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Where to Host Your PLR Products

Where to Host Your PLR Products?

When you run a brick-and-mortar business, the products you sell have to be stored somewhere. You put a few on your store shelves and the rest are kept in a back room or an off-site storage center.

The digital products you sell have to be stored somewhere as well.

There are virtual storage centers where your products are stored. These are called hosting providers. They host space for you to store all of your digital creations. If you’re thinking that you will just store your PLR creations on your hard drive or thumb drive, think again.

You definitely want to have some physical, hard drive storage. But what happens if your computer crashes or you lose your thumb drive? If that’s the only place you have your products stored, all your hard work can disappear overnight.

Digital file storage providers work as a backup plan to your hard drive storage. They ensure the many digital products you create are always available. This is where you host your PLR products in addition to storing them on a computer hard drive, a thumb drive or on other some other physical type of storage.

The Digital Hosting Service I Recommend Is Amazon S3

Most people think of Amazon as a retail company. It definitely is that. The company has also branched out into other markets to diversify and create additional revenue streams. Jeff Bezos and company have added digital hosting as an option for entrepreneurs like yourself, and I highly recommend this service.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) has quickly become one of the top rated, high speed digital hosting destinations. It’s perfect for hosting your PLR products and any other digital files you have.

What I recommend if you’re just starting out with digital hosting is to take advantage of the AWS Free Usage Tier. The AWS abbreviation stands for Amazon Web Services. This is one of the cloud computing services they offer.

Believe it or not, you can get started for free.

I’m talking about the AWS Free Usage Tiers. You never get charged a penny if you stay under certain limits. These limits may change, but they currently stand at 5 GB of storage and 20,000 file retrievals. As long as you don’t need more than 5 GB of storage, the service is always free. You can host your digital products there and never pay a penny.

Imagine 20,000 file retrievals for free. That means every time one of your PLR products is downloaded from Amazon S3, that download is free. This is true for up to 20,000 retrievals. You could theoretically sell a PLR product 20,000 times and all those downloads from the Amazon digital hosting service would be free of charge for you.

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The company also offers other storage options that include a free year’s worth of service. Once you create tons of products and need more storage, they have free trial periods where you can check out services before you pay anything.

This is highly recommended for beginners to digital storage. Stay under the 5 GB of storage space and 20,000 file retrieval numbers and the service will be free forever.

I use Amazon S3 storage myself and absolutely love it. I trust the company with the hundreds of digital files they store for me. I highly recommend them for ease-of-use and cost (free if you don’t need much storage).

In case you’re wondering, there are other places you can store your digital files. Here are a few offering free trials and services depending on the storage options you choose.

  • Google Drive (15 GB free)
  • pCloud (10 GB free)
  • OneDrive (5 GB free)
  • Box (5 GB free)
  • Dropbox (plans start at $8.25 per month)

Whichever service you choose, always read the Terms and Conditions. Some companies may only offer free or inexpensive storage for a trial period. Because of its dependability, high-speed loading and free storage tiers, Amazon’s S3 digital storage is the choice of many successful entrepreneurs.

Where to Set up Your PLR Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages

I talked earlier about how selling your PLR products is going to require certain pages. You obviously need a sales page. Squeeze pages and landing pages help you build an email list where you can sell your products and services. All those and other web pages need to be hosted somewhere online.

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Some landing page builders offer to host. You build your landing page with their software and they host it there for you. If you build a website or blog you have to host your web property somewhere. The following hosting companies are recommended for small websites and blogs and are super affordable.

  • BlueHost
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • Dreamhost
  • InMotion Hosting

These web hosting providers allow you to scale up as you get bigger. They are affordable for beginners and offer lots of options. Many will include a free domain name for your first year of registration. Shop around for the best deal, and you can feel comfortable with the reliability, speed, and reputation of the companies I just listed.

You might be thinking about building just one website or blog right now. In the future, you may decide to create more web properties. Make sure you check the prices for the hosting providers if you decide to operate multiple websites. This ensures all your sites will be hosted for a small and affordable monthly fee.

Recommended Landing Page Builders

If you know how to write code you may feel like designing your own landing pages. Even the most talented code writer will find the speed and easy-to-use simplicity of the following landing page creators attractive.

  • Lead Pages
  • Get Response
  • AWeber
  • HubSpot
  • Max Funnels
  • InstaPage
  • Unbounce

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All the landing page builders just mentioned are easy to use. You are offered plenty of templates that are pre-designed and ready to go. You just fill in the details of your landing page offer. You can’t go wrong with any of the landing page generators on this list.


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