Anti-Anger Formula Lead Magnet PLR Package
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Anti-Anger Formula PLR Lead Magnet - This anger PLR list building package consists lots of value-added modules to help you build your list.

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Anti-Anger Formula Lead Magnet PLR Package

Grab this Anti-Anger Formula PLR Lead Magnet And Start Building Your List today!

Add Your Name, Upload The Squeeze Page, Send Traffic, And Convert This PLR Report Cover Anti-Anger Formula Topics

The Anti-Anger Formula PLR lead magnet is a fully done-for-you content shortcut and lead generation solution ready to utilize and save you time. All based around premium materials.

Anger is normal. It happens to us all, even if we don’t all express it the same way. Some get quiet, while others shout at the rain. Some throw or break things, while others clam up or lay in bed.

Being self destructive is obviously going to cause more problems: replacing damaged items, trying to patch up damaged relationships, etc. But bottled up boiling blood still causes a drop in productivity.

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The length of the report is over 2,500+ words of top tier well written content covering the following:

  • Anti Anger Formula (Introduction)
  • Understanding The Anger Is Part Of Life
  • Anger Prevention 101
  • Anger Mitigation

To further boost the marketing value, you’ll be receiving product swipes, a detailed cheat sheet, and more promotional text based content. There’s even graphics assets provided as well to help you. This includes the 2D flat eCover design, the 3D product mock ups, a set of banner ad graphics, quote poster images, and plenty more. All of this comes with the editable source files too.

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They Say, “The Money Is In The List”

If you look at the top echelon of Internet marketers, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common.

They all possess a huge e-mail list of highly responsive subscribers.

One of the most important aspects of making money online, regardless of your niche, is to start building an e-mail list from pretty much day one. Doing this allows you to not only communicate with your followers and get feedback and insight, but also gives you the power to send out offers and drive loads of laser targeted traffic all at the drop of a hat.

A timeless method for building your list (for essentially free) has been to use a report or eBook or some sort and give it away via what’s called a “squeeze page” to extract an e-mail address from the visitor in exchange for the report. Sounds simple enough, and it is.

That is, if you have the report, squeeze page and all of the hard work already done for you.

If you’re not familiar or even comfortable with the whole process of creating one of these “funnels” for generating leads for your e-mail list, then you’re going to be in for quite the roller coaster ride.

Creating just the bare minimum package including a lead generating digital report, the squeeze page, a delivery method (download page), and everything in between, can cost you not only a lot of time, but a decent chunk of cash as well.

While that may not sound “so bad” per say, you also need to factor in the potential for writing converting squeeze page copy and doing the research as well. Not only that, but you run the risk of creating a package that completely flops and doesn’t generate any leads.

You see… studies have shown that every subscriber on your e-mail list is worth a potential of $1 or more per month when it comes to your business.

With that in mind, the goal should be to build your list with quality reports and offers that your leads will appreciate greatly. You should be focused on building your e-mail list as quickly as possible but with the right strategy in hand to eliminate creating a list of tire-kickers and people that have 0 trust for you as your subscriber.

Sure, you can lure potential subscribers in to providing you with their e-mail address, in exchange for a low quality, out-dated and cheesy report. The result? Your open rates suffer, your authority is nixed, and most of all you lose subscribers (and money).

Countless people fumble and end up throwing in the towel every single day because they fail to create a converting campaign for their business. Whether it’s creating a winning product or developing a converting front end offer (sales copy).

You need high quality content to provide people with in order for you to convert and establish your list. That’s where we come in…

Introducing The…

Anti-Anger Formula Lead Magnet PLR Package

Anti-Anger Formula Lead Magnet PLR Package

This anti-anger formula PLR report is not just run-of-the-mill low-quality reproduced “giveaway report” with PLR attached. This report is extremely well researched, perfectly written, and based on topics and methods that have worked for ages and will continue to work for many years to come. But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg: The report front end comes with 22 modules (including the report and document for editing) that perfectly correspond to that particular report. This includes squeeze pages, download pages, high quality graphics, email swipes, social media posts, recommended affiliate products and more. All for making using this report an absolute breeze in your business.

This anti-anger formula report will provide the leads you distribute it to with the inspiration, motivation, and knowledge to further their online money making adventure. As opposed to just handing them to some bottom tier completely useless information, you’re giving subscribers an actionable report that they can utilize to improve their efforts all around.

Product Creation Is A Headache

  • You need to develop a fresh product or idea.
  • You need to understand HTML and other coding.
  • You need skills with graphic design (ie: Photoshop).
  • You need to research to make the product converts
  • You need to outsource a freelancer to write the book or training, create websites, design graphics, etc.

To top it all off, you need to come up with an entire sales funnel includes…

  • Researching Concepts And Writing Converting Sales Copy
  • Creating Email Letters That Entice Readers To Take Action
  • Developing Marketing Material That Works For Your Audience

In reality, it’s not only time consuming to develop a product and marketing materials, but it also devours a significant chunk of your time to research and determine which products and topics are in high demand and which ideas will just be a large waste of time. Furthermore, you’re going to be emptying out your wallet just having the entire thing developed.

Luckily for you, all of this headache, stress, hard work, and risk can be completely eliminated from the picture entirely, if you just let us handle the entire lead magnet creation process for you (and then some)

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What’s Included With This Manage Anger Lead Magnet PLR Package?

Front End Package

  • Module 1 – Lead Magnet Report
  • Module 2 – Hybrid Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3 – Video Course
  • Module 4 – PowerPoint Slides
  • Module 5 – MP3 Audio Book
  • Module 6 – Guru Squeeze
  • Module 7 – Mini Site Squeeze Page
  • Module 8 – HD Squeeze Video
  • Module 9 – Graphics Package
  • Module 10 – Learning Center
  • Module 11 – Solo Emails
  • Module 12 – Follow Up Email Series
  • Module 13 – Feature Images
  • Module 14 – Social Media Covers
  • Module 15 – Twitter Package
  • Module 16 – Facebook Package
  • Module 17 – Blog Articles
  • Module 18 – Banner Ads
  • Module 19 – Viral Images Package
  • Module 20 – Camtasia Project File
  • Module 21 – License Package
  • Module 22 – Setup Guide

Take A Look At Some Of The Modules In This Funnel…

Sneak Peak Of The Lead Magnet

Anti-Anger PLR Package

Hybrid Cheat Sheet Preview

Anger PLR Package

Guru Squeeze Page Preview

squeeze page plr

Graphics Package Preview

anger plr graphics

File Formats Included:

You Can Use This Anger PLR Report In So Many Ways

  • Add your name or company name
  • Re-title to anything you want
  • Use as e-mail content for your list
  • Use as blog content for you website
  • Break apart and re-use however
  • Use each report’s info to benefit your business
  • Provide to your existing subscribers
  • Giveaway in exchange for lead
  • Re-distribute however you see fit
  • Modify the already powerful content or add to it
  • Combine with other content
  • Create a power point presentation out of them
  • Drip feed the content as e-mail series
  • Break apart and re-use however
  • Distribute as part of a Pay-Per-Lead program
  • Print out and distribute in person
  • Run ad campaigns & drive traffic to the squeeze
  • And so much more, just think about it…

What Can This Anger Control PLR Lead Magnet Package Provide For You?

Whether you already have a list, blog or website, with subscribers or viewers, and you need new and fresh high quality content – OR – you don’t have a list or anything, and you’re just starting out. This package has what you need.

Whether you already have a list, blog or website, with subscribers or viewers, and you need new and fresh high quality content – OR – you don’t have a list or anything, and you’re just starting out. This package has what you need.

Top Quality Report: Researched and written by experts that have experience in actually doing this stuff. You get a fully spell-checked grammatically correct report.

Evergreen Niche: This report were geared to have longevity for usage. The niche is always expanding, and the content is focused on content that won’t expire.

Instant Authority: You don’t have to take the time to research and do any of the content creation. Slap your name on this report & give it away like a boss.

In Demand Topic: Tons of people are searching for these topics daily. You can confidently use this report 3 years down the road knowing they are still relevant.

Email List Builder: The focus of this report is to build your e-mail list and establish authority and trust. Give this report away using the provided squeeze page.

Subscriber & Blog Content: Use the e-mail series provided to follow up with your subscribers. You can even strip the report and use it as blog content.

Completely Done For You: All of the hard work is completely done for you. The research, the reports with source, high quality graphics, the squeeze & download page, and more.

Full Control: You receive the document file and it’s assets so that you can easily edit the contents, add your name, and do anything else you please.

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Here’s How Quickly You Can Be Up And Running

You can seriously set up this anti-anger formula PLR report funnel in this package within just a few minutes. The included step-by-step guide packaged with the report will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of setting up the report, the squeeze page and everything else.

It’s honestly only 4 main steps to start building your e-mail list and making a profit as soon as today. You can actually be up and running, ready to start driving traffic and adding leads to your list in under 10 minutes tops.

Product Details:

  • Report File Formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF
  • Viewable With: Any PDF Reader (Online and Offline)
  • Report Word Length 2,500+ Words of High Quality Content
  • Pages In Report: 13 Pages Total (Formatted)
  • Video File Format: MP4​​​​​
  • Videos In Series: 1 Long Video File
  • Video Series Total Length: 14 min 21 Seconds
  • File Size: 213MB

Here Are The PLR License Terms

What you can do:

  • Can change the title on this report.
  • Can add your name as the author / creator
  • Can modify or brand this report in any way.
  • Can give the report away in any format or method (PLR)
  • Can sell the report with personal use license (Suggested price $7+)
  • Can offer the report as part of a PLR membership site (Personal Usage Only)
  • Can offer the report as part of a free or paid membership site of any kind. (Personal Use Only)
  • Can break apart the report for content of any kind.
  • Can add to the content or use the content in the report for anything.
  • Can modify or change the provided squeeze page in any way.
  • Can offer the report (individually) as a bonus
  • Can sell resell rights to the report. (Minimum $17)
  • Can sell master resale rights to the report (Minimum $27)

What you cannot do:

  • Cannot resell this main package in any way.
  • Cannot add the report to a PLR site w/ PLR, MRR, RR (Only Personal Use)
  • Cannot sell resell rights to this portion of the product.
  • Cannot sell this portion of the product with private label rights.
  • Cannot sell the report or this package on an auction site or as a WSO

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