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Forming New Habits Premium PLR Package – Featuring Over 26 000 Words of Done-For-You Evergreen Self Help Content.


Attention: Self Help Marketers, Personal Development & Self Improvement Coaches

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Forming New Habits !


Dear Self Improvement online business owner, When it comes to self help and personal development searches, the Forming New Habits is one of the most searched-for topics online.

It’s safe to say that Forming New Habits has spawned an entire industry of blogs, courses, books and products.

This is where my premium done-for-you Forming New Habits PLR content package comes in. It’s all about teaching your customers how to Preventing & Coping With Burnout.

Everything is completely done-for-you and ready-to-go – from the main info product to your social media updates – it’s simply up to you to add your branding and firmly establish yourself in this lucrative self improvement niche.



Introducing The…

Forming New Habits PLR Package

Featuring Over 26 000 Words of High Quality Forming New Habits Content Ready To Be Used In Your Business!

This high quality Forming New Habits PLR package covers the hugely popular self help niche. Self Help is evergreen and will always be. This Forming New Habits PLR package is well-written by an experienced copywriter and comes with full private label rights so you can edit it, put your name on it, put your brand on it and sell it or use it to build your list of raving fans.

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Here’s everything you’ll get in the Forming New Habits MEGA PLR Package…


Main eBook: “How to Build a New Habit”

(4,044 words, 18 pages, 8 images)

Forming New Habits PLR eBook



A look inside the Forming New Habits PLR eBook:

Forming New Habits PLR eBook Inside Look


Table of Contents for the Forming New Habits PLR Ebook:

Introduction………………………………………………………………………………….. 3

Meet the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – The Pros and Cons of Habit Formation…………………………………………………………………………………….. 5

Habit Forming Pros………………………………………………………………………. 5

Habit Forming Cons……………………………………………………………………… 6

How to Set up New Habits You Can Stick To……………………………………… 8

1 – Take it slow in the beginning……………………………………………………… 9

2 – Begin stacking your habits………………………………………………………… 9

3 – Track your habit-changing efforts……………………………………………….. 9

4 – Get other people involved………………………………………………………… 9

5 – Develop a big enough reason for your new habit to succeed……………. 9

6 –  Use the “but” trick to foster better behavior………………………………. 10

Understanding the Role of Triggers in Habit Building and Breaking….. 11

The 3 R’s of Changing Habits, and the Power of Reward………………….. 12

1 – Someone knocks on your door or your doorbell rings (Reminder)…… 12

2 – You answer your door (Routine)………………………………………………. 12

3 – You get to see who wants to greet you (Reward)…………………………. 12

Why We Fail at Creating New Habits……………………………………………… 15

How to Break Bad Habits……………………………………………………………… 16

1 – Become consciously aware of your negative behavior…………………… 16

2 – Log your behavior, and all of the feelings and emotions surrounding it…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 17

3 – Supply a replacement behavior………………………………………………… 17

The Takeaway……………………………………………………………………………… 18


Sample Content for the Forming New Habits Premium PLR Ebook:

Millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions. Come January 1, people vow to lose weight, get in shape, stop smoking and make other significant improvements in their lives. They are fed up with the negative effects of the bad habits they have developed. They are bound and determined to create new habits that deliver some very specific set of rewards or benefits.

The most dedicated New Year’s resolution makers don’t meet with that much success. Forbes magazine conducted a poll of thousands of its readers. That poll shows that only 8% to 10% of people stick to their proposed new habits or behaviors for any significant period of time. About 63% of UK, US and Canadian adults who resolve to develop a new habit fail to stick to their new pattern of behavior for even a month.

After 3 months, 80% have gone back to their old way of doing things.

Gym and health club memberships spike in January, and by March the gyms are nearly empty, even though long, expensive contracts are sometimes signed. Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. Pills, patches and medicines to help people stop smoking sell incredibly well year after year, often times to the same individuals who desperately want to quit smoking but just can’t seem to make it stick.

The business of habit-changing is making a lot of people very wealthy, and leaving others frustrated, upset and mad at themselves.

Good habits are easy to begin. Every day millions of people around the world resolve to make their life better in some way. These are not lazy people. They work very hard to obtain the desire or result they’re looking for. Yet new habits continue to be incredibly hard to turn into lasting, ongoing patterns of behavior.

Why is that?

Why is it that, even when you know something is good for you and beneficial, it is often difficult to do on a regular, long-term basis?

The problem with making habits stick has to do with a flawed approach to the process. No matter how badly you want something, if you don’t “speak” to your mind and body in the proper way, establishing new habits or goals meets with little long-term success.

However, there is good news.

Scientists and behavioral researchers have studied habit breaking and habit making for decades. In the 21st century new techniques for changing habits has met with considerable success. The idea is that if the old process wasn’t working, something new had to be tried. In many cases, and for many people who have tried and failed to change bad habits into good ones, these new processes have worked wonders.

In this report on how to make habits stick, we will show you several ways to change behaviors that you may not have tried before. We will also discuss the ups and downs of the habit making and breaking process, as well as the powerful role that triggers have in defeating the most determined of efforts. You will learn the role of rewards, how to break bad habits so that you have a fresh slate for developing new ones, and why habit formation is so difficult.

Let’s get started helping you establish new, positive behaviors and actions by looking at the pluses and minuses you are going to encounter.

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.

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Forming New Habits Checklist :

(465 words, 4 pages)

Forming New Habits PLR Checklist

A look inside the Forming New Habits Premium PLR Checklist

Forming New Habits PLR Checklist Inside Look



Forming New Habits PLR Editable Ecovers:

Forming New Habits PLR Editable Ecovers


5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: 10 Top Habits for a Healthy/Happy/Successful Life

Email 1 – 10 Simple but Powerful LifeChanging Habits
Email 2 – How Routines and Exercise Create a Happier Healthier You
Email 3 – Accept Failure and Prioritize You Time for Major Life Benefits
Email 4 – Can You Really Journal and Walk Your Way to Mental and Physical Health and WellBeing
Email 5 – Change Your Social and Personal Environments for More Productivity

Forming New Habits PLR Emails Total Word Count: 1724 Words


Forming New Habits Email Content Sample:

10 Simple but Powerful Life-Changing Habits


Over the course of this and the following 4 emails, you will discover 10 habits that can help you live a healthy, happy and successful life. Develop just a couple of these proven lifestyle boosters and you will see some positive change take place. Make all 10 of these habits a way of life, and you benefit from major change that can positively impact all areas of your life.

Life Improvement Habit #1 – Quit The Caffeine

Caffeine give you an instant boost. When you add refined sugar, you feel like you can conquer the world. Unfortunately, with or without sugar, caffeine in any form causes an unhealthy energy boost/energy crash effect. Too much caffeine can elevate your heart rate to dangerous levels as well.

Whether you get your caffeine in coffee, energy drinks or pills that help you stay awake, developing a dependency is a real possibility. Consuming too much caffeine on a regular basis leads to tense muscles, problems sleeping, nausea, headaches, and can even establish an irregular heartbeat. Quit the caffeine, or at least cut back considerably, and both your mind and body benefit.

Life Improvement Habit #2 – Read a Book Every Week

How does reading help improve your life? Author George R.R. Martin said it best when he stated that, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Reading expands your horizons, boosts a strong vocabulary, improves your communication skills, keeps your mind sharp no matter what your age, and over time can make you knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. Even if you just read a short e-book every week, this 1-book-a-week habit can improve your life in a number of ways.

To your success,




Forming New Habits PLR Articles:

  1. 5 Reasons Why We Struggle to Break Bad Habits – 403 words
  2. Are Small Goals Better Than Larger Ones? – 478 words
  3. Could Waking Up Earlier Help You Achieve Your Goals? – 496 words
  4. How Long Does It REALLY Take to Build a New Habit? – 483 words
  5. Should You Only Focus on One Goal or Habit at a Time? – 406 words


Forming New Habits PLR Article Sample:

5 Reasons Why We Struggle to Break Bad Habits

Breaking bad habits is hard, even though we know we should. It seems that even though we understand we must change negative behaviors, sometimes this is very difficult to do. Why is that? Wouldn’t it make sense that we would be inclined to do what is healthy for us? There are many reasons why breaking bad habits is difficult, and 5 of the most common are listed here.

1 – We Don’t Give the Process Enough Time

Maxwell Maltz found in the 1950s that habits took approximately 21 days to establish. This means changing previous behaviors, and breaking old habits. Research in 2009 found that modern men and women require approximately 66 days to establish a routine or behavior. Part of the failure in breaking bad habits is not allowing enough consistent, day-to-day effort for a long enough period of time.

2 – We Don’t Treat the Underlying Cause of the Behavior

An alcoholic or drug addict may understand their behavior is hurting them. Even so, dependencies can be incredibly difficult, in some cases seemingly impossible, to overcome. This is because sometimes underlying emotional causes lead to bad habits. Identifying and treating our responses to emotional scars can help lead to more success in defeating bad habits.

3 – We Don’t Avoid Harmful Triggers

Some bad behaviors are triggered by outside stimuli. When we are in a certain environment, physical, mental or spiritual, these negative behaviors come out to play. If a cigarette smoker spends a lot of time around others who smoke, it’s going to be difficult to stick to a non-smoking routine.

4 – Your “Why” Isn’t Big Enough

Sometimes failure comes from a lack of motivation. You may say you want to break a bad habit, but your reasons for doing so simply aren’t big enough. Establish a “big why” for you are doing, a reason that is so important and significant that your motivation for new change can’t be overcome.

5 – Fulfill Your Negative Need

You may have heard that people attempting to give up smoking often put on weight. That is because the physical action of smoking is replaced by the action of eating. Instead of sticking cigarettes into the mouth, food is the substitute. Every bad habit needs to be replaced with a positive one. If you spend hours each day on social media, that need for socialization has to be replaced by a healthy alternative.



Social Media Posts and Images:


5 Shareable Social Media Graphics (PLR)

Forming New Habits PLR Social Graphics


16 Social Media Posts with hashtags (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)

Forming New Habits PLR Tweets


8 Royalty Free Images

Forming New Habits Royalty Free Images


Forming New Habits Keyword Research Pack

Forming New Habits PLR Keywords

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Bonus Mini PLR Report: “20 Habits of Successful People”

20 Habits of Successful People Sample:


10 Routines PLR Articles and Social Media Posts

Routines PLR Articles and Social Media Posts Sample:

Success leaves clues. So by simply copying the actions of successful people, you can replicate high levels of achievement in your own life. The following 20 habits of successful people tend to be present for highest achievers, regardless the market, niche or industry. Copy the following success-fulfilling habits, and rise to the top of your field.

1 – Successful people have a plan. Benjamin Franklin reportedly asked himself every morning, “What good shall I do today?” He defined what he would do every day, then set about creating a purposeful plan for success.

2 – You would be hard pressed to find a more successful and influential celebrity/businessperson in the end of the 20th century than Oprah Winfrey. She carried that success on into the 21st century, and was named Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrity of 2013.

She says that none of her achievements would be possible were it not for practicing stillness for 20 minutes, twice a day, every day. She finds a quiet place, sits down, and focuses on nothing but being in the moment. This mindful meditation practice is a success secret of many powerful, successful people.

3 – They are persistent. They use failures as motivation to try even harder next time, and withstand difficulties by never giving up.

4 – Successful people are morning people. They didn’t necessarily start out that way. They might not be naturally inclined to get up at the crack of dawn. They do it anyway. Willpower is strongest in the morning, and this practice gives you a leg up on the competition when you begin tackling your day’s tasks 1, 2 or more hours before your competitors.

5 – They seldom make snap judgments. The people at the highest levels of just about any industry or niche gather a lot of relevant information before making a decision.

6 – High achievers surround themselves with people smarter than they are. They seek out people with high levels of ability in areas where they are not so strong themselves.

7 – Successful people are open-minded. They are not willing to change their opinion, as long as there is a good reason to.



10 Bad Habits PLR Articles and Tweets

Bad Habits PLR Articles and Tweets Sample:

Eight “Bad” Habits That Are Actually Good for You

Believe it or not, some bad habits are really good for you. Sadly, our parents usually try to punish us out of or control us out of doing these things. Of course, everything in moderation, right? Let’s look at eight “bad” habits that are actually good for you that you can stop trying to end now.

1. Fidgeting – If you tend to wiggle a lot, your mom probably tried to stop it. Your partner might try too. However, fidgeting is really good for you because it burns more calories and keeps your blood moving. This is especially true if you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. Sitting is possibly worse for you than smoking, so anything that can undo that damage is a good thing.

2. Gum Chewing – Sugarless gum is really good for you. If you have the right dental work or your own teeth, chewing gum burns calories, helps you eat less, freshens your breath and also cuts down on cavities.

3. Video Games – While there may be some games that aren’t worth the added benefit, playing video games helps with developing fine motor skills, keeps the mind nimble, and by some reports can help give relief for chronic pain conditions by taking your mind off the problem.

4. Daydreaming – Finding a way to allow your mind to get bored enough to be able to daydream is very good for your mind as well as for your goals in life. You cannot create amazing goals for your life if you can’t daydream.

5. Swearing – Everyone has a swear jar growing up, either for parents or the kids. Swearing is considered inappropriate, but studies show that people who swear appropriately tend to have less stress in their lives. Remember that swearing is completely different from a slur. A slur is something you say about a person, whilst a swearword is just a curse word – otherwise known as an expletive.

6. Messiness – If you are a naturally messy person, take heart; you’re likely also a very creative person. Messiness is sometimes a sign of creativity. If you want to be more creative, don’t purposely become messy but realize that sometimes being messy is required to be creative.

7. Sleeping in Late – They say that “the early bird gets the worm,” but do they? Sleeping well and enough each night is important to your health and brain function. If you stayed up late and need to sleep in and it won’t cause you to get fired or miss something important – go for it.

8. Passing Gas – Everyone farts and burps every single day. Passing gas is good for you because it’s a normal activity that is getting rid of built-up gas from your digestive tract to prevent bloating and pain.

Of course, you don’t want to do some of these things when other people are around, but it’s okay to accept some of these things as part of who you are and part of living life. As long as you can choose the habits you create, you can build a life exactly as you want it to be.



5 Fitness Habits PLR Articles

Fitness Habits PLR Articles Sample:

Discover Why Your Journal is Your Fitness Roadmap

The title of this article is a good indicator of an important habit you should have – journaling.

Contrary to popular belief, journaling isn’t only about writing “Hello Diary!” and pouring out your thoughts and woes in it. While you can do that and there’s nothing wrong with it, journaling can also be used to track your fitness and diet.

* Why you should journal

The best reason to journal is to have a written record of your actions. It will serve as a very useful reference when you’re in doubt.

Do NOT rely on your memory. Most people can’t even remember what they ate 2 days ago. Trying to remember too much also takes a toll on your mental energy. It’s easier to write it all down.

Journaling will also help you to see if you’re making progress or stagnating. Sometimes you may even regress. Checking your journal will show you where and what you’re doing wrong and you’ll be able to make informed decisions based on data instead of hunches or guesswork.

* How you should journal

When trying to improve your fitness, there are really only 3 aspects to it.

1. Your diet

Write down everything you eat daily from the foods to the supplements. Take note of the quantities too.

Make a note of the time you consume each meal. We’re creatures of habit and over two weeks or so, you’ll notice patterns and habits revealing themselves in your journal.

2. Your training / performance

You’ll want to write down what you did at the gym too. Spent 20 minutes doing HIIT training with kettlebells? Write it down. Bench pressed 120 pounds? Write it down.

The next time you go to the gym, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to beat your personal best.

Timings, poundage, rest times, reps, circuits, etc. are all metrics that can be tracked in your journal.

Improving upon these will ensure that your performance overall reaches greater heights. What gets measured, gets managed.

3. How you feel

This is another very important part of journaling. Write down how you feel the next day. If you’re sluggish and lethargic, your diet from the day before may not be agreeable with you. Look at what you ate before and avoid these foods.

The opposite holds true too. Feeling great? That means you ate right and drank sufficient water.
You should write down how you feel after the workouts. You may note that this week you may be drained out, your body aches and you almost felt like throwing up after the training session.

However, the following week, the same workout may not have that much effect on you. You’re less tired and your body seems fine. That only means one thing. Your stamina and strength are improving.
Without a journal, you’d never be able to accurately track your progress.

* It’s easy

Journaling can be done in 5 to 10 minutes. You’re not writing a novel. Just the crucial facts and details will do. You can keep it fun and write motivational quotes or take photos of your body to see how it transforms and paste these in your journal.
What matters is that you stick to this habit and be consistent with your entries. Refer to it regularly and see what you can change to improve your performance and progress.

That’s how journaling will take you to your fitness goals. When you’re on the right track, success is inevitable.



5 Healthy Eating Habits PLR Articles

Healthy Eating Habits PLR Articles Sample:

5 Healthy Eating Habits You Must Develop

Eating healthy is a lifestyle… and like any lifestyle, it will require daily habits and consistency. Below, you’ll find 5 healthy eating habits that will be easy to inculcate and implement in your daily life.

It’s easier to form good habits than to break bad ones. By adopting these habits, you’ll slowly wean yourself off the negative eating habits that are holding you hostage against your best intentions.

1. Drink a glass of water

While drinking water may not seem like an ‘eating habit’ per se, it’s one of the best habits you could develop. Very often, thirst is mistaken for hunger.

By drinking a glass of water about twenty minutes before a meal, you may find that your hunger disappears and you no longer need food. This will allow you to eat less and cut down on excess calories.

Water also aids in digestion and will help your body digest the foods you consume optimally.

2. Add an extra serving of vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc. are high in fiber and take up more space in your stomach than the usual oily foods. It’s best to consume your vegetables and fruit BEFORE you start on the protein foods.

Not only does this practice prevent bloating and bad digestion, but when you eat your vegetables first, your stomach registers that it’s full faster because the plant-based foods take up more space.

You’ll then require less of the simple carbs such as rice, bread, pasta, etc. to feel sated. Once again, you’ll be consuming less unwanted calories and your diet will be healthier.

3. Eat mindfully

Eating slowly and mindfully is one of the best ways to watch what you’re eating. Rather than ravenously gobbling up every morsel in sight, it’s ideal to take your time and chew and taste your food before swallowing.

It takes around 20 to 30 minutes for your stomach to register that it’s full. During this period, it’s easy to overeat. However, if you take your time during your meals, you’ll eat less and by the time your stomach knows it’s full, you’d not have consumed too many calories.

4. Use healthy oils

Hydrogenated food oils sold in supermarkets appear clean and golden. They’re portrayed as healthy oils.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
These oils have been processed and are extremely unhealthy. They cause inflammation, obesity and many other health issues. Do your best to steer clear of these unhealthy vegetable oils.

Use extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed coconut oil in your meals. Olive oil can be used in salads and vegetable dishes, while coconut oil can be used for frying, etc. since it has a high smoke point.

These oils are the good fats that your body needs. Additionally, do consume a fish oil supplement daily and you’ll have all the healthy fats your body needs daily.

5. Cook your own meals

Cooking at home seems to be a lost art these days with everyone leading hectic lives. It seems much easier to just dine out or order a pizza to be delivered to your home.

However, if you want to adopt a clean and healthy diet, it’s best to cook your own meals at home. Aim to eat at home at least 5 days a week. You’ll notice a difference in the way you feel and will even experience weight loss.

Home-cooked meals are almost always healthier, contain less detrimental additives such as MSG and will leave you feeling nourished and content for hours after the meal.

Adopt these 5 healthy eating habits and your relationship with food will be better and your meals will be much healthier and more wholesome.



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10 Top Quality Healthy Habits in Your 20s PLR Articles and Tweets

10 Top Quality Healthy Habits in Your 20s PLR Articles and Tweets

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Here are the titles of the 10 Healthy Habits in Your 20s Articles:

1. Health Screening Tests to Get in Your 20s
2. How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy
3. How to Protect Your Skin in Your 20s
4. Solid Financial Habits to Practice Now in Your 20s
5. The Health Implications of Smoking: How to Stop
6. The Lifelong Value of Investing Time in Friends and Family
7. The Long-Term Impact on Mental Health of Being Assertive
8. Tips for Ensuring a Lifelong Healthy Relationship with Food
9. Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Everyday Life
10. Why Does It Matter What You Do in Your 20s?

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7 Morning Habits To Win The Day MRR Ebook

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5 Simple Ways to Destroy Bad Habits MRR Ebook and Squeeze Page

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Package Details For The Forming New Habits PLR Package:

Main eBook:

“How to Build a New Habit”
(4,044 words, 18 pages, 8 images)

+ Checklist
+ eCovers
+ Keywords

5 Emails/ Blog Posts:

Topic: 10 Top Habits for a Healthy/Happy/Successful Life

Habits PLR Articles:

5 Reasons Why We Struggle to Break Bad Habits – 403 words
Are Small Goals Better Than Larger Ones? – 478 words
Could Waking Up Earlier Help You Achieve Your Goals? – 496 words
How Long Does It REALLY Take to Build a New Habit? – 483 words
Should You Only Focus on One Goal or Habit at a Time? – 406 words

Social Media Posts & Images:

5 Shareable Social Media Tips
15 Social Media Posts (for sharing on Twitter or Facebook)
8 Royalty Free Images


Bonus Mini PLR Report:

“20 Habits of Successful People”
(955 words, 3 pages)

10 Routines PLR Articles and Social Media Posts

Routines PLR Article Titles:

Banishing Habits That Don’t Promote a Healthy Routine (544 words)
Creating a Routine That Focuses on the Important Things (554 words)
Finding Your Willpower and Self-Control (556 words)
How to Focus When You’re Surrounded by Distractions (529 words)
Incorporating “Me” Time in Your Routine (550 words)
Making Time to Create New Habits (529 words)
Slow and Steady Wins the Race (546 words)
Using an Accountability Partner to Keep You on Track (541 words)
Ways to Stay Motivated (539 words)
Why Routines Are Important (522 words)

Includes social media posts for social posting

These Routines PLR Articles are available in Word Doc format and includes a PLR license.

10 Bad Habits PLR Articles and Tweets

Bad Habits PLR Article Titles:

1. Eight “Bad” Habits That Are Actually Good for You (539 words)
2. Eight Seemingly Harmless Habits That Are Actually Bad for You (566 words)
3. Nine Habits That Are Bad for Your Body (608 words)
4. Nine Habits That Are Bad for Your Mental Health (574 words)
5. The Impact of Bad Habits on Your Family (722 words)
6. The Impact of Bad Habits on Your Friends (608 words)
7. The Impact of Bad Habits on Your Work (574 words)
8. The True Impact of Addiction (565 words)
9. The True Impact of Smoking (472 words)
10. What Is Meant by a Bad Habit? (465 words)

Includes Tweets for social promotions.

These Bad Habits PLR Articles and Tweets are available in .TXT format and includes a PLR License

5 Fitness Habits PLR Articles

Discover Why Your Journal is Your Fitness Roadmap (575 words)
Eat the Frog and See Your Fitness Levels Soar (601 words)
Increasing Your Daily Improvements to Transform Your Life (671 words)
Want to Get Fitter? Don’t Forget this Secret Ingredient! (588 words)
Plan Your Meals and Work the Plan (540 words)

These Fitness Habits PLR Articles are available in .TXT and Word Doc format and includes a PLR license.

5 Healthy Eating Habits PLR Articles

How to Adopt Healthy Eating Habits Without Quitting (664 words)
5 Healthy Eating Habits You Must Develop (616 words)
Are You Drinking Enough Water? (573 words)
Healthy Eating Can Be Juicing Too! (542 words)
Intermittent Fasting VS Healthy Eating: Which is Better? (531 words)

These Healthy Eating Habits PLR Articles are available in .TXT and Word Doc format and includes a PLR license.

Total Word Count: 26 000+ Words

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Your PLR License Terms

Articles, reviews, comparison charts and all other content from Premium PLR are for you only – you cannot pass on any rights to anybody else.

More information on the PLR rights that come with your purchase:

What You CAN Do With The Content In This PLR Package:

Can be added to or edited completely.
Can put your name on as the author.
Can be used as content for websites, courses, newsletters, eBooks.
Can be used in videos, MP3s, books.
Can sell or give away for personal informational use only.
Can add the content to your coaching membership site
Can add the content to a paid membership with Personal Use Rights (PDF).
Can be offered as a bonus in PDF format (as long as you don’t offer PLR rights).
Can add to a website that is sold with a unique domain name (no templates/ PLR sites) as long as you don’t offer PLR rights.
Can rewrite and add the articles to client websites and projects.
Can use the content to build your list (PDF format)

What You CANNOT Do With This Content

Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights.
Cannot offer through auction websites or dimesales with PLR rights.
Cannot add to a free membership site in any format with PLR rights.
Cannot pass on any PLR rights to your clients.
Cannot use my name on the PLR content.
Cannot use as is to publish Kindle books (it’s against Amazon’s terms).
Cannot use in article directories unless you rewrite the PLR content completely.
Cannot pass along (sell or give away) Private Label Rights in ANY format.
Cannot sell this entire PLR package as is
Cannot add this package to a PLR membership site (only the ebook with personal use rights)

This license is non transferable. Meaning this PLR license is for you only and not for your customers.

Your customer can only learn from the content.

You can use PLR articles on as many of your own sites as you wish.

Can It Be Used For Website Flipping? If you add this PLR to a site and decide to sell it, that’s fine. But it can only be sold on sites that come with a unique domain name (i.e. not on PLR website packs that include templates/content sold to multiple buyers but no domain) and please don’t include the separate package with all the keywords/ bonuses.


Social media images may be edited using the PSD files, and you may repost them on social media sites but you cannot sell or pass on the PSD files to customers.

The images contained within the main report and top 10 tips report are Public Domain and free to use in personal and commercial projects.

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