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Paperless E-Book Publishing eBook Series with Master Resell Rights!

“How To Create, Set Up and Market Your Own Successful Information Product Empire That Sells By Cashing In Onto Your Best Intellectual Asset Accumulated Over The Years!”

If You Crave The Idea Of Having A Business That Is Very Affordable To Start, Doesn’t Require Product Stocking, And Sells At Close To 100% Profit Margin, Then This Letter Is A Must-Read For You.

“Announcing The Three Essential Paperless eBook Publishing Manuals You Need To Make Money From Information Online!”

At Last, The 3 Important Steps To Creating Your Own Profit-Making Info Product Empire Are Revealed In Detail Within Main 3 Power-Packed Modules!

Paperless eBook Publishing Module 1:

Paperless E-Book Publishing MMR Module1

Publishing Your Paperless eBook For Profits

It can sound rather hard to absorb, but here’s how you can discover starting your paperless eBook publishing Empire with a simple tool, namely the Word Program!

While I have many programs installed in my hard drive, the Word Program is by far my most-valued asset, even though it’s a freeware. And it should be for you, too!

In this manual, discover:

  • The 4 Profit Centers you can make money from your Information Product, whether it is just one eBook or several eBooks!
  • The 5 essential things you need to get started on creating your very own Information Product.
  • How to research your niche market and decide its profitability and demand before creating your Info Product.
  • The best way to price your product. Discover when you should go “low ticket” or “high ticket”.
  • How to brand your product and title.
  • The 5 best-selling contents in the Internet marketplace.
  • How to format your eBook. Learn why PDF eBooks win over EXE eBooks most of the time, once and for all. Oh and by the way, that also explains why these manuals are in PDF version.
  • Step-by-step on how to format and create your very own Info Product in Word environment — the champ’s way!
  • The 2 ways of creating your own product cover.
  • The 4 ways of creating your own content. Some of the methods, you might be surprised to know, does not necessarily require any writing on your part, as long as you know how and get it done right! You will discover them in this manual, and find out how to create your own quality content — and what constitutes quality content are information that saves time, saves effort and saves money!
  • 10 Info Product Creation tips,And much, much more!

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Paperless eBook Publishing Module 2:

Paperless E-Book Publishing MMR Module2

Setting Up Your Business For Paperless eBook Profits

After creating your own Information Product, the next important step is to set up your business — in a proven manner.

As long as you set your business up correctly, you can:

  • Automate your business,
  • Save more time and effort,
  • and Make more money!

And this is what this manual is all about. Discover:

  • 3 slightly-deferred-but-proven systems you can model your business after. Packed with detailed diagrams and real-life examples, these are business models used and practiced by top Internet Marketers thus there is no need for you to reinvent unworkable tactics but rather what already works!
  • The 2 main purposes of a web site that sells. These criteria are often overlooked by several budding Information Marketers, which is responsible for making either an explosion or depletion in their Online Ventures!
  • All of what you need to set up your business and how you can acquire all of them for free or dirt-cheap fees.
  • How to write your sales letter. This manual will be far from complete without this meaty chapter, yet this is one of the most important critical success factors in your business.
  • I will describe to you the necessary threads of a letter that sells to you within this manual as well, whether you’ve attended copywriting classes before or not.
  • The Pros and Cons of each business model and how you can set them up. You decide which one works best to your preference and ability!And much, much more!

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Paperless eBook Publishing Module 3:

Paperless E-Book Publishing MMR Module3

Marketing Your Paperless eBook Website

The science and art of getting noticed and making money are revealed in this manual!

Some call it “driving traffic”, but it couldn’t be any further from the truth if it were to be summed up straight-to-the-point:

Driving targeted prospects to your web site!

Discover in this manual:

  • What and how to prepare all the promotion materials you will ever need throughout your big time marketing campaign!
  • Why getting your “traffic” via the Search Engines is NOT the most ideal method. I probably would stand to be criticized by SEO Experts on this ground, but you will quickly learn why there is truly more to marketing your business than playing around with your keywords, which in a real sense, can rob you of profits you actually deserve!
  • The best marketing life wire you can use. Here is how you can leverage your marketing effort on an army of people who willingly do this for you… if you know and how to convince them to do so! You won’t need to wonder any of those anymore, as the answers are revealed within this manual. I also thought I should let you know, that for the first time ever, it is even possible to start this free.
  • An under-used technique you can use best with your direct competitors. This sounds very nutty, but this method is probably for you if you are on a strict marketing budget and here’s how you can build your list and increase your sales at the same time!
  • Low-cost, high-profit advertising methods which you can use in your favor!And much, much more!

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License Type: Master Resell Rights

Your Product License Information:

1. You can put your name or pen name on the product as the author.

2. You can edit the contents of the product e.g. putting in your affiliate links, adding and removing text, inserting pictures and advertisements, etc.

3. You can change the title and sub-title of the product.

4. You can sell the product (E-Book) in PDF format. The suggested selling price is $27.00 – $37.00.

5. You can break the contents of the product into articles for article submission purposes or add content to your website, blog or e-zine, and include your resource box.

6. You can spawn a series of short reports (free or paid) by breaking down the contents of the product.

7. You can add the product into a membership site (paid only).

8. You can add the product into your product bundle or package and sell for a higher price.

9. You can offer the Basic Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights to the PDF E-Book. The suggested selling price is $67.00 – $97.00.

10. You can produce audio/video content from the materials in this product.

11. You CANNOT give the product away for FREE, under any circumstances at all.

12. You CANNOT offer the product as a bonus to another product you are selling. However, you can offer other bonuses to this product when selling.

13. You CANNOT sell the product on auction sites such as

14. You CANNOT use this product in a dime sale event, under any circumstances at all.

Selling the Private Label Rights (Word Format)

1. You CANNOT, under any circumstances at all, resell, give away or trade the Private Label Rights to this product, whether in full or partial.

Offline Publishing

1. You CANNOT use the Private Label materials of this product to publish your work offline. This includes, but not limited to, hard copy books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and MP3s.
Sales Letter & Graphics Pack

1. You can edit the sales letter anyhow you like i.e. put your name in the sales letter, insert your order link, enter your own bonuses, make changes to the sales page content, etc.

2. You can edit the graphics pack to this product anyhow you like i.e. put your name on the E-Cover, alter the design, using your own titles, branding your trade name into the titles and sub-titles, etc.

3. You can edit the Thank You page anyhow you like i.e. put in your bonuses, enter your name, include the download link, etc.

IMPORTANT! If you are offering this product with Master Resell Rights then please pass this license on to your customers so they are fully informed on the terms and conditions to the usage and resale of this product.

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