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Top Secret eBay Tips Unrestricted PLR eBook

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Top Secret eBay Tips Unrestricted PLR eBook

 Top Secret Master PLR eBay Tips ALL eBay’rs SHOULD Know- Revealed!

Some Secrets should be kept tight to your heart- and for good reason. Other Secrets are just plain too good; you can’t help but divulge them.

As a mater of fact, a few Secrets are so profound that it would nearly constitute a crime not to “shout it from the rooftops”!

This is one of those kinds of Timeless Secrets.

Before you discover this incredible Secret that can rapidly change the quality of your life– in terms of eBay-generated abundance– I need to make one thing crystal clear:

Certain Timeless Marketing Principles always hold true– and most especially with eBay!

What you are about to discover was compiled over [literally!] 1000’s of hours in marketing prowess and dozens of hours meticulously mining eBay’s gargantuan wealth of knowledge; and the deft distillation thereof.

In other words, the paltry pittance you invest to own this Special Folio not only stands to make you an aircraft carrier-sized boatload of cash [if executed with discipline, focus and enthusiasm]; it will also save you much stress and duress having to burrow through all of that information yourself!

Let alone trying to get your brain around it, and extrapolate that which shortly follows…

That said, this Secret will be revealed to you in three parts- your proverbial A.C.E. in the Hole. Enjoy and prosper abundantly!

One other thing- if this Special Folio does not meet your absolute satisfaction, I will cheerfully and expediently refund your purchase with honor!

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Introducing ….

Top Secret eBay Tips

It utterly makes the mind reel, when you fully grasp just how many categories and sub-categories you could potentially list items for sale. And this doesn’t even factor in the time that flies by when you start actively perusing categories of curious fascination…

However, when you boil it all down, there are only two types of offerings for sale:

  • Tangible [physical “stuff” or real-world, off-line services; such as a lamp, massage service, or automobile mechanic]
  • Non-tangible [any service or goods that can be completely fulfilled via computer; such as e-books, mp3’s, Web hosting, etc.]

The primary focus of this Special Folio is the latter of the two types of offerings. However, once you fully assimilate these Timeless Principles, you mind will be racing with non-tangible applications, as well. Enjoy!


Regardless of what offerings you may consider posting on eBay, ambiance is everything. It is the difference between [possibly] getting your Buy Now, opening or minimum reserve bid, and witnessing a buying/bidding frenzy of hungry “sharks”.

The atmosphere, condition and status of your auction descriptions and eBay storefront [sometimes not so] subtly reflect to me- the potential buyer- volumes about you, and more specifically- your offerings.

Call it Consumer Psychology 101, for lack of better words. From womb to tomb, Americans are born, bred, and raised on ravenous- borderline manic– consumerism; until whence we pass on to the The Next.

So, how does this apply to you– in terms of prosperity and abundance, via eBay?

As an eBay seller, you already have the formula for Outstanding Success programmed into you, from birth. No joke. You just need an expedient “refresher course” to unleash that which is already yours.

To illustrate the importance of ambiance, I will use both a tangible and non-tangible example:

  • Tangible example- For many years, Farmer Gerry has been stashing back what he refers to as “Farm Artifacts”, literally found sticking out of the ground. Most of which are ancient [by my reckoning]; dating back 50, 75, even a hundred years or more.

And I must tell you it is a truly mind-boggling collection of Humanity’s majestic history of invention; out of necessity or pleasure!!!

Not to digress. A number of years ago, Farmer Gerry’s wife needed to complete an art-related project for college.

In a long to short, she took a number of these Farm Artifacts and mounted them on an outside wall, in a highly intriguing manner that created a true synergy. The overall wall- as Life-sized art- became far greater than the sum of each individual piece.

It literally spoke a story of the days of Old…the Pioneer days. WOW!

Now- let me ask you; which way Farmer Gerry stands to make the most amount of money:

Merely giving each Farm Artifact from the wall a cursory description, and a photo or two; or revealing the full-blown history of the wall as a Work of Art, and highlighting each piece’s history, if known?!?

If Farm Artifacts was your forte, which would you be most stimulated and motivated by [read “salivating”]???

The point, here, is that any time you are considering selling an item of greater value, it pays HUGE dividends to spend a little extra “research” time and create a background/history dossier for your item.

Educate your potential buyer in an invigorating and [if at all possible] entertaining way- you’ll be far more apt to fetch Top Dollar for your offerings!

Most especially if it is rare, unique, non-mainstream, or so new/“bleeding edge” that the general public is not aware of it; it’s background, benefits, nor it’s applications.

  • Non-tangible example- You’ve toiled long and hard on your first e-book. You’ve had it proofread by multiple individuals. You’ve carefully selected [or designed] the cover art. You are ready to share your Pride and Joy with the Global Web Community.

You could- like many folks that I’ve observed- just toss it up on eBay, as is, with a brief description and eagerly await flocks and hoards of sales.

And since eBay is over a hundred and sixty five million strong- the sheer numbers are in your favor- assuming a high-quality product at a fair price. Sure, you will make sales, and perhaps a lot of them. However, consider this:

Spend some quality time crafting your eBay About Me page and project yourself with enthusiasm- totally successful, if you haven’t done so already.

Tell me about yourself, what inspired you to write your book, plans for future releases, favorite hobbies/pastimes, etc. This adds the unmistakable “human element” so desperately far and few in between on the Web these days!

Get some straight-from-the-heart reviews on your book. Like what you find on the back, or just inside of, a paperback. Give me an irresistible, fat list of sales bullets with some sizzling sales copy; maybe even tantalize me with a sneak-preview of a chapter or two…


Though not the same, your Character is kin to ambiance.

If the extent of your effort is merely to present your offerings in a bland, uninteresting way; then whether or not you actually make the sale depends solely on your price, and the visual information I can glean from the quality of your photos.

If I actually, really want your offering bad enough, I might convince myself to send you an e-mail with a question or two.

However, that detracts from both my precious time and overall eBay experience- unless I want your item THAT bad; which I most seriously doubt- all things being what they are.

Let’s face it- we live very harried lives with a bazillion “taxings” of our extremely limited time and money resources.

If you do not inspire me to keep reading- for my own personal enjoyment- you have a better than a 99% chance of loosing my- and countless other’s- interest and business.

Why? With just eBay, alone, I have millions of consumer choices at my immediate fingertips. And that doesn’t even factor in the other 70+ million Web Sites, my bills, children’s needs, etc., etc.!!!

However, when you inject your personality into your descriptions and storefront, and it’s one I find somewhat intriguing; at very least- you’ll inspire me to read on a little farther.

Maybe put your auction in my fav’s, to get back to. Perhaps your Character even persuaded me to make a modest bid!

One thing’s for absolute certain, though- you will sell far more, far quicker, by putting some real personality into your copy!

This is your unbridled opportunity to project yourself in the most positive light you perceive [above and beyond spouse, parent, co-worker, etc.].

Convince me that I actually dealing with a real person; one with real interests, struggles, and hopes- just like me!

What made Paul Harvey such a smash success syndication? Was it the information he shared? Perhaps. But it was his Character that gave otherwise mildly amusing information personality and life!

One last thing on Character: It is absolutely realistic that the only way I’ll ever know you is by your copy; convince me you’re worth knowing- because friends do business with friends, over strangers!


If you’ve actually participated in selling on eBay, you’ve come to the realization that there are multiple types of auctions you can utilize [assuming you have a high-enough feedback rating or a Verisign “check mark”].

It is outside the scope of this Special Folio to go into each one.

The important thing to understand, is that with these different types of auctions are numerous, not-so-obvious Timeless Principles for getting noticed.

The “suggested serving” strategies [as presented by eBay] are not necessarily the most advantageous to your prosperity.

Naturally, eBay desires your experience with them to be pleasurable enough so as to be repeatable. That said, they have their own self-serving interests to cultivate first- then yours.

So, use this leverage to your advantage! The timeless Principle you are about to [re] discover will work- not only on eBay, but- equally well- with search engines, classified ad sites, and other on-line auction houses.

As a real-life example of this Principle at work, let’s assume that you are selling small ticket [under $25.00], non-tangible offerings. Let us also assume that you have acquired the “Buy Now” privilege. If not, you’ll have this Principle firmly in mind when you finally do!

Meanwhile- back to the e-book example covered above.

For sake of illustration, we’ll assume that you have:

  • Deftly crafted your Labor of Love;
  • Uploaded it;
  • Created your payment button;
  • Included a few excellent bonuses;
  • Chose a suitable Web template;
  • Forged some highly compelling sales copy- brimming with personality and atmosphere;
  • Decided on a starting price of $9.99.

Here’s where your Marketing Strategy comes into play. At first glance Dutch Auctions seem like such a bargain- especially when, for a bit extra you can get a 10 day run instead of seven.

And since you are eBay savvy, after all, you decide to only post your auctions on Thursday afternoons- at 7:00 PT, let’s say- to get two full weekends of potential exposure.]

Sound marketing tactics- right? Perhaps not…

First, there are a few other considerations, which include:

  • Is your product deliberately limited in quantity- the Scarcity Principle- or is your goal to keep on selling as many as you possibly can?
  • Is your e-book serial or ISSN numbered?
  • Have you prepared a thick, juicy, content-rich and immediately downloadable Special Report that highlights your offerings, while adding real value to the end reader?

One that [over] delivers nothing but juicy, zero-fluff content; perhaps even infused it with some good, clean humor or anecdotes?

  • Do you already have an outline of your next Project, in the event that your e-book ends up attracting a strong following…

If you are selling a truly limited quantity of identical, non-tangible goods; then the Dutch Auction is a good advertising value.

Especially when combined with the ten day auction upgrade, depending on total quantity, etc.

Back to the e-book example.

After strong and careful deliberation, you finally decide that you are definitely after continuous, maximum exposure.

And to make it as easy on yourself as possible, you’ve opted to exclusively use the “Buy Now” option; covering each, individual list fee within the price of your e-book.

The only way to make serious cash on eBay, and acquire the lifestyle you ultimately envision yourself living, is this:

Relentless Visibility.

The American attention span is about as long as the average cell phone antenna. Add to that Americans are inherently lazy- it’s a knack that virtually all Americans seem to have wired in their DNA, from birth.

So how does this translate to you making more “hands-off”, truly passive money, more often- via eBay?


Capture leads with introductory, highest-quality f/ree digital goodies- especially auto-responders and high-quality PDF’s with liberal Reprint Rights- with or without [optional] custom Branding Rights.

Naturally, you’d need an off-eBay site and an e-mail/survey form.

Incidentally- I do NOT get a kickback for pointing you the right direction; I’ve nothing but praise for their outstanding service and customer support. Kudos!

Using this Principle alone, can put you in the highly prestigious eBay Power Seller Circle! Do realize however, that it comes at a modest, totally-doable cost in your time budget.

As my Mentor- Marc Goldman- would say; “If you’re not capturing leads, then you’re leaving money on the table!”

From a practical standpoint, that is one hundred and ten percent true- think about it:

To illustrate this Timeless Principle, it matters not what you are selling. Product or service; tangible or non.

You see, when you do NOT capture each and every possible lead [even semi-qualified; they’re obviously interested enough to take a look], you have thrown away every possible future sale that client would have given you.

That could have resulted in hundreds- if not thousands of dollars in LOST profits. Almost brings a tear to the eye…

This does not even account for the absolutely targeted market research you could have acquired- further amplifying you forever LOST profits. Your own prospects telling you:

  • What they like to buy;
  • How often;
  • How much they’re comfortable spending;
  • New offerings they’d like to see;
  • Improvements to your current offerings;

For love of all that is precious to you- capture those leads!!!

And while I’m still on the subject, here’s a few other things to consistently be aware of:

  • First follow-up; This should definitely happen auto-responder S.A.P. [well within the same day].

This should be a cordial e-mail letting you new customer know that you sincerely appreciate their patronage and to contact you with any questions, comments, etc.

  • You should include a direct download link to one or more totally juicy, high-quality Goodies. Ones that you- your self- found quite gratifying!
  • Create a unique Branding Separator for your communications [even if you don’t publish a ‘zine or newsletter].

This way, when I log in to check my e-mail, and I’m scanning subject lines at near-terminal velocity, your e-mails stick out to me as being from you!

While your at it- kick me down an absolutely f/ree resource [bundle, that just plain makes me salivate…and all I have to do is click a quick to or three y/n/multiple-choice survey…

The possibilities are as endless as the leads you capture!

I am far more likely to read into an e-mail that I have established a certain amount of respect with the origin; specifically if you promise me an instant benefit!

One Last Note on eBay Visibility-

The advantage to relisting your offerings, either once a day or as soon as you notice that you’ve slipped below the first page of listings, is that you remain constantly visible.

In this aspect it is most advantageous to log into eBay multiple times throughout a day [if possible- especially on weekends] to keep a close eye on your visibility status; in terms of the first listings page of each of the categories that you uploaded your offerings to.

It’s the same list fee either way.

With a little bit of extra time invested- you may very easily find your sales doubling, quadrupling, even 10x or more

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