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Traffic Powerhouse Monster PLR eBook Package

Discover The Best System For Driving All Of The FREE Targeted Traffic That You Can Handle To Any Website With Ease!

Looking for more traffic? Limited budget? Tired of hype and gimmicks? Need results that actually work? Let me show you my proven set of strategies for driving endless traffic to my sites.

  • With this Traffic Generation guide, you will discover…
  • A wealthy list of traffic tricks you can use now
  • Proven tactics that work for myself and others
  • The most complete traffic system ever developed
  • Easy ways to increase your web traffic today
  • 21 killer tips for massive traffic generation
  • Ideas to increase traffic without big spending

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Take A Look At Some Of The Modules In This No Traffic Powerhouse Monster Sale Funnel…

Module 1: High Quality Traffic Powerhouse Guide

Traffic Generation Monster PLR eBook Package

This fully stocked and very detailed training guide / e-book delves deep into the aspects of traffic generation and everything to do with that topic.

Through real world scenarios, examples, and solutions – your customers will be detailed a hands-on fully proven methods and approaches to increase your web traffic today

File Format(s) Included:

What’s Inside This Training Guide?

  • The most up to date and comprehensive information on traffic generation
  • Over 11,500 words of 100% unique and fresh content
  • Full PLR will be given to you in PDF, and Document format so that you can edit it however
  • Professionally formatted with beautiful header images and appearance
  • Information is valuable to anybody – even you (this is one of the HOTTEST topics right now)

Take A Sneak Peak At The Inside Of This Training Manual…

Module 2 – Hybrid Cheat Sheet

Traffic Generation Monster PLR eBook

We call this a hybrid cheat sheet because it doesn’t just share simple steps for completing tasks.  It outlines fully detailed methods for each step, and even provides examples and references where necessary.

All of the topics covered in the training course are outlined in the hybrid cheat sheet and you also receive the document file so you can edit it.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 3 – Do’s And Do Not’s Chart

We knew that the Do’s And Do Not’s Chart would be a popular addition to this package simply in that the topic being discussed covers a lot of do’s and don’ts along the way.  With this, you can provide this reference to the customers that purchase the main guide too.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 4 – Resources Report

The resources report is where you we outline the massive amount of different resources and tools that people can use to help improve their child safety and security efforts.

Because of the way this is set up, you can also include your affiliate links where necessary and even add other details as well.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 5 – Comprehensive Mind Map

The main training package wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a very comprehensive and useful mind map.  The mind map covers each of the topics found within the detailed training course, in a neat and easy to follow manner.  Source included.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 6 – Done For You Sales Page

  • Our top tier web designer worked with our copywriter to ensure that this sales page not only looks amazing – but also bangs conversions out like crazy.
  • With over 2,400 fresh words of completely unique copy, you don’t even have to worry about hiring a copywriter.  We’ve done all the hard work for you.
  • Simply add your buy button and name, upload to your site, and send traffic!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 7 – High Converting Sales Copy

  • Not only is the high converting sales copy already integrated into the sales page for you but we’ve taken it a step further to simplify things:
  • You will receive text and document files that contain the sales copy in it’s entirety.
  • Use this to create other content, presell the sales page, hire a writer to re-write the copy or anything else you choose.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 8 – Captivating Sales Video

To help you make promoting this offer an absolute breeze, we’re handing you a fully done for you sales video for boosting your conversion.

This is in the ever popular and high converting video sales letter / explainer style of sales video.
People love them, and when you add these into your fully done professional sales page, you’ll be overwhelmed with sales.

This sales video has been perfected to focus directly on presenting the offer and introducing urgency to the package.  Additionally, we’ve also had one of our best voice over artists narrate the script (which we’ll be providing you as well).

Just check out an example of the video below…

File Format(s) Included:

Module 9 – Hybrid Thank You Page

  • Most PLR providers just drop you with a regular thank you page that instantly grants your buyers access to their purchase, while missing out on a crucial factor.
  • We’ve implemented a 2-step download process into our system.
  • First you direct your buyers to a page (we provide) where they “register” their purchase (and get onto your list) and then after that, they’re directed to the REAL download page.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 10 – Support System & Legal Pages

  • Not only is this is a necessity for selling online, but you want to also present your business and this product as 100% professional.
  • You’re receiving a set of legal pages / documents that you can plug in to your site and link in the footer section of your sales page.
  • Additionally, you receive a completely integrated “support system” / “contact us” page so that your customers and even potential buyers can get in touch with you.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 11 – Professional Graphics Package

Traffic Generation PLR eBook

Outsourcing the graphic design work can end up costing you an arm and a leg.  That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with not only an entire graphics package, but also the PSD source files as well.

  • Cover designs for each asset (book, reports, check lists, etc.)
  • Header, logo and favico design so you can integrate them however you’d like.
  • Blank cover graphic so that you can add a new title and details easily without Photoshop.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 12 – Full Email Series

Don’t sweat coming up with email content and swipes to promote this package to your list or anywhere else.

We’ve taken the time and effort to have 5 professionally written email swipes whipped up that are geared and focused on getting clicks and making conversions.

All you have to do is choose the swipe in the series, pick your subject line, and then paste the body of the email into your autoresponder.  It’s that simple!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 13 – License Package

And of course, we present you with the licensing images and documentation for each tier of the licensing for this package.  This includes the private label rights, master resell rights, and basic resell rights licenses for all of these modules.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 14 – Step By Step Setup Guide

Forget about hiring somebody to set this funnel up for you!  You can truly do it all yourself, and that’s why we’ve provided a comprehensive step-by-step setup guide for the entire package.  You’ll be able to get your new product up and banking sales in no time (and without any headache).  That’s our promise to you!

File Format(s) Included:


Let’s be honest here about the online marketing world…

If you have a business or you’re marketing anything online, then you KNOW that one of the hardest parts of achieving success and progressing is getting the traffic to your site so that you can convert the viewer’s, make profits, and build your audience.

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, just because you’ve built up a website doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone will actually be able to find it on the internet, especially with the vast amount of sites out there.

And we ALL know that without the eyeballs on your pages or offers, you can’t expect to make any sales.

Believe it or not… building your website is
the easiest part of operating a business online

Having a fancy website all decked out does absolutely nothing for you if you don’t get visitors to your website.

Visitors that will end up generating you leads and of course, sales.

If you’re viewing this page, then the chances are you’re like most business owners (myself included), and you’re looking for:

  • A unique way to drive more traffic to your business.
  • Methods to get autopilot traffic without paying every time.
  • Proven systems and tactics that have worked and will continue to work.

The problem with this is that wanting or needing to drive more traffic is sadly not as easy as it sounds.

I’m almost positive that you’ve come across countless traffic generation guides with hyped up sales pages and fancy sales copy.

Getting traffic doesn’t have to be hard!

Despite what I just said above about it not being easy, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

However, it seems that to MOST people, learning to speak a foreign language would be easier than simply learning the proper methods for generating traffic to their website.

Well, I have news for you. That’s all about to change today.

Because in just a few short moments, you’re going to learn multiple strategies that you can implement into your marketing plan to start driving loads of targeted traffic to your website in no time.

What I’ve done is after countless years of marketing and achieving good and bad results, I’ve compiled everything you need to know to achieve the GOOD results.

Getting traffic to your website has never been this easy before, because there are quite honestly hundreds of different strategies that all work VERY WELL at driving traffic to any page you want, regardless of the product or service that you’re trying to sell.

Now, if you’ve made it this far, it’s time to reveal the solution that’s going to save you hundreds of hours of your time, and thousands of your hard-earned dollars. The solution that’s going to reveal just how you can drive hordes of targeted traffic to any website you have.


Traffic Powerhouse

Traffic PLR eBook

This is just a brief summary of all of the chapters and sections that are laid out in awesome traffic generation course:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Internet Traffic Now
  • Chapter II: Strategies Research
  • 2a: Getting Out Of The Traffic Getting Circle
  • 2b: Your Visitors
  • 2c: Article Marketing With RSS
  • 2d: Avoiding Time Sinks With Marketing
  • 2e: Product Reviews For Traffic
  • 2f: “When In Doubt – Ask…”
  • 2g: E-Zine Advertisements
  • 2h: Pay-Per-Click Advertisements
  • 2i: Your Email List (How To Use It)
  • 2j: Your Content Placement
  • 2k: Creating Buyers From Traffic
  • 2l: Your Reader’s Reactions
  • 2m: Getting Affiliate Traffic
  • 2n: Your Affiliate Base
  • 2o: Strategies Research
  • 2a: Your JV Base
  • 2b: Recurring Customers
  • 2c: A Customer Question
  • 2d: The Freebie Seekers
  • 2e: Transforming Subscribers To Buyers
  • Chapter III: Search Engine Optimization
  • 3a: Do Your Blogs Need SEO?
  • 3b: Static Websites & SEO
  • 3c: Other HTML & SEO Tips
  • 3d: Tracking Your SEO Results
  • Chapter IV: 18 Tips For Getting Traffic
  • Chapter V: More Tips For Getting Traffic

All of the hard work, effort, and strategies that can create tons of free targeted traffic for your website and your business have been fully explored, detailed and prepared for you. You just need to get your hands on this package and apply these PROVEN methods to guarantee that you NEVER run out of traffic, leads, and sales for your business..

So… what are you waiting for?

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Learning the full system and strategies that myself and thousands of other successful business owners and marketers use to get endless amounts of traffic to our websites is really as simple as just downloading this product and reading through all of it.

You don’t have to endure any of the stress work, trial and error, wasted money, or anything else. You just have to apply these SIMPLE & PROVEN strategies to your marketing for your website and witness the results pour in.

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What’s Included With This PLR Package?

  • Module 1: Training Guide E-Book
  • Module 2: Hybrid Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3: Do’s And Do Not’s Table
  • Module 4: Resources Report
  • Module 5: Mind Map
  • Module 6: Sales Page
  • Module 7: Sales Copy
  • Module 8: Captivating Sales Video Promo
  • Module 9: Hybrid 2-Step Thank You Page
  • Module 10: Support System & Legal Pages
  • Module 11: Professional Graphics Package
  • Module 12: Solo Email Series
  • Module 13: Licensing Package
  • Module 14: Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Product Details:

  • eBook File Formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF
  • Viewable With: Any PDF Reader (Online and Offline)
  • eBook Word Length 11,500+ Words of High Quality Content
  • Pages In eBook 58 Pages Total (Formatted with Images)
  • File Size: 253 MB

Here Are The PLR License Terms

What you can do:

  • Can change the title on this ebook.
  • Can add your name as the author / creator
  • Can modify or brand this report in any way.
  • Can give the report away in any format or method (PLR)
  • Can sell the report with personal use license (Suggested price $7+)
  • Can offer the report as part of a PLR membership site (Personal Usage Only)
  • Can offer the report as part of a free or paid membership site of any kind. (Personal Use Only)
  • Can break apart the report for content of any kind.
  • Can add to the content or use the content in the ebook for anything.
  • Can modify or change the provided squeeze page in any way.
  • Can offer the ebook (individually) as a bonus
  • Can sell resell rights to the ebook. (Minimum $17)
  • Can sell master resale rights to the report (Minimum $27)

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