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How to Use PLR for Your Course Content

Are you looking for a way to make some money online but don’t have a lot to invest in creative help? Do you want to offer subscribers a great e-course at a reasonable price? Online courses are a great way to generate passive income, but there are a few steps to follow to ensure success. Below, I’ll show you how to use PLR content to create courses.

Choose a Sales Platform

Before creating a course, you’ll need to decide where to sell it. If you’ve never done it before, I suggest starting with a site such as Gumroad or, which allow users to set up PDF files that go out automatically upon receipt of payment.

If you’re already a member of another site, it’ll be much easier to create and sell online courses. After all, that’s why you pay for the membership! Sites like aMember and others make it easy to set up e-courses by inputting some basic information. Just create a product and link it to the file (or files) the user receives after they sign up and make the payment.

Once you’ve chosen a sales platform, it’s time to create the product itself. Autoresponder courses and eBooks are the easiest informational products to create, as long as you have an email autoresponder set up.

Buy or Create the Informational Content

While creating an informational product comes easy to some, not everyone has the required writing skills—or the financial ability to hire a writer and an editor. Here’s where PLR or private label rights content comes in handy. If you buy PLR regularly, you likely have some stockpiled and ready to put into action.

Go through the collection and group the content by subject matter. Do you have a ton of content on vitamins and supplements? Great! Put it together and create a course on natural health. Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to divide the course into lessons. Using the PLR content as a guide, create a working title for each lesson. These titles don’t have to be perfect; you can always go back and edit them.

Continue the process until all the content you’ve planned to use has been converted into the appropriate format. If the course needs to be beefed up with additional info, you might have to buy or look for more PLR content. When you’re finished, read the course through, and make changes as needed.

Add Your Own Branding, Styling, and Imagery

While not all e-courses include images, those that do look more professional. People tend to be drawn to pictures, and the ones you pick can also become part of your marketing efforts. There are lots of places online to find royalty-free images, which makes it easy to give a course its own unique style. Don’t forget to add your company’s name and branding!

Do a Review

The final stage of your course’s production should be a thorough read-through and assessment of its design and copy elements. Though it may seem like a significant investment of resources and time—and it can be, for some creators—the effort is worthwhile. When you’ve created a course from done-for-you private label rights content, the project will move much faster.

If you’d rather keep the content protected, save it as a PDF file. Buyers can then purchase the course and receive individual lessons as they come or download the entire collection at one time. Set up an HTML sales page, where site visitors can click a button to buy or sign up for the course.

Set the Course Up as an Email Autoresponder

The final step in making PLR into an e-course is to open up the saved PDF document and paste lessons/sections into autoresponder emails timed in regular intervals. For a week-long course, you’d need seven emails; for a month-long online course, you’d need at least 30.

When a person buys or signs up for the course, they’ll get the information in easy-to-understand bits. E-courses are perfect for busy marketers, and they’re a great way to keep customers coming back to your sales site for other awesome products.

Do Some Marketing

After the course and its sales page are complete, it’s time to shift into marketing mode. If you’ve built a lengthy subscriber list, you’re halfway there! These lists are full of targeted buyers, so they’re more likely to download your course. When more people sign up for your course, you can charge less for it—which will make it more popular.

Sending out email announcements is the easiest way to profit from an online course. Consider making a pre-launch announcement that lets subscribers know about your upcoming product and think about offering it at a limited-time sale price to create additional interest.

Get Started

So, that’s how you create an e-course with private label rights content. At, you’ll find all the PLR videos, eBooks, and articles you need to build a successful e-course. Buy some content—or go through what you already have—and create your first course today!

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