Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactics

proven affiliate marketing strategies

In this quick guide I want to give you 5 different profit strategies for making money as an affiliate marketer. You can pick any one of these, implement it, and start making money as an affiliate marketer!

First, let me give you a super quick rundown on what an affiliate marketer is.

Affiliate marketer: Someone who promotes products and services and gets paid a commission when someone they refer buys through their affiliate link.

Online this generally entails you using a special link that is unique to you and when people click on it and buy something you get a commission. All the tracking is done by the affiliate program. I’m going to teach you my proven affiliate marketing tips and techniques to do this for best results.

So what do you need to be an affiliate marketer?

1. You need to find a product you can get an affiliate link for and get your link. There are many affiliate marketing places online that you can search to find products you’d like to be an affiliate for.

2. You need to have somewhere (like a website) that you can post promotional content that gets people to click on your link.

3. You need to get people to your promotional content so that they can see it and then click on your link. (Website traffic.)

People try to make it way hard than this, but this is the basics…

Affiliate link + place to put your affiliate link + traffic to your affiliate link = COMMISSIONS! PRO TIP: Adding bonuses/incentives to your offers can dramatically increase your conversions.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get to our affiliate marketing profit tactics. I want to make sure you fully get the drift of the ways you can and should be promoting affiliate products for maximum exposure and increased visibility.

I recommend that you read each tactic below, and then pick one to start with. I have listed an overview of each strategy, and then the steps you need to take to put the plan into action.

Let’s get started…

Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactic #1:

List Building For Affiliate Marketers

With this plan you will be setting up a squeeze page (a page that allows you to capture the information of your visitor be it their email address and name, and in some cases even more) giving away some kind of offer that makes people want to give you their information in exchange for your offer.

Here are a few examples of squeeze pages:

30 Landing/Squeeze Page Examples – I use this plugin to create most of my memberships, landing pages and squeeze pages. It’s so easy because of the huge template library, it was a great investment and huge time saver for me.

Learn more about OptimizePress by clicking here.

Creating Squeeze Pages and Optin Boxes with Ease – I use this plugin on on my side bar, footer area and a popup. It’s so easy to use and setup and works with all major email providers for easy integration. I absolutely love it.

Learn more about OptinMonster by click here.

Squeeze pages are meant to be giving away something of value, something you believe your audience really wants or needs. You can give away anything you want, but it needs to be something people truly want and will be thankful for.

Fail at offering something people actually want and you’ll never get anyone to give you their information and get on your list. Or they will just unsubscribe after they get it or never confirm their email addresses.

Now once you start building an email list based on your free offer you need to send people on that email list information that leads to them clicking on your affiliate link and buying.

For example…

Let’s say that I’m an affiliate for an ebook on getting website traffic. I could create a squeeze page giving away a resource that tells people my top 5 ways of driving traffic. When they give me their name and email address on my squeeze page they automatically get access to the free offer and they get put on my email list. To make money as an affiliate marketer I would constantly send them information about getting website traffic and recommending products related to getting website traffic and pointing the reader to my affiliate link.

So how do you do this?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Find a product you want to promote that you can become an affiliate for. There are many places to do this like WarriorPlus, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Max Bounty, JVZoo, ShareASale etc.

Step 2: Create or source something you can give away for free via a squeeze page to entice people to give you their information and get on your email list.

Step 3: Build your squeeze page giving away your free offer.

Step 4: Drive traffic to your squeeze page. You will need to do this daily to keep building your list.

Step 5: Send content to your ever growing email list that leads them to click on your affiliate links, and buy through them. You will need to do this several times a week.

Now of course there is a lot more that goes into this like doing things to build a relationship with your list, measuring your results to see what does and doesn’t work, but this is where you need to get started. As time goes on you’ll get better, learn more “tricks”, and ultimately make more money. This is a great proven tactic though!

Resource: Hands down one of the best training products that teaches this method from A-Z is First List Profits course. If this is a affiliate strategy you want to go with I recommend you grab it, go through it, and use what the course teaches you. The content is very unselfish and extremely helpful. You can learn more about it here. The nice part of grabbing it is that you can resell it to help you audience because it comes with resell rights!

Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactic #2:

Blogging For Affiliate Marketers

There are many ways to make money with a blog, but my favorite is by promoting products I’m an affiliate for via a blog. And it’s fun and easy!

All you need to do is find a niche that has 3-5 products (the more the better) that you can promote as an affiliate. Not too small of a niche, but not too large of a niche either. I highly recommend you choose a niche that you’re passionate about so that you’re always having while writing reviews and promoting affiliate products on your blog. When you have a genuine interest and passion about something, you’re far more likely to want to learn more about it, understand it and write quality reviews about it. Then fill your blog with content that your niche wants to read about while pointing them to your affiliate links.

To find out what you audience wants, go to forums in your niche and see the issues people are having. Do a few google search about issues in your niche and see what your competitors are writing about issues. This can help a lot for idea generation.

I do recommend that you pick a niche you like, know a lot about, or want to learn a lot about because the quality of your content will directly affect your earnings. When you pick a niche you really don’t care about creating blog content writing and reviews will NOT be fun. You even go as far as to ask the affiliate product creator that owns the product you want to promote and ask them for a review copy. This way you can test the product and really write honest reviews about it. People are far more likely to trust you and buy through your affiliate links if you’re honest. Oh, and don’t forget to great value-added bonuses to your offers to bribe your audience to buy from you. It’s really a huge conversion increasing strategy.

So how do you do this?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: As I said you need to pick a niche that you know about or want to know about and that has at least 3-5 products you can promote as an affiliate.

Step 2: Setup an eye appealing blog. I recommend getting a domain name related to your niche and using WordPress to do this. A simple YouTube video search will give you all the tutorials you could possibly need to do this. Read about choosing domains names that are SEO friendly.

Step 3: Once you blog is setup then find out what your niche wants to know about and start creating content for them. Make sure that when you’re creating content that it’s REALLY good content that people actually want to read. Also make sure that you create content that you can put your affiliate links in to get people clicking on them and buying. That’s how you’re going to make money. And again, offer good related bonuses to maximize your conversions!

Step 4: Look at each post you put on your blog as a page and continually promote each post to get traffic to it.

Now again there’s a lot more that goes into this, but that’s a great start for you. As time goes on you’ll learn to build a relationship with your readers which will lead to more sales, you’ll get better at creating content that people pass around getting you more traffic, and you’ll find more ways to get more traffic. Good content and more traffic will always equal more sales! This is another great proven plan to making money as an affiliate marketer!

Resource: If this is a affiliate profit strategy you want to go with then this might be the perfect course for you. It’s called Affiliate Lifestyle Secrets that will show you a blueprint for affiliate marketers used by super successful marketers. The nice part of this video series is it comes with full private label rights. so you can learn from it, rebrand it, add your name to it and resell it as your own! You can learn more about it here.

Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactic #3:

Review Sites For Affiliate Marketers

Here’s another affiliate marketing tactic that I LOVE! And it’s used by some of the most successful marketers in the industry. Writing reviews for products and services you use and pointing people to get those products and services with your affiliate link. Again offering bonuses as incentives to your potential buyers is a MUST! It can dramatically increase your conversions of your affiliate review website.

People are getting smarter and they’re actively searching for reviews before they make a purchase. You can become their go to source if you do this correctly. Just be honest when doing reviews and promote products you believe in or use in your business.

So how do you do this?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is pick a really large niche. Examples of really large niches would be things like weight loss, personal finance, investing, electronics, DIY, etc.

Step 2: Once you have a niche you need to find 2-3 products to start out with that you can review. You can do written reviews or video reviews. I recommend doing a mixture of both. Showing people the ins and out of the product/service you’re using can be very helpful for them to make a buying decision. and if you’re the one showing them how to use it and “bribing” them with valuable related bonuses then they’re more likely to buy the product through your affiliate link.

Note: If you don’t know how to review a product here’s an example of a review I wrote on my internet marketing reviews blog. I still use the tool daily to create covers for my list building ebooks, for my products in my PLR store and any other PLR that I need to rebrand quickly and easily.

Step 3: Grab a domain name related to your niche. For example if you’re in the weight loss niche you could get something like Just try to make sure your domain is SEO friendly, is not too long in length (easy to remember) and has your niche terms in it like “diet plans”. Then you need to create your review website. I recommend using a blog on WordPress. It’s FREE but you’ll need to get hosting and good theme clean them for your reviews. Do a Google search and you’ll find exactly what you need.

Note: We have a free WordPress setup video series for our subscribers, be sure you’re on our email list and watch those if you’re looking to setup your affiliate marketing review blog/site.

Step 4: Once your site is all setup then add your reviews to it. I recommend adding at least one review a week. This is why you need to pick a niche that is profitable and preferably evergreen. You’re going to need to have several products you can be an affiliate for so you can continually add reviews to your site.

Step 5: Continually promote each of your reviews to keep traffic coming to it. Post a link on all your social media (with hashtags), email broadcasts, content marketing sites and any other places you post content. Just because you create a great looking review site and promote your review once doesn’t mean you’re going to make a ton of money. You’ve got to continually promote all your reviews. I recommend in a 5-day work week that you spend 1 day creating a new review, 1 day promoting your new review, and then spend the next 3 days promoting 3 of your older reviews. The key is continual promotion of your reviews though!

Just like the rest of these affiliate profit strategies of course there’s more to this, but this will definitely get you started! Just remember… Pick a profitable niche, that’s evergreen and big enough. Create solid reviews, add bonuses that add value to your review and continually promote your affiliate reviews!

You’ll want to use a clean theme, that’s easy on the eyes and is mobile responsive.

Resource: Here’s a theme supplier that has nice clean blogging themes, I use some of their themes on my own affiliate review sites. The supplier I use for WordPress powered review sites is MyThemeShop. Their themes are very clean, very fast and SEO friendly. They also have nice plugins for affiliate review sites.

Browse MyThemeShop blogging themes here:

Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactic #4:

Social Media Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others are at everyone’s finger tips now days and you can utilize these social networks to make you money as an affiliate marketer. The key to it is to promote things that you’re an affiliate for, but do it in a natural way.

Social Media sites are growing rapidly and all of the one’s I mentioned have millions of users. As an affiliate marketer, one of the biggest problems you face is driving targeted traffic to your affiliate links. This is the beauty of marketing your affiliate products and reviews on social networking sites.

So how do you do this?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: This is another profit plan that requires you to pick a profitable niche. You want to find one that social media people are passionate about. Niches like fashion, beauty, health, wealth, online gaming, apps, etc. are what you want to focus on. Find out the most popular pages on Facebook and you’ll see a huge variety of niches to choose from.

Step 2: Pick one social platform to dominate at a time, and I recommend that be Facebook. You need to create a Facebook fan page and/or a group and start building a following by sharing content with them that they like. Getting them to like you is the KEY to all of this. They need to look forward to what you share. Ideally you want to be marketing your affiliate products and review sites on all social media sites. The trick is to be active on them, to help others with problems in the niche and offering affiliate products/service that help them solve their problems. This way you’re a part of their solution! I’ll repeat this and keep repeating it because it’s THAT IMPORTANT…Offer valuable related bonuses that add value to the affiliate products you’re promoting. I’ve even had customers buy products through my affiliate links just to access my bonuses 🙂

Step 3: Once you’ve got a good following going then I recommend that you start mentioning products that you’re an affiliate for. I highly recommend that you use a link cloaker like ThirstyAffiliates to make your links social media friendly and just look prettier in my opinion. Remember that social media sites don’t like affiliate links. They tend to block it too. So protect yourself from this by cloaking your affiliate links that make them appear as if they’re coming from your site and then redirects to your affiliate offer once clicked. This way your affiliate links don’t get blocked. This is what smart and highly successful affiliate marketers do when promoting affiliate offers.

I use ThirstyAffiliates on when promoting affiliate offers. Here’s an example of one of my affiliate links:

So how it appears as if it’s coming from my site. if you click it you’ll see it redirects to (one of my favorite PLR providers. They supply high quality coaching PLR content for businesses and marketers.

Step 4: You need to continually build your following each and every day and you need to be posting content your niche loves. There are many many many ways you can build a following. Do some research and use what you learn!

Step 5: Once you build up one social network then move on to the next one and rinse and repeat to build your presence there. Then again start promoting products you’re an affiliate for.

Note: If you go this route I do HIGHLY recommend that you also transition your following over into something you own. Like get them on your email list, or get them over on your blog. Social networks don’t belong to you so at any time they can ban you, go under, or anything. I’d hate to see you lose your entire audience because you’ve been cut off from them. Use social media marketing to build your audience and build your email list of subscribers. Have an email follow-up series in place that coaches your list while selling to them. Remember, your email list is your biggest business asset. Look after it, treat it kindly and keep growing it.

Now once again there is quite a bit more to this. You’re going to need to get good at providing your followers with good content and good at building your following. PLR content is a great shortcut and money-saver when doing this. Treat them right, promote products you’re an affiliate for that are truly good products and you’ll see a nice income come from this!

Resource: Here’s a few great courses on Marketing on social media, if you’re looking to earn from affiliate marketing, these can be quite useful. Some come with rights to resell, so you could learn from them and resell to help your audience.

Bundle of quality PLR video courses that focus on social media (PLR rights and reseller tools included) – Facebook and Social Media Mega Bundle

Affiliate Marketing Profit Tactic #5:

Bonus Sites For Affiliate Marketers

Here we are at my final proven profit plan, and this is a great one! Now I will say this is primarily done in the internet marketing/make money online niche, but it will work for other niches to. You’ll just have to get creative!

With this tactic you will promote a product as an affiliate, but you’ll get people buying through YOUR link by offering bonuses when they buy.

You know how I’ve stressed about this throughout this post. YES! It’s actually a very good affiliate profit tactic that is proven to increase conversions. It bribes people to buy stuff from you because you’re going to give them the most value for their money.

For example…

Let’s say I’m promoting an affiliate marketing course as an affiliate. I would create a bonus page and give people bonuses related to affiliate marketing to entice them to buy through my link. Sometimes people will buy JUST to get your bonuses.

The way I use this strategy is to create posts that say “product name” review and bonus. So you’ll see I offer my audience $20 free store credit from if they buy any products from my internet marketing review blog at

Here’s an example: – A great plugin for creating landing pages for products, memberships, squeeze pages and more. I use this plugin on my very inexpensive video coaching membership at

So how do you do this?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Find a product that you have related bonuses for or that you can create/source bonuses for. Be sure to browse our PLR products store to find good related bonuses. We supply products that you have rights to offer an a bonus when promoting affiliate products. There are many niches available to choose from.

Step 2: Get all of your bonuses together. Having 3-5 bonuses is a great start. The more the better, BUT just make sure they are good bonuses and related to the topic of the product you’re promoting. For example of good affiliate bonuses would be:

Let’s say you’re going to promoting a coaching membership plugin for WordPress. A few really good bonuses would be digital products related to coaching. Like products you see over here:

Just remember to read the license terms of product you buy and make sure the license says that you can offer the product as a bonus when promoting affiliate offers.

Step 3: Create your bonus page. Now this takes some techie skills, and if you don’t have those of course you can hire someone to build your bonus page for you. Doing this in WordPress is pretty easy though. I think the hardest part of this is creating some nice bonus graphics for your bonus pages. For graphic design in internet marketing most people say use Photoshop. But for a complete newbie starting out, Photoshop can be hard. You’ll have 2 options.

  1. Learn to use Photoshop – Click the link to see an easy to follow video series (from our store) that teaches how to use Photoshop correctly
  2. Use an easy to use marketing graphics design tool – There’s many on the market like Canva. just do a Google search for “marketing graphics design tool” and you’ll find these easily.

Step 4: Create your download/claim page for your bonuses. Once someone buys from you then you need to send them to a page where they can download or claim their bonuses. Depending on what bonuses you offer will depend on how you set this up. Is what I do is when someone buys through my link I have them contact me and I send them to the page to get their bonuses. You could do this in many ways. the 2 easiest ways is to either create a PDF with the bonus download links and send it to them after purchase. Or create a bonus download page and send them to the page to download their bonuses. The problem with bonus download pages is that people tend to share these pages. So make sure to give it a hard URL name to remember and hide it from search engines. You can also look into plugins that protect certain pages.

Step 5: Promote your bonus page to get people to buy through your link.

This is a great strategy, but you will need to already be in front of your audience, but there is no other tactic around that drives people to buy like this one, and you can build an entire business around it! Bribe them with lots of value and they’ll love you for it!

Are You Ready To Make Money?

Now it’s your turn… I’ve just laid out 5 different ways that you can make money as an affiliate marketer. Now you need to decide which ONE of these you’re going to use.


Just pick ONE of these plans and start putting it into place. If you try to do more than ONE at a time you’ll be come over whelmed, and too spread out to make them all work. So please take this last piece of advice and ONLY PICK ONE!

Okay… Lecture over! 🙂

Now you need to go get started! I’ve given you tons of information and it’s your job to take it, use it, and make money with it!

To your affiliate marketing success!

Mozie @ BuyQualityPLR

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How to Rewrite PLR Articles

Rewriting PLR Articles The Fast and Effective Way

In an ideal situation, the content you publish online can’t be found anywhere else. There are several ways to ensure that your content is 100% unique: You can write it from scratch yourself, hire someone to do it for you, or buy PLR and tweak it to make it your own.

Writing it yourself is very time-consuming. It takes a lot of time to write your own web content, even if you’re a good writer and you like to do it. And, if you absolutely hate writing, the DIY content creation route can seem like an impossible task.

Hiring a writer can be costly. Custom articles written by competent ghostwriters are significantly more expensive than what you’ll pay for PLR.

PLR rewriting is a great choice for busy online marketers. The best PLR is written by professional writers, but it only costs a fraction of what you’d pay for content written on spec. Learning how to rewrite PLR articles can be a real money saver.

PLR may be cheap, but it comes with a lower price for a reason: Others are buying the exact same content you’re getting. That’s why it’s important to edit and customize the PLR you purchase. Read on to learn more about how to rewrite PLR content.


how to rewrite articles quickly

how to rewrite articles quickly

PLR Content Rewriting: Isn’t it Labor Intensive?

Rewriting all the PLR you buy can seem like a lot of work. If you are not a writer by trade, you can dread it as much as you’d dread creating content from the bottom up. However, with a few tips, you can start rewriting PLR content efficiently and quickly.

  • Remember that you’re writing for an online audience. People read web content differently than they’d read the same thing on a printed page. We won’t go into the reasoning here, but you should consider this fact as you learn how to rewrite an article in your own words. The reader’s goal is to get in, find out what they want to know, and get out. It’s your job to make it simple for the reader to achieve his or her goal.
  • Consider the way your articles will be read. When a visitor arrives on your article, they will not read from beginning to end. They’ll likely read the article’s title and its first sentence; if that gathers their attention, they may read further down to headings, bullet points and images.

Change the Article Title

The title is the first thing the reader sees, and you only have a few seconds to gather and hold their attention. A good title can convince the viewer to finish reading, but it should only be as long as necessary to get the job done. Titles should be clear and engaging, and they should tell the reader what the article is about.

Tweak the Intro

It’s easy to do this by reworking the initial intro or adding your own. Take it sentence by sentence and put things in your own words. If you see it as rephrasing rather than learning how to make PLR articles unique, you may have an easier time.

Add Examples, Product Suggestions, Stories and Details

Read through each piece of PLR and find ways to enhance the content. For instance, you can add personal anecdotes if the subject matter relates to your life in some way. You may be able to mention an Amazon product and insert your affiliate link, or do a quick search to learn more about the topic when rewriting PLR content.

PLR is a valuable resource, and it can help you free up more of your time for other online marketing tasks. However, you should remember that others will have the same content—so you’ll have to learn how to rewrite articles quickly. With the tips given here, you can develop a system for making PLR content your own.

How to Build a List with PLR

How to Build a Your Email List By Using Ready-Made PLR Content

As you probably know by now, PLR (Private Label Rights) is a great time saver and can help you get things into place quickly, so you can focus on growing traffic and increasing conversions. And building your list with PLR is no exception.

How to Build a List with PLR

Here are a few ways PLR can help you with list building:

  • Use PLR reports as a free gift with subscription. Make sure the report includes information your targeted subscriber is looking for and it matches the type of content/promotions they’ll get on the follow-up.
  • Use PLR for your email messages. Whether it’s PLR meant for emails or articles you convert into email messages, it doesn’t matter. A lot of the content for your list can be taken care of for you.
  • Publish PLR articles and content on your website and include your opt-in box at the end of each content piece.
  • Distribute your reports freely without requiring an opt-in, but insert promotions explaining the benefits of signing up for your list.
  • Bundle up some PLR checklists or other useful tools and use them as a free gift for subscribing.
  • Create a free “membership” where subscribers get access to ongoing content (the PLR you publish) in return for their registration (i.e. signing up for your list!).
  • Because PLR is so cheap and ready-made, it’s easy to create multiple highly-targeted lists on a variety of topics. So if you’re in the health market for example, you can have list for weight loss, nutrition, skincare or any variety of even more specific topics.

Here’s 4 simple steps you can take to start building your email list in the next few minutes:

Step 1 – Find some ready-to-go PLR content in your niche by searching our niche PLR store here or browsing through the best PLR websites here. Once you have your PLR (lead magnet), you can move onto step 2.

Step 2 – If the PLR you purchased has a squeeze page, setup it up on your web hosting server, if you don’t have a web host yet, Bluehost and Hostgator are great choices. Then connect your squeeze page to your autoresponder like GetResponse or Aweber.

If you do not have a squeeze page or hosting, you can use Landing Page Monkey (they have a lifetime option) which requires no hosting and you can create unlimited squeeze pages and landing pages. This also helps eradicate monthly costs which can be a real killer for start-up internet marketing businesses.

Step 3 – Host your new PLR product on Amazon S3, if you don’t have a Amazon S3 account, you can get one here and they have a free tier for a full 1 year which is awesome! Amazon S3 is the best option for hosting your digital products and is trusted by top marketers around the world plus it’s run by a successful giant also known as Amazon, so you know your products are in good hands!

Step 4 – Create your download page using WordPress or Landing Page Monkey and start driving traffic to your new squeeze page by offering the PLR product you bought as a freebie to entice people to join your list 🙂

Tip: You’ll want to auto have some autoresponder emails in place so that when someone joins your email list, your autoresponder tool is automatically sending out your freebie and other free training so that you’re building a relationship with your subscribers on autopilot.

Helpful Resources:

I hope that helps you. Don’t prolong the process, the sooner you start building your list, the sooner you will reap the rewards. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets you’ll have in your business. So start building your email list with the help of PLR products or content right away!


If you’re starting out and looking to build your first email list, using PLR content is an amazing shortcut because it’s more than likely there is already quality PLR that you can use as your lead magnet and start building your list in just a few minutes.

The Basics of Selecting the Right PLR Content for Blogs

The Beginners Guide to Selecting Quality PLR Content for Your Blog

Using PLR content on blogs

If you’ve just stepped into the realm called Internet Marketing, you must have come across the term PLR, which is also referred to as Private Label Rights! Who needs to write fresh content when you can just download stuff off the internet for free, spin them and use them, right? It’s that simple!

Seasoned marketers beg to differ! PLR is not that simple. However, if you are eager to earn money with blogging or just need content for your blog, you’ll find PLR a worthy source of quality content. PLR is not for the “copy+paste” freeloaders since you need to possess the basic ‘Know How’ of spinning content, which requires basic human effort. Believe me; some people are just too lazy to try even that!

Why Not to Buy Cheap Articles from PLR Warehouses!

The first rule of dealing in PLR is to find fresh updated content that you know your audience will appreciate. This is easier said than done since PLR Content might be used and reused hundreds, probably thousands of times before it reaches you. Even if you try to spin such content, it fails to materialize since it lacks potential in the first place.

When you pay $1 for 10,000 articles on PLR clearinghouse websites, the only people making a profit are the website owners. Remember the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’? Keep that in mind before buying content aimlessly. The PLR content you consider to use on your blog should be fresh, relevant and up-to date. Getting quality PLR content for blogs is possible, if you know how to use it and know where to find it, and that’s what I’m going to help you discover.

Look for fresh content that is written by a reputed author or has been published in limited circulation. They might set you back by a few more Dollars, but it’s worth the money.

Got What I Needed, What’s Next?

Duplicating content without getting a duplicate content penalty from search engines is the tricky part. Always remember that the PLR Article should be unique and should make sense. Private Label Rights products are a good source of information that can be spun to create eBooks, blogs, video scripts, guides, etc. But PLR articles are only a good source for blog content if they are rewritten or spun to be unique for major search engines. Fresh content gets priority on search engine and will always rank better than duplicate content. Fresh content can be seen as food for search engines and the key to getting better search engine ranking results.

You need to have a clear vision of what you intend to build with PLR. Once you have that covered, creating content takes precedence. If you’re creatively challenged, you could hire a writer to sort out the content spinning part, if not, go ahead and create something meaningful.

Private Label Rights for eBooks, Blogs, Scripts and More!

You could read blogs or study competing websites to garner ideas or to devise a plan on what to cover and what to avoid. When it comes to PLR Content, the limitations are all in your mind. Think beyond the conventional scope of Private Label Rights, and don’t forget to help your fellow marketer if you’ve managed to unravel a few secrets on your own! Sharing is caring!

How To Make Use of PLR Content on Your Blog?

It’s pretty simple actually but requires manual input from you to ensure it’s 100% unique and passes Copyscape.

It’s advisable to use PLR content as idea generators for your content marketing needs.

The reason I do not advise using it as is on your website or blog, is because search engines are programmed to detect duplicate content and to rank such content lower then others and one of the best sources for traffic is search engines, so you want your content to be indexed and to get ranked for targeted keywords that could lead to more traffic visitors and possibly sales.

Selecting the Right PLR Content for Blogs

There’s 3 ways you can make your content unique for search engines:

  1. Completely rewrite the content in your own words while adding your insight and expertise
  2. You can use PLR content as idea generators for your outsourced writer to rewrite so that it’s unique.
  3. You can use spinning software like “the best spinner” or “spinnerchief” and rewrite an article within a few minutes.

The 2 Best Ways to Get Great PLR Content for Blogs?

  1. Browse through my handpicked list of high quality PLR content authors that provide well research content that you can feel proud of.
  2. Check out our very affordable PLR content packs to find a great deal on PLR articles in your niche.


Final Conclusion

PLR Content is a very powerful way to get amazing content for blogs if you’re willing to spend some time rewriting it or will to spend a few bucks to have it rewritten. Just make sure you do some keyword research when rewriting the content and use good long tail variations of your keywords to get maximum SEO value from them.

How to Make Money with Rebranded PLR Products

10 Ways You Can Edit and Re-purpose PLR Content and Products To Make More Profits

You should consider rebranding your PLR because it will help you position your product as a unique product and help you get rid of 100’s of competitors.

Make more profits with PLR

If you have PLR content on your computer’s hard drive, and it’s just ‘collecting dust”, you’re far from alone – most marketers buy it, and never use it, because they haven’t learned how it can grow their businesses. If this describes you, or if you want to use your content to its full potential, read on to find out how you can make money with private label rights videos and other products.

  1. Fill your autoresponder with it. If your PLR content contains step by step instructions or a set of relevant tips, you can quickly and easily turn it into an e-course. In fact, if you have enough content, you can create a series that runs automatically for months. However, you may have to make minor changes to the content to keep it evergreen.
  2. Create PLR video courses as a subscription bonus. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, you’ll need to give them a compelling reason – and one way to accomplish that goal is to offer something for free, such as an ebook or a report. Use the PLR content you have, modify it to fit your brand, and create bonus content easily.
  3. Offer it along with paid products. Potential customers may be on the fence about buying your product, and offering bonus content is a good way to encourage them to make a decision. By rebranding your PLR content, you can give them the push they need.
  4. Use it to create new, paid content. Use the best PLR ebooks and videos you have to create branded media such as marketing courses, seminars and much more. For the best results, combine content from multiple sources.
  5. Create viral reports. Do you have content that’s controversial, entertaining or useful to your target audience? If so, rebrand it and use it to create a niche-specific report.
  6. Turn it into a video. One of the greatest things about PLR is that you don’t have to limit yourself to an original format. For instance, you can turn a text report into a brandable training video with PLR.
  7. Put it together and create a membership site. Do you have a tremendous amount of PLR stuff on a single niche? If so, you can assemble it and create a membership site full of ebooks, training videos and niche-specific articles.
  8. Publish it on your blog. If you don’t have any private label resale articles, it’s OK – all you have to do is modify some ebooks and reports to create blog posts.
  9. Hold a sale. This is another great way to turn your unused PLR content into quick cash. On your website, run a short-term sale and offer this valuable content for a low, low price.
  10. Put together a podcast. Instead of posting text on your social media pages or blog, you can turn your branded PLR into a podcast, submit it to directories and reach your intended audience.

There you are – ten easy ways to rebrand PLR content and use it to push your business to new heights. The key to success is to start with quality content – but if you’re a savvy internet marketer, that should be easy. By following the steps above, you can use PLR videos, articles and ebooks to increase site traffic and boost sales.

Profiting with PLR products

Rebranding PLR content will help you position your product to be unique on the market, thus dominating your competition that are reselling PLR as is. The hard part in doing is creating the graphics yourself.

There are 2 options I personally use for rebranding my PLR products:

  1. I hire a designer on to design new graphics for me for $5.
  2. I use a software tool like eCover Authority, Pixel Studio FX 2.0 or Cover Genie Pro and do it myself since they offer many ready made templates that are easy to edit and can push out professional looking graphics without being a designer myself.

I own a copy of ecover Authority and Pixel Studio FX 2.0 and I have to say, Pixel Studio FX 2.0 outshines all the eCover design software tools I’ve tried out so far, and I’ve tried many. It’s very easy to use, has lots of high converting templates to work from and some really great 3D models for different types of digital products like ebooks, reports, audios, videos, boxes etc

So make sure you consider rebranding your PLR so they can appear unique to your brand and business and earn you maximum profits – it’s well worth it!



Benefits of Choosing High Quality Private Label Rights Packages

PLR Packages Gives You the Power The Easily Develop a New Product without Spending Thousands on the Product Creation Process

There are many kinds of information products being promoted on the internet so why is it that you must consider private label rights? With the help of Private Label Rights Information products, you can modify your content, change the e-cover, change the title and also list yourself as an author.

Ways to increase sales related to PLR

In case you purchase an ebook, which comes with Private Label Rights but no form of restrictions, you could change the content and also provide a catchy title to it. With the help of that, you can make the ebook unique and at the same time, it will help in increasing the sales.

You can create your product with the help of private label rights, and it should take as little as few hours. In the internet marketing area, this comes as a huge advantage, and you could have hundreds of thousands of products which helps you to promote the same information products.

Making your product unique in nature

You can create your product while standing out from the crowd. You should review the license and figure out any form of restrictions regarding what you can and cannot do. A huge advantage with unique private label rights ebook is that you can name your price. This is a vital aspect as it will help you choose the right price and also keep selling more eBooks.

There are some who wish to invest money and time in making the private label rights product unique. In that case, you need to be knowledgeable about the subject matter that is covered by the information product.

plr key to success

Choosing to invest in the correct PLR package

You should at least have an interest in the subject that you are dealing with. Furthermore, before starting to look for a private label rights package, it is recommended that you check out your budget. If you look properly, you will find a lot of private label rights projects that are competitively priced.

Checking out the quality of private label rights product is difficult since you cannot examine the contents until after you have purchased it. If there some guarantee included with the private label rights packages, it should be an added plus. As a result, in case you don’t prefer the quality of the contents, keep in mind that you are protected by the terms of the guarantee.

PLR really makes a marketers life so much easier while still outputting quality content

When you own a private label rights information product, a huge advantage is time savings. You can make a lot of changes within a very short time, and that is an added plus.

Examples of Quality Private Label Rights Packages That are Available in Our PLR Store:

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Browse our PLR store to purchase products


Tips for Gaining a Beneficial Experience with Private Label Rights Products

Remember, the Licenses of PLR Products Differ from Product to Product – You Need to Take Note of This

It is always advised that you should research the proper definition of Private Label Rights. There are many precautions, which you need to take and also several concepts that you must understand before dabbling with PLR. Firstly, it is necessary for you to read the license.

Checking the license

A license comes in the form of a long drawn document and it is highly possible for you to get easily bored with it. If it is possible, it is recommended that you should hire a lawyer to look at the license and make sure that it includes nothing, which could obstruct the functionality of your business.

This should be done before you plan to do business with someone who is selling anything related to private labels. This is a necessary precaution because you do not want to end up on the wrong side of copyright infringement.

Focusing on PLR

You should focus on understanding what PLR means. Take a look at the rights that you are granted and not granted under copyright privilege. Furthermore, you should always ask the right people to help you out with it.

Never ask someone who has no knowledge of what PLR is and is probably making random guesses. It’s best not to skimp just for saving a few dollars. If something looks like a really good deal, chances are it could be nothing more than simply plagiarized content.

Correct definition of PLR

Both in the online and the offline world, Private Label Rights are a burgeoning industry, and it extends from drug manufacturers to various article sellers. If you wish to make a business that needs little but essential effort to be established, PLR is worth something you should be looking into.

Rebranding Your PLR Makes You Unique From The Rest

Most of the people who are buying private label rights products are primarily interested in making some quick profits by simply selling the rights. As a result, you will find that there are a lot of PLR products that are being discounted.

using private label rights products

What does PLR refer to?

Among them, a lot of the products are rendered useless since they are not being used by people to make an actual, genuine product. In short, keep in mind that Private Label Rights refer to digital products, software, eBooks and videos that you have the right to rebrand as if you made them yourselves.

To understand this easily, think of a book written by an author who gives you the private label rights. With that, you can place your name on it as the author, change any part of it according to your wish and then you have the right to sell it as if you wrote it. To start browsing through a wide range of digital products with private label rights, that you can resell and profit from as your own, visit our PLR store today.

5 Steps to Creating Lead Magnets

Things You Have To Consider When Deciding To Create Your Lead Magnet To Build Your Email List

Have you ever wondered why your competition seems to lure in the hottest prospects? Odds are, their tagline or logo didn’t bring those customers in, nor was it their witty blog posts. Assuming that everything else on your site is in good shape, there’s perhaps one thing preventing you from keeping the perfect prospect: the lead magnet.

Creating a Lead Magnet

Creating a Lead Magnet – You need to research your target market before you begin to ensure you KNOW EXACTLY what they want, this will make your list building efforts a millions times easier.

Lead magnets are sometimes referred to as buzz pieces, opt-ins, or lead generators, and they can significantly cut the time involved in turning a lead into a customer. Failing to have a good lead magnet can lead to hard times at your PLR content marketplace.

If you’re still on the fence about lead magnets, the tips contained here can help you quickly create one.

Planning a Lead Magnet

The first thing you should do is to set a deadline. No one likes them, but failing to schedule can increase the chances of quitting. You’ll need to define a target audience; will you write to a broader segment of the population, or will you narrow your field? Once you’ve chosen a target market, look for recurring concerns—problems for which they want solutions. Choose the right format, such as PLR articles, eBooks and other content, and decide how you’ll promote it.


You don’t have to be a Pulitzer-level writer to create a good offer. Remember the challenges and complaints presented by your audience? Put your focus here, and you’ll develop a persuasive piece of content. Dispense with the trendy buzzwords and write in a common-sense tone. Remember, your customers are people just like you—and they’ll respond favorably if you are on their level.

Landing Page and Web Form Creation

The customer registration phase is critical to your lead magnet’s success. If done correctly, your campaign will convert visitors into customers; if it’s done wrong, you’ll lose the visitor’s focus. Use a catchy headline that makes a statement or asks a question, and strip the landing page of all navigation menus. Keep copy short, to hold the reader’s attention. I personally use Aweber web forms and Optimize Press 2.0 for my landing pages, salespages and even my membership sites.

Prepare an Autoresponder

When a subscriber registers on your landing page or contact form, that person will automatically enter your sales funnel. A set of several autoresponder email messages will immediately engage these prospects. Keep your sales emails concise, and include a thank-you and a download link in the first message. Send follow-up emails once a week and finish them with a call to action and an easy way to get in touch. If you’re not the best writer but really want to give your new subscribers some valuable info, consider purchasing some PLR content in your niche or check out our PLR autoresponder emails section.

Email Marketing - Lead Magnets

Publish and Test The Sales Funnel

With your funnel in place, you should run some tests to ensure that your ad campaign will follow a logical and smooth sequence. Sign up through your landing page and your online contact form with different emails, and test the autoresponders to make sure your messages are flowing properly. Publish the lead magnet and wait for your email list to grow.

Creating a Lead Magnet with Edited and Rebranded PLR Content

Decide on the type of lead magnet you want to create, search our PLR shop to find content related to your niche that comes with private label rights, instantly download the PLR, edit it and rebrand it with new graphics and then there you have it. You will have a brand new lead magnet, that offers your list high quality info that they would normally have to pay for as a gift to them for joining your email list.

Your Lead Magnet Ready Train Your Email List with Valuable Content that They WILL Love

You’ve done it! You have built a solid lead magnet, and now you are ready to attract higher-quality, reliable prospects. Stay visible online and in your emails, and engage your viewing audience with educational and relevant private label rights content. By consistently offering top-notch high quality information that your subscribers are hungry for, you’ll establish yourself as an authority and you’ll be on the short list when a repeat visitor is ready to make a purchase.

Browse Our PLR Products Store to Find Some Lead Magnets For Your Business

resell rights products store

Tip: Use the search-bar on the sidebar to find “keyword” related products easily and FAST.

An Explanation of Master Resale Rights

Thinking of starting to sell and resell digital products as a business?

Let’s have a deeper look into Master Resale Rights and understand what it is and how it works to your benefit as an info-preneur

Master resale rights are a hot commodity right now, and there’s a very good reason behind that. Master resale rights products make it easy for people like you to sell something online, and earning a passive income is simple. With master resale rights you can resell the product as many times as you wish, and you keep all of the profits from every sale. The main benefit is that you don’t have to spend time creating your own product or website, and you don’t have to come up with catchy sales copy. All you do is pay for resale rights to a popular product, and you’re in business before you know it.

Master Resale Rights

Resale Rights Aren’t All the Same

There are four types of resale rights, and you should learn about these categories so you’ll have a better idea of what you want to sell. Even within a main group, you may find that product rights vary. Read the rights and instructions for each product, as they may differ from one seller to another.

Resale Rights

Some products automatically have resale rights, while others give you the choice to buy the rights separately. In either case, you’ll have to buy the product. Paying for resale rights means that you’ll usually get a mini-site, which allows you to resell the product on a new domain or a previously existing site.

MRR (Master Resale Rights)

MRR works just as resale rights do, except that you have permission to resell the rights. In addition to direct sales, you can sell the resale package to other sellers.

PLR (Private Label Rights)

With master resale rights and regular resale rights, you don’t have permission to edit products, and there are often pricing restrictions. PLR gives sellers much greater flexibility, allowing you to customize products and content in many ways.

You may buy PLR rights to articles, eBooks, reports and other types of content. You’ll get the raw product, to which you can add your affiliate links and publish in a different format under your own name.

You do sometimes find digital products with PLR that also allow your sell “Master resale rights” to them, these are excellent, since you can re-brand them and then resell the resell rights with your name on them. A truly great way to gain exposure as a marketer and charge more based on the fact that you’re offering the resale rights too.

Content in the Public Domain

Content that is part of the public domain is substantially similar to PLR. With both rights types, you can rework the source material and use it in the creation of a completely new product, or you can put your spin on it and use it as your own. Anything published between 1923 and 1963 that isn’t renewed is part of the public domain, and since there’s no copyright on the material you can republish it or copy it—even for commercial purposes.

Making Money With Master Resale Rights Products

If you’re looking to sell the best master resale products online, buying or finding master resale rights videos and eBooks is a great place to start. You can begin by doing a Google search for the kind of resale rights products that pique your interest the most. For the quickest start, you can visit us to find the highest quality master resale rights products.

Master resale rights products give you the perfect chance to make a passive income and to start your own digital product reselling business, as long as you feel comfortable working within the restrictions set forth by the vendor. By learning the difference between the different types of resale rights, you can find the right product and the right arrangement for your niche.

PLR Store