Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter eCourse
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Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter eCourse Learn Tips That Can Help Your Dogs Behavioral Problems & Turn Them Into A Good Dog You Will Be Proud Of! Good Dog PLR Email Course.

Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter eCourse

Learn Valuable Tips & Tricks That Can Help Correct Your Dogs Behavioral Problems & Turn Them Into A Good Dog You Will Be Proud Of!

The Good Dog – Behavior Tips & Tricks Newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advise that will help you identify the underlying causes of your dog’s bad behaviors, plus help you determine which training techniques will help you correct the problem as quickly as possible!

This is a complete ecourse consisting of 12 good dog tips and tricks emails messages with private label rights to help train your customers on how correct your dogs behavioral problems & turn them into A good dog.

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Introducing The…

Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter eCourse

Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter eCourse - Dog PLR Emails

Are You Ready To Learn Valuable Information That Will Help You Correct Your Faithful Canine Companions Bad Behavior Once and for All?

Inside each issue of the Good Dog – Behavior Tips & Tricks Newsletter, you will receive easy to understand information on how you can teach your dog how to behave properly any time, place or in any situation.

You will also have access to great tips and advice that you can use to improve your dogs behavior at home, while you’re out in public together or even in new environments and stressful situations.

Inside every issue of the “Good Dog – Behavior Tips & Tricks” newsletter you’ll learn valuable information on how you can finally correct your dogs bad behavioral problems for good!

You learn things like:

  • The importance and benefits of using behavior training techniques to correct your dogs bad habits.
  • Some great house training techniques that will help you turn your canine companion into the best behaved dog in neighborhood.
  • The importance of being the boss during your behavioral training sessions and why you should position yourself as the alpha in your house.
  • Using hand signals and teaching your dog how to interpret them properly for enhanced training.
  • The importance of socialization and how it will affect your behavioral training sessions.
  • Some simple, yet effective obedience games that will help enhance your behavioral training sessions.

And that’s just the beginning. Once you join the “Good Dog Behavior Tips & Tricks” newsletter you will have access to great information in every issue that will help you learn how to effectively correct your dogs bad behaviors for good!

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Sample Good Dog Tips and Tricks PLR Newsletter Message

Hello “autoresponder code here”,

In the last issue we talked about getting your dog to come when you call and stopping them from escaping. In this issue we are going to talk about how to deal with inappropriate urination issues.

Inappropriate urination can be very embarrassing behavioral problem  for any dog owner and needs to be addresses as quickly as possible. However, before you can correct the behavior you have to get to the root of the problem first.

There can be several different reasons why some dogs can’t control their bladders. Once you find out the reason behind your dogs inappropriate urination you can then move on to finding the best way to
correct the behavior.

There are two basic types of inappropriate urination, excitement and submissive.

– Excitement Urination

When dogs get excited, they tend to release control of their bladder and urinate. It can happen when they get excited about seeing you.  Even though excitement urination is normal, it is not a pretty sight. It’s even more embarrassing when you have someone with you.  For a lot of older dogs, it can really pose a big problem for both them and you.

Excitement urination usually starts when they are still a puppy. Since they are still small, they tend to not control their bladder. In fact, they may not realize what’s happening. The one thing that you don’t want to do is get angry with them. That just makes it worse for them and for you. They will continue to urinate because they are upset and confused.

What you can do is implement prevention. You can help prevent them from getting excited during certain activities that cause them to urinate. To do this continually expose them to whatever it is that is exciting them and causing the unwanted urinating in short increments. Increasing the exposure over time. The more that you repeat this action, the less excited they will get, which in turn, will stop the urination.

– Submissive Urination

Submissive urination happens mostly when your dog is around other dogs in a pack situation.  The submissive dog lowers itself and starts to urinate. The other dogs in the pack see what the leader is doing and then they follow suit.

Dogs who exhibit submissive urination are usually showing their insecurity. Unsocialized and previously abused dogs often exhibit submissive urination. These dogs need to be shown that there are more appropriate ways to express their submissive status, such as shaking hands or licking the owner’s hand.

You can also ignore the urination, but make sure that you clean up the mess. You can also teach the dog to lift their paw, command them to sit down, along with other commands of obedience. Doing this will help you earn the respect of your faithful canine companion.

Dealing with urination issues is never an easy task. Just like with any other type of behavioral training it is important to remain consistent no matter how you decide to correct the problem.

Don’t punish your dog for inappropriate urination because it will only
make the situation worse for both of you and when they are making
progress, remember to reward them and give them praise.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about how to keep your dog from begging and tearing out the trash.

Until then,

“your name here”

“your email address”

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Package Details:

  • 12 Good Dog Tips and Tricks Email Messages (Word Doc & Text Format)
  • Clickbank Affiliate Recommendations (Word Doc & Text Format)
  • HTML Squeeze Page
  • HTML Thank You Page
  • Web Ready eCover Graphics
  • Editable PSD Graphics Files
  • Download File Size – 21.1 MB

License Details:

What You CAN Do:

[YES] Customized issues can be given away
[YES] Squeeze pages can be customized
[YES] Can be Re-titled, Re-written or Re-edited.
[YES] You can add your name as the Author.
[YES] Your links can be added to the messages
[YES] They can be used as Web Site/Blog Content.
[YES] They can be broken down into Articles.
[YES] They can be added to Autoresponder Courses.
[YES] Customized content can be compiled into an e-book
[YES] Subscriptions can be be offered as a bonus

What You CANNOT Do:

[NO] You can claim copyright to any of this content unless substantial changes are made that legally separate the original content with your own reedited/rewritten content, articles or products. (basically “substantial changes” means that your reedited/rewritten versions bear NO resemblance to the original content).
[NO] Can sell the PLR Newsletter sets
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
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[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

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