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Youthful Water Safety Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

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Youthful Water Safety Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

How To Teach Effective Water Safety For All Situations To Kids Of Any Age

  • How to keep kids safe from water incidents
  • The best methods for water safety
  • Ways to teach kids water safety
  • Plus tons more on the inside!

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They say babies are natural swimmers. But even as skilled as children can eventually become in the water when starting their swimming lessons at such an early age, there are still safety hazards.

The water is a dangerous place and tragedy can occur at any time if one is ill prepared. Even the best of swimmers don’t mess around in the water. If you’re a parent or adult and want to keep the kids in the family safe, then it’s important that you teach them one of the most important life lessons; be careful of the water. People aren’t fish and we don’t live in the water. The potential for drowning is a high one and this guide will help you to communicate with and teach the importance of water safety to your kids. We don’t want to leave it until it’s too late. That’s why this guide is essential. It doesn’t teach how to swim like an Olympic pro but it does provide life lessons for developing kids who aren’t entirely aware of the dangers of the water.


Youthful Water Safety

Don’t go into the water! Well that’s actually true if you’re jumping into the ocean while Jaws is looking for his next meal. But even away from fiction, the water isn’t a place you want to relax in, even briefly, unless you have supervision or lifeguards keeping watch.

For the youngsters, the water can be a ton of fun. But it’s not so much fun if something catastrophic happens. That’s something we never want to see happen to anyone we love. That’s why it’s important to communicate the rules of water safety with your kids. It needs to be done as soon as possible. With this pack of videos, kids will be sooner engaged than reading since visual learning is preferred and can communicate the message more efficiently. From an early age, kids can become great swimmers but there are common occurrences where even the most skilled and experienced of swimmers ended up drowning due to fatigue or panic or not being aware of the dangers of their environment. Water safety is one of the most important lessons that needs to be taught to everyone, especially kids.

Make this course a pivotal part of your children’s learning and communicate water safety at the earliest. Everyone benefits.

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Package Details:

Module 1 – Lead Magnet Report
Module 2 – Squeeze Page
Module 3 – Download Page
Module 4 – Professional Graphics Package
Module 5 – Email Series
Module 7 – Hybrid Cheatsheet
Module 8 – Twitter Tweets

Advance Video Course:

Module 1 – Video Course
Module 2 – PowerPoint Slides
Module 3 – MP3 Audio Book
Module 4 – Learning Center
Module 5 – Improved Squeeze Page
Module 6 – Long Style Squeeze
Module 7 – HD Squeeze Video
Module 8 – Graphics Package
Module 9 – Feature Images
Module 10 – Banner Ads
Module 11 – Social Swipes Kit
Module 12 – Quote Poster Images
Module 13 – Camtasia Project File

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