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The Invincible Mindset PLR Package

Welcome and Thank You for taking the initiative to know more about us. At BuyQualityPLR, we are always happy to entertain guests. In fact, it gives us immense pleasure when people spend their precious time to know about our company and the people behind it.



Yasser Moosa is a well-known Internet Marketer, the man behind the success of InternetMarketersEducation.com and many other niche websites. He is better known on the web as ‘Mozie.’ He has spent the majority of his life learning and enhancing the art of making money on the internet. He prefers to introduce himself as a “Work-from-home-dad.” His strength and aspiration to be successful comes from his beautiful wife and two loving daughters.


Mozie founded BuyQualityPLR in 2014. Backed up by his impeccable reputation on the Web, the website has been a hit source for Internet Marketing Products and Resources for everyone. If you are an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Information Marketer, Product Creator, Digital Products Seller, Marketing Coach, Offline Products Seller, Work From Home Mum or just a Newbie trying to get started with Internet Marketing, BuyQualityPLR.com can surge you in the right direction and keep you on the track to success in no time.

BUT, BuyQualityPLR Looks Like Just Any Other Website – Why Should You Trust Us?

Because, with BuyQualityPLR.com, you can choose to buy only those things that you require. No more signing up for services that spam your mailbox three times a day and no more having to scour through a pile of garbage to find something that you want. We do not lock you into any membership plans or contracts that send you meaningless articles and products every month. If you are looking for PLR Products Related to Health and Fitness, you can select a range of options from our Health and Fitness PLR Series, if you want something to do with Home and Security, you can choose from a range of Security-based PLR Series. There is no limit.

What Kind Of Products Can You Get At BuyQualityPLR.com?

In the Buy Quality PLR Store, you can get all kinds of products ranging from Master Resell Rights Products, Resell Rights Products, Digital Products, and Private Label Rights Products in the form of PLR Articles, PLR Ebooks, PLR Software, PLR Plugins, PLR Templates, and PLR Business in a Box Solutions, PLR Training Series, PLR Video Series and more. If you are looking for a digital product, just search in our store and majority of the times you will find exactly, what you are looking for.

The best part about acquiring products from our PLR Shop is that the products are instantly available to download after the payment. No more waiting in queue to download products that are righteously yours. No more having to wade through a pile of junk to find what you are looking for is not available on the website.

Plus we also offer a lot of Loyalty Customer Discounts and Free Training Through Our Blog that is updated with latest tips, tricks and strategies on Internet Marketing. You can subscribe to our Blog to receive Weekly alerts about new blog posts and discounts at BuyQualityPLR.com. And we are continually bringing new launch Resell Rights Products Daily, so you can rest assured that you will always be getting the most up-to-date content on the Internet from our website.


Firstly, we would like to say that our PLR Content is Top-notch and is written by Professionals. We don’t get the stuff written by Peanut Writers from Developing Asian Countries (No offense intended, what so ever).

We always run all the products through a very stringent quality check before they are published for sale on the BuyQualityPLR Store. Otherwise, what is the meaning of our website? We just want to offer Quality Resell Rights Products, nothing else.

We are in touch with some of the Best PLR Authors on the face of the Internet, and whenever they have a new launch we are the first few websites to enlist them for sale. We also get our own PLR Content Made, and all our content is passed through two writers and two levels of Editorial Staffs before you even see it.

The First Writer converts the ideas into reality and completes the Project. Once the project is complete, we send it across to another writer and ask him to improvise the work done by the previous writer. Once both the writers have done their part, our Level-I and Level-II Editorial Teams take turns to scrutinize the content thoroughly.

Once everyone is happy, we make the products live. Typically, we receive 100-200 Downloads of new launch products in the first 24 Hours itself, so we always advise our customers to make use of their PLR Products at the earliest.


Our List of Useful Pages (Bookmark these now! For Obvious Reasons)

  1. Support / FAQ Page – Contains videos and Frequently Asked Questions by customers at BuyQualityPLR. If you have a question, try this section first before shooting a mail.
  2. Discounts Page – Probably the only page on this website that needs no introduction. Keep this a secret 😉 (You get a list of BQP Exclusive Discount Coupons and How They Work)
  3. Submit Your PLR Product – Are you a PLR Author? You can submit your products to this section, but don’t get your hopes too high because our Editorial Staff is going to rip you apart and pin you down.
  4. Payment Method Page – Contains a list of Accepted Payment Methods at BuyQualityPLR.com

A Word From Our Founder – Yasser Moosa

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read our elaborate About Us Page. I understand that every Internet Marketer requires a good source for quality content.

Content is the king of the web, and I have put my 7+ years of experience and expertise behind the model of Quality Content in BuyQualityPLR.com. When I established this website, I had the vision to create a junk free place. A place that would, cut short to the chase and give you JUST what you need, whenever you need. I want to help business owners like you achieve great success in your online marketing endeavors.

Here’s To Your Success,

Yours Truly,

Yasser Moosa A.K.A The Internet Marketing Mozie!


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