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Success Motivated Mindset PLR Sales Funnel

Discover How To Adjust Your Mindset To Position Yourself For Achieving Your Goals Using This PROVEN Motivational System!

Are You Satisfied With Your Life And Your Goals? The Truth Is That There’s No Person Truly Satisfied, But You Can Easily Keep Your Mind Straight and Motivated For Success! Discover All That You Need!

  • With this motivated mindset course, you will learn…
  • An approach to molding your mind for success
  • How to increase your energy to stay motivated
  • The inside scoop about success and your health
  • A laundry list of ways to adjust your mindset
  • Simple tricks for breaking down your goals
  • Proven solutions for decreasing any doubt
  • Helpful resources and solutions for motivation

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This particular product focuses on a niche that’s always in super high demand, as it’s in the personal development niche.

We all know that personal development starts with working to better one’s self, and obviously that often incorporates our favorite thing… setting and achieving goals. Yet a lot of people still seem to struggle when it comes to motivating themselves to actually take action and adjust their perspective to make those changes.

That’s why I took the time to assemble a unique and super practical “mindset transformation” PLR course that contains real-world insight and examples from successful individuals that use the same methods. This course covers a unique system that’s actually more practical than you may think. It specifically focuses on making minor lifestyle adjustments as a means for sparking change and betterment of the individual.

This fully stocked and very detailed training guide / e-book delves deep into the aspects of personal improvement based around a mindset transformation system and strategies applicable for any person. Through real world scenarios, examples, and solutions – your customers will be detailed a hands-on fully proven methods and approaches to improving their life by making small adjustments to their days.

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Take A Look At Some Of The Modules In This Motivated Mindset PLR Sales Funnel…

Module 1: High Quality Self Development Guide

Motivated Mindset PLR Sales Funnel

This fully stocked and very detailed training guide / e-book delves deep into the aspects of personal improvement based around a mindset transformation system and strategies applicable for any person.

Through real world scenarios, examples, and solutions – your customers will be detailed a hands-on fully proven methods and approaches to improving their life by making small adjustments to their days.

File Format(s) Included:

What’s Inside This Mindset PLR Training Guide?

  • A comprehensive system on transforming the mindset to achieve goals and success
  • Over 14,000 words of 100% unique and fresh content
  • Full PLR will be given to you in PDF, and Document format so that you can edit it however
  • Professionally formatted with beautiful header images and appearance
  • Information is valuable to anybody – even you (this is one of the HOTTEST topics right now)

Take A Sneak Peak At The Inside Of This Mindset PLR Training Manual…

Beautiful Chapter Graphics Included (with the PSD Source Files)

Module 2 – Hybrid Cheat Sheet

Motivated Mindset PLR

We call this a hybrid cheat sheet because it doesn’t just share simple steps for completing tasks.  It outlines fully detailed methods for each step, and even provides examples and references where necessary.

All of the topics covered in the training course are outlined in the hybrid cheat sheet and you also receive the document file so you can edit it.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 3 – Do’s And Do Not’s Chart

We knew that the Do’s And Do Not’s Chart would be a popular addition to this package simply in that the topic being discussed covers a lot of do’s and don’ts along the way.  With this, you can provide this reference to the customers that purchase the main guide too.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 4 – Resources Report

The resources report is where you we outline the massive amount of different resources and tools that people can use to help improve their goal setting and achieving success efforts.

Because of the way this is set up, you can also include your affiliate links where necessary and even add other details as well.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 5 – Comprehensive Mind Map

The main training package wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a very comprehensive and useful mind map.  The mind map covers each of the topics found within the detailed training course, in a neat and easy to follow manner.  Source included.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 6 – Done For You Sales Page

  • Our top tier web designer worked with our copywriter to ensure that this sales page not only looks amazing – but also bangs conversions out like crazy.
  • With over 2,000 fresh words of completely unique copy, you don’t even have to worry about hiring a copywriter.  We’ve done all the hard work for you.
  • Simply add your buy button and name, upload to your site, and send traffic!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 7 – High Converting Sales Copy

  • Not only is the high converting sales copy already integrated into the sales page for you but we’ve taken it a step further to simplify things:
  • You will receive text and document files that contain the sales copy in it’s entirety.
  • Use this to create other content, presell the sales page, hire a writer to re-write the copy or anything else you choose.

Note: This is not the actual sales copy, this is from another page.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 8 – Captivating Sales Video

To help you make promoting this offer an absolute breeze, we’re handing you a fully done for you sales video for boosting your conversion.

This is in the ever popular and high converting video sales letter / explainer style of sales video.
People love them, and when you add these into your fully done professional sales page, you’ll be overwhelmed with sales.

This sales video has been perfected to focus directly on presenting the offer and introducing urgency to the package.  Additionally, we’ve also had one of our best voice over artists narrate the script (which we’ll be providing you as well).

Just check out an example of the video below…

File Format(s) Included:

Module 9 – Hybrid Thank You Page

  • Most PLR providers just drop you with a regular thank you page that instantly grants your buyers access to their purchase, while missing out on a crucial factor.
  • We’ve implemented a 2-step download process into our system.
  • First you direct your buyers to a page (we provide) where they “register” their purchase (and get onto your list) and then after that, they’re directed to the REAL download page.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 10 – Support System & Legal Pages

  • Not only is this is a necessity for selling online, but you want to also present your business and this product as 100% professional.
  • You’re receiving a set of legal pages / documents that you can plug in to your site and link in the footer section of your sales page.
  • Additionally, you receive a completely integrated “support system” / “contact us” page so that your customers and even potential buyers can get in touch with you.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 11 – Professional Graphics Package

Outsourcing the graphic design work can end up costing you an arm and a leg.  That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with not only an entire graphics package, but also the PSD source files as well.

  • Cover designs for each asset (book, reports, check lists, etc.)
  • Header, logo and favico design so you can integrate them however you’d like.
  • Blank cover graphic so that you can add a new title and details easily without Photoshop.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 12 – Full Email Series

Don’t sweat coming up with email content and swipes to promote this package to your list or anywhere else.

We’ve taken the time and effort to have 5 professionally written email swipes whipped up that are geared and focused on getting clicks and making conversions.

All you have to do is choose the swipe in the series, pick your subject line, and then paste the body of the email into your autoresponder.  It’s that simple!

Note: These are not the actual email swipes you receive, these are from another package of ours.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 13 – License Package

And of course, we present you with the licensing images and documentation for each tier of the licensing for this package.  This includes the private label rights, and basic private label rights licenses for all of these modules.

Do note that you are only permitted to edit this product and resell it (as-is) with personal usage rights, and not any other rights on top of that.  Check out a detailed list of the license terms in the FAQ.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 14 – Step By Step Setup Guide

Forget about hiring somebody to set this funnel up for you!  You can truly do it all yourself, and that’s why we’ve provided a comprehensive step-by-step setup guide for the entire package.  You’ll be able to get your new product up and banking sales in no time (and without any headache).  That’s our promise to you!

File Format(s) Included:


Starting off, let me ask you a quick question…

Have you found no issue in achieving the goals you set for yourself?

Of course, the majority of us can’t say that we have no turbulence when striving to conquer our goals.

As a matter of fact, most of us have dreams and goals that have grown unfilled for ages, or even goals that we just haven’t had the “time” or “drive” to accomplish..

Maybe it’s that you’ve encountered failure before, I know I sure have. In that, you feel as though you would rather just leave a goal unfinished as opposed to overwhelming yourself with it.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there before, and it’s something I have to work with everyday. Everybody does.

And I’m certain you know that if you could just adjust a few things about your lifestyle, the results would surely improve.

Interestingly enough, social scientists quite often recommend that measures of varying well-being should consist of the usual measures of say, economic prosperity, such as GDP per capita.

There are elements of your life and your mindset that you can easily adjust with a little bit of effort involved.

The problem there is that, obviously, every person is different.

We all can assume that life satisfaction and general happiness vary widely from person based on different things like income, life changes such as relationships or job, and other specifics.

Really though, you can get as specific as you want down to various characteristics of your personality, or your situation.

And of course, you can come up with a specialized plan to transform your life, be it physical, mental, entrepreneurial or otherwise.

You see, at the end of the day adjusting your life and improving it mostly comes down to one simple thing…

Most people end up blaming outside forces and factors as the reason for their inability to achieve.

And yes, most of us are indeed guilty of blaming our various circumstances, our genetics, the situation, or maybe even the specific training course that we chose.

The end point there is that we end up blaming something or someone.

Understandably so, this isn’t how change actually happens.

Change occurs through taking responsibility for your own life and for realizing that everything truly does start with YOU.

It should come as no surprise that the most successful and happy people in the world are easily the ones with an internal focus of control.

What that means is that they’re aware they possess the power to change their own fortunes and wellbeing, and that they actually go about doing such as opposed to slipping towards other things.

Both Your Mindset and Your Approach Are Where Improving Everything Begins…

But what if there was a way that you could utilize an already proven set of actionable changes that you could make to your life and your mind that would allow you to easily strive towards achieving goals?

How about if this “set of changes” came in an easily digestible manner that you could indefinitely apply to your life to see changes almost immediately?

I’m not talking about some hokey formula that self-help gurus are trying to pitch you for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

No, this is not even some mind blowing exhausting boot camp either.

Promisingly, this isn’t something that’s going to require you to make all kinds of drastic adjustments to your lifestyle or anything.

Just a few changes that are easily able to be applied to anybody’s world.

Your mind is what helps you appreciate what you already have, in order to strive forward to improve upon it further and achieve more in your life.

Your approach is what makes all the difference towards forming your mindset the proper way.

That’s exactly what this course sets out to do for you, for anybody, with an incredible system that anybody can apply and utilize in their life.

You know that your mind is an incredibly powerful mechanism, and once you tap into that incredible power, the sky is the limit when it comes to motivating yourself for success.

Whether You’re Old or Young, No Matter The Position You’re In or The Goals You Have In Mind…

The information inside of this course is provided to you in an effort to help you keep your head afloat and easily adjust your mindset to conquer your goals and reach success in life.

You will be provided you with countless proven tips, information, and an entire system for making these positive tweaks to your lifestyle and your mind so that you can see results not just short term, but long term as well.

Better yet, there is an abundance of actionable information covered here.

Everything that you need to do can be found within this course and thanks to its easy to digest sections, you can come back and go through any information once again easily.

I’m sure you’re more than ready to see a breakdown, and don’t worry because you don’t have to wait another minute, because here is the solution…


Success Motivated Mindset

This is just a brief summary of all of the chapters and sections that are laid out in this self-improvement course:

  • Chapter I: The Importance of Forming Good Habits
  • Chapter II: Learning to Deal with Obstacles to Your Motivation
  • Chapter III: Gaining Power Over Your Moods
  • Chapter IV: Believing In Yourself and Your Ability to Succeed
  • Chapter V: The Power of Positive Thinking and Affirmations
  • Chapter VI: Surrounding Yourself with Other Motivated People
  • Chapter VII: Boosting Your Energy and Keeping Your Eye on The Prize
  • Chapter VIII: Meditating on Your Goal to Stay on the Ball
  • Chapter IX: Physically Priming Yourself for Success
  • Chapter X: Healthy Habits of Successful and Motivated People

What’s even better is that I’m giving you insight that is proven to work seeing as countless individuals utilize this system and these methods in their lives. These are methods that are capable of transforming your life, and best of all they’ve been compiled into a PROVEN e-book course so that anybody, even YOU, can benefit from it knowing it’s going to work infinitely.

So… are you ready to adjust your mindset to position yourself to achieve your goals?

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Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 Fresh, Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials For This Transformational Course…”

What I’m about to say shouldn’t come as a surprise…

There’s A TON of material and information provided in this entire course.

It can be daunting to retain all of the knowledge and benefit from it, due to the pace of everything.

It may also take a decent bit of time to work your way through reading the entire guide, and then putting the system and strategies detailed into action.

Perhaps you feel that you don’t have the time to be sitting down, picking through pages of materials, and so on.

Maybe you’d like to SEE the information by having it presented to you and then reviewing it THAT way.

Better yet, you’ll be able to learn in a visual and audible way everything that’s laid out in this child safety and security course.

That’s why I have especially great news for you…

I’ve recorded 10 exclusive, comprehensive video tutorials that will go over the methods, the tools, the mindset and the entire system for not only transforming your mindset but also giving you the tools to conquer any goal you set for yourself in life..

Here’s just a summary of the videos in this upgraded package:

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Module 1 – Video Training Series

Having an entire 10 part video training course based around this product is the perfect upgrade (or even main portion) for the training.

All of the videos combined come out to over 80 minutes of play time which is accompanied by a professional American voice over artist.

You have an entire professionally done, voiced, and organized video series at your disposal, entirely unbranded.  No setup required at all!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 2 – Powerpoint Slides

Seeing as the video course is partially PowerPoint based, what would this package be without including the same PowerPoint presentation that was used to create the videos?

You can edit the presentation, cut it up, and even provide it to customers as another learning tool for the course.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 3 – MP3 Audio Training (Audio Book)

Audio based training is all the rage nowadays.  With the rise of audio books and people being too on the go all the time to sit down and go through the pages of a book.  You can provide your customers with this audio training with their purchase, or even market the audio however.

File Format(s) Included:

Module 4 – Scripts For Videos / Slides

Maybe you want to re-voice the video series with your own voice, or hire a new voice over artist.  Perhaps you want to add the transcripts to the videos so that closed captioning works.  Regardless of your reasoning, we’ve provided the script for each video / slide in this series / upgrade.  You can do anything you want!

File Format(s) Included:

Module 5 – Learning Center for Customers

We’ve developed an interactive web based learning center that you can provide to customers access to after their purchase.  This center breaks down the video course piece