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CPA Marketing Genius Sales Funnel Mega Pack with Master Resell Rights – This CPA niche product contains an entire CPA sales funnel with front-end modules and upsell videos and lots of extra modules to boost your profit potential!

Discover How Giving Stuff Away For Free Makes You EVEN More Money Than Actually Selling Stuff!



Dear Fellow Marketer … as a savvy operator you’ll know – despite what the gurus claim – just how hard it is to get folks to whip out their credit cards and buy what you are selling.

So imagine being able to offer them something for free – such as a sample of a product or some helpful information – and receive a nice commission when they go ahead.

I’m sure you can immediately see presenting your prospect with an attractive offer, where they don’t need to spend any money, will make their sales resistance melt like an ice cream in the desert, sending your conversion rates soaring.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of CPA

And here’s just a couple of examples of the sort of money you can make, despite your prospect not having to buy anything …

Getting your prospects to just fill in their email address can pay from $1.40 per name to as much as $30!

And, if your prospects complete a more detailed form, it pays you even more – from $8 to as much as $100!

But there’s a problem

And it’s a pretty big one.

You see, the CPA market has changed dramatically recently as it has become more established. That means most of the CPA information you can get your hands on is a waste of your precious time and money because it is hopelessly out of date.

So, if you’ve been struggling to make serious money with CPA you’ll be glad to know …

It’s not your fault

Because you’ve been taken advantage of.

But that’s about to change dramatically.

Happily, you are now in the right place at the right time to be one of the very first lucky folks to take advantage of this brand new, straight from the CPA coal face expose, containing everything you need to turn you into a CPA Black Belt, lightning fast.

Introducing ‘CPA Marketing Genius’


And here’s just a tiny sneak peek of the closely guarded secrets awaiting you inside…

  • CPA marketing – what it is and how can you use it as your springboard to a new, better life of time and financial FREEDOM.
  • Seven powerful reasons why CPA is hands down one of the best ways to make money on line.
  • CPA Networks revealed. This is where the rubber hits the road with up to minute data on only the very best sources of high paying CPA offers to send your profits through the roof.
  • The secrets of getting lightning fast approval. This can often be a BIG problem if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • The highest converting CPA offers on the planet presented to you on a silver platter.
  • The top five CPA categories you should promote for maximum CPA profit.
  • Landing page secrets – matching the right type of landing page to the right offer can send your conversions off the chart. All is revealed here.
  • How to create your landing pages lightning fast with the 12 top landing page builders.
  • Traffic – the jet fuel of your business. So here’s the inside track on generating all the CPA targeted traffic you can handle.
  • The secret of being a CPA Genius – discover the key difference that will skyrocket your results from ‘ho hum’ to WOW!
  • The golden rules of CPA marketing (and the things to avoid like the plague).

And much, MUCH more!

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Now you might possibly be thinking…

Being smart, you can easily see how this can truly unlock a better, brighter life for you as a highly paid CPA marketer. But you’re concerned if the amount you’ll have to invest is a hefty one.

You’re quite right

Such a comprehensive program as this, which will allow you to rapidly master the secrets of successful CPA marketing and quickly find the very highest converting offers that will reward you with the greatest amount of treasure SHOULD cost a king’s ransom.

In fact, this program is valued at $97. But, before I reveal the very special deal I have for you today, I want to make one thing crystal clear.

I take ALL the risk here.

You see, I could show you a ton of glowing testimonials, but nothing beats you being able to satisfy yourself this program really is for you. So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to allow you to take this program away for a full 60-day test drive. I figure that will be ample time for you to really start to enjoy all that lovely cash flowing into your bank account.

So dive into the manual and check out the CPA networks I recommend. Be amazed at the generous commissions you’ll receive even though your prospects don’t have to spend a single red cent.

And, if after all that, you don’t feel this is the perfect business for you, then all you need to do is shoot me a quick email saying you want a refund – no awkward questions – no quibble.

After all, the whole program is digital. So it’s not like you have to pack it all up and mail it back, is it?

And within a few hours of sending your email, you’ll receive a full refund of every penny of your investment.

And, because I’m determined you’ll enjoy outstanding success I’m going the extra mile for you with these FIVE Action Taker’s Bonuses, each one carefully designed to make your operation of the program as smooth as silk …

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Action Taker Bonus #1  Audio Training



This audio version is perfect for you if you hate reading. What’s more, it opens up a whole new world of convenience because you can listen to it while you relax with a cold beer or when you’re driving your car.

And, being be able to listen to the program as well as read about it is scientifically proven to accelerate the speed at which you grasp the program.


Action Taker Bonus #2  Cheat Sheet


This powerful resource distills all the wisdom contained in the program onto two info-packed pages for easy reference.

It also includes direct links to all the resources mentioned in the main program, giving you lightning fast access.

It all adds up to a handy tool that will zoom you to CPA gold as fast as humanly possible.


Action Taker Bonus #3  Checklist


This is a really helpful bonus that breaks the whole process of going from zero as a CPA rookie to HERO as a CPA marketing titan in eleven easy to follow baby steps.

Then, as you complete each step, you check it, giving you a wonderful warm feeling of accomplishment that will spur you on to reach your goal all the faster.

And it’s great fun to look back and see how amazingly fast you’re progressing!


Action Taker Bonus #4  Mind Map

CPA Marketing Genius - Mind Map

This customized mind map is a real asset, because it allows you to see the whole program at a single glance and understand how the whole program has been cleverly designed to work together synergistically.

That empowers you to instantly see what topic you want to cover next and so schedule your training to suit you.


Action Taker Bonus #5  Resources Report



This is an absolute treasure trove of carefully selected resources incorporated into a carefully researched CPA marketing niche research report.

Inside you’ll discover the very best resources for: tools, videos, training courses, demographics, facts and figures, webinars, blogs, forums, affiliate programs, infographics and real life case studies.

Not only will this bonus help transform you into a CPA Black Belt in the fastest possible time, it will also enhance your standing in the CPA community by revealing where the action is and so empower you to go and interact with the movers and shakers of CPA marketing.

Here’s the amazing value you’ll enjoy by going ahead right away

The ‘CPA Marketing Genius’ program is a $97 value and those FIVE awesome bonuses are valued respectively at: $527, $17, $27, $17 and $27.

That’s a total of $712. But, if you go ahead right now, you can enjoy all this cutting edge training that can open up a new and better life of financial and time freedom for JUST $9.99

What’s more you don’t need to finally decide now

All you need to decide now is make the smart move and enjoy that 60-day test drive to see if the program is right for you, before you finally go ahead.

So, with the opportunity to enjoy a massive $705 discount, while gaining access to secrets with the power to transform your life into that of a highly rewarded and respected CPA Marketer, offering the possibility of giving up your hated day job and living anywhere in the world you choose (maybe somewhere where the dollar goes a very long way, allowing you to live like a king), I’m sure you’ll agree with me that…

This is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days are pretty much routine. And then, once in a while, along comes a day with the power to transform your life beyond recognition. I call them ‘Crossroad Days’.

For example, those life-determining days when you decided what college to attend and what career to follow. Who to spend your life with.

And then there is THIS day, when you have the opportunity to become a

CPA marketing expert, enjoying wonderful commissions without the hassle of ‘selling’ anything.

So you can either…

Carry on doing whatever you are doing now. Perhaps chasing the latest

product to be launched in the vain hope THAT it really will be the answer to all your prayers, but which you fear, deep down, will actually be just like all the other ‘bright shiny objects’ you’ve wasted your hard earnt money on in the past.

OR …

You can be smart and realize what a wonderful opportunity you have, right here, where you can quickly become a highly profitable CPA marketer and so start to quickly carve out that better life of time and financial FREEDOM you’ve promised yourself and your loved ones for so long.

Sounds to me like your choice is a simple one. So I’m really looking forward to welcoming you into the wonderful world of highly profitable CPA marketing.

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Accelerate Your CPA Marketing Success With 25 HD-Quality, Over-The-Shoulder Masterclass Video Training

Discover More Advanced & More Powerful CPA Marketing Strategies In A Convenient Video Format For A Deep Discount!

Dear Fellow Marketer… I’m pretty sure I grabbed your attention by showing you how easy it is receiving nice commissions by offering people something attractive and completely free.

Still, if you are new to this, or even if you haven’t gotten access to the latest updates, an eBook might not be enough for you to learn precisely how to set up profitable CPA Marketing campaigns a lot faster and with complete confidence.

Maybe you love reading, and it’s easy for you to have only the words in your hand to try to figure out the whole picture, before you get into a live situation. However, that might be what is keeping you from getting real results.

That’s Why Nothing Beats Video When It Comes To Cutting The Learning Curve Significantly

Imagine watching over my shoulder and being to apply every single one of the chapters you’ll find in the training guide.

More than that, you’ll also have additional advanced training videos which will help you get the job done a lot faster, and with a lot more confidence.


Introducing ‘CPA Marketing Genius – HD Video Training’


You already have access to the Training Guide, which is awesome, but that guide only covers 75% of the content of my entire training. Here you’ll find more “in action”, live demonstrations of that 75% of the training + 25% more of advanced CPA Marketing Tricks and proven successful tactics.

The video training is comprised of 25 HD training videos divided into 7 training sections.

In Section 1, CPA Basics, we will cover topics like: What is CPA marketing? How does it work? And, why you should get into CPA marketing.

In Section 2, CPA Networks, we will cover topics like: What are CPA networks? Which ones should you trust the most? And, how can you get approved in CPA networks.

In Section 3, CPA Offers, we will cover topics like: What CPA offer types are there and how do they work? Which are the hottest CPA offer categories you should promote? And, how to identify high converting CPA offers.

In Section 4, Know Your Audience, we will cover topics like: Where does your audience hang out online? What sort of content do they enjoy most? And, how to look for CPA offers that appeal to your traffic’s demographic.

In Section 5, Landing Pages, we will cover topics like: Which landing pages should you use to advertise CPA offers? Creating a Free Landing Page in Under 5 Minutes with Instapage, Landerapp, Landingi and Pagewiz – step by step, Top Paid Landing Page Builders, and Alternative Awesome Ways to Get Your Landing Page Done Quickly.

In Section 6, Traffic, we will cover topics like: What type of traffic works best for CPA offers? How to take advantage of 1st Tier advertising platforms for CPA marketing. Is it possible to get high quality free traffic for your CPA offers? Why tracking is key for making the right decisions in your CPA campaign, and how can testing & optimizing your CPA campaign help you win the game.

In Section 7, the Final Remarks, we will cover topics like: What things you should do and not do in CPA marketing. How you can have someone else do the hard work for you in your CPA marketing efforts. How are affiliates actually making lots of money with CPA Marketing? (Case Studies)

Now You Might Worry About The Price…

Creating a Video Training Course is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience, time, effort, and of course, a lot of money. You’ll probably have to take some time to think before deciding to invest on it.

In fact, getting only one of my training videos completed online can cost you more than $100 for a cheap one. That would be an investment of over $2,500 to have someone create an entire video course like this exclusively for you. Even with this offer, I have a completely affordable proposition for you.

And of course, I take ALL the risk here, as well.

I have decided to extend my 60-day test drive proposition for this offer, as well. I think that’s more than enough time for you to find positive results, considering that Videos will get you to your desired goals faster.

Now, if after all that, you still don’t feel I have helped you, then all you need to do is shoot me a quick email saying you want a refund – no awkward questions – no quibble.

If you try to find a friend online that might possibly teach you to apply all this, and if you’re lucky enough for him find a spot for you in his schedule, you’ll have to be willing to spend thousands of dollars for coaching.

However, if you go ahead right now, you can enjoy my HD training video course that can speed up your CPA Marketing success for JUST $27. That means, I’m giving you access to 25 HD training videos for the 3rd part of the price of one. That’s a whopping $2,473 discount.

So, you can either…

Carry on and get the most out of your reading skills, trying to imagine and figure out how things work on the web.

OR …

You can be smart and realize what a wonderful opportunity you have, right here to save a lot of time and effort, and remove any doubt or misunderstanding by watching LIVE, exactly how it is done.

Sounds to me like your choice is a simple one. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you in the Video Training Course in the Introduction Video.

Here’s a Sample Video So That You Know What To Expect From These Videos

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Package Details:

  • Module 1 – Top-Shelf Guide
  • Module 2 – Studio-Quality Audio Files
  • Module 3 – Cheat Sheet
  • Module 4 – Checklist
  • Module 5 – Mind Map
  • Module 6 – Infographic
  • Module 7 – Resources Report
  • Module 8 – High-Impact Sales Page
  • Module 9 – Professional Minisite
  • Module 10 – Doodle-Style Sales Video
  • Module 11 – Professional Product Graphics
  • Module 12 – 10 Unique Articles
  • Module 13 – 10 Animated Banners
  • Module 14 – 6 Persuasive Email Swipes
  • Module 15 – Extra Product Graphics

Upsell Package:

  • EXTRA BONUS  – 2 Infographics
  • SECTION 1 – Upsell Core Bundle
  • SECTION 2 – Lead Generation Essential Bundle
  • SECTION 3 – Marketing Power Bundle

Total File Download Size:

754 Megabytes (MB)

Master Resell Rights License:

What you CAN do:

[YES] Can edit the sales page
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to an affiliate promotion
[YES] Can be added to a paid membership site (minimum $17/month and personal rights only)
[YES] Can have your own affiliate program
[YES] Can sell or transfer personal rights
[YES] Can sell or transfer resell rights
[YES] Can sell or transfer master resale rights

What you CAN’T do:

[NO] Can’t be given away
[NO] Can’t be added to a free membership site
[NO] Can’t be added to a paid reseller type membership site (PLR or resell rights membership)
[NO] Can’t be sold on auction sites
[NO] Can’t sell or transfer private label rights
[NO] Can’t put your name on it to sell it or edit the content of the ebook or reports
[NO] Can’t rebrand the product

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