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Free Blog Monetization PLR Checklist

Free Blog Monetization PLR Checklist

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Free Blog Monetization PLR Checklist

Are you looking for free PLR checklist on Blog Monetization? Download this Blog Monetization Free PLR Checklist Exclusive PLR now.

Use these Blog Monetization Free PLR Checklist Exclusive PLR to build your list, coach your customers, in your membership site, for blogging and many other ways.

This Blog Monetization Free PLR Checklist is an Exclusive PLR product meaning it’s provided by us and cannot be found anywhere else! Download these high quality free “niche” PLR checklist now.

This free Blog Monetization PLR checklist can be downloaded instantly and is our gift to you.

It’s our way of helping you to start and grow your online business.

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Introducing The…

Free Blog Monetization PLR Checklist

Free Blog Monetization PLR Checklist

Here’s a sample so you can see the quality of the free PLR Checklist:

Putting hours and hours of effort into your blog is all well and good if you like doing it for a hobby, but there comes a time when you need to be honest with yourself about its profitability. Don’t think that all the best bloggers simply give their information away for free – everyone needs to earn a living!

Go through this checklist to find ways to make money from your blog.

STEP 1: Check Your Competitors

At first, you might not think there are ways to make money from your blog. This is why it’s a great idea to start by checking what your competitors are doing – they are a great source of ideas!

☐ Search Google and top blog sites for competitors in your niche.

☐ How do they make money? Check for the following:

☐ Email newsletter subscriptions,

☐ eBooks sold directly from the site,

☐ Product promotions in blog posts,

☐ Ads around the blog,

☐ Pages listing advertising prices,

☐ Any services sold from that website (e.g. web design, writing, coaching).

☐ Note down all the potential options for your blog – even if you don’t think they’re likely.

STEP 2: Analyze Your Blog

Even if you’re not ready to start monetizing your blog right away, it’s always a good idea to know your stats. This is especially important if you hope to sell ad space in the future.

☐ How much traffic do you get per month?

☐ If you don’t know, start tracking with Google Analytics

☐ Don’t have any traffic yet? Start building it up before monetizing.

☐ How many email subscribers do you have?

☐ Don’t have any? Set up a mailing list with a service Aweber

☐ Note down how many comments you get on average per post.

☐ You can improve this by working on including questions at the end of each post.

☐ Sending your posts out via social media and email lists can also help.


Your PLR License Terms

  • You can add the articles or content to an ebook or product that you plan to sell or give away for individual use.
  • You can use the content to build your email list.
  • You can modify the content by removing, adding or otherwise editing to suit your needs.
  • You can use the content on your websites, blogs, newsletters or anywhere you publish content.
  • You can add your affiliate links, product links, Adsense and other ad code.
  • You can bundle the content into a viral report, free ebook, product or bonus for your customers.
  • You can charge for access to read this content. For example, a paid ebook, membership site or other paid access content.
  • You can translate it into another language and resell with personal use rights.
  • You can add the content as an autoresponder email series.

What You CANNOT Do With These Materials?

1 – You CANNOT sell this product as your own PLR or in your PLR store.

2 – You CANNOT submit any of the content provided by Buy Quality PLR to reprint article directories or other websites which accept reprint content even if you have edited or reworded the content.

Why? Because many article directories won’t take PLR articles. If everyone started submitting similarly written articles to these directories it wouldn’t be fair for the directory owners, their users or our members. Be fair to everyone involved and don’t do it, even if you feel you’ve edited or reworded the article.

3 – You CANNOT sell this product with a PLR, MRR or Resell Rights License.

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