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The ADHD Success Formula PLR eBook Resell PLR

Accomplish Twice As Much In Half The Time!

This is Terry Telford…

Today we will be talking to Tellman Knudsen and Stephanie Frank, who are co-founders of a business called Stephanie and Tellman both have ADD. I’ll let you get into the details about what ADD is. I have a little understanding, but I think I could go with a few more details.

Introducing …

The ADHD Success Formula

Suffice it to say, Tellman and Stephanie are probably some of the most dynamic people that I’ve ever met. They are very forward thinking and extremely productive people. Maybe I’ll just turn the floor over to you two. Maybe, Stephanie, you can tell us what ADD is and how it affects you.

Then, Tellman can talk about it after…

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Sample of the content in the ADHD success formula PLR ebook:

Okay, that sounds great.  Attention Deficit Disorder is what ADD stands for.  You may have heard of it being called ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  It’s really a common term for what I like to call creative people.  It’s a term to describe people who have trouble with focus, organization, prioritization, and who tend to get distracted often.

You might have heard things growing up like, “Why can’t you just sit still?  Pay attention.  You can focus when you want to.  Why do you leave half finished things all over the house?  Why do you leave the cabinets open?”  These are all characteristics of people who have Attention Deficit.  Or, in the case of Tellman and I, we’re not interested in putting labels on people.

We’re not interested in actually what it is.  We’re interested in being able to help those who have this pattern of thinking, this way of being creative and this high energy to have the kind of success that they want to have.  We’re going to be talking about how to have success with it verses living and managing with this way of thinking and this way of being.

So, for different people it manifests in different ways.  A lot of times with little boys with hyperactivity, you’ll see them jumping off of trees and running around, and there is that physical activity.  For girls, very often, hyperactivity is in the brain.  There’s an idea factory with a lot of thoughts coming at you at all different times.  You might have been called “daydreamer” growing up or someone might have said, “Why can’t you just pay attention?”  You get bored very easily, and when you get bored you leave projects half finished and things like that.

Those are just a few of the characteristics of a person with ADD.  We’re going to talk to you about taking those characteristics and all the things that people are telling you are bad, and just flip them around so that you can have massive success.  Tellman, I think you’re going to tell us a little bit about your story and your experience with ADD as well.


I’m definitely going to, but before we get into that, there are a couple of things I’d like to go over.  One of which is, it’s been a very interesting process as we’ve been teaching people about ADD and ADD characteristics.  People like Terry start looking at the stuff we’re doing and he might say, “Wow, that’s something that I’d like to promote.  I think that there are a lot of people on my list who would resonate with that.”  Then, as they start learning more and more about what it is that Stephanie and I are teaching here, I hear this time and time again, something along the lines of, “Maybe I have ADD.”

It could be true.  Statistics show that over 80% of entrepreneurs are diagnosable with Attention Deficit.  Based on my observations, there are an awful lot of Internet marketers out there that exhibit a ton of Attention Deficit traits.  The major thing that you’re going to realize is that we’re teaching you how to use Attention Deficit to excel.

We’re going to go over how to take these things that crush you, ruin your life, and make everything a pain in the butt, and turn them around, amplify them, and drive you into massive success, personally, professionally, business wise, and in your personal development.  Those are going to be some of the things you’re going to learn about today.

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