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Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets

Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets

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Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets

Here’s How to Create In-Demand Lead Magnets That Builds Your List of Buyers And Generates Huge Profits On The Backend…

Most marketers never learn these secrets—and their business suffers dearly for it. Don’t make this mistake…

I know a guy who lived right on a flood plain, right next to the great Mississippi River.

One spring after a winter full of snow and a fast melt, that great ol’ river started to rise to epic proportions. The townspeople erected clay dikes and sandbag walls. They had the National Guard patrolling the dikes day and night.

But then one day in the early morning hours a dike started to fail. A small crack developed. It weakened the clay. They couldn’t scramble the heavy equipment fast enough to fix it, and soon the flood broke through the wall.

I still remember what my friend said to me some time later…

How Can Such a Tiny Thing Create Such a Huge Result?

I still nod knowingly when I think about what he said. That’s because I base my entire business on “tiny things” that create “huge results.”

Case in point: I create lots of tiny pieces of content and then use these content pieces to build big mailing lists and huge backend profits.

Tiny product, huge results.

It gets me both optins (new subscribers) and orders (new sales).

That’s what EVERY single business owner wants, right?

Lead magnets are the perfect way to get people to join your list and buy whatever you are selling.  And there are just SO MANY ways to use lead magnets…

Introducing:  Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets

Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets

Here Are 14 Awesome Ways To Put Lead Magnets To Work For You Right Away

You can use these strategies to get new leads onto your list, or you can send your existing leads to the web page of your choice. Take a look…

  1. Give them away on your website or blog to entice fresh leads to join your list or existing leads to self-segment themselves. You can put calls to action on your landing page, in the header or footer, in a popup window, a slider, your sidebar, or even embedded directly in the content!
  2. Give them away on a page that has a sales letter below it. All you have to do is send a broadcast mailing to your existing leads. This automatically segments your list, and your lead magnet closes the sale on the paid offer. Win-win!
  3. Add your lead magnet to a “list” post (such as a gear or resource list) and post the list directly on your blog.
  4. Embed links to your lead magnet directly in your blog content. (Hint: be sure to include a strong call to action at the close of each blog post.)
  5. Surprise customers by giving away lead magnets as unadvertised bonuses when someone buys from you. (Every order should have one!)
  6. Load your lead magnets to an autoresponder – just one lead magnet per month will give you a year of automated income!
  7. Create a resource page with the newest lead magnet at the top of the page. Post this resource page in products, on your blog, on download pages and more.
  8. Include a link in your byline every time you do any guest blogging.
  9. Let affiliates rebrand and give away your lead magnets. Both you and your affiliates will make money every time someone buys something through the links in your lead magnet!
  10. Post your lead magnets on social media. This includes tweets, Facebook posts, videos and more, each with different calls to actions and different lead magnets, etc. You can even use an image of your lead magnet as your cover photo!
  11. Co-promote lead magnets with your joint venture partners: you can do email cross promotions, download-page swaps, social media endorsements, blog-ad swaps and more.
  12. Use paid advertising such as Facebook ads, content syndication on sites like Outbrain, solo email advertising, banner advertising on niche sites and more.
  13. Drop a link to your lead magnet whenever you participate in niche forums, blog discussions, groups and other communities.
  14. Include links to your lead magnets when you send out postal shipments.

Let Me Share A Little Secret With You That Most People Totally Overlook – Are You Missing This Opportunity Too?

Heads up…

If you want your lead magnet (AKA “Freemium”) to work double time for you, then create something that your prospects will reference or use again and again.

I’m talking things like cheat sheets… checklists… gear lists… mind maps…idea lists. Anything they’ll want to use repeatedly.

Think about it: the more your prospects use your product -> the more they’ll see your promotions -> the more likely it is they’ll click your links and buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Simply put, familiarity generates sales. When people see your promo enough times, they feel absolutely compelled to click on it!

Every time they use your lead magnet they’ll see an ad of some kind for your paid offer.

Lead magnets are the powerhouse of promotion because you can use them to promote absolutely anything.

You can create multiple lead magnets to promote one offer. You can create one lead magnet to promote multiple offers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, your lead magnet will be the best sales tool in your toolbox. It will be the best sales person on your entire staff.  You can use your lead magnets to promote:

  • Digital products.
  • Physical products.
  • Online services.
  • Offline services.
  • Free offers.
  • Coaching and counseling.
  • Affiliate offers.
  • Software and apps.
  • Drop shipping offers.
  • Charitable organizations.
  • Political campaigns.

And whatever else you want to promote. Literally anything. Your lead magnets are not only your best sales tool, they’re also super-versatile.

What’s more, it’s so easy to put them to work for you. Use them the right way, and…


Pretty cool, right?

You simply:  give away lead magnets for FREE and promote a PAID related product or service inside that lead magnet content.

For example, if you’re giving away a checklist as a lead magnet, then on the backend you might sell a course that gives buyers the step-by-step instructions for completing each step of the checklist.

Pretty nice, right? (And it works really well too.)

Now what surprises a lot of people is that there are multiple ways to advertise your paid offer. But don’t choose just one place to promote your paid offer. Put it multiple places, and you’ll get better conversion rates. Guaranteed.


Let Me Warn You Up Front: Lead Magnets Don’t Work For Many People!

Why not? Because they’re constantly creating the same lame “lead magnets” that get lost in the crowd of busy and easily bored people.

So, their efforts don’t work. They can’t get their list going. They can’t make money. And then they wonder if this whole “give away free content” thingy is just a load of baloney.

It’s not. I use this strategy every day. So do countless other successful business owners. And now you can too.

But here’s the key…

You need to know how to create the right kind of lead magnet. You need to create a highly valuable lead magnet that’s sure to attract buyers like crazy. And it needs to be built in a way that naturally leads to a flood of sales.

That’s why I put together Optins And Orders, a set of 12 Cheat Sheets.

Here is what they look like…

Optins and Orders Screenshots

When you download Optins And Orders below, you’ll receive all 12 of these printable, handy cheat sheets to refer to over and over again…

  1. The Infographic Cheat Sheet.
  2. The Worksheet Cheat Sheet.
  3. The Template Cheat Sheet.
  4. The Swipe File Cheat Sheet.
  5. The Checklist Planner Cheat Sheet.
  6. The Documents And Forms Cheat Sheet.
  7. The Buyer’s Guide Cheat Sheet.
  8. The Email Mini-Courses Cheat Sheet.
  9. The Article Libraries Cheat Sheet.
  10. The Process Maps Cheat Sheet.
  11. The Group Coaching Cheat Sheet.
  12. The Contendeos Cheat Sheet.

Each Of These Amazing Cheat Sheets Have Four Sections To Help You Get Real Results

These cheat sheets have four sections that are certain to spark ideas and help you crank out these UNIQUE (IE “not lame”) lead magnets…

Section 1:  Tips And Shortcuts.  Every cheat sheet begins with a few tips and shortcuts for the specific type of lead magnet being explained.  You’ll find these insights helpful for making the most of the lead magnet while avoiding common mistakes.

Section 2:  Titling Templates.  You’ll never be stumped with how you should title your new lead magnet.  Simply fill-in-the-blanks for one of the title templates included on the cheat sheet and you’re ready to go.

Section 3:  FAQs and Answers.  You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers before you even ask them.  I’ve taken common questions about each specific type of lead magnet and answered them on the cheat sheet.

Section 4:  Steps.  Finally, you’ll get a quick overview of the suggested process for putting together the lead magnet.  Check them off one at a time and you’ll have your next lead magnet created quickly.

Now, as you can tell, these are “cheat sheets”, they are no in-depth training tutorials.  If you want something more detailed in nature, I recommend these Premium PLR Checklists.  But if you’re comfortable creating content and just want everything you need to know in a handy resource, then Optins And Orders is for you!

In fact, I’ll let you download one of the cheat sheets at NO COST just so you can see for yourself exactly what you’ll be receiving.  Then you can decide if you want all twelve of them.  Fair enough?

So, I’m assuming you downloaded it.  What did you think?  Awesome, huh? These are the same guides I use every day to run my extremely successful business… so just imagine what they can do for you!

But at this point I’m guessing you have one question that’s on your mind.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the part where I put a big smile on your face…

If you act now, you can get the entire set of twelve cheat sheets for just $37.00. That’s about $1.67 per cheat sheet.  If you can’t create a lead magnet from this set and give it away to make more than that … then you’re probably in the wrong business. J

Once you learn how to make these 12 different kinds of lead magnets and put them to work for you, they can bring in order after order after order for months and years to come.  Set it and forget it!

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Limited Time FAST-ACTION Special Bonuses:

If you grab the Optins and Orders 12 Premium PLR Cheatsheets today, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Bonus 1: List Building Essentials PLR Lead Magnet Front End and Upgrade

Bonus 2: Essential List Building Done For You Marketing Templates

Bonus 3: Quality List Hacks PLR List Building Report

Bonus 4: Newbie List Building Plan Unrestricted PLR eBook

Bonus 5: Email List Building Blueprint Sales Funnel With Master Resell Rights

Bonus 6: List Building PLR Pack

Bonus 7: Successful List Building PLR Report

Bonus 8: List Building Excellence Sales Funnel with Master Resell Rights

Bonus 9: 20 Unrestricted List Building and Opt-In PLR Articles Pack

Bonus 10: Ground Zero List Building PLR Newsletter eCourse

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Package Details:

Optins and Orders – 12 printable PLR cheatsheets in PNG format
Optins and Orders – 12 PSD Files for the 12 Cheatsheets
Optins and Orders – HTML Squeeze Page
Optins and Orders – Banner Images
Optins and Orders – Salesletter Word Doc
Optins and Orders – PLR License
Download File Size – 18.3 MB

License Details:

PERMISSIONS: What Can You Do With These Materials?

Sell the content basically as it is (with some minor tweaks to make it “yours”).

If you are going to claim copyright to anything created with this content, then you must substantially change at 75% of the content to distinguish yourself from other licensees.

Break up the content into small portions to sell as individual reports for $10-$20 each.

Bundle the content with other existing content to create larger products for $47-$97 each.

Setup your own membership site with the content and generate monthly residual payments!

Take the content and convert it into a multiple-week “eclass” that you charge $297-$497 to access!

Use the content to create a “physical” product that you sell for premium prices!

Convert it to audios, videos, membership site content and more.

Excerpt and / or edit portions of the content to give away for free as blog posts, reports, etc. to use as lead magnets, incentives and more!

Create your own original product from it, set it up at a site and “flip” the site for megabucks!

RESTRICTIONS: What Can’t You Do With These Materials?

To protect the value of these products, you may not pass on the rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have PLR rights or reprint / resell rights passed on to them.

You may not pass on any kind of licensing (PLR, reprint / resell, etc.) to ANY offer created from ANY PORTION OF this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content contained in this package.

You may not offer 100% commission to affiliates selling your version / copy of this product. The maximum affiliate commission you may pay out for offers created that include parts of this content is 75%.

You are not permitted to give the complete materials away in their current state for free – they must be sold. They must be excerpted and / or edited to be given away, unless otherwise noted. Example: You ARE permitted to excerpt portions of content for blog posts, lead magnets, etc.

You may not add this content to any part of an existing customer order that would not require them to make an additional purchase. (IE You cannot add it to a package, membership site, etc. that customers have ALREADY paid for.)

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