How to Make Money with Rebranded PLR Products

10 Ways You Can Edit and Re-purpose PLR Content and Products To Make More Profits

You should consider rebranding your PLR because it will help you position your product as a unique product and help you get rid of 100’s of competitors.

Make more profits with PLR

If you have PLR content on your computer’s hard drive, and it’s just ‘collecting dust”, you’re far from alone – most marketers buy it, and never use it, because they haven’t learned how it can grow their businesses. If this describes you, or if you want to use your content to its full potential, read on to find out how you can make money with private label rights videos and other products.

  1. Fill your autoresponder with it. If your PLR content contains step by step instructions or a set of relevant tips, you can quickly and easily turn it into an e-course. In fact, if you have enough content, you can create a series that runs automatically for months. However, you may have to make minor changes to the content to keep it evergreen.
  2. Create PLR video courses as a subscription bonus. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, you’ll need to give them a compelling reason – and one way to accomplish that goal is to offer something for free, such as an ebook or a report. Use the PLR content you have, modify it to fit your brand, and create bonus content easily.
  3. Offer it along with paid products. Potential customers may be on the fence about buying your product, and offering bonus content is a good way to encourage them to make a decision. By rebranding your PLR content, you can give them the push they need.
  4. Use it to create new, paid content. Use the best PLR ebooks and videos you have to create branded media such as marketing courses, seminars and much more. For the best results, combine content from multiple sources.
  5. Create viral reports. Do you have content that’s controversial, entertaining or useful to your target audience? If so, rebrand it and use it to create a niche-specific report.
  6. Turn it into a video. One of the greatest things about PLR is that you don’t have to limit yourself to an original format. For instance, you can turn a text report into a brandable training video with PLR.
  7. Put it together and create a membership site. Do you have a tremendous amount of PLR stuff on a single niche? If so, you can assemble it and create a membership site full of ebooks, training videos and niche-specific articles.
  8. Publish it on your blog. If you don’t have any private label resale articles, it’s OK – all you have to do is modify some ebooks and reports to create blog posts.
  9. Hold a sale. This is another great way to turn your unused PLR content into quick cash. On your website, run a short-term sale and offer this valuable content for a low, low price.
  10. Put together a podcast. Instead of posting text on your social media pages or blog, you can turn your branded PLR into a podcast, submit it to directories and reach your intended audience.

There you are – ten easy ways to rebrand PLR content and use it to push your business to new heights. The key to success is to start with quality content – but if you’re a savvy internet marketer, that should be easy. By following the steps above, you can use PLR videos, articles and ebooks to increase site traffic and boost sales.

Profiting with PLR products

Rebranding PLR content will help you position your product to be unique on the market, thus dominating your competition that are reselling PLR as is. The hard part in doing is creating the graphics yourself.

There are 2 options I personally use for rebranding my PLR products:

  1. I hire a designer on to design new graphics for me for $5.
  2. I use a software tool like eCover Authority, Pixel Studio FX 2.0 or Cover Genie Pro and do it myself since they offer many ready made templates that are easy to edit and can push out professional looking graphics without being a designer myself.

I own a copy of ecover Authority and Pixel Studio FX 2.0 and I have to say, Pixel Studio FX 2.0 outshines all the eCover design software tools I’ve tried out so far, and I’ve tried many. It’s very easy to use, has lots of high converting templates to work from and some really great 3D models for different types of digital products like ebooks, reports, audios, videos, boxes etc

So make sure you consider rebranding your PLR so they can appear unique to your brand and business and earn you maximum profits – it’s well worth it!



PLR Course Part 4 – Can You Make Money with PLR?

Making Money with Private Label Rights Products

It can be done, most successful internet marketers use PLR products in some way or another. It’s just up-to you to make that extra effort and to be willing to add your opinion and personality to your products.

Make Money with PLR for Internet Marketing Beginners

Are you an IM (internet marketing) newbie? Have you been around the block a few times, but still aren’t realizing the profits you expected to make? If your IM efforts aren’t living up to your expectations, maybe you should consider using private label rights (PLR) materials. In fact, you may even have some PLR stuff taking up space on your hard drive – why not put it to good use?

If you’re new to internet marketing, you’re probably wishing that days were more than 24 hours, so you can do everything necessary to launch your business. If you’re a seasoned pro, you’re probably even busier. After doing all that’s necessary to start an online business, there’s not a whole lot of time left to create digital products – and it can be expensive to hire others to do it for you. To stay high in the search engine rankings, websites should be updated regularly; cut expenses and effort with private label rights material!

Joining PLR Membership sites

You can buy a subscription to a PLR website, gaining access to a wealth of digital materials for a fraction of the cost of having those materials custom made. The PLR eBooks, articles and reports on these sites aren’t exactly ready to use, unless you’re going to insert them into a newsletter. If not, you’ll have to rewrite them, or pay someone to do it – but thankfully, rewrites are about half as expensive as original material.

  • There are certain things you’ll have to do to get your PLR materials ready for market, such as:
  • Change the title. Keep related keywords, but a title change is imperative.
  • Put your keywords into the articles, reports and ebooks you download. You’ll have to make the materials unique enough so you can claim them as your own.

The time and expense involved in making changes to PLR products is significantly less than if you had to create a new product from scratch. Unless you’re already wealthy and have unlimited time, PLR is right for you.

make money with plr

Adding Value to PLR Products

Getting the most value from private label rights products means becoming a good salesperson, if you aren’t already. Others have access to the same PLR products you are getting, so you’ll need to do something to increase the value of those products. Change them, add to them, package them with other digital materials. In short, you’ll need to make your PLR offerings more valuable than they originally were.

By adding value to your products, you can stay a step ahead of the competition. While other marketers are simply downloading and selling products as-is, you can add value and sell them for a higher profit. You can use PLR products in many ways – you can use them to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you can build your list, and you can bundle them and promote them as standalone products. With PLR and good salesmanship, the possibilities are endless!


To Your Success!


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PLR Course Part 3 – The Definitive Private Label Rights Glossary

The Definitive PLR (Private Label Rights) Glossary

When starting your own reseller business or considering to purchase PLR products for internet marketing purposes, there are certain things you should understand. Some think that when they purchase reseller products, they can do anything they want with the reseller reports, PLR ebooks and PLR articles they get from the site – but that just isn’t the case.

PLR Course - Start a Resell Rights Business

The most important thing to remember is this: Read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a membership, because all PLR websites aren’t the same. Some of these terms will be included in a sites Terms and Conditions, but others will only be alluded to.

Here, we’ll list some of the most commonly used terms on private label rights websites.

Private label rights – This is any content written by another party, made available for multiple buyers to purchase and use. PLR material can be used right away, or it can be edited within the site’s terms and conditions. As mentioned above, every site’s terms are different. PLR agreements sometimes give resale rights as a part of the membership, and other times, those rights must be bought separately.

Limited rights to resell – These terms say that materials can be resold and edited, but the ways in which the material can be resold are limited. For instance: you may be able to sell it to your site’s subscribers, or package it with other digital offerings, but you cannot give a third party the right to resell the material. “Limited resale rights” may not be specifically listed; you may instead see a term such as “nontransferable private label rights”. In short, either term means that you cannot give others permission to resell the material. You can change it, add links and pass it off as your own, however.

Master (Full) resale rights – This term is featured prominently where it’s used, but you should carefully read the fine print to ensure that there aren’t any stipulations. Master resale rights means that you can promote the material as your own, and sell it to your customers, while giving others the right to resell the material.

Transferable private label rights – This means that you can give third parties the right to resell the material. However, it is different than full resale rights. In transferable PLR, you have the right to give others permission to resell the work, but you cannot profit from the transfer.

PLR and master reseller rights — We can’t stress this enough – you need to carefully read the site’s terms and conditions. These agreements seem rather broad, but limitations can still exist. For example, you might not be able to offer the materials on other private label rights websites.

Guarantee – It’s highly unlikely that you’ll encounter this term on PLR sites or in those sites’ terms and conditions. There’s never (at least that I’ve ever heard of) a satisfaction guarantee. Most PLR stores and resellers will only guarantee 2 links, that you only need to pay once for a license and then you can resell the product unlimited times and keep all the profits.

So life of a reseller is simple, purchase quality resell rights products, bundle them to give awesome value to your customers and then market them to your customers.

Here’s a REAL example of what a PLR License looks like when you buy PLR or other resell rights products from

It should give you an idea of what you’ll get when you make a purchase.

Click the below button to go to our resell rights store.


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I hope enjoyed Part 3 of our PLR course, be sure to come check out the next part soon.

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PS. When you’re planning to start reselling digital products, it’s recommended to create your own license file and to promote your sales funnel within your license.

PLR Course Part 2 – PLR for Internet Marketing

Private Label Rights: How PLR Has Affected Internet Marketing

Not so long ago, even the savviest internet marketers weren’t sure what PLR (private label rights) meant – or how to use PLR items. Private label rights have been around for a while in real-world marketing, but recently, PLR has caught the attention of modern marketers. Here, we’ll look at private label rights as it applies to brick-and-mortar businesses, and then we will see how it works with IM.

PLR products for internet marketing

A Real-World Example: Cleaning Products

Think about the last time you went to a discount store, and about how many cleaning products were available. How many products do you think there are? Hundreds, or even thousands? Let’s narrow that field even further, to floor cleaners. There are still numerous choices – and in general, most of these products contain similar ingredients. Even though disinfecting cleaners are similar, the mixtures are different.

These varying formulations are what’s available on store shelves, and each brand is packaged differently and priced differently – although they’re very similar, for the most part. The companies making these floor cleaners have purchased materials (PLR, in our terms) from common suppliers, but the end result is unique.

Every brand of cleaner is marketed separately; marketing campaigns tout features such as high strength. Cleaners all share shelf space, and customers make decisions based not on ingredients, but on the effectiveness of the company’s marketing campaign. In short, private label rights items are materials, just like the ingredients in floor cleaners, and they’re used in a similar way.

How PLR is Used

Smart internet marketers use private label ebooks, articles and reports as materials. These people have learned how to leverage PLR to grow an existing business, or to build from the ground up. Like the floor cleaner ingredients mentioned above, PLR materials are packaged uniquely to create digital products that are similar to, yet different from, other offerings. Just like in the grocery store, quantity and pricing varies widely.

PLR Products for Internet Marketing

The need for PLR materials is growing, and more marketers are starting to take advantage of that need. IM pros are discovering that other marketers and site owners don’t have the time to create their own ebooks, reports and articles, and they’ve stepped up to meet the demand. As sites compete for subscribers, more PLR materials are being sold for less money.


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As similar materials (those bought from PLR sites) are being resold by more people, competition increases – but the smartest internet marketers are setting themselves apart by packaging those private label rights products in a unique, interesting way. As with cleaning products, promotion and packaging are key. PLR is relatively new in internet marketing, but it’s having an enormous effect, by opening doors that were nonexistent just a few short years ago.

PLR Course Part 1- What is Private Label Rights?

What is Private Label Rights (PLR) and how it used by for Internet Marketers and Affiliate Marketers?

Private Label Rights can be defined as:

“Content, particularly articles, E-Books, reports, videos, audios created by a 3rd party and that’s been made available for users to use, sell, re-brand within specific guidelines which is dependent on the type PLR rights in the license file. You as the purchaser can then decide (abiding by the PLR license of-course) how you would like use the product.

Every Private Label Rights product creator has specific guidelines for each of their products

Some examples:

  • Some Private Label Rights companies do not allow subscribers to resell the content at all (personal use rights).
  • Some allow the content to be resold but do not allow the purchaser to claim authorship or to claim copyrights to the work. (Resell Rights)
  • Some allow the you to claim full authorship, re-brand and resell as your own. (Private Label Rights)
  • Some PLR suppliers allow you to completely give away their product (Giveaway Rights)

If you’re a Internet business owner, you know very well that the phrase, ‘content is king’ is true in the world of Internet Marketing. Unique, informative Content is one extremely important aspect for every online business and PLR articles can be the best solution for getting high quality content for cheap.

How are Internet Marketers using PLR in their businesses?

  • They buy high quality PLR articles in their niche, rewrite it and publish it as web content in their article marketing campaigns
  • They purchase high quality PLR articles, create a informative eBook or report that they feel their target audience would be interested in and create an opt in form where they offer a freebie in exchange for the visitors email address, also known as lead generation. I’ll speak more about this later.
  • They buy ready made info products with PLR (ebooks, reports, videos, audio, courses), re-brand they, slap their names on them and then sell them as their own to their niche market. People are hungry to learn, especially for info that they cannot get for free.

There are so many ways to make money with private label rights products, I’ll definitely be going through this later on it this PLR training course.

Fact: Some extremely successful online businesses were establish on the foundation of Private Label Rights product purchases. Private Label Rights have been on the Internet Marketing scene for many years and continues to help many entrepreneurs start online business and become very successful at making products their own and reselling them at profits.

What is Private Label Rights

If you think of it logically, it’s a very easy process.

  • Find a profitable niche that is evergreen, like internet marketing, weight loss, forex etc
  • Find a high quality PLR product, re-brand it with your name, logo, website and graphics.
  • Make sure the product you choose comes with swipe emails and a list building freebie, like a helpful report in your chosen niche, you’ll be using it to build your mailing list of loyal subscribers.
  • Get a domain for your new product. example: My new free internet marketing training brand is called Internet Marketers Education, thus I registered
  • Do keyword research to find out what people are typing in to Google when wanting to find a product like yours.
  • Find out where your target audience are hanging out like forums, social groups, communities etc
  • Create a opt in squeeze page offering a helpful freebie product in your niche and use it as your signature at forums.
  • Answer people questions in forums and establish relationship with them, be nature when you help someone they have much bigger chance of checking your signature and potentially download your freebie in exchange for their email address. Every lead you get is a potential customer that might buy your product!
  • Start learning and practicing various ways to drive natural targeted traffic to your squeeze page.
  • Make sure you have a autoresponder series in place to tell them about your main product offer. Use sales, discounts, bonuses, freebies to make your offer more enticing.
  • start an affiliate program for your newly designed product, get affiliate to promote it on their blogs by offering them instant commissions.

I think that’s enough for today. In a nutshell, I like to think of PLR products as products that have been created by PLR Product Creators with the purpose of allowing marketers and webmasters to claim authorship, re-brand it and sell it at 100% profit or use it to generate more leads, which in turn also leads to profits.


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I hope you enjoyed my PLR Course Part 1 and found it insight full learning about Private Label Rights, what it is and simple ways internet marketers use it to build their their business and make easy profits with it. There’s lots more to come!

To Your Success!


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