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11 Video Screen Casting Tools with Master Resell Rights

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11 Video Screen Casting Tools With Master Resell Rights

My favorite marketing and training method is the topic of this video training set. There are 11 videos introducing you to FREE screencasting, audio recording and editing tools, as well as tools for compressing videos. These are personal use training videos. Watch these videos and try a couple of the tools. You’ll be an expert by the end of the training.

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Summary Of What You Will Learn:

Video 1: An introduction to simple and cheap video creation tools.

Video 2: A walkthrough of Jing which provides fast video creation and online storage of short videos. Audio and desktop recording. Recording times is limited to 5 minutes.

Video 3: Camstudio is a free video creation tool similar to Jing and also provides audio and desktop recording.

Video 4: Screencast-O-Matic in another handy video recording tool. The free version is web-based.

Video 5: offers EZvid another free tool, but is limited to 45 minute recordings.

Video 6: Windows Live Movie Maker is the newer version of Windows Movie Maker and standard on most new PCs.

Video 7: Audacity is a digital audio (not video) editor and recorder. It’s available for Windows and Mac systems, as well as Linux.

Video 8: Handbrake is used for optimizing and compressing videos for faster streaming on the web.

Video 9: Freemake Video Converter is much more than just a free video converter. Discover what you can do with this tool.

Video 10: VLC is and audio, video, DVD and audio CD player. You can also use it to convert videos from most formats to other formats and rip DVDs.

Video 11: This video review more in-depth VLC features and functions.

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Here’s a Sample Video So That You Know What To Expect From These Video Screen Casting Tools Videos:

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Master Resell Rights License:

This product comes with Full Master Resell Rights. Please pass on this document to your customer so that he or she is equally informed of the terms & conditions to the usage of this product, and that there is no excuse that no one was informed.

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This product does NOT come with Private Label Rights. You cannot put your name as the author, claim copyright or use any part of this product as blog, web, e-zine, or report content.

No part of the product may be republished, modified or altered in any way without the express written permission from the author.

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