OutSource Tactics Unleashed with Master resell rights
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OutSource Tactics Unleashed eBook With Master resell rights

“Discover How YOU – OR ANYONE – Can Leverage On Other People’s Time And Other People’s Resources So That You Can. . .”

  • Achieve More Results,
  • Expand Your Business Faster, And
  • Automate Your Business!

“Introducing OutSource Tactics Unleashed!”

OutSource Tactics Unleashed with MRR

Here’s A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction to Outsourcing 7
1.1 Outsourcing – What it is and How it Benefits the Internet Entrepreneur 8
1.2 Outsourcing: Now or Later? 9
1.3 Full Time Staff versus Outsourcing to Agents – Pros and Cons 11

2.0 Tasks You Can Outsource 14
2.1 Outsourcing Your Advertising and Marketing Needs 15
2.2 Why Outsource Your Content Writing? 16
2.3 Finding a Competent Graphic Designer for Your Next Project 18
2.4 Finding a Great Virtual Assistant 19
2.5 Getting Help with Your Blogging 21
2.6 Outsourcing Your Copywriting Projects 22
2.7 Programming Needs and How to Outsource Them 24
2.8 Need a Book Ghostwriter? 25
2.9 Farming out Editing Jobs 27
2.10 Going the Agent Route with Your Sales Initiative 29

3.0 How to Negotiate Outsourcing Deals 31
3.1 Negotiating Your Outsourcing Deal 32
3.2 Outsourcing Definitely Shows Company Benefits 33
3.3 Choosing an Outsourcing Company to Handle the Your Phone Needs 35
3.4 Even Online Businesses Use Outsourcing 36
3.5 Outsourcing Contracts Can Be Confusing 38

4.0 Outsourcing – Tips and Tricks 40
4.1 Outsourcing Tips and Tricks 41
4.2 Outsourcing: Project Planning and Completion 42

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