to answer common questions I get all the time. It will help you understand what you can and can’t do with PLR, how to use it to the best of your advantage, and give you a few tips about your rights and licensing.

If I don’t answer your question here, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send me an email and I will respond as soon as possible. Unlike many PLR providers out there, I handle support myself because your happiness is my priority.

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Label Rights Content

Q: What is PLR?

PLR is Private Label Rights. It is licensed content. A PLR producer creates content and then sells licensing to that content. The producer can sell as many licenses as he or she likes. This means the same piece of content you purchase might be purchased by other people. (It probably will.)

PLR is also referred to as white label content or brandable content. If the idea that several people can purchase and publish the exact same article package, e-book or course as you seems weird, it really isn’t.

This happens all the time. Think about this example.

Do you have a favorite soda? You like it because you believe it tastes better than any other soda. In truth, there may be several companies selling the exact same soda, just under different names.

This happens because a company produces a soda and sells it wholesale to multiple buyers. Each one of those buyers slaps its own label and name on the soda. Even though the soda is exactly the same, it is sold under different brand names.

The smart buyers will make slight changes to that soda. They want it to have a unique flavor and taste. The last thing they desire is for you and other consumers to find out their beverage is the same as so many others. They’re concerned that buyers may think they stole or copied the formula for the soda from someone else.

You should be concerned about that with PLR.

This is why you always make changes to your PLR products. You might just change the title and chapter titles of an e-book or PLR course you purchase. Create a new e-book cover. This gives your PLR an entirely new look and feel. It makes it unique to you. Then your buyers won’t think that you copycatted the content from someone else.

Remember, your readers and customers don’t care if the content you sell has been licensed or not. As long as it provides value, answers big questions and solves big problems in their lives, they will be happy.

Q: Is Using PLR Plagiarizing or Copying in Any Way?

When you purchase PLR you are not copying anyone. You are paying the creator for a license to the content. This is a legal, above-boards transaction.

When you purchase your license you understand that there are others also purchasing a license. This means you recognize that this is nonexclusive content. Then you rebrand, edit or repackage the content to make it unique to your business.

This is not plagiarizing. The definition of plagiarizing is copying or stealing something from another person without that person’s permission.

When you purchase PLR you receive the permission of the creator to use that content however you like. Different pieces of PLR content may come with different licenses. You may be able to resell PLR or obtain only personal usage rights. Some licenses allow you to sell a resell license. That means your customers can turn around and sell the products as well.

No matter what type of PLR license you purchase, you are not plagiarizing or copying anyone.

Q: What Does PLR, RR and MRR Mean?

When you create something, you can do anything you like with it. The same is true for PLR producers. When they create some type of PLR, they can give any type of licensing to that PLR that they like. This means that you should always communicate with a PLR producer and see exactly what rights you get for any content you purchase.

That having been said, here are some common licensing definitions that most PLR creators agree on.

  • Private Label Rights – Private Label Rights (PLR) content can be resold and you can put your name on it. This license allows you to edit the content anyway you see fit. That means you can use it in many areas of your business. You can sell this content and keep 100% of the profits or use it to build your email list. However you use it, content with a traditional PLR license gives you the most freedom as far as what you’re allowed to do with it.
  • Master Resell Rights – MRR refers to nonexclusive content where you pass along the rights to sell the content. You purchase MRR content from someone and you resell it. With that content you are also giving your customers the right to sell the content as well. This makes you an angel in the eyes of people who are trying to start businesses online. They know they can turn to you for content that they can resell and keep all of the profits. One important thing to take note of is, not all MRR products can be edited. Some MRR products only allow reselling, and no editing.
  • Resell Rights – This is known in the industry as RR. Basically, this license is pretty limited. It means that the content you purchase can be resold. You can sell it but your customer cannot. You are selling a Personal Use Only license to your customers.
  • Personal Use Only Rights – Personal Use Only Rights is self-explanatory. This is PLR you purchase that you use for yourself. You can’t sell it or edit it or do anything with it other than put it to use in your life. If you are learning how to do something or want to solve some type of problem, this license is perfect for you. It’s basically for learning purposes only.

Q: Instead of Buying PLR, Can’t I Just Create Content Myself?

Yes, you definitely can. Just keep the following considerations in mind.

Let’s say you want to write a 10-page e-book on a particular subject. Your research time could be as little as an hour if you know the topic very well. It’s not out of the ordinary for a project like this to take 2 to 5 hours of research, and even more.

Now you have to sit down and write. Some people love to write and they are good at it. Other people find writing a huge pain in the you know what! Some people don’t mind writing but they realize they’re not very good. But let’s say you decide to write your own e-book.

How long does it take to write a 10-page piece of content? Talented writers that know the subject well can finish a project like this in 3 to 5 hours. It may take someone as many as 10 hours or even longer to write 10 good, value-rich, high-quality pages.

Now you have to proofread, edit, spellcheck and format your e-book. That means more work. Don’t forget to create an e-book cover. Are you going to add images? That means more time spent tracking down and purchasing royalty-free images and graphics.

In the best case scenario, it can take you 5 to 7 hours to create a 10-page e-book.And that’s just one piece of content!

You need fresh content like blog posts and social media posts all the time. Every month you might want to release a new product or e-book or video course. When will you find the time to create all this content? Even if you have the time, do you have all the skills you need to produce the content your business needs?

PLR saves you dozens of hours every month. You can spend that time playing with your kids or building your business or doing anything you like. When you purchase PLR, you have a finished product in your hands. There are writers and content creators who are good at what they do, yet they still purchase PLR because they simply can’t create the amount of content they need in a timely manner.

You can use PLR the same way. Instead of needing the time and skills required to create great content, you pay a PLR producer for his time and his skills.

Q: Won’t Search Engines Give Me a Duplicate Content Penalty Because of My PLR?

It makes sense to keep the search engines happy, especially Google. The Big G receives between 85% and 90% of all web searches. That means for every 100 searches, Google gets 85 to 90 and all the other search engines in the world fight over 10 or 15 searches!

I mention this because Google some years ago said it will penalize website owners if they publish duplicate content.  This became known as the duplicate content penalty. The goal of Google is to provide web searchers with as much diverse but relevant content as possible. People that used PLR in their businesses became instantly fearful of watching all their webpages disappear from the Google index.

What Google meant was they didn’t want to find a website where all the content had already been posted somewhere else. In other words, if you had a 100-page website, they didn’t want to see all 100 pages as duplicate entries somewhere else on the web.

If you have a few pages of content which are identical to content that is somewhere else on the World Wide Web (which can happen when you publish PLR content without tweaking it and rebranding it), there probably aren’t going to be any problems with the search engines.

Think about the last time you saw a breaking news story.

It gets shared all over the web. Bloggers, website owners, marketers, news organizations and people on social media share the content. It is word for word exactly the same on thousands and thousands of webpages.

Google doesn’t penalize anyone for this. This is curated information. It is deemed as valuable and there is no penalization. When content goes viral Google actually likes it. The duplicate content penalty is a myth.

What web owners are concerned about is called “sandboxing”. You don’t want your content to get sandboxed. This refers to Google and other search engines burying your content at the bottom of the search engine sandbox. It can never be found. Some website owners are concerned that PLR content will get their webpages removed from Google’s index and the other search engines entirely.

While this is a valid concern, it’s probably only going to happen if you don’t provide value for the reader. Smart PLR purchasers avoid a possible duplicate content penalty using simple practices.

They change titles, subtitles, chapters and headers in any PLR content they purchase. If they are publishing content on the web where the search engines can read it, they make it their own. They edit it. They tweak it. They want it to have their unique voice.

The last thing they want is a reader to discover that their web content is word for word exactly like that on some other website. This can get your readers and followers to believe that you have stolen the content from another website owner. That’s not good.

This is why you always want to edit and rebrand any PLR content that you publish on the Internet.

You don’t necessarily have to do this with autoresponder sequences, e-books and courses. Since they are not published publicly for the search engines to read page by page and word by word, you don’t necessarily need to change the information.

However, if you purchase a PLR e-book that you’re going to sell or give away, you should at the very least change the title and chapter titles. Create a new e-book cover. You want to make it different from those PLR purchasers who simply resell the e-book without changing a thing.

Q: Will PLR Help Me Grow My Email List?

Successful Internet marketers will tell you that your email list is everything. It is the most valuable business asset you can ever create. You own it. No one can take it from you. You can market to your email list anytime you like.

Statistics say that you can make about $1 per month per email list member through email marketing. This is just on average. Smart marketers make a lot more than that. This means if you build an engaged, interested list of 5,000 people, you can count on roughly $5,000 per month of income if you market to that list properly.

This is why it is so important to build and grow your email list.

PLR is perfect for that job. You can purchase complete email list building packages. You’ll get a landing page, autoresponder sequences, PLR opt-in freebie and content to drive traffic to the landing page.

You can often find PLR sites that sell autoresponder sequences by themselves. The same is true with landing pages and other necessary components to build your list.

You can purchase article packages to post on your blog. Then you include a link to your landing page. This is a way to use PLR articles to build your list. When someone hits your landing page, why not offer them a free report or e-book in exchange for them signing up to your list? This means you can purchase a PLR e-book or report that will do the job for you.

PLR can grow your list in a number of ways. Since you aren’t content creating the content yourself, this means building your list faster than if you had to dedicate the time to create all of the content needed.

Q: Should I Change or Edit PLR Content before Publishing It?

I mention the need for rebranding PLR content throughout this page. You should edit it. You should change it so that it is unique. I believe it is absolutely essential. If you have content that is exactly like your competitor, why should someone choose to buy a product from you rather than him?

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this. It is absolutely vital that you at least change any PLR content in some way. The more you can make it unique and provide your own “voice” to the content, the better.

Q: What Are Some Ways to Repurpose PLR Content?

Repurposing PLR content is smart for a lot of reasons. You don’t want your content to be word for word like the content found on other websites. Imagine if someone purchases your e-book and then finds that the e-book was sold by 10 other marketers under the same name, with the same e-book cover, and the exact same content? That person would not look upon you with much respect as a content creator.

For a lot of reasons, you need to be repurposing, tweaking and editing your PLR.

You can start by simply changing the titles and sub-headers of any articles or blog posts you purchase. People love to scan content on the web. This makes it easy for someone to see that your titles, headlines and sub- headers are unique.

Change certain keywords and phrases. You know the words and phrases you need to be targeting to attract free search engine traffic. Add them to any PLR you purchase. Remove certain words and phrases from the content. Change entire sentences or paragraphs.

You can also change or replace or delete images and videos. A lot of PLR contains images. Sometimes you might want to add or remove video content in a video PLR course you purchase. You can find free images to use in your PLR products at Pixabay.

Video PLR content can be used to write articles and blog posts. You can do the opposite. Take the information in some PLR articles or an e-book and use it to create videos. A single PLR article can be broken down into 5 emails for an autoresponder sequence.

Change the headline on any social media posts you purchase. Some people take two pieces of PLR content (such as two articles) and use them to make one long blog post. They mix the two articles together, moving paragraphs and content around to create a unique piece of content.

The different ways you can repurpose and tweak your PLR content are truly limitless.

Q: How Many Times Can I Use the PLR Content I Buy?

Use it as many times as you like. When you purchase a PLR license, what you are purchasing is the right to use that content. Different licenses give different rights. Always check the license you are purchasing. In other words, each time you purchase PLR, find out exactly what rights you have to use that content.

Once you purchase PLR, you can use it as you see fit. Smart marketers will use one piece of PLR to create tons of content. An article package can be used to create blog posts, a video course, a e-book and autoresponder sequences. The more types of content you can get out of each piece of PLR you purchase, the more value you are receiving.

Q: Can I Put My Name on Any PLR I Buy (As Author, Creator, Etc.)?

If you purchase a PLR license, you can definitely put your name on the product and call it your own. The same might not be true with an RR license. This is why it is so important to understand what licenses you are purchasing and read all the license terms which you’ll find at the bottom of each product sales page at

Some content does not allow you to claim it as your own. You can’t call yourself the author. This may not be a big deal for you in certain situations. Take autoresponder email sequences for example. The people on your email list don’t care if you wrote the email or not.

You don’t need to say, “I wrote this email.” There are other pieces of PLR that don’t require you claiming them as your own. Remember that a standard PLR license is the most flexible. Check the licensing agreement before you buy any PLR and you’ll always know exactly what you can do with it.

Q: Can I publish PLR content in a Kindle Book?

A: No. Publishing an eBook containing private label rights content is against Amazon’s terms of service. This is because Amazon wants the books on their website to be 100% unique content. If you try to upload PLR content, you may have your account banned and not be allowed to publish any of your future books through the Amazon Kindle program. If you want to use PLR on Kindle, you should only use it as an idea generator or completely rewrite it into your own words to ensure it’s 100% unique. Definitely change the titles, headings and graphics when rebranding it.

Q: Where Can I Find PLR For My Niche?

A: Many PLR sellers release content on a variety of topics. But if you need content for a specific niche, use the lists below to start your search.

Here’s a directory of the top trusted PLR creators and developers on the web. This PLR suppliers directory is updated regularly with new PLR authors as well as some of the top early-bird PLR launches. Specific Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Purchase a products from but I did not get my downloads email. How do I access my product?

A: Sometimes certain email providers block legit emails. Please check your spam folder too.

If you still didn’t get it, your email provider might be blocking it.

Then follow the steps below:

1. Create an account here:

2. Then log in to access your purchase history and downloads here:

Q: My Purchase is marked as “FAILED”, why is this?

A: This is a strange glitch that happens very seldomly, usually when people use a coupon code. We have developers looking into it but have not yet been able to replicate the issue.

There’s no need to worry though. If this happens to you, just send us an email by clicking here and I’ll personally help you out ASAP.

Q: Does all products at come with a PLR License?

A: No, we have products with different licenses and terms. It’s extremely important that you read the license terms clearly before buying any product. Each product has it’s own license. You can find the license terms at the bottom of each product sale page.

Q: I Purchased a Product But I Cannot Edit It Because It’s a PDF File, How Do I Edit The PDF File?

A: You cannot edit the PDF. The product you bought mostly likely does not have a PLR license and this is why it was not provided in an editable format. If you bought a product in PDF format that license says it can be edited, email us and we will replace it with a product of a similar value.

Q: The PLR Product I Downloaded Is In Zip Format, How Do I Unzip It?

A: Good question. All of our products are zipped to keep them safe from viruses and make the downloads smaller by compressing the files. There’s a free solution to unzip any kind of files and it’s called 7Zip. I use it personally and it’s awesome.

Q: The PLR Product I Downloaded Is In RAR Format, How Do I Unzip It?

A: RAR is just a type of ZIP format. Does the same thing. And 7Zip can unpack RAR files too. Like I said, it’s awesome 🙂

Q: I Want To Make My PLR Articles Unique For Google, What The Fastest Way To Do This?

A: If you’re a good writer, I’d say edit the titles and headings and add some extra content with images to make it unique. You can read this post about rewriting PLR.

If you’re not a good writer, and want to quickly make your PLR unique with a few clicks, read this post. It’s a article spinning tool that has been around for many years.

Q: Can I Buy PLR Content And Turn It Into Videos?

A: Yes you can, as-long as the the content you’ve purchased allow you to edit it. But remember to read the license before posting those videos to YouTube, some products do not allow you to post it to public sites.

There’s a great tool that makes turning PLR articles into videos easy peasy. It’s called Vidnami and I use it personally.

Q: I Want To Buy Bulk PLR Content, Can I Get a Discount?

A: Yes, we lots bulk PLR buyers, you can learn more about the different ways to save and bulk discounts available here.

Q: How Do I Buy PLR Content From Your Website?

A: Sorry that you’re having issues figuring it out. We’ve written a special post to help you through the PLR buying process. Read the BQPLR Buyers Guide here.

Q: How Do I Create An Account?

A: You can create an account on our create an account page.

Q: Do You Offer Refunds?

A: No we do not. Due to it being digital products we sell, we have a no refund policy. Be sure about your purchase before buying.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About PLR?

A: You can visit our PLR training blog where we post new articles teaching you about PLR. It’s free for everyone.

Q: Where Can I Sell My Digital Products?

A: We actually wrote a blog post recently focusing on where to sell PLR ebooks online. I highly recommend you read it if you’re looking for places to sell your PLR products or any type of digital contents.

Q: I Purchase a Product Through One Of Your Affiliate Links, How Can I Get My Bonuses Promised?

A: Simply send me an email with your purchase receipt and let me know which email address to send your bonuses to.

Q: I Cannot Find My Niche In Your PLR Store, Can You Create PLR For Me?

A: We do consider producing PLR on in-demand niches where we get a few requests for the same type of content. You can fill in our PLR request form here to request for specific niche PLR.

Q: Where Can I Find Free PLR Content?

A: You can browse for Free PLR contents in our PLR shop. We are adding more PLR freebies regularly.

You can also browse our recommend list of free PLR content providers here.

We’ll be updating this PLR FAQ page with more frequently asked questions about PLR and regarding purchasing PLR in our PLR store as they come in. I hope you found this page useful and found a solution to your problem. If not, send me an email and I’ll get back you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your continued support.

Keep Safe and Stay AWESOME! Team

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