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Be More Decisive Premium Premium PLR Package – Featuring Over 30  000 Words of Done-For-You Evergreen Self Help Content.


Attention: Self Help Marketers, Personal Development & Self Improvement Coaches

Done for You Premium Self Help PLR Product on a


Be More Decisive!


Dear Self Improvement online business owner, When it comes to self help and personal development searches, the Be More Decisive is one of the most searched-for topics online.

It’s safe to say that Be More Decisive has spawned an entire industry of blogs, courses, books and products.

This is where my premium done-for-you Be More Decisive PLR content package comes in. It’s all about teaching your customers how to Be More Decisive

Everything is completely done-for-you and ready-to-go – from the main info product to your social media updates – it’s simply up to you to add your branding and firmly establish yourself in this lucrative self improvement niche.



Introducing The…

Be More Decisive PLR Package

Featuring Over 30 000 Words of High Quality Be More Decisive Content Ready To Be Used In Your Business!

This high quality Be More Decisive PLR package covers the hugely popular self help niche. Self Help is evergreen and will always be. This Be More Decisive PLR package is well-written by an experienced copywriter and comes with full private label rights so you can edit it, put your name on it, put your brand on it and sell it or use it to build your list of raving fans.

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Here’s everything you’ll get in the Be More Decisive MEGA PLR Package…


Main eBook: “How to Be More Decisive”

(4,287 words, 18 pages, 9 images)

How to Be More Decisive PLR eBook


A look inside the Be More Decisive PLR eBook:

How to Be More Decisive PLR eBook Inside look


Table of Contents for the Be More Decisive PLR Ebook:

The Problem with Having Too Many Choices. 3

Whenever You Make a Decision of Any Kind, the Choice You Make Costs You Some Other Opportunity. 3

FOMO – How the “Fear of Missing Out” May be Ruining Your Decision Making Process. 5

The Benefits of Making Decisions. 6

Getting Over the Fear of Making Bad Decisions. 7

10 Tips to Help You Make a Decision. 9

1 – Identify the Comfortable, Safe Choice… Then Do the Opposite. 9

2 – Think About What You Really Want, What’s Important to You. 9

3 – Don’t Make a Decision Just Because You Feel You “Have To” 10

4 – Practice Making Small Decisions. 10

5 – Would You Rather Make a Decision, or Let Someone Do It for You?. 11

6 – Get a Second Opinion. 11

7 – Time Travel Into the Past 11

8 – Take Your Heart Out of the Decision. 12

9 – Don’t Ignore Your Instincts. 12

10 – Develop a Short Memory. 12

How to Make Decisions in the Moment 13

7 Reasons Why People Make Bad Decisions (& How to Avoid Them) 15

1 – Fear of Change. 15

2 – Fear of Failure. 15

3 – Not Enough Information. 15

4 – Listening to The Wrong People. 15

5 – Making Emotion-Based Decisions. 15

6 – Jumping On the Bandwagon. 16

7 – Having a Closed Mind. 16

What to Do When You’re Wrong & How to Avoid Regret 17


Sample Content for the Be More Decisive Premium PLR Ebook:

They say choice is good for the consumer. When you are shopping for something, having multiple marketers and manufacturers bidding for your money is a good thing. This puts the law of supply and demand in your favor. Product quality has to be high since there is so much competition, and prices tend to race towards the bottom. You can play one company against another and always get good value at a reasonable price.

The same is not necessarily true with having a ton of choices if you have a hard time making a decision.

Which brand should you go with? Is one healthier than another, and does that justify paying more money? Should you shop on price alone, since so many of the products are similar in nature? No doubt this has occurred in your life, making the choice of one product over another very difficult.

The same can be true in other aspects of your life as well.

Whenever You Make a Decision of Any Kind, the Choice You Make Costs You Some Other Opportunity

Opportunity cost is a very real thing. Even when making very basic decisions, any choice you make means you can’t make other choices. This can lead to massive indecision. Take this real world example that happens all the time.

You are offered a job promotion but you will have to move to another section of the country you are unfamiliar with. There is a healthy raise involved, so financially it is an easy decision to make. However, you will be working in a relatively new field that your company currently branched out into. You are not sure if this new field is going to be productive and long-lasting.

It could be that your company tries out some new product or procedure and it becomes unprofitable. Before you have even become accustomed to your new surroundings and your new job, your company announces an immediate halt of all things related to this new endeavor. You have to backpedal and try to find someone else in the company who will rehire you at your former position, and you may even end up taking a job where your career path is not as bright as it was before.

You can look at that situation in the exact opposite way. Some people like to stay where they are comfortable. You turned down the promotion, you feel comfortable and safe, but your career stalls. You end up going nowhere and if you would’ve taken the new position, it would’ve turned out to be a dream job with amazing benefits and long-term financial gain.

Every choice you make costs you opportunities. Sometimes the choices you make are good, and the opportunities you missed out on would not have been something that was beneficial for you. Other times you make the worst possible choice, and miss out on a great opportunity.

This is the paradox of choice – the more choices you have the harder it is to arrive at a decision, and making one decision costs you the other.

What you have to remind yourself is that if you are constantly looking at both sides of the decision, the time you spend delaying making the choice could lead to analysis paralysis. You are analyzing your possible choices from so many angles that you are paralyzed with the fear that you will make the wrong decision.

Study your options. Perform your due diligence. Get opinions from others. Do your research, and then make a decision. Putting off making the choice does not necessarily improve the odds that you will make the right decision.

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.

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Be More Decisive Checklist :

(551 words, 4 pages)

How to Be More Decisive PLR Checklist


A look inside the Be More Decisive Premium PLR Checklist

How to Be More Decisive PLR Checklist Inside Look


Be More Decisive PLR Editable Ecovers:

Be More Decisive PLR Editable Ecovers


5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Why You Are Bad at Making Decisions

Email 1 – Why You Are Bad at Making Decisions
Email 2 – Hate Making Decisions Your Diet May Be to Blame
Email 3 – Even When You Decide Not to Choose You Have Made a Decision
Email 4 – Dont Let a Fear of Change Affect Your Decision Making Process
Email 5 – The Top 2 Reasons for Indecision

Be More Decisive PLR Emails Total Word Count: 1686 Words


Be More Decisive Email Content Sample:

Why You Are Bad at Making Decisions


This is the first of 5 emails in a series designed to help you improve your decision-making abilities.

People that find it hard to reach a decision generally know they have a problem in this area. They understand that they suffer from analysis paralysis, turning over in their mind every likely and unlikely possible set of results that will happen because of the decision they make.

This is unfortunate. It often leads to a rash decision that is made at the last minute to beat a particular deadline, or passing on making a decision altogether, rather than reaching the correct decision.

One of the reasons of this is an inability to forget the past.

You may have made bad decisions in the past. We all have. Here is something that you really need to embrace… you are going to make bad decisions in the future. You are also going to make decisions that turn out amazingly well for everyone. In either situation, you can’t look at your past behavior as an indicator of future decision-making results.

Every chance you get to decide between two or more courses of action is a unique event. If you made a horrifically poor decision just 10 minutes ago, you can make an excellent choice regarding a new decision right now.

To get better at making good decisions, or making decisions at all rather than passing them along to someone else, you have to have a short memory where your previous decisions are concerned.

To your success,




Be More Decisive PLR Articles:

  1. How to Make A Decision When You Don’t Care About the Result – 480 words
  2. How to Trust Your Instincts More – 428 words
  3. Intuition vs. Reasoning for Making Decisions – 639 words
  4. There is No Such Thing as a Bad Decision – 516 words
  5. Why Not Making a Decision is a Bad Decision in Itself – 473 words


Be More Decisive PLR Article Sample:

How to Make a Decision When You Don’t Care About the Result

Have you ever been asked to make a choice when you didn’t really care about which way your decision led? This happens all the time. Maybe you are asked to make a workplace decision. Your choice is inconsequential since the result is not going to have any real impact on anyone, and you could care less which decision you make.

What Happens in That Situation?

Almost every time, you reach a decision in your mind rather quickly. You are not afraid of failure. You don’t really care if the outcome leads one way or another. Since the decision is of little consequence a failure is barely that, and a success is also minimally measured. You were able to make a quick decision and move on with your life, probably forgetting rather quickly that you were the one that had to choose.

What Happened There?

You were able to make a decisive choice because you had no emotional investment. Although we should not usually choose with our emotions, we do so all the time. If you were given a choice at work which negatively affected a dozen coworkers, but it virtually guaranteed you more pay for less work, more benefits and an earlier retirement, we all know what decision you would make.

You cared deeply about the results of that choice. What happens when you don’t really care what happens? Should you just flip a coin, make a decision and move on? If you look at the situation objectively, as you should probably do with most decisions, you would see that making a random choice is probably not the best idea.

Even If You Don’t Care about the Results of a Decision, Other People May

Just because you have a lack of interest when asked to make a choice, it doesn’t mean it won’t affect people in a serious way. That is why you should always turn to all relevant, available information when asked to make a decision regarding an outcome you don’t care a flip about.

This way you let logic and reason dictate your decision-making process.

This is also a smart move if your decision comes back to haunt you. If you make a choice which winds up negatively affecting a lot of people, you may have to make an explanation. When you can outline every step of your decision-making process because you had overwhelming evidence that it was the right choice to make, you limit the amount of backlash you receive for your decision delivering a negative outcome.

If you find yourself caring little about a particular decision, you may want to find out if there is someone else who is in a better position to make a choice than you are. It could be that someone else has more information on this topic than you, and they would be the perfect candidate to choose in your place.




Social Media Posts and Images:


5 Shareable Social Media Graphics (PLR)

How to Be More Decisive PLR Social Graphics


16 Social Media Posts with hashtags (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)

How to Be More Decisive PLR Tweets


8 Royalty Free Images

How to Be More Decisive Royalty Free Images


Be More Decisive Keyword Research Pack

How to Be More Decisive PLR Keywords

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10 Courage PLR Articles and Tweets

Courage PLR Articles and Tweets Sample:

Common Phobias and How to Deal with Them

A phobia is a fear-based reaction to something irrational in nature. There is no scientific reason to feel as fearful as you do over the thing that causes the phobia. Now, this isn’t to say that some phobias aren’t based on the potential for real harm, but most of the time, no harm will really come to you. Let’s look at some of the most common phobias and how to deal with them.

Common Phobias

* Social Phobia – Also known as social anxiety disorder, this is a phobia that can affect everyone differently. One person might only be afraid of speaking in front of people, while another fears just chatting at the dinner table. The main thing that really affects someone with a social anxiety disorder is the fear of panic attacks. It literally causes someone to feel as if they are dying when going out, being around others, and interacting with them.

* Agoraphobia – This is the fear of being alone in spaces that you’re afraid you cannot get out of. Sometimes this is wide open spaces, but sometimes it’s specific spaces like malls or large outdoor arenas. This fear is often characterized by panic attacks when trying to leave the comfort zone. This can affect people severely, including keeping someone from ever leaving their home or a room in their home.

* Aerophobia – The fear of flying is a common phobia. Some people can fly through their fears, but others cannot and need to find alternative transportation. This fear can be very limiting if someone wants to experience a new type of life or career that requires traveling.

* Mysophobia – This very common phobia is the fear of germs. Due to this fear, it may be hard for the person to go out around people. They may be afraid to touch others or touch surfaces, and it might manifest as keeping a home spotlessly clean and overly washing the hands, which (ironically) can end up causing skin infections.

* Glossophobia – This is also a very common fear. People are so fearful of public speaking that they often describe it as scarier than death. While some people simply suffer from some stage fright and can get through it, a person with this phobia will avoid public speaking at all costs. This can damage their grades in school and career later.

* Anthropophobia – This is different from social anxiety because the fear of people manifests as fear of even people you know. People who have this fear are terrified of everyone, not just people they do not know.

How to Deal with Phobias

To overcome your phobias, the first thing you need to do is identify them and judge what level they’re approaching.

If you need to get professional help to overcome the phobia, this is often the best course of action. The other way to deal with it is to acknowledge it and work through the fear a little each day. Keep a journal and develop plans to push through this phobia one step at a time.

You can also try hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and even a life coach who specializes in your particular phobia. However you choose to deal with it, know that it’s not impossible to overcome a phobia if you want to and are willing to try what the professionals ask you – such as desensitization, neuro-linguistic programming and/or medications that can help.


10-Day Overcoming Self-Doubt PLR ECourse

Overcoming Self-Doubt PLR ECourse Sample:

Positive affirmations to increase your self-belief can help in ways that you may not realize at first. It might seem silly to you right now to repeat things to yourself that you don’t believe at all. But, studies have proved that positive affirmations do help people feel better and more positive, and makes them believe in themselves more.

Take these ideas, print them out, and cut them into strips. One affirmation on each strip. Then every time you feel bad about yourself, take them out. Or, if you don’t have a printer, cut the paper into eight strips then write down one thing on each strip of paper.

Eight Positive Affirmations to Increase Your Self-Belief

1. Name One Thing You Succeed At – So for example, if you got out of bed today, that might be an achievement for you. If you graduated school, or got a good job, or are a good mom, write that down. If you feel good about it and it feels like an achievement, write it down.

2. Tell Yourself You’re a Good Person – Whatever that means to you, being a good person is important. It’s important to tell yourself that you’re a good person every single day. Write down “I am a good person” on one slip of paper.

3. What Do You Want to Be Good At? – There is probably something you really want to do well, maybe more than one. You can always write down more than one. For example, if you want to lose weight and get healthy, write down, “I am healthy and eat right.”

4. Want to Be More Focused? – Write down the words, “I am focused on the important things in my life.” Put that slip of paper in there and as you do, say this to yourself now. It’s super-important to know that you can and do focus more on what’s important than what’s not.

5. Do You Dislike Your Looks? – Even if you dislike your looks, there is likely one thing you do like about them. Write that down. “I look smart and professional today” might be more important to you than “I look sexy today” or “I look beautiful today”. Nothing is right or wrong here, but write down something positive about your looks as if it is true (if you want it to be true).

6. How Do Others See You? – Write down something positive about what others observe about you. You may need to ask some friends about that. Ask them to tell you one positive trait that you possess. Write that down on a slip of paper. Perhaps it’s your kindness, or your success, or your parenting skills, or something else. Your friends may surprise you with what they come up with.

7. Self-Belief – Even if you do not currently believe in yourself that much, stating that you do is a good way to ensure that it happens. “I believe in my abilities to ______ completely.” Fill in the blank with something you do believe in, and something you don’t believe yet but desire.

Write down as many positive affirmations as you can. Anything that you know you need to tell yourself is important. Each time you’re feeling down on yourself, take out your jar of affirmations, look in the mirror and read one to yourself. Repeat it while looking right into your own eyes and feel the truth of the statement.

What is imposter syndrome? It’s more common than you think, and it’s linked to a lack of self-belief. We’ll talk about it in the next email.


17 Leadership PLR Articles and Tweets Pack

Leadership PLR Articles and Tweets Sample:

10 Ways You Can Increase your self-awareness as a team leader

How do you know you are being a good leader? What are the most important traits you need to have to be a good leader? Is there one characteristic that is more important than any other? Some believe it is being a good motivator while others say it’s having integrity. According to psychologist and author Sherrie Campbell it is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the ability to monitor one’s own emotions and reactions.

“Self-awareness keeps us grounded, attuned and focused,” said Campbell, author of “Loving Yourself: The Master of Being Your Own Person” (AuthorHouse, 2012). “When leaders are grounded, they are able to be efficient and deliberate in staying on task, and being attuned to those around them. Leaders who have the ability to control their minds and emotions help to guide those around them to develop their own self-knowledge and success.”

It can be difficult to master the skill of becoming aware of oneself but it can be done.

1. Learn to be mindful of your own weaknesses and strengths. Self-aware leaders are mindful of what they can and can’t do.

2. A mindful leader has strong boundaries in place. It’s fine to be friendly to others but you need to say no when you have to.

3. Figure out what your emotional triggers are. Self-aware leaders can immediately identify their emotions. You don’t want to limit your emotions or even deny what is causing them. Instead you need to be able to be flexible with them and process them before you communicate with others.

4. Self-aware leaders embrace their intuition. They trust their gut instinct and are willing to take any risks associated with following them. Instincts come from our need to succeed and the survival of the fittest. Your gut instincts tell you what you should do next. Go ahead and trust them.

5. When you are self-aware, you are disciplined in every area of your life. Practice self-discipline to help you stay focused as a strong leader.

6. Those that are self-aware are able to remain focused even among the many distractions in business environments. You need to train yourself to block everything out but what you are focusing on for long periods of time. That means the distractions of social media, emails and office politics as well.

7. There are a plethora of courses and self-help guides available to help you build your self-awareness. Personality test like the Myers-Briggs Predictive Index and the Strengths Finder are both popular and very good at helping you dig into self-reflection. These Psychometric tests are useful for getting an objective view of how you behave.

8. Trying new experiences can help you discover things about yourself that you don’t normally face. Your reactions to new people, environments or demands can help you see how you deal with your everyday life. Take a different type of vacation or try a new hobby. A stimulating or energizing activity may help you find hidden talents or other things you didn’t know about yourself.

9. Tell your life story to your mentor or coach. They will hear and see much more than the words you are saying. It can help them understand who you are and give you feedback on what they see.

10. Do a daily writing exercise. Writing down your thoughts and feelings daily can help you build your emotional confidence. It can also help you keep track of the range of emotions you may be experiencing during any particular period of time when you review it at a late time.

Having a high level of self-awareness helps you be a better team leader by helping you build better relationships. When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you’re better able to control your emotions, and you can face situations from a distant perspective you are seen as a confident leader by your team members.



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Unlocking Esteem List Building Package With Master Resell Rights

Unlocking Esteem

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Module 4 – Professional Graphics Package
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Module 6 – Recommended Affiliate Products
Module 7 – Hybrid Cheatsheet
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Boosting Self Esteem Guide PLR Ebook

Boosting Self Esteem Guide PLR Ebook

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Number of Pages – 38

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Teaching Good Decision Making eBook With Master resell rights

Teaching Good Decision Making MRR

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eBook PDF file
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Cover images


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Success Principles Unleashed PLR Ebook Resell PLR

Success Principles Unleashed PLR Ebook Resell PLR

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  • Checklist
  • Graphics
  • Mindmap
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Self Confidence Unleashed eBook Package with Master Resell Rights

Self Confidence Unleashed eBook Package

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Module 1 – Ebook
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Package Details For The Be More Decisive Premium PLR Package:

Main eBook:

“How to Be More Decisive”
(4,287 words, 18 pages, 9 images)

+ Checklist
+ eCovers
+ Keywords

5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: Why You Are Bad at Making Decisions

Related Articles:

How to Make A Decision When You Don’t Care About the Result – 480 words
How to Trust Your Instincts More – 428 words
Intuition vs. Reasoning for Making Decisions – 639 words
There is No Such Thing as a Bad Decision – 516 words
Why Not Making a Decision is a Bad Decision in Itself – 473 words

Social Media Posts & Images:

5 Shareable Social Media Tips
15 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
9 Royalty Free Images


17 Leadership PLR Articles and Tweets Pack

Leadership PLR Article Titles:

These Team Building Activity Ideas Will Increase Your Employees’ Self-Awareness (489 words)
This Is Why Acknowledgement Matters For Both The Team Leader And Team Members (676 words)
Try These Activities and Practices To Improve the Strength and Performance of Your Team (736 words)
Use These 15 Proven Ideas to Increase Your Customer Satisfaction (470 words)
Use These Ideas To reward Your motivated employees (566 words)
Use These Tips To Help Your Team Members Discover and Develop Their Various Strengths (513 words)
10 Ways You Can Increase your self-awareness as a team leader (560 words)
Are You Making These Common Mistakes For The Sake Of a Promotion (543 words)
Facing A Crisis-Use These Ideas To Lead Without Panic (515 words)
Follow These Steps to minimize conflict among your team members (547 words)
How To Feel More Confident As A Leader (550 words)
How to Fuel Collaboration Among Your Team Members (487 words)
How To Get Noticed at Work and Get That Promotion (495 words)
Learn How To Create a Collaborative Work Environment for your Team (473 words)
These 13 Methods Will Help You Inspire and Motivate Your Team (623 words)

Includes 10 Tweets for Social Posting

15 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction Powerpoint

These Leadership PLR Articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR License

10 Courage PLR Articles and Tweets

Courage PLR Article Titles:

1. Common Phobias and How to Deal with Them (577 words)
2. How to Stand Up for Yourself in a Relationship (667 words)
3. Making Choices: Saying No versus Doing It (579 words)
4. Ten Inspirational People Who Have Found Courage(705 words)
5. The Benefits of Taking Risks (740 words)
6. Tips for Helping Others Find Courage (566 words)
7. Tips for Standing Up for Yourself at Work(499 words)
8. Understanding Fear: What Is It, and How Does It Affect People? (520 words)
9. What Does It Mean to Be Courageous? (504 words)
10. What Is the Worst Thing That Could Happen? (616 words)

Includes 10 Tweets for Social Posting

These Courage PLR Articles are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR License

10-Day Overcoming Self-Doubt PLR Email Course – 6750 words

10-Day Overcoming Self-Doubt PLR eCourse Outline:

1.Increase your self-belief with positive affirmations
2.Overcoming imposter syndrome
3.Nix negative thoughts this way
4.Can you deal with feedback?
5.How to deal with worries with less stress
6.Remove toxic people from your life
7.Have self-doubt and need motivation?
8.Positive ways to deal with failure
9.How to forgive yourself
10.Do you need professional help?

This 10-Day Overcoming Self-Doubt PLR eCourse is available in .TXT and Word Doc Format and Includes a PLR License

Total Word Count: 30 000+ Words

FAST-ACTION BONUSES – Available for the first 50 buyers of this Be More Decisive PLR Pack. You’ll no longer see these awesome extra bonuses available on this page once the 50 fast action takers have been awarded.


Your PLR License Terms

Articles, reviews, comparison charts and all other content from Quality PLR Content Packages are for you only – you cannot pass on any rights to anybody else.

More information on the PLR rights that come with your purchase:

What You CAN Do With The Content In This PLR Package:

Can be added to or edited completely.
Can put your name on as the author.
Can be used as content for websites, courses, newsletters, eBooks.
Can be used in videos, MP3s, books.
Can sell or give away for personal informational use only.
Can add the content to your coaching membership site
Can add the content to a paid membership with Personal Use Rights (PDF).
Can be offered as a bonus in PDF format (as long as you don’t offer PLR rights).
Can add to a website that is sold with a unique domain name (no templates/ PLR sites) as long as you don’t offer PLR rights.
Can rewrite and add the articles to client websites and projects.
Can use the content to build your list (PDF format)

What You CANNOT Do With This Content

Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights.
Cannot offer through auction websites or dimesales with PLR rights.
Cannot add to a free membership site in any format with PLR rights.
Cannot pass on any PLR rights to your clients.
Cannot use my name on the PLR content.
Cannot use as is to publish Kindle books (it’s against Amazon’s terms).
Cannot use in article directories unless you rewrite the PLR content completely.
Cannot pass along (sell or give away) Private Label Rights in ANY format.
Cannot sell this entire PLR package as is
Cannot add this package to a PLR membership site (only the ebook with personal use rights)

This license is non transferable. Meaning this PLR license is for you only and not for your customers.

Your customer can only learn from the content.

You can use PLR articles on as many of your own sites as you wish.

Can It Be Used For Website Flipping? If you add this PLR to a site and decide to sell it, that’s fine. But it can only be sold on sites that come with a unique domain name (i.e. not on PLR website packs that include templates/content sold to multiple buyers but no domain) and please don’t include the separate package with all the keywords/ bonuses.


Social media images may be edited using the PSD files, and you may repost them on social media sites but you cannot sell or pass on the PSD files to customers.

The images contained within the main report and top 10 tips report are Public Domain and free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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