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Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart eBook With Master Resell Rights

“They Laughed When I Told Them I Wanted To Make BIG Money By Writing Articles! But When My Businesses Started Growing Leaps & Bounds…”

Starting From Ground Zero? Learn How The Gurus Do It And Catapult Yourself Into The Information Marketing Business… Starting THIS VERY MOMENT!

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Discover Today How You Can:

  • Work from home with nothing but your computer
  • Earn a rewarding income simply by writing in YOUR OWN WORDS
  • Start a business for the first time with almost NO CAPITAL
  • Work and write with YOUR OWN CREATIVITY?
  • Have a job with little labor and better yet — no boss to order you around
  • Confidently write with attitude even though you have never scored well for your English exams?
  • Become the master of words so that you can attract people into reading and buying your books?
  • Uncover your charismatic personality that has been lying within your inner-self for a very long time thus selling a line of your wisdom for a price!

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*Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart*

Internet Marketing Fortune Jumpstart with MRR

“Learn The Secrets Of Gurus By Starting As Their Writers And Make TONS Of Money While Learning Your Way Up!


To start with, I am going to give you some information about what this book is all about.

You are going to learn how to make money on the Internet just by writing. I mentioned that you will need to write but — What exactly are you suppose to write about?

In this book, I am going to reveal to you WHAT YOU NEED TO WRITE THAT GENERATES CASH FOR YOU!

Yes! You will discover the various methods of writing that will enable can to flow into your wallet in abundance! And most importantly, WHAT INFORMATION IS VALUABLE AND SALEABLE!

Plus, you can use all the writing skills that you have now because it is easy and there is no need to be extremely fluent at it! Do not worry if you lack the skills to write any of them, this book will simply provide you all the useful and necessary tips that will keep you on the right track in this field!

Being a writer online as an occupation is awesome because you can still keep your current job while at the same time, it serves as a second source of income!

Don’t you want to earn extra income freelancing a little on the side?

Writing online is flexible to the point you can choose any place that you want to work.

Isn’t that amazing?! Because I am sure that your current job is already very stressful with datelines that you are unable to meet let alone if you struggle a second job that is equally heavy-weight, you will have a hard time coping with both jobs. That’s crazy!!! I certainly don’t want that either!

My friend, you don’t have to go through the same mistakes I did!

You can live in a much more comfortable home compared to what you have today! This book will open doors for you!
In addition, if you are already a writer, this book will further enhance your skills and teach you how or where to sell your works. By purchasing this book, you will learn how you can make that work of yours turn into dollar notes so you can once and for all tell yourself, “At last! My writing skills are well-rewarded!”

I am pretty sure that you are sick and tired about what to do with all the old articles that you have written long ago, right? So let’s turn them into dollar notes with the help of my book!

This line of business is indeed interesting and simple that it definitely attracts one’s attention to give it a try. There are many people out there who have succeeded in this line and they are preaching about this great gift of writing.

Do not let the fear of competitors stop you! Just because there are a number of writers out there in the field, it doesnot mean that there is no place for a beginner like you. Instead, they may be the people who will pay you money!

My book is going to explain to you everything and teach you to turn your competition into your assets — to turn them into your source of income! Sounds good, doesn’t it? How often do you hear of this kind of positive conversion when it comes to business? 🙂

Just as I have said earlier, anyone can do this business. It does not matter whether you are gifted to write or not.

Words are foremost a very beautiful form of communication. You do not have to use fantastic English or excel the language in order to deliver your messages. Did you know the most simple and plain words are the most easiest to understand and at the same time, the most POWERFUL method to get your message across? This is all you need and nothing more.

With that said, this book will guide you step by step and in the simplest manner too! People are making money out there in the Internet Marketing industry via writing — And you can do it too! You will need a guide book for a start to uncover every nook and corner before you actually take yourself into the business.

Apart from that, you WANT to know HOW TO WRITE, WHAT TO WRITE, and WHO TO WRITE TO, therefore — This book is fully equipped with information for you to ensure your business base is solid. You will learn how to tackle minorities and take your writing business sky-high in the Internet world.

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  • How to start by not being an amateur and establish yourself as a respected professional writer in the Internet Business World!
  • The essence of writing that anyone can adopt — even when they have zero knowledge and lack the skills of a writer!
  • The many methods of writing which makes your pen valuable and high in demand so much so that everyone wants
  • YOU to write for them!
  • How to make your words very convincing and appealing that will seduce people into reading and buying your books!
  • The tools you will need to succeed in making your work a nailing master piece!
  • How to maximize your profit to the fullest with only half of your work!
  • How to turn your foes into your friends!
  • And so much more!!!

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License Details:

You can put your name or pen name on the product as the author.

You can edit the contents of the product e.g. putting in your affiliate links, adding and removing text, inserting pictures and advertisements, etc.

You can change the title and sub-title of the product.

You can sell the product (E-Book) in PDF format. The suggested selling price is $27.00 – $37.00.

You can break the contents of the product into articles for article submission purposes or add content to your website, blog or e-zine, and include your resource box.

You can spawn a series of short reports (free or paid) by breaking down the contents of the product.

You can add the product into a membership site (paid only).

You can add the product into your product bundle or package and sell for a higher price.

You can offer the Basic Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights to the PDF E-Book. The suggested selling price is $67.00 – $97.00.

You can produce audio/video content from the materials in this product.

You CANNOT give the product away for FREE, under any circumstances at all.

You CANNOT offer the product as a bonus to another product you are selling. However, you can offer other bonuses to this product when selling.

You CANNOT sell the product on auction sites such as

You CANNOT use this product in a dime sale event, under any circumstances at all.

Selling the Private Label Rights (Word Format)

You CANNOT, under any circumstances at all, resell, give away or trade the Private Label Rights to this product, whether in full or partial.

Offline Publishing

You CANNOT use the Private Label materials of this product to publish your work offline. This includes, but not limited to, hard copy books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and MP3s.

Sales Letter & Graphics Pack

You can edit the sales letter anyhow you like i.e. put your name in the sales letter, insert your order link, enter your own bonuses, make changes to the sales page content, etc.

You can edit the graphics pack to this product anyhow you like i.e. put your name on the E-Cover, alter the design, using your own titles, branding your trade name into the titles and sub-titles, etc.

You can edit the Thank You page anyhow you like i.e. put in your bonuses, enter your name, include the download link, etc.

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