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Manage Stress Premium PLR Package - High quality stress PLR product including ebook, report, emails, checklist and lots more. Over 22 000 words of done-for-you stress PLR content that is well written and ready to be used in your business to educate your audience. This stress PLR content package includes fast-action bonuses for the first 50 buyers only.

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Manage Stress Premium PLR Package – Featuring Over 22 000 Words of Done-For-You Evergreen Self Help Content.


Attention: Self Help Marketers, Personal Development & Self Improvement Coaches

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Dear Self Improvement online business owner, When it comes to self help and personal development searches, the Stress is one of the most searched-for topics online.

It’s safe to say that Stress has spawned an entire industry of blogs, courses, books and products.

This is where my premium done-for-you Manage Stress PLR content package comes in. It’s all about teaching your customers How to Manage Stress (The Healthy Way).

Everything is completely done-for-you and ready-to-go – from the main PLR Stress info product to your social media updates – it’s simply up to you to add your branding and firmly establish yourself in this lucrative self improvement niche.



Introducing The…

Manage Stress PLR Package

Featuring Over 22 000 Words of High Quality Stress Content Ready To Be Used In Your Business!

This high quality Stress PLR package covers the hugely popular self help niche. The Stress and Depression niche is evergreen and will always be. This Manage Stress PLR package is well-written by an experienced copywriter and comes with full private label rights so you can edit it, put your name on it, put your brand on it and sell it or use it to build your list of raving fans.

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Here’s everything you’ll get in the Manage Stress MEGA PLR Package…


Main eBook: “How to Manage Stress (The Healthy Way)”

(3,788 words, 19 pages, 7 images)

Manage Stress Premium PLR Ebook


A look inside the Manage Stress PLR eBook:

Manage Stress PLR Ebook


Table of Contents for the Manage Stress PLR Ebook:

Introduction to Healthy Stress Management……………. 3

Fight or Flight Response……………………………………… 5

Why Stress is So Bad for Our Health………………………… 6

Understanding What Causes Stress………………………… 8

Key Ways of Dealing With Your Stress …………………………10

Physical………………………………………………………………… 10

Exercise to the rescue!…………………………………………… 10

Self-care………………………………………………………………… 11

Mental………………………………………………………………… 12

Relationships/Support………………………………………….. 14

Daily Routine ……………………………………………………15

Preventing Stress in Future……………………………………… 16


Sample Content for the Manage Stress Premium PLR Ebook:

Introduction to Healthy Stress Management

It is a proven fact that as humans, we need a certain amount of stress in our life to live – good stress if you will, something researchers call eustress. With stress defined as “anything that affects our homeostasis” (the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state that persists despite changes in the world outside), some examples of good stress include receiving a promotion at work, starting a new job, getting married, buying a home, having a child, etc.

Actually it can strengthen our heart, improve our immune system and even helps us to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. But for many of us, the stress in our lives are the highest levels they have ever been. High stress that happens occasionally is something we are equipped to handle, but when it becomes high and chronic (meaning we have it all the time), it begins to negatively affect our health – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Don’t think the stress struggle is real? According to the American Institute of Stress, these are the top seven sources of chronic stress:

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.

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Manage Stress Checklist:

(566 words, 4 pages)

Manage Stress Premium PLR Checklist


A look inside the Manage Stress Premium PLR Checklist:

Manage Stress PLR Checklist Sneak Preview


Manage Stress PLR Editable Ecovers:

Manage Stress Premium PLR Ecovers


5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Signs That You Are Stressed (& Need to Do Something About It)

Email #1 – Welcome to Our Stress Ecourse!

Email #2 – Physical signs of stress

Email #3 – Mental signs of stress

Email #4 – Emotional signs of stress

Email #5 – Ways to manage and reduce stress

Manage Stress PLR Emails Total Word Count: 1647 Words


Manage Stress Email Content Sample:

Email #1 – Welcome to Our Stress Ecourse!

Hello and welcome to our series on stress. Stress is defined as “A state of mental or emotional strain caused by adverse circumstances”. Keep in mind that not all stress is bad. There is a good kind of stress researchers refer to as eustress. It can include such things as the stress incurred when starting a new jog, getting married, moving to a new town, etc. That kind of stress is usually not debilitating and in most cases quickly passes.

It is when the stress becomes chronic that it begins to cause problems – physical, mental and emotional. In this course, we discuss all three and in the last lesson we discuss how to best mitigate the effects of stress overload.

In a recent study, 33% of individuals reported experiencing high levels of perceived stress on a chronic level. Perceived in that the body is detecting a potentially dangerous situation and is exhibiting a response to it, such as an increase in heart rate and breathing, dilated pupils, increased awareness of the surroundings, etc.

The effects from too much stress can be a strange thing. The changes usually happen slowly over time and before you know it, you have signs of too much stress – the signs which we will look at in future lessons.

That wraps it up for this first lesson. In the next lesson, we will talk about the physical signs of stress. Be sure to read that one.


High Quality Manage Stress PLR Articles:

5 Stress Management Techniques – 434 words

How to Manage Stress at Work – 409 words

How to Stop Stress Eating – 439 words

How to Stop Stress Turning into Anxiety – 412 words

The Physical and Mental Signs of Stress – 462 words


Manage Stress PLR Article Sample:

How to Manage Stress at Work

Stress at work is a common problem, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let it happen to you. There are many things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of reducing stress in your work life. Stress at work can often be different to general stress, and it can affect people who wouldn’t normally feel stressed in other situations. Let’s consider some of the things you can do to manage stress at work.

Get organised

Stress can come from other sources at work, but disorganised people generally find themselves stressed more easily or more often than their organised counterparts. Stress can come from feeling like you’re not in control of a situation – often a result of being disorganised. Get a notebook or use an online platform to help you sort out your to-do lists and deadlines. Make the best use of your diary so you don’t forget important dates and meetings and you know what’s coming up over the next few days. Don’t put too many things in your diary and risk making yourself feel overwhelmed.

Look after your physical health

Stress can feel like a very mental experience, so it can be easy to forget about our physical selves too. As you experience stress and it affects your mental health, this will in turn affect your physical health. By ensuring you continue to look after yourself, it can help you to combat the effects of stress on your health. If you work in an office, give yourself time to get up and walk around throughout the day, or go outside at lunch time for some sunshine and fresh air. You should also consider taking multi-vitamins and eating a healthy diet to boost your immune system.

Discover what induces stress

Rather than just trying to get over stress in the short term, try to discover what is making you stressed. Is there a lack of communication in your work place? Are you finding out important information too late? Are you witnessing or experiencing bullying at work? Are you taking on too much as a result of understaffing?

Whatever you believe the reasons to be, speak with other people at work if possible about what can be done to reduce your stress levels. If you have concrete ideas and ways that your stress can be reduced, this is a great step to limiting it or eliminating most of it in the work place.


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Social Media Posts and Images:


5 Shareable Social Media Graphics (PLR)

Manage Stress Premium PLR Social Media Graphics


15 Social Media Posts with hashtags (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)

Manage Stress Premium PLR Social Media Tweets


7 Royalty Free Images

Manage Stress Royalty Free Images


Worksheet – Stress Management 

Manage Stress Premium PLR Worksheets Sneak Preview

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Budget Friendly Stress-Busting Ideas for Mom PLR Report – 2966 words

This report is available in Word doc format and includes a PLR license.


Budget Friendly Stress-Busting Ideas for Mom PLR Report Sample Content:

It’s a scene from Desperate Housewives or some reality TV show. Mom is stressed out, so she books a day at the spa or a weekend away with the gals. Or maybe she registers for a high-price and trendy yoga class or simply washes the stress away with some fancy-schmancy martinis. Oh, and don’t forget the shopping spree because there’s nothing like spending a bunch of money to get rid of all your worries. Clearly you’ve got many options for relieving your stress when you live on television.

But that’s not our reality, is it? In fact, it’s probably almost no one’s reality, so understand that you’re definitely not alone in wondering how those ladies do it.

While I’d even question the martinis and shopping having any lasting effect on stress, in fact none of the above are mentioned are possible for the mom on the budget. And if you’re overworked, overextended and frazzled, overspending is no way to get yourself back on track. So banish that thought immediately.

So what do you do if you don’t have a bunch of money to spare to have fun and relieve your stress? Well, unless there are some serious issues you don’t need expensive therapy and there’s no reason to shell out a bunch of cash for high-price exercise classes. We’ve got a number of great ideas to prove you can beat that stress without breaking the budget.


Stress Management PLR Report – 2237 words

This report is available in Word doc format and includes a PLR license.


Stress Management PLR Report Sample Content:

You hear a lot about it these days. Stress is the big baddie out there on the job, in the home and in relationships. So if everyone is managing it, why is it still a problem? Maybe we don’t understand how stress works, or at least how it works for us. Could it be that you are giving it a bigger seat at the table of your life than it needs to have? Are you making the molehill into a mountain? Learn to once and for all put stress in its place. Who is the boss of your life?

What is stress anyway? People may guess that it’s something that makes them feel bad, yell at their kids, saps their energy and the like. A true understanding of where stress fits into your life (yes, we said “fits in”) and where it doesn’t is a key to knowing how to handle it. Each person is different so what might work for you doesn’t necessarily work for another. While there are common signs and symptoms of stress, managing it is an individual process.

What is stress management? Saying that it is the way that you manage stress is not really an explanation. Keep reading to find out what goes into stress management and how knowing your triggers and touchy points can head off an episode before it gets to the boiling point.

Finally, what does “stress free” look like to you? Is that a realistic picture or are you setting yourself up for failure over and over again? Stress is not the enemy. Living with it may be more doable than letting it go altogether.

Do you have more questions than answers right now? That’s okay. We hope to answer many if not all and get you on the right path to regaining control of your life.


10 Stress and Anxiety PLR Articles

Stress and Anxiety PLR Articles Titles:

What is Anxiety? – 453 words

Types of Stress – 487 words

Common Treatments for Panic Attacks – 522 words

Recognizing When Children Are Stressed and Helping Them Deal With It – 503 words

How to Head Off Stress & Anxiety Before They Happen – 546 words

What is a Panic Attack? – 468 words

Knowing When Things Are Getting Serious – 550 words

Common Treatments for Anxiety – 423 words

Foods & Drinks That May Increase Anxiety – 557 words

Healthy Stress vs. Unhealthy Stress – 458 words

These Stress and Anxiety PLR articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR license.


Stress and Anxiety PLR Article Sample:

Foods & Drinks That May Increase Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you may blame certain triggers in your environment for bringing on the anxious feelings. But what you eat and drink can have a profound effect on your body’s chemistry. Some foods and drinks may actually worsen your anxiety. Here are some of the culprits.



As you might have expected, the caffeine in coffee can make anxiety worse. It causes constriction of blood vessels and that feeling of the “jitters.” It can also cause or worsen insomnia. In addition, coffee inhibits the absorption of Vitamin C, an important nutrient for optimal mind and body function.

-Soft Drinks and Colas

Even if you choose caffeine-free, sugar-free soft drinks, you are still drinking a beverage that can worsen your anxiety. The high-acid content of dark colas produces an acidic environment in the body. In order to alleviate this acidity, calcium and magnesium are leached from your bones. Both of these minerals are crucial to proper brain and muscle function. In fact, muscles can not relax properly without calcium and magnesium. The tense muscles associated with anxiety are therefore exacerbated.

So if you choose a clear, caffeine-free, sugar-free soft drink, it won’t worsen your anxiety, right? Wrong! The artificial sweetener in these drinks, aspartame, may have significant cognitive effects. It may indeed worsen the psychological aspect of anxiety.


At first, this seems like the opposite of caffeine, and therefore a good idea for anxiety sufferers. But actually, alcohol consumption (beyond a small glass of wine a few times a week) can worsen depression and inhibit absorption of key nutrients.



While chocolate is often considered the “feel-good” food, it contains significant caffeine and large amounts of sugar. As discussed above, caffeine has the opposite effect that an anxious person wants and needs. The sugar is another problem, and is discussed below.

-Excessive Sugar

By “excessive,” some nutritionists mean anything over 5 tablespoons of refined sugar daily. While you may think that would be easy, it’s not. Sugar is in everything, and 5 tablespoons is just 1 tablespoon more than 1/4 cup. If you drink several large glasses of sweet iced tea, you have probably drunk close to 1/4 cup of sugar. And that does not take into account the sugar in your foods, either hidden (such as in frozen foods) or obvious (such as “frosted” cereals).

So why is sugar a problem? For one thing, the body uses Vitamin B6, which is crucial to mood and proper hormone function, to metabolize sugar. In other words, sugar depletes your body of this and other important nutrients. It can also create highs and lows in mood, and bring on a post-sugar “crash,” or low blood sugar.

-Refined Flour

Refined flour acts much like sugar in the body. And it has none of the essential fatty acids, fiber, and other nutrients that whole grains do.

-Highly Processed Foods

Many processed foods are full of preservatives, dough “conditioners” (in the case of store-bought bread products), artificial flavors, and artificial colors. Some of these can pass through the blood-brain barrier, affecting cognitive function. Tartarazine (FD&C yellow #5), commonly found in candy, gum, margarine, and many other processed foods can disrupt the hormone balance in the body.


10 Stress PLR Artitcles

Stress PLR Articles Titles:

Options for Stress Relief – 489 Words

What Causes Stress? – 432 Words

Stress Relievers – Tips for Dealing with Everyday Stress – 454 Words

How to Get Rid of Stress in Your Life – 480 Words

How Does Stress Affect You? – 461 Words

Identifying Stress in Your Life – Signs and Symptoms – 554 Words

Managing Life Changes with Minimal Stress – 423 Words

Tips on Managing Stress Naturally – 455 Words

How Stress Can Affect Your Health – 440 Words

Stress and Your Kids – 601 Words

These Stress PLR articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR license.


Stress PLR Artitcle Sample:

How to Get Rid of Stress in Your Life

Some stress is actually desirable – you probably don’t want to get rid of the reflexive stress that causes you to jump out of the way of a moving bus, or that stress that gives you the energy to meet challenges in the workplace or home. But the kind of stress you may want to get rid of is the chronic, wearing type of stress that may be having a negative effect on your health.

Here are some tips on getting rid of the bad stress in your life.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

You may have heard this saying before, but there’s a reason why it gets repeated. Keeping a healthy perspective about how important or unimportant certain things are can go a long way toward relieving stress. Stop and think about whether or not something is going to matter in ten years, five years, or next week!

For example, if you find the enormous load of laundry that never goes away stressful, think about whether it will make a difference in ten years whether that laundry is washed today or on some other day.

  1. Adjust your lifestyle

It’s one thing to deal with stress that’s already in your life; it’s another to prevent it. Try making some changes to reduce stress before it happens. Some people find it helpful to make a schedule – instead of looking around and seeing more than you can do, make a realistic plan to get it done.

Things that need to be done seem less overwhelming when you know you are working on them. And on the days when you are not tackling that particular thing, you may feel more like you deserve or have “earned” a break, since you worked on it yesterday and will be working on it again another day.

  1. Practice deep breathing

This can go into actual meditation if you like – meditation is said to relieve stress, too. But if you just want to practice deep, slow breathing, it can help relieve stress.

Breathe slowly through your nose and imagine filling up your whole middle with air; then release it slowly through your mouth. Repeat a helpful phrase or imagine a restful image while you do this, if possible. Some sources say this helps release toxins, too – they say that stale air left in the lungs may make you more prone to disease or infection.

  1. Turn it off

Take some time to turn off the news, your cell phone, the radio, your land line telephone, and the computer. Sometimes, our sources of stress come from hearing about the suffering and difficulties of others. Hearing the news during the day or, perhaps worse, right before bed may add to your stress. Try turning off these sources of information for a little while each day.


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