The Great Wedding Planner Unrestricted PLR eBook
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The Great Wedding Planner Unrestricted PLR eBook

Before you start making an arrangement, decide whether you have a fixed budget to be followed or not.

Since most of the wedding services providers have the primary aim of making money, this can help you decide the one that fits best within your budget. When it comes to deciding the budget, be practical.

Though it’s the most memorable day of your life you would not wish to go broke making preparations for it. In case you wish to spend more money on a particular area, try and cut down the cost for something else.

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The Great Wedding Planner


Making A Guest List

For deciding your budget you first need to prepare a guest list. This will help you make the initial important decisions easily. So, decide the number of guests you will wish to have on your wedding. This will also be helpful while deciding the venue, as it must be spacious enough. If you have a tight budget, you can prepare a succinct list of guests by inviting only close family members and friends. You can categorize them, such as those who are important in your life, friends and work colleagues that you still meet and stay in touch with or people you have met recently. You can keep this list with you and update it as an when you wish.

Deciding The Budget

Most of your budget is spent on food and beverages. You can bring this cost down with the help of sensible venue selection, good planning and negotiation skills. Your decided cost for food and beverages may fluctuate a little. You can avail the assistance of a wedding planner for this, if you have a restricted budget. This will remove your stress and will ensure the best value of your money.

What Is To Be Done Next 

After you have decided your budget, you can move ahead to start planning your day. First and foremost decide on the venue and secure it. Make sure it is available on the required date and time. Don’t leave this task for the last minute as some venues are booked is advanced one or two years ahead! So, start as soon as possible. Finalizing the venue also depends on how flexible you can be with date and type of venue. Also, make sure that you get the important information such as the venue’s opening

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Table of Contents

  1. Things To Be Taken Care Of Before You Book Anything
  2. What Is To Be Done Next
  3. Make Negotiations
  4. Availing Insurance
  5. Planning Honeymoon
  6. Some Other Things To Be Considered
  7. roper Management Of The Event

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