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Resale Rights Power Strategies Unrestricted PLR eBook

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Resale Rights Power Strategies Unrestricted PLR eBook

So what is selling resell rights really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about promoting resell rights products. This is information you can use, it’s not just the old stuff they used to tell you about.


Resale Rights Power Strategies

When you think about resell rights marketing, what do you think of first? Which aspects of promoting resell rights products are important, which are essential and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

  1. The “Growing Demand” Strategy

The “(topic) sales increased (no.)% last year” strategy tells your prospects that your resell product is in huge demand and growing steadily. Most people don’t want to resell products that no one wants.

  1. The “Tedious Labor” Strategy

The “benefit from other people’s hard work” strategy tells your prospects that they are escaping all the tedious labor involved in creating their own product. Most people like to have someone else do all of the work.

  1. The “Grab Your Share” Strategy

The “instantly tap into a ($) market” strategy tells your prospects that the topic of your resell product is in a valuable market. Most people want to grab their share of the pie too.

Table of Contents


  1. The “Growing Demand” Strategy
  2. The “Tedious Labor” Strategy
  3. The “Grab Your Share” Strategy
  4. The “Copywriter” Strategy
  5. The “Those Look Good” Strategy
  6. The “Ghost” Strategy
  7. The “Ready To Roll” Strategy
  8. The “Times It By 12” Strategy
  9. The “Loaded Up” Strategy
  10. The “Brand It” Strategy
  11. The “Package It Up” Strategy
  12. The “Free To Profit” Strategy
  13. The “Instant Business” Strategy
  14. The “Junk Yard” Strategy
  15. The “Keep It All” Strategy
  16. The “Only A Few” Strategy
  17. The “Don’t Charge Them” Strategy
  18. The “Opt-In Incentive” Strategy
  19. The “Content Included” Strategy
  20. The “Hard Copy” Strategy
  21. The “Physical License” Strategy
  22. The “Army Of Affiliates” Strategy
  23. The “Fire Your Boss” Strategy
  24. The “Workshop” Strategy
  25. The “Ever-Changing” Strategy
  26. The “Don’t Wait” Strategy
  27. The “Definition” Strategy
  28. The “Win/Win” Strategy
  29. The “Zero Rights” Strategy
  30. The “Just Upload” Strategy
  31. The “Early Advantage” Strategy
  32. The “All Covered” Strategy
  33. The “Untapped” Strategy
  34. The “Almost Gone” Strategy
  35. The “Current Totals” Strategy
  36. The “Never, Never” Strategy
  37. The “Invest For Profits” Strategy
  38. The “Won’t Do Anything” Strategy
  39. The “Hassle Free” Strategy
  40. The “Less Or More” Strategy
  41. The “Sky’s The Limit” Strategy
  42. The “Follow The Leader” Strategy
  43. The “Be The Host” Strategy
  44. The “Highly Classified” Strategy
  45. The “Tiny Ads” Strategy
  46. The “Visitors To Sales” Strategy
  47. The “Make It Back” Strategy
  48. The “Only Once” Strategy
  49. The “Time Investment” Strategy
  50. The “Partner With Me” Strategy
  51. The “Blue Ribbon” Strategy
  52. The “Become A Master” Strategy
  53. The “Perceived Value” Strategy
  54. The “Powerseller” Strategy
  55. The “Residual Income” Strategy
  56. The “You’ll Lose Money” Strategy
  57. The “Buck” Strategy
  58. The “High Ticket” Strategy
  59. The “Bold Statement” Strategy
  60. The “Want More?” Strategy
  61. The “Rear End” Strategy
  62. The “Multilevel Support” Strategy
  63. The “Just Sit Back” Strategy
  64. The “Tons Of Searches” Strategy
  65. The “Easy Success” Strategy
  66. The “Write It Off” Strategy
  67. The “Prewritten” Strategy
  68. The “Batteries Included” Strategy
  69. The “Wait Is On” Strategy
  70. The “Rehashed” Strategy
  71. The “Turn The Key” Strategy
  72. The “No Upload” Strategy
  73. The “Wide Variety” Strategy
  74. The “Freedom” Strategy
  75. The “My Investment” Strategy
  76. The “Food” Strategy
  77. The “No Hiring” Strategy
  78. The “Should Sell Well” Strategy
  79. The “Honest Reason” Strategy
  80. The “Reseller Comments” Strategy
  81. The “In The Dark” Strategy
  82. The “Name It” Strategy
  83. The “Code Of Honor” Strategy
  84. The “Don’t Risk It” Strategy
  85. The “In A Box” Strategy
  86. The “Freshen It Up” Strategy
  87. The “Big Collection” Strategy
  88. The “Next One Free” Strategy
  89. The “Imagine The Profits” Strategy
  90. The “Quick Start” Strategy
  91. The “Genius” Strategy
  92. The “Technology” Strategy
  93. The “Take Away” Strategy
  94. The “Mark It Up” Strategy
  95. The “V” Strategy
  96. The “Clock Is Ticking” Strategy
  97. The “Unrestricted Rules” Strategy
  98. The “Multimedia” Strategy
  99. The “Clear The Future” Strategy
  100. The “Gathering Place” Strategy
  101. The “Electronic” Strategy


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