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Positive Thinking Premium PLR Package – Featuring Over 33 000 Words of Done-For-You Evergreen Self Help Content.


Attention: Self Help Marketers, Personal Development & Self Improvement Coaches

Done for You Premium Self Help PLR Product on a


Positive Thinking !


Dear Self Improvement online business owner, When it comes to self help and personal development searches, the Positive Thinking is one of the most searched-for topics online.

It’s safe to say that Positive Thinking has spawned an entire industry of blogs, courses, books and products.

This is where my premium done-for-you Positive Thinking PLR content package comes in. It’s all about teaching your customers how to Develop a Positive Mindset.

Everything is completely done-for-you and ready-to-go – from the main info product to your social media updates – it’s simply up to you to add your branding and firmly establish yourself in this lucrative self improvement niche.



Introducing The…

Positive Thinking PLR Package

Featuring Over 33 000 Words of High Quality Positive Thinking Content Ready To Be Used In Your Business!

This high quality Positive Thinking PLR package covers the hugely popular self help niche. Self Help is evergreen and will always be. This Positive Thinking PLR package is well-written by an experienced copywriter and comes with full private label rights so you can edit it, put your name on it, put your brand on it and sell it or use it to build your list of raving fans.

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Here’s everything you’ll get in the Positive Thinking MEGA PLR Package…


Main eBook: “How to Develop a Positive Mindset”

(4,233 words, 20 pages, 10 images)

Positive Thinking PLR eBook



A look inside the Positive Thinking PLR eBook:

Positive Thinking PLR eBook Inside Look


Table of Contents for the Positive Thinking PLR Ebook:

Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………. 3

Introduction: Why Positive Thinking Matters (But Can It Be Learned?). 4

How Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life…………………………………… 6

How Thoughts Can Change Your Brain……………………………………………. 7

Positive Thinking & the Law of Attraction……………………………………….. 9

Changing How You Talk to Yourself………………………………………………. 10

Conscious Self-Talk…………………………………………………………………….. 10

How to Use Positive Affirmations and Afformations……………………… 12

What Are Afformations?……………………………………………………………… 12

How to Believe in Yourself……………………………………………………………. 14

How to Avoid Excessive Worry……………………………………………………… 15

Dealing with Negative People……………………………………………………….. 17

Self-Care and Relaxation Techniques…………………………………………….. 18

Eat the Right Way………………………………………………………………………. 18

Stay Hydrated……………………………………………………………………………. 18

Cardio Plus Strength Training……………………………………………………….. 18

Deep Breathing………………………………………………………………………….. 19

Spend Time with People Who Smile a Lot……………………………………….. 20


Sample Content for the Positive Thinking Premium PLR Ebook:

Every self-help guru will tell you, “Attitude is altitude!” They say things like, “Change your mind and you change your life,” and “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” They profess that how you think creates your reality. If you want a different reality than you are experiencing right now, you simply have to think differently than you are currently.

This sounds great. Actually, it sounds like you have a miraculous superhero power that allows you to change the course of your destiny whenever you like. Wouldn’t that be great?

If this is true, if simply developing a positive mindset would lead to achieving all of the goals and desires you ever had, then why isn’t everybody happy, healthy, wealthy and both spiritually and emotionally content?

As it turns out, all of the self-help and empowerment gurus know what they are talking about.

Relatively recent research, in the 21st century, shows that optimism actually improves your chances of staying alive and living longer. Using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, researchers (Maruta, Colligan, Malinchoc, and Offord, 2000) found that test subjects who were optimistic had fewer health problems, and their risk of early death was much lower than that of pessimistic subjects.

For every 10-point increase in a participant’s score on the optimism side of the scale, the risk of dying an early death decreased by an impressive 19%.

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.

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Positive Thinking Checklist :

(451 words, 3 pages)

Positive Thinking PLR Checklist

A look inside the Positive Thinking Premium PLR Checklist

Positive Thinking PLR Checklist Inside Look




Positive Thinking PLR Editable Ecovers:

Positive Thinking PLR Editable Ecovers


5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Staying Positive Even When Everything Around You Is Falling Apart

Email 1 – When Life Gets Tough Remember That Nothing Is Permanent
Email 2 – 3 Ways to Remain Positive When Everything Seems to Be Falling Apart
Email 3 – How to Meditate Away Stress
Email 4 – When You Find Yourself in a Hole Stop Digging
Email 5 – Going Through a Tough Time Take a Realistic Look

Positive Thinking PLR Emails Total Word Count: 1469 Words


Positive Thinking Email Content Sample:

When Life Gets Tough Remember That Nothing Is Permanent


Nothing lasts forever – not misery, not success, not victory and not failure. You have overcome difficult times in the past, and you will get through this too.

Keep that in mind when you are going through a rough patch in life. You are going to have times in your life that are tougher than others. It may look to you like you have been thrust into an impossible situation. Just when you start to see light at the end of the tunnel, things get worse still.

This happens to us all. Life is not easy all the time. However, each challenge you overcome makes you stronger. If you encounter no hardships in life you will never know what you are truly capable of.

When you realize that nothing lasts forever, developing a positive mindset makes a lot of sense. You know that this period in your life, no matter how challenging, is going to eventually be over. If it is trying your emotions and causing a great deal of stress and anxiety, doesn’t it make sense to stay positive and upbeat, rather than negatively compounding your situation with a bad attitude that might only make your experience worse?

Begin each day with positive affirmations and be grateful for what blessings you do have. Remind yourself that “This too shall pass”, and verbally challenge yourself to have a positive outlook all day long. When things are not going according to plan, a constantly positive, upbeat approach can help you make it through to better times.

To your success,




Positive Thinking PLR Articles:

  1. 5 Benefits of Being a Positive Thinker – 646 words
  2. 5 Super Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day – 532 words
  3. How to Identify Negative Thoughts – 578 words
  4. Understanding All-or-Nothing Thinking and How to Break Free From It – 618 words
  5. What is Catastrophizing? (And How to Stop Doing It) – 623 words


Positive Thinking PLR Article Sample:

5 Benefits of Being a Positive Thinker

Being an optimist is not easy. Many people give into doubt and negative thoughts quite easily, especially in the wake of insurmountable odds or failure. However, you can make the choice to have a more positive outlook toward life and nurture this attitude until it becomes an ingrained personal trait. While it may not be easy, this can change your life for the better. With that in mind, here are five benefits of being a positive thinker.

1. Vibrant Health

Several studies have revealed that being an optimist can benefit your health. Researchers suggest that expressing positive emotions is associated with health benefits such as a strong immune system, less depression, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and an increased lifespan. As a result, taking care of your thoughts is essential if you want to safeguard your own health.

2. Lower Stress Levels and Increased Happiness

Worrying is a precursor to stress. When faced with difficult situations, pessimists all too often dwell on their frustrations or things they cannot change. They accept defeat and assume that nothing they do will make a difference. Such negative attitude only increases stress levels and makes everyday life miserable.

On the other hand, positive thinkers avoid negative thoughts like the plague, even when faced with difficult situations. If a challenge crops up, they concentrate on finding a resolution rather than think that it is out of their control. This way of thinking allows optimists to solve problems, become less stressed out and eventually contributes to an overall sense of happiness.

3. Better Relationships

One study from the Gottman Institute found that couples are more likely to have successful marriages if they express a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions. Interestingly, the same study found that when the ratio of positive to negative interactions is 1:1, married couples in such relationships are more likely to end up in a divorce.

When you embrace positive thinking, you will feel grateful for the people who make you happy. Instead of seeing the bad in people, a positive thinker concentrates on the positive aspects in others. This in turn builds a foundation for strong relationships and bonds with loved ones.

4. Boost of Motivation

A positive mental attitude influences you to see problems as opportunities. Gradually, optimism becomes a source of motivation as you begin to realize that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Eventually, being hopeful ends up being the driving force that keeps you going even when certain goals are not met.

5. Increased Focus and Success Rates

Upon realizing that failure is not final and problems are not the end of the world, positive thinkers learn how to stay focused on what matters. As a result, they make the right decisions that turn failure around into successes and take success to a whole new level.

Scientific literature points out that a positive way of thought has the ability to positively influence how individuals cope with everyday social and work life. Through active coping tactics along with adaptive management of personal goals and development, optimists have been found to be more successful than pessimists, especially when adversities threaten important life goals. It is therefore important to remember that a positive attitude is the fuel for your success.

Final Word

There is no doubt that being a positive thinker can have many benefits on your health, confidence, relationships, and overall way of life. It is important though not to mistake optimism for wishful thinking or false hopes. Some researchers have found that being overly optimistic can do more harm than good. This is especially the case when individuals overestimate their abilities and take on more than they can handle, ultimately leading to repetitive failure, stress and a sense of despair. So, as you embrace an optimistic approach to life, don’t turn a blind eye to reality.




Social Media Posts and Images:


5 Shareable Social Media Graphics (PLR)

Positive Thinking PLR Social Graphics


16 Social Media Posts with hashtags (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)

Positive Thinking PLR Tweets


10 Royalty Free Images

Positive Thinking Royalty Free Images


Positive Thinking Keyword Research Pack

Positive Thinking PLR Keywords

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10 Success Mindset PLR Articles and Images

Success Mindset PLR Article Sample:

Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Business

It is said that the law of attraction has its roots in Buddhism. Others say that it’s about Karma. But it need not be a religion – it can simply be a way of thinking and, ultimately, living.

Basically, the law of attraction says that what you visualize in your mind and with your emotions can become a reality. By believing that you are present in your thoughts and feelings, you are said to “attract” those things you desire by thinking of them and having strong feelings about them. When you tap into the law of attraction, you visualize yourself in the place you want to be.

According to the law, you will attract the necessary things for those wants to manifest in real life. You are said to attract those things on which you focus your energy.

How can this law be applied to your business? Here are some ideas.

What Do You Want?

Determining just what it is that you want is the basic beginning of applying the law of attraction. After all, you can’t visualize your dreams if you don’t know what they are. So, it’s a good idea to begin by being quite specific about what you want from your business.


Visualization is said to create your personal “vibration.” The law of attraction is said to respond to this vibration. Every day, try envisioning yourself as successful in your business. Try to make the visualizations specific – you receive a phone call; you join with a powerful business partner; you find 100 new clients. Spend time each day with these thoughts in the forefront of your mind.

Imagine that you have already achieved what you want. This is said to heighten your awareness to the opportunities you will begin to attract.

Believe It’s Yours

The law of attraction says you need to accept those things that come your way as a result of your attraction. Like any belief, you need to overcome doubt and trust that you will, in fact, attract what you want. If you want to sell more of your product or service, for instance, believe it can happen. As you visualize, move into trust. Accept that these business goals and achievements are yours.

Another element of believing it’s yours is to cultivate a healthy sense that you deserve these accomplishments and dreams. If you continue to think you’re not worthy, it could affect the vibration you send out, and attract negative attention to your business.

Be Careful of Negative Thoughts

The law of attraction means you attract those things you focus on – so if you attract negative things, it is due to a negative vibration you sent out. The law of attraction applies to bad things as well, in other words. It is said that you should make sure to keep it positive so that you do not attract business failure or frustration.


10 Top Quality Confidence PLR Articles V2

Confidence PLR Article Sample:

Mindsets that Lead to Low Self-Confidence and How to Change Them

If you suffer from low self-confidence, you might be stuck in some negative mindsets that are affecting the way you think about yourself and, ultimately, your self-esteem. Negative mindsets tend to have a lot of “always” or “never” talk, creating a sense of entrapment and hopelessness. Here are some examples of negative mindsets that can lead to low confidence.

“I will never get it right.”

Thinking this way can keep you from trying again, or even trying something for the first time. It makes it only too easy to give up.

“Nobody understands what this is like.”

When you lack self-confidence, a lot of times you assume that everyone else has it together and you’re the odd man or woman out. You may feel isolated, and feel as if others have their lives together while you are still floundering.

“I am totally useless.”

When you lack confidence, you may feel like you don’t have anything of value to contribute, whether it’s to your workplace, relationships, or something else.

“I am a complete failure.”

No one fails at every single thing; but to a person with low self-confidence, it can sure seem that way. You may feel like everything you’ve ever tried has failed, even if this is not true.

“I could never do that.”

Do you see someone with a successful lifestyle you wish you had? If you lack self-confidence, you may have the above reaction. Instead of being inspired and wanting to create that lifestyle for yourself, you look at that person and get depressed, thinking you could never have what they have.

How Can These Mindsets Be Overcome?

In order to overcome these destructive mindsets that lead to low confidence, it’s necessary to reprogram your thought processes. You will need to pay attention to your negative self-talk and immediately change it to something positive.

For example, instead of “I will never get it right,” you could stop that thought in its tracks and think instead, “I have trouble with this, but if I keep trying and seek out the right help, I know I can succeed.” Rather than, “I could never do that,” think, “I would love to do that! There’s no reason why I can’t have that lifestyle if I work at it.”

You may need therapy and/or counseling to overcome these mindsets. But like everything else in life, you can do it if you set realistic goals and have confidence in yourself!


Developing a Success Mindset PLR Report

Developing a Success Mindset PLR Report Sample:

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture…Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Did you know that author Stephen King was rejected 30 times before his bestselling book, which was later licensed for a movie, Carrie was accepted?

Did you know that it took Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield three years to get their first Chicken Soup for the Soul book published?

Did you know it took millionaire entrepreneur and inventor of SPANX, Sara Blakely, months and months of knocking on doors before anyone would give her idea a second thought? Now she’s hanging out with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey and has her own foundation – not to mention she’s sold more than $150 million in retail sales.

What do these three stories have in common and what does it have to do with you?

The key to success as an entrepreneur is hard work, perseverance, and a belief that you can succeed. So…

Are you an entrepreneur?

We are all impressed to hear how much money the latest internet entrepreneur has made this year, and how they have made their business a success. The numbers are often staggering, not to mention the enticement of being your own boss. However, being an entrepreneur isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.


Building Self Confidence PLR Newsletter eCourse

Building Self Confidence PLR Newsletter Sample:

Message # 1 Subject line: Your First Issue Building Self Confidence

Hello “autoresponder code here”,

Welcome to your first issue of Building Self Confidence. In each issue of Building Self Confidence, you will learn valuable information on how you can successfully build your self-confidence and live life feeling strong, confident and self-assured.

In this issue we are going to talk about the signs of low self-confidence and how you can recognize them and begin to conquer self-doubt. While there is no single factor that leads to a lack of confidence.

Most often, it is the accumulation of negative experiences from our past, which we fail to deal with when they happen. It is also the result of our failure to recognize who we truly are and what hinders to our own growth.

Low self-confidence is defeating. It can define us and cause us to beat ourselves up emotionally. It can limit our abilities and keep us from growing and moving forward from our mistakes, failures and defeats.

It confines us to our comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes. We then are stuck in that comfort zone believing that we shouldn’t more away from it because if we do we will only be left hurt and disappointed.

Once you are stuck in that zone, it is very hard to move forward in life, which keeps us from achieving our dreams, reaching our goals and living a rich full life. Even when we tell ourselves that no matter how harsh and messed up things get, we shouldn’t surrender to the inner critic that thrives inside us we are still filled with a self-doubt and a profound lack of confidence.

Low self-confidence usually develops during our childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have family, teachers, friends and enemies who are more than happy to point out our mistakes and/or faults rather than praising our talents.

They may not even realize what they’re doing or how big an impact they are having on your self-confidence. They may not even say anything to your face, but often their actions speak louder than words, which makes us feel inadequate and worthless early on in your developmental years.

Perhaps you live under cold critical eyes of someone who doesn’t see the good in anything. Maybe you are related to an over achiever and live in the shadow of their accomplishments. Perhaps those around you make you feel like you can’t do anything right. These are all triggers that can make you feel inferior and inadequate which only adds to your lack of confidence.

With poor rule models and lack of support, many grow up feeling as if they are incapable of doing certain things, growing and achieving anything of value. When in fact each of us has our own inner strength and power to take control of our lives. We just have to have the confidence to do it.

Once you recognize the underlying causes of your lack of confidence, you can begin the process of overcoming the impact it has on your life. The best place to start is by evaluating the triggers that smash your confidence and make you feel inadequate. A good place to start is by keeping a journal.

Write down times when you’re feeling less than confident and what caused you to feel that way. You should also write down things that you could do differently that will help make you feel better and more confident about yourself. By identifying these triggers and combating them with positive reinforcement, you can begin to move forward and become the self-confident person inside you.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about more about improving your self-confidence.

Thank you again for joining,

“your name here”

“your email address”

“your URL here”


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Bonus 1

The Power Of Positive Thinking Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

The Power Of Positive Thinking Sales Funne

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Package Details:

Module 1 – Ebook
Module 2 – Checklist
Module 3 – Resource Cheat Sheet
Module 4 – Mind Map
Module 5 – Sales Page
Module 6 – Squeeze Page
Module 7 – Lead Magnet Report
Module 8 – eCover
Module 9 – Banner Advertising
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Module 11 – Email Swipe
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Module 13 – Affiliate Page

Bonus 2

The Power of Positive Thinking V2 Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

The Power of Positive Thinking V2 Sales Funnel

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Package Details:

Module 1 – Ebook
Module 2 – Checklist
Module 3 – Mindmap
Module 4 – Sales Page
Module 5 – VSL
Module 6 – Lead Magnet
Module 7 – Landing Page
Module 8 – Emails
Module 9 – Graphics Pack

Advance Video Course:

Module 1 – Videos
Module 2 – Upsell Page
Module 3 – VSL
Module 4 – Slides
Module 5 – Transcripts
Module 6 – Audios
Module 7 – Graphics

Total File Download Size:

256 Megabytes (MB)

Bonus 3

Astonoshing Power of Positive Thinking Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

Astonoshing Power of Positive Thinking Sales Funnel

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Package Details:

Module 1 – Ebook
Module 2 – Checklist
Module 3 – Resource Cheat Sheet
Module 4 – Mindmap
Module 5 – Sales Page
Module 6 – Optin Page
Module 7 – Graphic Images
Module 8 – Articles
Module 9 – Email Swipes
Module 10 – Social Media Images

Advance Video Course:

Module 1 – Videos
Module 2 – Upsell Page
Module 3 – 7 Day Autoresponder Series
Module 4 – Special Report
Module 5 – Affiliates Toolbox Page
Module 6 – Social Media Swipe Kit
Module 7 – Top Forums & Blogs
Module 8 – Keywords
Module 9 – Presentation
Module 10 – Feature Images

Total File Download Size:

144 Megabytes (MB)

Bonus 4

Pool Of Positive Thinking eBook With Master Resell Rights

Pool Of Positive Thinking MRR

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Package Contents:

  • eBook PDF file
  • Article doc
  • MRR License
  • Sales Page
  • Cover images
  • Promo Email Page
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Thank-you/Download Page
  • Lead Capture Page

Bonus 5

Top Quality Get the Manifestation Mindset PLR Pack

Top Quality Get the Manifestation Mindset PLR Pack

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Package Details:

  • Get the Manifestation List Building Report/Lead Magnet in Text and Editable Word Documents (6300 words)
  • 10 Get the Manifestation Articles
  • Graphics, eCovers and Images
  • Private Label Rights License


Remember these FAST-ACTION BONUSES will go away soon, so get the best deal by jumping off the fence and secure your bonuses while they’re still available!


Package Details For The Positive Thinking PLR Package:

Main eBook:

“How to Develop a Positive Mindset”
(4,233 words, 20 pages, 10 images)

+ Checklist
+ eCovers
+ Keywords

5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Staying Positive Even When Everything Around You Is Falling Apart

Positive Thinking PLR Articles:

5 Benefits of Being a Positive Thinker – 646 words
5 Super Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day – 532 words
How to Identify Negative Thoughts – 578 words
Understanding All-or-Nothing Thinking and How to Break Free From It – 618 words
What is Catastrophizing? (And How to Stop Doing It) – 623 words

Social Media Posts & Images:

5 Shareable Social Media Tips
15 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
10 Royalty Free Images


10 Success Mindset PLR Articles and Images

Focusing on Success (409 words)
Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Business (494 words)
What Is the Law of Attraction? (410 words)
How to Set and Achieve Business Goals (559 words)
Building Confidence in Business (459 words)
Tips on Developing a Successful Mindset (422 words)
Tips on Setting Realistic Business Goals (458 words)
Keys to a Successful Mindset in Business (424 words)
How to Use Visualization to Achieve Success (450 words)
Visualize Your Way to Success (463 words)

These PLR Articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR License

10 Top Quality Confidence PLR Articles V2

Steps to Confidence (453 words)
Mindsets that Lead to Low Self-Confidence and How to Change Them (432 words)
Build Confidence in Interpersonal Relationships – Top Tips (515 words)
Confidence Coach: A Viable Career Choice (444 words)
Tips on Boosting Self-Confidence for Teens (468 words)
How Diet, Exercise, and Confidence Are Connected (419 words)
Can Hypnosis Help Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem? (432 words)
Tips to Help Overcome Shyness and Social Awkwardness (479 words)
From Self-Consciousness to Self-Confidence – Teens (462 words)
Tips on Teaching Your Child to Be Self-Confident (488 words)

These PLR Articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR License

Developing a Success Mindset PLR Report – 7169 words

Report available in Word Doc and .TXT format and includes a PLR license.

Building Self Confidence PLR Newsletter eCourse

12 Building Self Confidence Email Messages – 7494 words
Extra Content – 7000 words

This Self Confidence PLR email course comes in Word Doc format and includes a Squeeze Page and PLR License.

Total Word Count: 33 000+ Words

FAST-ACTION BONUSES – Available for the first 50 buyers of this Positive Thinking PLR Pack. You’ll no longer see these awesome extra bonuses available on this page once the 50 fast action takers have been awarded.


Your PLR License Terms

Articles, reviews, comparison charts and all other content from BuyQualityPLR.com PLR Niche Packs are for you only – you cannot pass on any rights to anybody else.

More information on the PLR rights that come with your purchase:

What You CAN Do With The Content In This PLR Package:

Can be added to or edited completely.
Can put your name on as the author.
Can be used as content for websites, courses, newsletters, eBooks.
Can be used in videos, MP3s, books.
Can sell or give away for personal informational use only.
Can add the content to your coaching membership site
Can add the content to a paid membership with Personal Use Rights (PDF).
Can be offered as a bonus in PDF format (as long as you don’t offer PLR rights).
Can add to a website that is sold with a unique domain name (no templates/ PLR sites) as long as you don’t offer PLR rights.
Can rewrite and add the articles to client websites and projects.
Can use the content to build your list (PDF format)

What You CANNOT Do With This Content

Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights.
Cannot offer through auction websites or dimesales with PLR rights.
Cannot add to a free membership site in any format with PLR rights.
Cannot pass on any PLR rights to your clients.
Cannot use my name on the PLR content.
Cannot use as is to publish Kindle books (it’s against Amazon’s terms).
Cannot use in article directories unless you rewrite the PLR content completely.
Cannot pass along (sell or give away) Private Label Rights in ANY format.
Cannot sell this entire PLR package as is
Cannot add this package to a PLR membership site (only the ebook with personal use rights)

This license is non transferable. Meaning this PLR license is for you only and not for your customers.

Your customer can only learn from the content.

You can use PLR articles on as many of your own sites as you wish.

Can It Be Used For Website Flipping? If you add this PLR to a site and decide to sell it, that’s fine. But it can only be sold on sites that come with a unique domain name (i.e. not on PLR website packs that include templates/content sold to multiple buyers but no domain) and please don’t include the separate package with all the keywords/ bonuses.


Social media images may be edited using the PSD files, and you may repost them on social media sites but you cannot sell or pass on the PSD files to customers.

The images contained within the main report and top 10 tips report are Public Domain and free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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