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Simple 10 Minute Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners PLR Report

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Simple 10 Minute Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners PLR Report

If you are the owner of a small business, your day is sure to be filled with tasks that you know absolutely must get done TODAY.

You probably recognize the need to put some effort into marketing your business, but perhaps you don’t have a clear picture of what it involves. Maybe it just sounds like a big job that you don’t have the time for right now, and it becomes one of those tasks that you keep pushing down your list.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to change things. Marketing is something that absolutely must get done today. Do we hear, “I don’t have time?” Well, that just isn’t true. There are multitudes of things you can do in the time that you are currently “wasting” – time when you are not currently doing anything to promote your business or even providing a benefit for yourself.

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Simple 10 Minute Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

The Three Elements of Marketing

If you stop for a moment to examine what marketing actually is, it all becomes a bit more clear. Perhaps you will start to see how much of the task can be broken down into small pieces that can be done in just a few minutes.

In common usage, marketing is seen as encompassing three elements: Promoting the business and its products (with products meaning either physical items available for sale or services provided for a fee), advertising, and sales. Though they might overlap, they are three distinct activities.

Promoting the business is generally a matter of drawing attention to the business entity. Though the desired ultimate result would be increased sales, this is not the specific goal of promotion. In promoting the business, you seek to make more people aware of the existence of your company and to have a positive impression of it. In the case of most small businesses, promoting the company will often require promoting yourself – presenting information that would cause people to feel comfortable doing business with you, as the face of the company.

Advertising is specifically directed at seeking to increase sales of your products. The focus in advertising is describing the products and the benefits of owning and using them. This is where, using the old sales adage, you “sell the sizzle.” No one buys a product just for the sake of buying the product. Whether you are selling an inexpensive toy, a fast food item or a luxury automobile, your customers buy your products for the benefits they derive from owning and using them. They have a need and the product fills that need.

And sales is the final step. It happens after people have become aware of your company and have decided they are willing to consider doing business with you. When they have examined your advertising and decided they are interested in the product and might be interested in buying it, the sale must be closed.

Sometimes, especially in the e-commerce world, all three elements are blended into one piece, but they are all there. Just think of the last time (probably very recently) when you received an email or were directed to a website with a lengthy presentation, culminating in an “opportunity” to purchase a product.

The presentation would have almost certainly begun with an introduction to the individual or company with a product to sell. You would have been given information about the credentials of the company, reasons why you can – and should – trust the rest of the information in the presentation.

From there, you would have been told why you needed the product. In a successful presentation, you will be searching for the “Buy Now” button long before the end of the presentation, and typically it will start showing up early in the sales pitch.

And finally, you were given the opportunity to make the purchase. All of the elements in one presentation, but three distinctly identifiable elements nonetheless.

Focusing on Marketing

In this report, we will examine all three of these elements. We will propose ways that you can, in fact, successfully make contributions to the accomplishment of each, with activities that take only a few minutes of your time. The entire process of executing an effective marketing strategy will not be something that you can do in a few minutes, but the contributions to that total strategy by simple, quick activities can be immense.

Understand, though, these will not be “do it quickly one time and you’re done” ideas. The whole process of marketing is an ongoing task, and most of the steps suggested in this report will be things that you can – and should – do over and over again.  When you are only taking only a few minutes to do them, though, you will find yourself eager to repeat them regularly.

Let’s start with a hint for getting the greatest results from any of the marketing techniques you might employ: Don’t try to market in the dark – know your business. If you’re like the typical small business owner, your reaction to that suggestion is probably along the lines of, “Know my business!?! I live and breathe this business. It takes over nearly every minute of my life. Of course I know my business.”

That may be correct – especially the part about how much of your life is devoted to your business. But how well do you understand the various groups (customers, suppliers, competitors) that impact it? How clear is your understanding of its financial performance?

Assuming you do know if it is showing a profit or losing money, can you point to the things that contribute most to your profitability or the things that are the greatest drains on your resources? How well can you explain to a potential customer why they should do business with you, rather than a competitor?

Gather and assimilate all the information you can about your business, your customers, your suppliers, even your competitors. All of that information will contribute to your ability to tailor your marketing efforts to build on the most profitable elements of your business, by influencing the behavior of the people that are important to your business.

In general, all of your marketing efforts will fall into one of two categories. You will be generating ideas or you will be taking action. It is not an either-or proposition. You need the ideas to initiate your actions, but as marketing becomes a habitual effort, you will find that each feeds the other. Clearly, actions are born of ideas, but you will find that the more you do, the more ideas you get of other things to do. Keep in mind the need to be generating ideas to have ready for action as the opportunity arises.

Generating ideas should be a fun task. It requires no resources other than your own mind, driven by your passion for what you are doing and utilizing all of the information you have about your business. Since it requires no external resources, you can utilize otherwise wasted moments – even driving down the road or lying in bed at night, or during those interminable periods “On Hold” that you may occasionally encounter.

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