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Dairy Free Premium Premium PLR Package – Featuring Over 45 000 Words of Done-For-You Evergreen Health and Fitness Content.


Attention: Health, Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Done for You Premium Diet/Fitness PLR Product on a


Dairy Free!


Dear online business owner, When it comes to top Diet and Fitness searches, the Dairy Free is one of the most searched-for topics online.

It’s safe to say that Dairy Free have spawned an entire industry of blogs, health/fitness courses, and products.

This is where my premium done for you Dairy Free PLR Package comes in. Its all about teaching your customers Dairy Free and how to get your weight loss efforts and eating back on track for good!

Everything is done for you – from the main Dairy Free PLR info product to your social media updates – its simply up to you to add your branding and firmly establish yourself in this lucrative health and fitness niche.


Introducing The…

Dairy Free Premium PLR Package

Featuring Over 45 000 Words of High Quality Dairy Free Content Ready To Be Used In Your Business!

This high quality Dairy Free PLR package covers the hugely popular health and fitness niche. Health and Fitness is evergreen and will always be. This Dairy Free PLR content package is well-written by an experienced copywriter and comes with full private label rights so you can edit it, put your name on it, put your brand on it and sell it and use it to build your list of raving fans.

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Here’s everything you’ll get in the Dairy Free MEGA PLR Package…


Main eBook: “How to go Dairy-Free For Beginners”

(4073 words, 20 pages)

Dairy Free PLR Ebook


A look inside the Dairy Free Premium PLR eBook:

Dairy Free PLR Ebook Inside Look


Table of Contents for the Dairy Free PLR Ebook:

Introduction. 3

Chapter 1 – The Problems with Dairy & Benefits of Reducing or Cutting Out Dairy. 4

Animal Welfare. 4

Environmental Concerns. 5

Health Concerns. 5

Chapter 2 – Getting All Your Nutrients Without Dairy. 7

Chapter 3 – What to Avoid. 8

Chapter 4 – A Guide to the Top Dairy Alternatives/ Replacements. 10

Chapter 5 – Some Simple Dairy Free Staple Recipes. 12

Creamy Egg-Free Mayo. 12

Dairy-free Pancakes. 13

Dairy-Free and Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream.. 13

Breakfast Cookies. 14

Broccoli Hash Browns. 14

Dairy-Free Rolls. 15

Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes. 15

Recommended Dairy-Free Cookbooks. 16

Chapter 6 – Dairy-Free Out and About 17

Chapter 7 – Dealing with Dairy Cravings  18


Sample Content for the Dairy Free Premium PLR Ebook:

Here is an interesting factoid for you. Human beings are the only species of animal on planet Earth to drink the mother’s milk of another animal, and to drink it regularly past infancy, often for a lifetime. Does this make any sense? The milk from a cow is the perfect nutritional beverage… for a calf. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for human consumption.

As a matter of fact, as human beings reach adulthood, almost all of them lose the lactase enzyme required to process the sugar in dairy milk. For most of mankind, this means drinking dairy milk and consuming other dairy-based products results in poor health.

There are a small number of humans that have no problems with cow’s milk adults. However, the majority of those people live in small pockets of Africa and Northwest Europe. The lack of the lactase enzyme means that cow’s milk and other dairy products can lead to lactose intolerance. The lactose which is contained in cow’s milk does not get digested properly. This results in digestive-related issues, and since most human illness begins in the gut, simple lactose intolerance can lead to any number of serious health problems.

In this guide on going dairy-free, we will first take a look at the personal and societal benefits of removing dairy from your diet. We will question the belief that you need dairy for specific nutrients, and exactly what foods and drinks you need to avoid to go dairy-free. You will discover healthy and delicious alternatives to your favorite dairy foods, some simple dairy-free recipes, and how to deal with cravings.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the specific physical, ethical and ecological problems the dairy industry presents.

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.

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Dairy Free Checklists :

(489 words, 4 pages)

Dairy Free PLR Checklist


A look inside the Dairy Free Premium PLR Checklist

Dairy Free PLR Checklist Inside Look



Dairy Free PLR Editable Ecovers:

Dairy Free PLR Editable Ecovers


Social Media Posts and Images:


5 Shareable Social Media Graphics (PLR)

Dairy Free PLR Social Graphics


16 Social Media Posts with hashtags (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)

Dairy Free PLR Tweets


8 Royalty Free Images

Dairy Free Royalty Free Images


Dairy Free Keyword Research Pack

Dairy Free PLR keywords

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15 Eating Organic Foods PLR Articles Pack

Eating Organic Foods PLR Article Sample:

Discover These Benefits of Consuming Raw Organic Food

One of the latest diet crazes is the raw food diet. It may seem like an odd idea to eat all your food raw, but it’s really only natural. All the animals on the planet eat raw food except for humans and those raised by humans. And those that eat cooked food tend to have a shorter lifespan and more widespread disease. Before you dismiss raw food as the latest fad diet, take a look at the benefits it has to offer.

When you cook food, you get rid of a lot of the benefits it has to offer. The most important thing humans need to live is water. Our bodies are made up of mostly water; if you are lacking nutrients, you may feel sick, but if you are lacking water, you die. Cooking foods removes a large majority of their water content, making them harder to absorb and digest and increasing the amount of water you need to drink. Cooking food also eliminates significant amounts of protein, vitamins and other vital nutrients.

While you don’t always think of it that way, cooking is a chemical reaction. It chemically changes food and changes how good or bad it is for your body. Most of these changes make things like protein and fats harder to digest. When cooked, fats become easier for the body to store; some even become carcinogenic. When you eat things that are easier to digest, you get the energy from them faster (without expending as much) this makes you feel better overall and more lively. If your goal is to lose weight, this will not only help you lose some pounds, but give you energy to work out and burn off more.

One of the most important benefits of the raw food diet is active enzymes. Most foods in nature contain the enzymes needed to break them down. When we cook food, we destroy these enzymes. This means we have to break them down ourselves using our own digestive juices. Why is this bad? Well our enzymes aren’t as efficient as the natural ones, and our body has to work really hard to make them. This draws resources away from out immune system, causing us to be more susceptible to illness and disease. Plus, we can only produce so many in a lifetime. If we eat raw food that helps digest itself; we don’t have to draw on these resources and can actually live longer, healthier lives.

With recent e coli outbreaks, you should be careful about what you eat raw. Cooking kills off beneficial organisms, but it also kills off harmful ones too

Most raw food diets include other healthy suggestions including: eating only organic food, not eating certain foods together, and only eating sprouted grains. While many of these diets are hard to stick to, you can try simply cutting back the amount of cooked food you eat. Another tip is to make sure you eat one raw food with each meal, this could be as easy as adding a few nuts, seeds or a fresh salad or fruit to your meals. By doing this you are adding active enzymes that will help you digest the food faster.

If you want the benefits of this great lifestyle, there are tons of books and resources you can find to help you get started.

Natural Eating PLR Report

Natural Eating PLR Report Sample:

You’ve likely noticed by watching the news, or just hanging out at the park, that humans are fatter and unhealthier than ever before in our history. It’s relatively easy to figure out what the problem is. We are all eating too much fake food, void of any nutrition whatsoever. Throughout this report you’ll read about fake food. For the purposes of this report fake food is anything we call food that is completely void of nutrition. Things like chicken nuggets, pizza pockets, pop tarts, and incorrectly farmed meat products.

What’s interesting about this time in history is that we, in the first world, are overfed but undernourished. Many people are suffering from the same problems third world countries face in terms of nutritional deficiencies. In addition, we’re fat, so we’re suffering illnesses that the rich only used to suffer from; high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gout, and all the things that come with over indulgence.

The great thing is that there is an answer to not only our weight issues, but our nutritional deficiencies, which are both responsible for poor health. And it’s not a diet. It’s not restricting what you eat; it’s all about eating an abundance of natural food in a way that respects your body and the environment.

You’ve likely noticed that some people have managed to stay thin eating all of the fake food they want, but still develop illnesses that used to be a lot rarer such as adult onset diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and other health issues. This is how we know it’s not just about being overweight and a diet isn’t really the answer. There’s something else in the environment that is causing people to be sick. Thin people who eat poor diets are just as unhealthy as fat people who eat unhealthy diets. They just don’t show it on the outside. In many ways this can be more dangerous, because they might be the picture of health and have no warning of things to come.

The important thing to note here is that whether or not you’re overweight you can benefit from eating a natural diet. Not only will you benefit, but the environment will benefit due to better more sustainable farming practices and less pollution into the environment due to the waste created when not only making fake food, but disposing of the packing of fake food. Don’t be fooled into thinking one person doesn’t make a huge difference.

Finally, food is there to enjoy; it shouldn’t be a stressful thing. In this report you’re going to learn that the closer you can eat to nature, the healthier you’ll be. If you are overweight your weight will normalize. If you have illnesses caused by fake food, you’ll heal yourself. Even if you do not struggle with weight issues, your health will drastically improve with natural eating. Plus, eating natural and organic actually tastes better. It’s just that your taste buds have been desensitized to what real food tastes like due to all the additives.


Top Dairy Free Recipes PLR eBook And Recipes

Dairy Free Recipes PLR eBook And Recipes Sample:

Baked Mac & Cheese Vegan Casserole
Servings: 8-12

1 1/2 pounds pasta
1 1/2 cups Dairy-free Original Culinary Coconut Milk
1 1/2 cups nutritional yeast
1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup water
1/3 cup soy sauce
12 ounces firm tofu
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
In a big pot, boil water.
Cook pasta according to package directions.
In a blender, add all of the ingredients (except pasta) and process until smooth.
Once pasta is cooked, drain and put it in the baking pan.
Pour ingredients from blender over the pasta.
Bake about 15 minutes or until the top of the pasta looks slightly browned and crispy.

Adopting Dairy Free Living PLR Report

Adopting Dairy Free Living PLR Report Sample:

When you were a child, your mom probably told you to drink your milk for strong bones and teeth. In general, milk is good for babies; however, as you age, you don’t need the milk itself. You only need the nutritious things found in it. Dairy related illnesses and conditions have become more common for both children and adults. Whether due to a health concern — dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, high cholesterol, or for another reason — ethical, environmental, or religious, you may feel the need to adopt dairy-free living.

Once you decide to give dairy-free living a try, it’s important to stick with it. In the big scheme of things, learning to live without milk and dairy products is a minor inconvenience. Change can be difficult in the beginning, but following this guide will help you get a good start to dairy-free living. The more you learn and work towards your goal, the easier it gets. You might be surprised how much your health improves within just a few weeks.

So, how and where do you start going dairy-free? The best place to start is with the basic terms and concepts so you don’t get overwhelmed. Learn what it means to be dairy-free and how you can begin making the transition without feeling deprived.

Defining Dairy and Dairy-free

It may seem simple, but the first thing you’ll need to know is what dairy really is. It’s not as obvious as you may think. Dairy is a broad term which refers to cows’ (or other mammals’) milk and its derivatives, including milk-based food products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, and sour cream, cream, yogurt, etc. Dairy also refers to the lesser recognized by-products of milk, which include the proteins (like casein) as well as the fats and sugars (like lactose). To sum it up, anything that has milk, a milk-based product, or a milk by-product in the ingredients contains dairy.

People who follow a dairy-free eating plan eliminate all three sources of milk (dairy) from their diet. A dairy-free lifestyle is milk-free, lactose-free, and casein-free.

In your daily life, it’s easy to identify and remember some obvious sources of dairy like a snack of milk and cookies, a bowl of pudding with milk in the ingredients, or cheese and crackers. You may not be as aware of the buttermilk in your breakfast biscuit or dinner salad’s ranch dressing, the skimmed milk (and sodium caseinate) in the whipped topping on your pie, or the modified whey (whey protein) in your boxed Beef Stroganoff dinner.

The by-products of milk, in parentheses above, are even harder to recognize. They can be found in the skim milk solids and casein used in some processed foods.

Living a dairy-free lifestyle means, you must be knowledgeable, diligent in reading labels, and consistent when finding out about the ingredients in foods.

Reasons to Eliminate Dairy

You might be surprised at the amount of dairy products you consume. It may be found in everything from a glass of milk in the morning, cheese on our burgers, cottage cheese and yogurt for snacks, and so much more. In fact, humans don’t really need the nutrition that comes from processed cows’ milk. Most of the nutrients, like calcium, can be found in plant-based sources. These types are lower in fat as well, another of the benefits of going dairy-free.

There are many reasons someone turns to a dairy-free lifestyle. Dairy has been a big part of many people’s lives but for some they may need or want to eliminate it from their diet.


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Bonus 1

Plant-Based Food Swaps for a Longer Healthier Life PLR Report 1800 Words Exclusive PLR

Plant-Based Food Swaps for a Longer Healthier Life PLR Report

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Plant-Based Food Swaps PLR Package Details:

  • Plant-Based Food Swaps – PLR Report
  • Plant-Based Food Swaps – Rebrandable Graphics
  • Plant-Based Food Swaps – Squeeze Page
  • Plant-Based Food Swaps – PLR License
  • Download Size – 13.5 MB

Bonus 2

Living Paleo Explained MRR Ebook and Squeeze Page

Living Paleo Explained MRR Ebook and Squeeze Page

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Package Details:

  • Covers
  • Ebook
  • Squeeze Page

Total File Download Size:

7.97 Megabytes (MB)

Bonus 3

Heal With Fruit and Vegetables MRR Ebook and Squeeze Page

Heal With Fruit and Vegetables MRR Ebook

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Package Details:

  • Articles
  • Covers
  • Ebook
  • Optin Page

Total File Download Size:

7.81 Megabytes (MB)

Bonus 4

10 Top Quality Vegan PLR Articles and Tweets

10 Top Quality Vegan PLR Articles and Tweets

View full product details here ->>>

Here are the titles of the 10 Vegan Articles:

1. How to Ensure that Something is Vegan
2. Is a Vegan Diet Always Healthy?
3. Meat and Dairy Substitutes: Are they worth it?
4. Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes
5. Reasons People Become Vegan
6. Supplements You May Need
7. Tips and Resources for New Vegans
8. Tips for Being a Vegan When the Rest of Your Family Isn’t
9. Tips for Vegans When Eating Away from Home
10. What is Meant by Being Vegan

Bonus 5

Natural Cures to Help This Allergy Season PLR Report

Natural Cures to Help This Allergy Season Report

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Package Details:

  • Download File Size – 1.00 MB
  • Total Word Count: 2695 Words
  • Word Doc Format – Source File


Remember these FAST-ACTION BONUSES will go away soon, so get the best deal by jumping off the fence and secure your bonuses while they’re still available!


Package Details For The Dairy Free Premium PLR Package:

1) Main Product:

Main eBook: “How to go Dairy-Free For Beginners”
(4073 words, 20 pages)

Word Doc and PDF

2) eCover Files:

Editable eCover Files for main ebook and checklist

3) Royalty Free Images

8 Royalty Free Images

4) Dairy-Free Checklist

Dairy-Free For Beginners Checklist – 489 words

Word Doc and PDF

5) Social Graphics

5 Social Graphics in JPeg format

6) Tweets

15 Tweets for social posting – 289 words

Word, TXT and Excel

7) Keyword Research

Diary-Free Keyword Packs

PDF and Excel


15 Eating Organic Foods PLR Articles Pack

This Is Why You Should Consider Buying Organic Food First (507 words)
Why Is Organic Food Touted As The Healthier Alternative (564 words)
Why You Need To Get Organic Food For The Pet Too (494 words)
Why You Should Always Buy Organic Produce (518 words)
You Can Lose Those Extra Pounds By Eating Organic Foods (540 words)
Discover These Benefits of Consuming Raw Organic Food (566 words)
Don’t Fret! You Can Find Organic Foods In Any Of These Places. (524 words)
Follow These Steps to Live The Green Life (550 words)
Help Conserve the Planet by Eating Organic Food (557 words)
How to Start Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden (522 words)
Make Use of Organic Food Delivery To Save More Time (547 words)
So, What Does The Future Hold For Organic Foods (516 words)
The Organic Food Craze-What You Need To Know (565 words)
The Trouble In Choosing Certified Organic Body Products (465 words)
This Is Why You Ought To Switch Your Baby To Organic Food (516 words)

These Eating Organic Foods PLR Articles are available in .TXT format and includes PLR License.

Natural Eating PLR Report – 9221 words

This natural eating PLR report is available in .TXT and Word Doc format and includes a PLR license.

Top Dairy Free Recipes PLR eBook And Recipes (Yunus please add word counts next to each article and add it to the sales page and package details.)

30 Dairy-Free Recipes PLR Include:

1. Baked Mac and Cheese Vegan Casserole (122 words)
2. Beef and Veggie Shepherds Pie (199 words)
3. Caffè Mocha Dairy-free Coffee Cake and Frosting (321 words)
4. Cinnamon Roll with Caramel Apple Glaze (432 words)
5. Creamy Delicious Vegan Alfredo Sauce (91 words)
6. Dairy-free Almond Butter and Strawberry Pancakes (186 words)
7. Dairy-free Chicken Enchiladas (453 words)
8. Dairy-free Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (253 words)
9. Dairy-free Macaroni and Cheese (389 words)
10. Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (221 words)
11. Dairy-free Quiche with Asparagus and Leek (233 words)
12. Garlic Roasted Spring Vegetables with Cream of the Crop Asparagus (289 words)
13. Gluten and Dairy-free Angle Food Cake with Coconut Whip (319 words)
14. Gluten-freeand Vegan Rosted Ratatouille (294 words)
15. Grilled Fish Tacos with Homemade Pickled Vegetables (196 words)
16. Homemade and Healthy Dairy-free Nutella (163 words)
17. Low-fat Ranch Dressing, Dairy-free Style (65 words)
18. Melted Ice Cream Glazed Ice Cream Cookie Cakes (303 words)
19. Multi-Use Dairy-free Queso Sauce (207 words)
20. Peppers and Polenta with Dairy-free Alfredo Sauce (132 words)
21. Potluck Treat Dairy-free Lemon Cheesecake Bars (375 words)
22. Spring Peas and Carrots with Creamy Vegan Pasta Primavera (283 words)
23. Spring Potato Risotto, Asian Variety (135 words)
24. Strawberry Mousse Parfait Pie Vegan Style (219 words)
25. Stuffed Pepper Vegan Tex-Mex Style (235 words)
26. Vegan Buttermilk Biscuits (107 words)
27. Vegan Chunky Corn Chowder (200 words)
28. White Bean Vegan Mayo (113 words)
29. Yogurt Custard Pudding, Dairy-free (171 words)
30. Yummy Dairy-free Whipped Cream (94 words)

Articles and eBook version of the Recipes.

eBook in Word Doc Format, and Articles in .TXT format and includes a PLR license.

Adopting Dairy Free Living PLR Report – 9654 words

This Dairy-free PLR report is available in .TXT and Word Doc format and includes a PLR license.

Total Word Count: 45 000+ Words

FAST-ACTION BONUSES – Available for the first 50 buyers of this Dairy Free PLR Pack. You’ll no longer see these awesome extra bonuses available on this page once the 50 fast action takers have been awarded.


Your PLR License Terms

Articles, reviews, comparison charts and all other content from Quality PLR Content Packages are for you only – you cannot pass on any rights to anybody else.

More information on the PLR rights that come with your purchase:

What You CAN Do With The Content In This PLR Package:

Can be added to or edited completely.
Can put your name on as the author.
Can be used as content for websites, courses, newsletters, eBooks.
Can be used in videos, MP3s, books.
Can sell or give away for personal informational use only.
Can add the content to your coaching membership site
Can add the content to a paid membership with Personal Use Rights (PDF).
Can be offered as a bonus in PDF format (as long as you don’t offer PLR rights).
Can add to a website that is sold with a unique domain name (no templates/ PLR sites) as long as you don’t offer PLR rights.
Can rewrite and add the articles to client websites and projects.
Can use the content to build your list (PDF format)

What You CANNOT Do With This Content

Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights.
Cannot offer through auction websites or dimesales with PLR rights.
Cannot add to a free membership site in any format with PLR rights.
Cannot pass on any PLR rights to your clients.
Cannot use my name on the PLR content.
Cannot use as is to publish Kindle books (it’s against Amazon’s terms).
Cannot use in article directories unless you rewrite the PLR content completely.
Cannot pass along (sell or give away) Private Label Rights in ANY format.
Cannot sell this entire PLR package as is
Cannot add this package to a PLR membership site (only the ebook with personal use rights)

This license is non transferable. Meaning this PLR license is for you only and not for your customers.

Your customer can only learn from the content.

You can use PLR articles on as many of your own sites as you wish.

Can It Be Used For Website Flipping? If you add this PLR to a site and decide to sell it, that’s fine. But it can only be sold on sites that come with a unique domain name (i.e. not on PLR website packs that include templates/content sold to multiple buyers but no domain) and please don’t include the separate package with all the keywords/ bonuses.


Social media images may be edited using the PSD files, and you may repost them on social media sites but you cannot sell or pass on the PSD files to customers.

The images contained within the main report and top 10 tips report are Public Domain and free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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