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Hope Not Hype Copywriting Brandable Coaching PLR Course

Is Your Salesletter Doing A Good Job Of Persuading Your Prospects That You Can Truly Help Them … Or Is It Just Making Their Skin Crawl?

People Are Sick Of Over-The-Top, Empty Promises … They Simply Want Real Hope That Your Product Can Deliver The Outcome They Desire.

Here’s how to create honest salesletters that produce great results…

Let me lay my cards on the table and show you my hand up front.  I really only have one statement to make that I’m going to unpack in what comes after it later on this page.  You get to decide if you want to keep reading.  Here’s the statement…

Your prospects should never cringe when they read your salesletters.  

Are you tracking with that?

When it comes to convincing people to buy your product, there are two basic options:  you can give your prospects hope or you can seduce them with hype.

Most traditional salesletters are hype-filled pieces of rubbish that are littered with empty promises, over-the-top claims, exaggerated “facts”, head games, and sometimes downright deception.  Honestly, they make people’s skin crawl.  People are sick and tired of the marketing games that people play to get the order.

You may fool them once.  Maybe even twice if you’re really good at manipulation.  But you will not build a long-term business by filling people’s heads with hype only to disappoint them in the end when they don’t get results from using your product.  Sooner or later (my money is on sooner) people will form an everlasting poor opinion of you and your products and will simply do business with someone else.

You still with me?

Let me give you some examples of “hype-filled” claims…

  • Lose 20+ pounds of fat from your belly in the next 3 days … no exercise or dieting required!
  • Earn your first $20,000 in just 48 hours even if you don’t have a list or a product!
  • Beat the local club pro in your next round of golf with this simple trick that I learned from Tiger Woods!
  • Pick up the most beautiful girl at the club even if you’re the homeliest guy in the room!

Now, I know you’ve heard people say you need to make exaggerated claims to make the sale. “That’s just marketing,” they claim, as if that justifies lying to your prospects. Worse yet, some “experts” have even told you to prey on desperate people. And they’ve told you exactly what psychological buttons to push to get the sale.

 Now if you’re like me, all of that doesn’t sit very well with you. You don’t want to trick people into buying anything from you. You don’t want to use head games just to make a few bucks.

 What you want to do is HELP your customers. And you want an effective, high-converting salesletter that genuinely reflects your desire to help others.

And the good news is that you can do exactly that.

 If You Like the Idea of Making Money By Helping People Without Resorting To Tricks or Deception, Then Here’s Something You’re Going to Love…

Introducing:  The Hope, Not Hype Copywriting Course, Your Guide To Giving Prospects Real Hope For Real Challenges

Hope Not Hype Copywriting Brandable Coaching PLR Course

52-Page .PDF Available For Immediate Download

Introducing the Hope, Not Hype copywriting course, which shows you a proven system for creating salesletters that really work… no tricks, no “mind control,” no black hat!

The Hope, Not Hype copywriting course is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for creating effective salesletters without resorting to head games, generating more sales with above-board strategies such as using social proof, and using hope (not hype) to boost your conversions … ultimately getting more orders for your business and helping more people who buy your products.

When you download the Hope, Not Hype copywriting course below, you will…

  • Learn exactly what steps you can take right now to get more prospects clicking your “buy now” buttons across all your salesletters.
  • Get dozens of tips, ideas and examples for creating hope-filled salesletters, ditching the hype, and getting more orders with honest, straightforward salesletters that really work.
  • Complete actual “assignments” that will walk you through the steps of creating your own highly effective salesletter that’s completely free of all those nasty mind games you’ve grown to loathe.

As you work your way through the curriculum, you will learn how to create an instant connection with your prospects, how to craft a hope-filled salesletter that gets prospects to trust you with their money, and how to tip the scales so that fence-sitters click your buy button… Plus more. See below for the complete details!

Here’s Exactly What Is Included…

Let me be completely honest with you about something before I share exactly what you’ll learn in this course.  Here’s my transparent disclosure to you…

What I am going to teach you is NOT the best way to get a single sale.

It’s not.  Playing head games, offering up outlandish claims, filling people’s heads with hype and unrealistic possibilities will definitely convert at a higher rate than what I’m going to teach you.

For a single sale.

But if you’re interested in getting repeat sales, creating a business that produces orders for the long-haul, building a community of happy customers who come back to you over and over again (and bring other customers with them), then what you’re about to learn is THE best approach to copywriting around.  Period.  (Plus, you can sleep at night with a clear conscience!)

By using the insights in this course, you can make more money with your business simply by knowing exactly how to create a hope-filled (not hype-filled) salesletter for your product so people buy it and get the results they wantAnd when you make money helping other people… everybody wins!

So, with that in mind, here’s a sneak peek at the strategy and what all you get inside this course…

Lesson 1: The Most Important Part Of Your Sales letter (It’s Not What You Think)

What is the most important part of your salesletter?

If you’ve spent any time learning about copywriting, then you’re probably thinking it’s the headline.

It’s important, but it’s NOT the most important part. And neither is the postscript, the call to action, the opener, the price, or any other part of the salesletter you may have in mind.

If you’re not emphasizing the most important part, then your letter is going to fall flat. And this lesson reveals exactly what is the most important part and how to optimize it for maximum sales because, in doing so, you’ll be telling your prospects exactly what they need to hear in order to say “yes” to your product.

Lesson 2: Attention Please – The Three Essentials Of Hope-Filled Headlines

What’s the secret to creating an effective headline? It needs to address these three components:

  • The Ideal Customer
  • The Ideal Outcome
  • The Ideal Time Frame

And inside this lesson you’ll find out how to incorporate these three pieces to create the perfect hope-filled, high-converting headline.  You’ll learn how to get attention in a way that causes your prospects to smile instead of cringe.  They’ll be happy to read your page instead of happy to click away to some other page!

Lesson 3: How To Turn Your Introduction Into An Immediate Connection

Now that you have your prospect’s attention, your introduction needs to build on your headline and hold that attention. After all, you can’t communicate how your product can deliver what the prospect is looking for unless he or she keeps reading.

The primary way to keep attention is by truly connecting with your prospects in a way that they’ve rarely experienced before.  That is, you want to provide hope by showing your reader that you understand their challenge and have first-hand experience with successfully overcoming it.

How do you make this “kindred spirit” connection? Answer: by using one of the three surefire openers revealed inside this lesson.

Lesson 4: 5 Ways To Help Prospects See Your Product As The “Best Buy” For Them

Even though your product is absolutely wonderful, you probably have some competition out in your marketplace. When your prospect lands on your salesletter, they’re going to be wondering why they should buy YOUR offer rather than one of your competitors’ offers.

Your salesletter needs to answer that question and reassure your prospect that your product is the “best buy” for them (assuming that it is). If your salesletter doesn’t offer this reassurance, then you run the risk that your prospect is going to click away in search of another hope-filled offer.

Let’s make sure your prospects stay on your page and realize your product is a good fit. That’s why this lesson gives you five ways to keep your prospects on your page and show them your product is the perfect fit for their needs.

Lesson 5: The Two Best Ways To Offer Added Assurances Of Your Claims (So People Believe You And Buy From You)

At this point in your salesletter, you’ve shown the prospect that you understand their problem, you’ve introduced your product, and you’ve explained your product is the best fit and best solution for them. You’ve created hope in your prospects.

But here’s the problem…Your prospect is a little skeptical.

You see, they’ve been down this road before. They’ve had their hopes stirred up before, only to be crushed later. So while they’re feeling hopeful, they’re also hesitant. They’re just not sure if your product can deliver on its main promise.

The solution? You need to prove your claims. You need to show your prospects that others before them who were in the same position as your prospect had the same hopes, and that those hopes were realized. This shows your prospects that their hopes and dreams can be realized too. And this lesson shows you exactly how to do it!

Lesson 6: 7 Simple Statements You Must Make In Your Bullet List Of Benefits

Now we’ve arrived at the point of your salesletter where you’re going to explain the benefits that your prospect will receive when they use the product. This section helps remove any doubts that the customer might have – and since doubt is the opposite of hope, this section also naturally builds hope and gets your prospect excited about your product and what it can do for him!

And inside this lesson you’re going to get tips, templates and examples of seven time-tested benefit statements that are sure to generate excitement.

Here are the seven types of benefits your bulleted benefit list ought to include…

  • The Quicker Benefit
  • The Easier Benefit
  • The Better Benefit
  • The “Even If” Benefit
  • The “Which Have You Overlooked?” Benefit
  • The “Surprising” Benefit
  • The “Avoid These Mistakes” Benefit

Are you overlooking any of these types? And are you using them the RIGHT way to generate sales? You’ll find out inside this lesson.

Lesson 7: Four Ways To Give Them Hope By Offering To Give Their Money Back

By this point in your salesletter, your prospect really wants your product. They’re hopeful that it can solve their problem, help them achieve a goal, or help them better enjoy a hobby.

And yet there’s still that little voice in the back of her head that says, “What if this doesn’t work for me? Then what?”

That’s where a guarantee comes in to reverse the risk and let your prospects buy with confidence. If you want to boost your conversions, then you’re going to want to check out this lesson to discover four surefire ways to create a powerful guarantee that gives your prospects complete confidence that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying your product.

Lesson 8:  Three Hope-Inspiring Ways To Call The Prospect To Action (Get Them To Buy)

At this point in your salesletter, your prospects are in a very hopeful state. If they leave the sales page now, that feeling is likely going to fade. And once that feeling dissipates, your prospect isn’t likely to remember to come back to your sales page to place their order.

That’s why you’ll want to encourage them to take action now … so they can get started now.  The sooner they get started, the sooner your product helps them achieve the desired outcome.  Your product moves them from “before” to “after”.  That’s why your “call to action” is so important … it gets the product into the prospects’ hands so they can begin using it to get results.

But you can’t insert just any call to action here. You need to create one that encourages people to take action right now, when they’re still feeling hopeful and good about your offer. That’s why this lesson shows you three proven ways to get your prospects clicking your order button.

Lesson 9: P.S. Here Is How To Hold Out Hope At The End Of Your Sales letter

Your postscript (P.S.) is so important that it’s the second-most read part of your entire salesletter (your headline is the most read part). That’s why you need to create a super-strong P.S. that brings skimmers back into your salesletters, and turns undecided prospects into confident buyers.

Keep in mind that your entire salesletter should focus on helping the customer, and that includes your postscript. Helping the customer realize their hopes is a surefire way to sell more products… no mind games, no trickery, no deception.  It’s good for them.  It’s good for you.

In this lesson, you’ll discover 5 hope-producing postscript options and how to choose the right one for your product.

Lesson 10: Your Hope, Not Hype Fill-In-The-Blanks Sales letter Template

At this point you know how to create an effective salesletter that’s based on hope, not hype. For this lesson, we’re going to pull together everything you’ve learned to create your own salesletter fast and easy. All you have to do is copy the salesletter template, fill in the required blanks and tweak it as needed, and then you’ll be ready to start taking orders.

I’ve done most of the work for you in this template … and it’s definitely worth the price you’ll pay for the entire course all by itself.  By using this plug-n-play template, you can literally have a salesletter crafted in 30 minutes or less.

As you can see, this is a short course that is jam-packed with meaty content you can use to get more sales without selling out! It’s the best option for “clear conscience copywriting” and building your long-term business on a “know, like and trust” foundation of truth-telling and hope-inspiring sales materials. It’s only 52 pages long and each lesson is filled with “no-fluff, no-filler” content that shares what you need to know in an “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use style“.

Listen:  You CAN get great results from your salesletters while maintaining your integrity and reputation as someone who can be trusted for the long haul.  In the end, people are loyal to businesses that deliver when they “underpromise and overdeliver” instead of the other way around!  That’s where Hope, Not Hype really shines.

As you can see, we’ve packed a whole lot of profitable information into this exciting course.

And you can certainly see the value of a course that teaches you how to start generating more sales, customers and cash, without resorting to stupid mind games that will do more harm than help for your business over the years to come.

So now you’re wondering… how much is it?  That’s the part of this course you’re gonna love the most: the value.  Here’s what I mean…

The entire course is only $97.00!

Think about it…

If This Course Helps You Convince Just One Customer To Buy Your Product Then It More Than Pays For Itself (And Every Sale After That Is Just Extra Profit)!

But here’s the thing: this course isn’t about convincing one customer to buy your product. It’s about…

Teaching you a simple system for writing salesletters that convince limitless customers to buy every product you create from now on!  

There simply isn’t a way to calculate the worth this course can ultimately be to your long-term business revenue.  But what we can agree on is that Hope, Not Hype will certainly pay for itself many times over when you download it and put it to work for your business.

Now, if that doesn’t make the low-cost of Hope, Not Hype “worth it” to you, then simply walk away.  Seriously.  Don’t buy.  Your $97.00 not spent isn’t going to make that much of a difference to me.  But not buying Hope, Not Hype could make a big difference to you and it could prevent you from making a big difference to your customers.

You just need to decide for yourself if you already know everything you need to know about writing salesletters that are fueled by hope instead of filled with hype.  Only you know if you’re satisfied with the current status of how well your salesletters convert for repeat business.

This is a great deal, so act now to get your copy of this course at the lowest price possible! Click below to get started…

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Here’s A Preview Of The Hope Not Hype Copywriting Brandable Coaching PLR Course

Hope Not Hype Copywriting Rebrandable Course Preview

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If you grab the Hope Not Hype Copywriting Brandable Coaching PLR Course today, you’ll also get these bonuses:

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RESTRICTIONS: What Can’t You Do With These Materials?

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