60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack
60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack
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60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack

In this PLR Content Pack You’ll get 60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack with Private Label Rights to help you dominate the Martial Arts market which is a highly profitable and in-demand niche.

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 Introducing The…

60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack

 60 Unrestricted Martial Arts PLR Articles Pack

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Here are the titles of the 60 Unrestricted Martial Arts Articles:

1. 10 Common-sense Self Defense Tips For Men
2. 10 Powerful Self Defense Tips For Women
3. A Quitter Never Wins And A Winner Never Quits
4. About Judo Uniforms
5. Are the Martial Arts still under development
6. Beating Stress with Martial Arts
7. British Aikido Board National Nepotism Seminar 2004
8. Bruce Lee the Greatest Martial Arts Action Hero
9. Can you even throw a punch
10. Eight Tips For Selecting a Martial Arts Studio
11. Escrima – The Filipino Martial Art
12. Everything You Need To Know About Judo Uniforms
13. False Sense Of Security
14. History And Fundamentals Of Karate
15. How to Choose a Martial Art
16. How To Choose A Martial Arts School
17. How to Make Paper Airplanes
18. How To Make Your Self Defense Training More Effective
19. How You Train Is How You Respond
20. I Don t Know Much About Martial Arts Except…
21. Is black belt next Asked the street kid tying his new yellow belt
22. Is Martial Arts Effective For The Streets
23. Japanese Samurai Swords Buying Guide
24. Jujitsu History – Philosophy And Methods
25. Keys Of Hung Gar Kung Fu Mastering
26. Kung Fu – History And Basic Principles
27. Martial Art Belt Ranks – Where Did They Come From And What Do They Mean
28. MARTIAL ARTS – 5 Ways Too Build Your Self-Confidence
29. Martial Arts – Helping Your Children Protect Themselves
30. Martial Arts – The Number One Way to Combat Bullying
31. Martial Arts and Childhood ADHD Overcoming Symptoms
32. Martial Arts Definition
33. Martial Arts Home Training – The Tools For Perfection
34. Martial Arts Home Training Machine
35. Martial Arts Psychology For Modern Reality Based Self Defense
36. Martial Arts Training – More Than Just Self-Defense
37. Methods Of Qigong In Kung Fu Training
38. Mixed Martial Arts-Learn The Terms
39. MMA 101
40. Ninja Swords – What You Need To Know Before You Purchase
41. No One Achieves Greatness Alone
42. Strengthen your mind and body by practicing a martial art
43. Tae Kwon Do Basic Information
44. Taekwondo is Not Taekwondo Without Its Kicks
45. Tai Chi for Over Fifties And Under Fifties
46. The Art Of Tai Chi Sparring
47. The Bo and other Long Wooden Staff Martial Arts Weapons
48. The Difference Between Karate and Kung Fu
49. The Difference Between Karate and Tae Kwon Do
50. The History of Karate
51. The Martialarm Intro To Aikido
52. The Martialarm Intro To Arnis
53. The Martialarm Intro To Capoeira
54. The Martialarm Intro To Chow-Gar Kung Fu
55. The Martialarm Introduction To Choy-Li-Fut
56. The Martialarm Introduction To Hapkido
57. The philosophy of samurai swords
58. The Three Horsemen
59. Three Steps to Picking a Karate Studio.
60. Top Reasons To Try Martial Arts
61. Training with Martial Arts Weapons – Karate Kung Fu Weaponry
62. What Art Hard Style and Soft Style Martial Arts
63. What to do if someone wants to fight you
64. What truely is a martial art
65. When the World Turns VIOLENT
66. Wing Chun – Chinese Martial Art
67. Your Habits Will Determine Your Future

Here’s a Sample Article So That You Know What To Expect From These PLR Article Pack:

MMA 101

What is mma? Mma stands for mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is the blending of two or more fighting systems. The most common styles combined are striking and ground techniques. In the early days of mma competitions in the U.S., The ground fighters had an advantage because most of the stand up fighters were not prepared if the fight went to the ground. An interesting transformation took place. Stand up fighters began to train in submission fighting, ground fighters began to train in stand up, and a new breed of fighter was born into the world of mma in the U.S.

There are several components to mma. Striking. This is where the fighter attempts to punch, kick, elbow, or knee his opponent into a K.O., submission, or referee stoppage. Submission. This is when a fighter forces his opponent to “tap-out” (give up) due to a joint manipulation technique such as an arm bar, or a strangulation technique like a rear naked choke. Ground and pound. A fighter takes down his opponent, mounts him, and pummels him with strikes until a K.O. or referee stoppage. Take down. When a fighter takes his opponent to the mat with intention of submission or ground and pound. Sprawl. A tactic used when an opponent shoots in for a take down. The defending opponent will place his hands on the shoulders of the attacker and sprawl his legs out behind him to prevent the take down. Shoot. To dive in on an opponent’s legs for a take down. There are many more components to mma, but these are the basics. More will be covered in following articles.

Mma Physical training. Along with their mma training, most fighters incorporate a rigorous Physical training program. Many fighters use weight training styles that increase muscle endurance, cardio styles that include rope skipping, sprints, and other high intensity activities. The goal of this training is to prepare the fighter to withstand several rounds and still have enough energy to fight efficiently.

Mma safety. To this day not one report of serious injury or death has been reported during a sanctioned mma fight. The same cannot be said for boxing. In mma events if you are knocked senseless you do not get a standing count to recover and get pummeled some more. The referees are very careful not to let a fighter get severely injured.

The recent popularity of mma has come to be due to the popularity of a certain reality show. Mma is a difficult sport to be involved in and requires a lot of physical and mental training. It also requires a lot of time to reach the level of the guys that you see on TV. Mma stars are not made over night. Most of them have spent a lot of time competing in smaller amateur circuits.

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