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Amazon S3 Training Video Series With Basic Resale Rights

Never have your site go down again because of too much bandwidth usage.

Amazon S3 gives you a powerful and inexpensive way to store, serve and protect your data.

learn the basics of amazon S3 in less than an hour with these easy to follow videos.

Luckily there is a SIMPLE Solution!


Amazon S3 Training PUO

All you have to do is offload some of the load to

“Amazon’s Simple Storage Service”.

Now access to your stored data will always be available. Plus you can expect fast access and download speeds. Also your data is stored on multiple redundant servers to make sure it never gets lost.

Whether you’re running on a dedicated server or a shared server it is a good idea to remove big processing jobs from your own server. For instance if you are streaming video from your own site you will use a ton of resources. It doesn’t take very many visitors to put you over the threshold for a shared server.

However if you move the streaming over to Amazon S3 you can accommodate a lot more visitors and give them a faster viewing experience.

Don’t lose any more customers because they couldn’t access your site or it loaded too slow and they gave up!

Using Amazon S3 Will improve your site’s performance and keep your web host happy. And the good news is that it is inexpensive to use!

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to set up your AWS Account
  • How to use the built in manager
  • How To Use Cloudberry Explorer (freeware)
  • How to create buckets (storage areas)
  • How to create a site in a bucket
  • How to stream video from Amazon S3
  • How to integrate streaming with WordPress.
  • and lots more…

This video series is going to show you everything you need to know to get started using Amazon S3.


Basic Resale Rights

[YES] May be added to PAID membership sites
[YES] May be packaged with other PAID products
[YES] May be offered as a bonus with other PAID products
[YES] May sell personal use rights
[YES] Will receive a sales page with graphics. and PSD Files
[YES] May Resell on auction sites within the pricing guidelines.
[NO] May be given away free
[NO] May be added to FREE membership sites
[NO] May sell Private Label Rights (PLR)
[NO] May sell master resale rights
[NO] May sell basic resale rights
[NO] May claim copyright




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