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Top Quality Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Kid PLR Report

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Top Quality Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Kid PLR Report

In This PLR Report You’ll Get Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Report With Private Label Rights To Help You Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Which Is A Highly Profitable And In-demand Niche.

The Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey PLR Report contents is available in Text file format and can be downloaded instantly after purchase.

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Introducing The…

Top Quality Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Kid PLR Report

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Here Are The Titles Of The Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey PLR Report

• Latchkey Kids and the Law
• Dangers of Being Latchkey
• Benefits of Being a Latchkey Kid
• Maturity Cues That Show Your Child Is Latchkey Ready
• Explaining to Your Child What’s Happening
• Reward Your Children for Good Behavior
• Setting Up Your Emergency Contact Network
• Setting Boundaries and Expectations for Your Child
• Dealing with the Unexpected

Here’s A Sample Of This Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Kid PLR Content

Preparing Your Child to Be a Latchkey Kid

All over the US, children are going home after school and spending time alone until their parents get home from work. This is what a latchkey kid is. The term came about because they have their own key, usually on a chain hung from their neck, to unlock their home each day when they’re done with school.

They typically have no adult supervision for two to three hours each evening while they wait for their parents to come home. There are more than four million grade-school-aged latchkey kids because there are a lot of dual-income parents and single parents in the workforce today. But this number is down from its high in the 80s when over half of all children were latchkey kids.

It’s very difficult to find affordable childcare for this age group. However, before you choose to let your child become a latchkey kid, there are many things to consider – such as the laws in your area, whether your child is mature enough, and your own financial and emotional situation.

Latchkey Kids and the Law

If you’re considering letting your child become a latchkey kid, then you need to find out what the law is in your state, city, and county. For the most part, allowing a child to stay home before the age of 8 is not recommended or even legal today. It was done in the past with great regularity but now the laws have changed the rules for parents.

Most professionals agree that children between ages 8 and 10 shouldn’t be home alone for more than a couple of hours. Ages 11 to 12 can be home longer but should not be left alone late at night. Kids 13 to 15 can be alone at night, but not all night long. Between 16 and 17 years of age, being left overnight a couple nights is okay. But, keep in mind that your decisions should be made based on the law in your area and the maturity of your child.

Dangers of Being Latchkey

Let’s be clear before we continue. There are some inherent dangers in being a latchkey kid. But you can mitigate each of them if you’re honest about it and aware. Sometimes you have no choice but to take risks, but when you know what the true issues are, you can at least get in front of them and help your child come out on top.

Loneliness, Boredom and Fear

Many studies show one of the biggest problems with latchkey kids is that they are often lonely, bored, and even afraid. That’s why it’s so important to set up ways to mitigate these issues. Children who have these problems are more likely to fall for those who seek to prey on children through the internet and other means. Talk to your child about stranger (and even relative) danger, and proper behavior that adults should have around kids.

Problems with Peer Pressure

Children starting about middle-school age who spend more than three hours a day alone tend to fall for peer pressure more. They also tend to be more likely to be involved with drug and alcohol use and even sexual activity, due to not following the rules you set about not having friends over. If you never check in or show up unannounced, they will learn that they can get away with it and since their frontal lobes aren’t closed yet, they may make bad choices.

Sexual Promiscuity and Behavior Problems

Children left alone for long periods of time tend to suffer from sexual promiscuity and even behavior problems more often than children who aren’t. But, many children left alone don’t, so there has to be a way to prevent this issue. Open communication, double checking on your kids, and asking others like a trusted neighbor to tell you what’s going on can help.

Many children who are latchkey kids also seem to have more issues with conduct disorders and have more issues academically. However, some of this is traced to parents not having time to spend with their kids or money to spend on tutors, health experts, and so forth. If you are aware in advance of this problem, you can know what to watch for in your latchkey child.

Benefits of Being a Latchkey Kid

Now that you’re probably scared to death, it’s time to make it clear that when done right, there are many benefits to being a latchkey kid. Not all children fall for predators, use drugs, or have sex too early just because they’re latchkey kids. Often, there are other issues at play aside from only being a latchkey kid, such as poor parental communication, authoritarian-based parenting, and even drug and alcohol use by parents.

Many children who are latchkey kids thrive because they know their parents love and trust them.

Develop Independence

Many latchkey kids develop independence early, which means that their transition to college or the workforce is a lot easier. Making good choices and having the opportunity to make good choices pays off later in life.

Learn Responsibility

A child who stays home alone learns to be responsible from experience. It’s so much better for someone to learn responsibility younger than have it thrust on them all of a sudden once they’re an adult. Small increments of responsibility pay off through gaining confidence that can only be learned from experience.

Practice Adulting

So many 18-year-old young adults go off to college or enter the workforce not having a clue about anything to do with adulting. Many can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich or wash a load of laundry – much less write a check or show up to work on time. This is not a good thing for society or the child. Letting them practice and make mistakes, while under the protection of parents, is better.

Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is an interesting thing that can only be built through experience. It’s not built by someone saying “good job”; it’s built by knowing you made a good choice and experiencing the rewards of the great choice. You can’t do that if you don’t have reasons to make choices on your own.

Close Relationships with Parents

Most latchkey kids have good relationships with their parents as they age. Their relationship is built on mutual respect, not authoritarianism. This doesn’t mean you don’t make rules. It’s just that you make rules and explain them and demonstrate why the rule is important, rather than having a “do as I say or you get punished” method which leads to children having no self-control when not around the parent.

These benefits are multiplied when you are good at communicating with your children, check in with them often, and reason with your kids rather than setting authoritarian rules that need punishments to back them up. In other words, your child follows your rules not to talk to strangers or not to tell strangers on the phone that they’re alone. This is because the rule makes sense due to your explanation, not because they’re fearful of your punishments.

Please Note: This is only snippet of the content so you can see the quality of the PLR report.

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