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The Power of Authenticity PLR Report

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The Power of Authenticity PLR Report

The word “authenticity” has been tossed about a lot over the past few years. It’s become such a mainstream concept that you might believe that it’s a trend. It’s as if businesses have never been authentic before now and that it probably won’t last.

The truth is that many businesses are authentic. They started that way fifty years ago and they still are. The difference may be that authenticity is something that is now readily apparent. With social media being an integral part of our lives, consumers can now hold businesses to a higher level. And if they aren’t aware of your “authenticity,” then they don’t pay attention to you.

So what does it mean to be an authentic business?

An authentic person is someone who is genuine. The same is true for an authentic business. If a business says that they stand for good customer service, for example, then their actions have to support that claim.

They have to demonstrate that their values are more than just talk. So an authentic person or an authentic business is one that you can trust to follow through on what they claim, what they profess to value and believe, and what they promise.

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Introducing The…

The Power of Authenticity

How is being authentic different now than it was five, ten or twenty years ago? At its core, it isn’t. Being an authentic business is still about staying true to who you are and what you do. It’s still about creating a business that supports your values, mission, and vision. However, now more than ever it’s also about communicating that message and creating a community around it.

Remember that consumers are smart and they’re fast. If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do, they’ll be on you in a flash and talking about your lack of authenticity on social media. It can impact your credibility, trust, and likeability – all of which are buying triggers and motivate your followers to become prospects and eventually your customers.

Rather than talk about what happens if you aren’t authentic, let’s look at it from a more positive perspective and explore the many benefits of being authentic.

Why Authenticity Matters. The Many Benefits of Authenticity

Take a minute to think about why you started your business. What goals did you have? What problems did you want to solve for the world and why? Remember those connections that you made with prospects and customers where you really felt like you provided value?

Those are pure moments of authenticity. That’s when your business reflected your values and your mission. You were enjoying the experience of a truly authentic moment. So beyond the feel-good emotions that you enjoyed in the moment, what are the benefits of authenticity?

Building a Community

When you experience feel-good moments, your customers and prospects do too. Now imagine creating that experience again and again for others. What you gain is a community of loyal followers, and customers, who share your values. This community brings many benefits as well.

  • They talk about your business with others, and your community grows from word of mouth.
  • They buy products or services and your sales grow.
  • They bring with them opportunities to expand your business, to solve new problems, to forge new partnerships and seize new business models.
  • They build your credibility in your niche.
  • They make doing business a more rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.

Building Your Brand

Authenticity also builds and strengthens your brand. People notice authentic actions. They talk about you. You can also leverage your authenticity to increase awareness for your brand. For example, let’s say that you strongly believe in fighting Alzheimer’s and to support that belief, your organization sponsors or hosts a fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s foundation.

That’s not only an opportunity to support a cause you believe in, it’s also an opportunity to market your business and build your brand. You can issue press releases, share photos from the event on social media, and get your audience involved in the cause.

It’s a win/win opportunity. But charities aren’t the only way that you can embrace authenticity to build your brand. We’ll spend a good deal of time talking about the “how” to embrace authenticity in a bit.

It Makes You Better Than the Competition

Who would you rather buy from…a company that has a strong brand but inconsistent values and action, or a company that stands behind their word and shares values that they are proud to support through words and actions? Chances are you’re going to choose the company that seems to be more consistent and honest, right? Authenticity helps your prospects see how what you offer benefits them, more than your competition.

Now you might be thinking, what about the prospects that have different values than me? Won’t I lose them as potential customers? Yes. You might. However, the customers that you gain outnumber them and the repeat purchases that result from connecting with a community that reflects your same values and policies will outweigh them.

And here’s the thing about authenticity…you don’t have to be controversial. Your values can be as fundamental as “be kind.” That’s not going to drive people away, at least not the type of people you want to do business with.

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