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Before you begin to browse for PLR digital products you can resell or learn from, be sure you read and understand the different types of licenses and terms that come with each product. The exact license terms for each product is listed at the bottom of each product page.

Understanding the license terms and abbreviations:

  • PLR = Private Label Rights
  • MRR = Master Resell Rights or Master Resale Rights
  • BRR or RR = Basic Resell Rights or Resell Rights
  • PUO = Personal Use Only Rights

Digital Product Reseller Categories

Browsing for certain types of digital products or finding specific niche products:

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Option 2: You can find more in-depth categories on the sidebar, we’re adding more categories daily to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Tip: Be specific, type in your niche keyword into the search bar to find PLR content and digital products with resell rights in your niche.

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Acne PLR
Acupuncture PLR
Advertising PLR
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing PLR
Amazon PLR
Anger Management PLR
Anti Aging PLR
Anxiety PLR
Aromatherapy PLR
Arthritis PLR
Automotive PLR
Back Pain PLR
Beauty PLR
Belly Fat PLR
Bitcoin PLR
Blogging PLR
Body Toning PLR
Brain Training PLR
Branding PLR
Business Coaching PLR
Business Finance PLR
Business PLR
Cardio PLR
Cholesterol PLR
Christmas PLR
Chronic Fatigue PLR
Clean Eating PLR
ClickBank PLR
Coffee PLR
Colds and Flu PLR
Communication PLR
Complete Sales Funnels
Confidence PLR
Consulting PLR
Content Marketing
Content Marketing PLR
Conversions PLR
Copywriting PLR
Courage PLR
Credit Repair PLR
Cryptocurrency PLR
Dating PLR
Declutter PLR
Depression PLR
Detox PLR
DFY Membership Websites
Diabetes PLR
Diet PLR
Digestive Health PLR
Digital Products PLR
Dog Training PLR
Done For You Marketing Templates
Dropshipping PLR
eBay PLR
eCommerce PLR
eCover Templates
Education PLR
Email Marketing
Email Marketing PLR
Entrepreneur PLR
Essential Oils PLR
Exclusive PLR
Exercise PLR
Facebook PLR
Family PLR
Farming PLR
Fashion PLR
Fear PLR
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Finance PLR
Fishing PLR
Fitness Mindset PLR
Fitness PLR
Fiverr PLR
Focus PLR
Food PLR
Forex PLR
Forum Marketing PLR
Free PLR
Free PLR Articles
Free PLR eBooks
Free PLR Graphics
Free PLR Niche SEO Keyword Packs
Free PLR Reports
Free PLR Videos
Free Training Memberships
Freelancing PLR
Fundraising PLR
Gardening PLR
Gifts PLR
Gluten Free PLR
Goal Setting PLR
Golf PLR
Google Adsense
Google PLR
Green Living PLR
Grief PLR
Guitar PLR
Habits PLR
Happiness PLR
Headache PLR
Health Coaching PLR
Health PLR
Healthy Kids PLR
Heart Health PLR
Hobbies PLR
Holiday PLR
Holistic Healing and Alternative Medicine PLR
Home Business PLR
Home Cleaning PLR
Home Decor PLR
Home Improvement PLR
Home Painting PLR
Home Remodeling PLR
Home Schooling PLR
Hypnotherapy PLR
Immune System PLR
Inflammation PLR
Info Product Creation PLR
Instagram PLR
Insurance PLR
Interior Design PLR
Intermittent Fasting PLR
Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing Checklists
Internet Marketing PLR
Internet Security PLR
Jewelry PLR
Jobs PLR
Joint Pain PLR
Journaling PLR
Juicing PLR
Keto Diet PLR
Kettlebell Fitness Training PLR
Kids PLR
Kindle PLR
Law Of Attraction PLR
Lead Generation PLR
Lead Magnets
Leadership PLR
Life Coaching PLR
Lifestyle PLR
Linkedin PLR
List Building
List Building PLR
Local Marketing
Low Content Business PLR
Make Money Online
Make Money PLR
Marketing Graphics
Marketing PLR
Martial Arts PLR
Master Resell Rights Products
MRR Niche Blogs
MRR Plugin
MRR WordPress Themes
Master Resell Rights Sales Funnels
Meal Planning PLR
Meditation PLR
Membership Sites
Membership Sites PLR
Memory PLR
Mental Health PLR
Migraine PLR
Mindful Eating PLR
Mindset PLR
Mobile Marketing PLR
Motivation PLR
MRR Articles
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MRR Autoresponder Series
MRR eBooks
Advertising Ebooks MRR
Affiliate Marketing Ebooks MRR
Amazon Ebooks MRR
Blogging Ebooks MRR
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Copywriting Ebooks MRR
Diet Ebooks MRR
Ebay Ebooks MRR
Education Ebooks MRR
Facebook Ebooks MRR
Fitness Ebooks MRR
Google Adsense Ebooks MMR
Healing Ebook MRR
Health Ebooks MRR
Info Product Ebook Guides MRR
Internet Marketing Ebooks MRR
List Building Ebooks MRR
Pets Ebooks MRR
Resell Rights Business Ebooks MRR
Self Help Ebooks MRR
Skin Care Ebooks MRR
Traffic Ebooks MRR
Video Marketing Ebooks MRR
Weight Loss Ebooks MRR
MRR Graphics
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MRR List Building Reports
MRR Reports
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MRR Software
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