25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack
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25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack - High quality PLR Survival Prepper PLR articles in Word and Text format.

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25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack

In this PLR Content Pack You’ll get 25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack with Private Label Rights to help you dominate the Survival Prepper Niche market which is a highly profitable and in-demand niche.

These 25 Survival Prepper Niche PLR articles are available in Word Doc and Text file format and can be downloaded instantly after purchase.

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Introducing The…

25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack

25 Top Quality Survival Prepper Niche PLR Articles Pack


Who Can Use This PLR Survival Prepper Article Pack?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Product Resellers
  • List Builders
  • Bloggers

What Can You Do This Survival Prepper Niche PLR?

  • Resell it as an E-course.
  • Use it as blog posts.
  • Create an autoresponder series.
  • Create an ebook, video or report to resell or use it to build your email list.
  • Create any kind of info product which you can resell with a personal use license.
  • Use the articles as blog posts or post them on your Facebook pages, etc.
  • Repurpose the PLR content to create slideshow videos on YouTube to drive traffic to your site.
  • Use the articles as free email course to build reader loyalty and establish authority.
  • Repurpose the content and turn it into an audio book.
  • Create lead magnets with the content and use them to build your list… Or sell them!
  • Compile the articles into an ebook and sell it for profits.
  • Use the content to promote affiliate offers on ClickBank and Amazon and make commissions.
  • And MANY other ways!

Here are the titles of the 25 Survival Prepper Niche Articles:

  1. Coping with Tear Gas and Pepper Spray (649 words)
  2. Staying Prepared for Terrorist Threats (660 words)
  3. Transportation Tips in a War Zone (664 words)
  4. War Zone Survival Tips You Have Probably Not Heard Of (893 words)
  5. Hardcore Self-Defense: Training to Survive (828 words)
  6. Self-Defense 101: To Fight or Not to Fight (806 words)
  7. Dirty Self-Defense Moves’ That Could Save Your Life (758 words)
  8. Rape Prevention During Times of Crisis (793 words)
  9. 5 Fundamentals of Unarmed Self-Defense for Preppers (662 words)
  10. Urban Survival Strategies You MUST Know! (804 words)
  11. Building a Safe Room: Read This First! (617 words)
  12. Staying Safe When Finding New Shelter (630 words)
  13. 6 Tips to Not Losing Your Mind When in a Survival Situation (662 words)
  14. Stay Safe by Raising Your Level of Awareness (805 words)
  15. 14 Hygiene Supplies That All Preppers Should Store (533 words)
  16. 10 Essential Home Remedy Supplies for Preppers (676 words)
  17. Water Conservation Tips When in a Survival Situation (506 words)
  18. Survival 101: Preparing a Children’s First Aid Kit (551 words)
  19. Evacuation Planning for Families (622 words)
  20. Important Items Preppers Should Carry (576 words)
  21. Essential Documents Preppers Shouldn’t Leave Home Without (603 words)
  22. Survival Strategies when Facing an Armed Shooter (582 words)
  23. Home Invasions: How to Survive One (662 words)
  24. Ensuring Your Best Chances of Survival During a Pandemic (599 words)
  25. 11 War Zone Tactics You Must Know (737 words)

Here’s a Sample Article So That You Know What To Expect From These Survival Prepper PLR Articles:

11 War Zone Tactics You Must Know

The Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “In time of war, the laws fall silent.”

This is a very important quote to bear in mind if you’re a prepper. While the only current major wars seem to be occurring in far away places like the Middle East, war is a very real possibility and can happen at any time anywhere.

It’s imperative that you know what to do in times of war. In this article, we’ll look at tactics that you may need to use. These go beyond the usual prepper tips of having a bug out bag and food supplies.

While those are essential, you also need to know what to do should your area be occupied by enemy forces, etc. One shouldn’t dismiss this as an unlikely scenario.

Just a couple of years ago, Russian forces conducted several military incursions into Ukraine and finally annexed it. So, these situations are possible. Let’s look at the tips below.

1. Get a hand-held radio and follow the current events so that you’re always up-to-date about what’s going on. All your plans must be made in a timely manner based on current information.

2. Decide if you will stay or flee. During any war, some areas will see most of the battle and occupation while those in the more rural areas will not see much at all. If you decide to leave, get far away to the countryside or places with a low population.

3. Hide all your precious possessions the moment there’s conflict in your area. Place the items in an airtight container, wrap that in plastic and bury it. Do not try stashing your items around the house. During an occupation, your house may get raided and the items easily found when everything is being tossed on the ground

4. Women should stay hidden. One very real and ugly consequence of war is that women get raped. Despite what the rules of engagement say, rapes do occur. In times of war, the laws fall silent. So, women need to be extra cautious.

5. If you decide to stay, you must give the appearance that you’re poor and have nothing of value. Make your house, clothes, car, etc. look worn out and shabby. Occupiers will be less likely to bother stealing from you.

6. Do not make eye contact with the troops that are in your area. The goal here is to be inconspicuous and insignificant. Do not try to be Chuck Norris and attempt heroics. Almost always, you will fail and end up getting caught or worse.

7. Trust only very close family members and friends. The smaller your circle of trust the better. You never know who an enemy informant could be, just because they want better treatment.

8. Do not allow your children to hear discussions and plans. One tactic employed by most troops is to interrogate children because most kids are honest and will give out information readily.

9. Get your hands on some firearms, if possible. It’s always good to have some stashed away rather than be defenseless and helpless.

10. If the area you’re staying in is occupied, try to collect as many IDs and documents that may be from the occupiers. This will give you an idea of what their documents look like etc. You never know when these could come in handy.

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Package Details:

25 Survival Prepper Niche PLR articles available in Word and Text Format.

Download File Size – 491 KB

License Details:

  • You can add the articles or content to an ebook or product that you plan to sell or give away for individual use.
  • You can use the content to build your email list.
  • You can modify the content by removing, adding or otherwise editing to suit your needs.
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  • You can bundle the content into a viral report, free ebook, product or bonus for your customers.
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What you CANNOT do:

1 – You CANNOT sell this product as your own PLR or in your PLR store.

2 – You CANNOT submit any of the content provided by Buy Quality PLR to reprint article directories or other websites which accept reprint content even if you have edited or reworded the content.

Why? Because many article directories won’t take PLR articles. If everyone started submitting similarly written articles to these directories it wouldn’t be fair for the directory owners, their users or our members. Be fair to everyone involved and don’t do it, even if you feel you’ve edited or reworded the article.

3 – You CANNOT sell this product with a PLR, MRR or Resell Rights License.

Legal Disclaimer:

This license is Non – Transferrable; meaning you cannot give these same rights away. If you want to sell rights to your customers; pay close attention to the license below. We closely monitor vendors that sell the product and take legal violations seriously.

DO NOT Change this license:

Violations will be obvious will be prosecuted under the DMCA federal law. You cannot give the product away for free, even to your list.

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