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Forget the Hype PLR eBook

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The Beginners Guide to Real Life Marketing Online

You’ve decided to take the step, or rather the giant leap into the world of marketing online, huh? That’s great! So where would be a good place to start? Well before we even start thinking about marketing online, we’ll need to make sure your pc is as user-friendly as possible for you, so that’s probably the best place to start. We’ll look at some ways of keeping your pc up and running, avoiding viruses and spy ware and basically keeping your computer clean and hassle-free.

Once we’ve sorted that we’ll move on and cover some basics of email and building your own opt in list to which you can send your offers. After that we’ll take a look at the different types of programs you can join and we’ll share some hints and tips on to how to avoid scams and shams.

Next, we’ll look into getting you a website. We’ll also cover some basics of website promotion.

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Forget the Hype


Almost at the end, we’ll see how we can build big, active downlines. Let’s face it, if you don’t have your own product, you’re going to need downlines to help you build your income, right? Finally, we’ll read some interviews with real life internet marketers of today so that you can see it CAN be done, with a bit of hard work and determination ;~)

The life of online marketers is filled with ups and downs. Some people seem to have it all, and others have nothing and get burnt badly. Which one do you want to be?

This book is not meant to scare anybody off, quite the opposite in fact. There’s a lot of money to be made online, but it can also be a dangerous place for people just starting out.

Being an online marketer who has lost money in the past, I decided to put this book together in the hopes of helping YOU avoid all the scams and shams that are out there. If I can help just 1 person to “make it” without getting burnt too badly on the way, then I’ll live the rest of my life as a very satisfied person!

Once you start your adventure, you’ll notice that you spend a lot of time online trying to figure things out. You will get hit by a whole lot of viruses and spy ware, but no worries, I’ve got that covered in this e-book. You will, at some point, get yourself a website to promote from, whether it’s for your own products or for affiliate programs and products, and you will need some ideas on how to make your website look good and make people want to stick around.

You’ll be looking for places to go for answers when you’re unsure of something. Being a new internet marketer you will most probably also collect a whole lot of free downloads and wonder where to put them all. There will be certain times of the year when you could really use a little extra cash, both from online and offline ventures. Don’t worry; I’ve collected a whole bunch of information to help you keep things all ship-shape.

When you’re online you will get lots of useful hints, tips and a whole ton of e-books and software downloads, most likely leading up to what is commonly known as “information overload”. The aim of this book is to help you make informed decisions and make full use of everything that’s presented to you on the net. So sit back, take a deep breath and have that pinch of salt ready, because it’s true, not everything IS plain sailing, and it’s not always easy to get started on the journey.

A lot of you will be asking how to get free traffic to your sites, and you’ll be told a gazillion times that articles are most definitely the best way to get free, targeted traffic. I have to admit it, I tell people the same thing myself because it DOES work.

Before you start screaming:

“But I don’t have a site of my own! I don’t have any of my own products! Give me a break here, I’m just starting out as an affiliate of this or that type of program! I can’t possibly write an article!”
Let me tell you a little secret. You CAN write an article and promote whatever it is you are a part of. You may not know much about internet marketing in itself yet, but if you dig deep inside yourself, you’re sure to find something, even if it’s only ONE thing that you know lots about and feel very passionate about.

When you’re passionate about something, the writing comes real easy; you can worry about the editing later. Just pretend you’re writing a mail to a friend about something really important to you. Try it sometime, you’ll see what I mean ;~)

Throughout this book, you will notice that I’ve mentioned certain things multiple times. Don’t worry, it just stresses how important these things are in the world of internet marketing ;~)

Please note: there are thousands of other books out there that promise to help give you ways to make money, some work and some don’t, but you’ll find that most of them come pre-loaded with tons of affiliate links in them…

You won’t find a single affiliate link inside this book, and you won’t find any promises of richness and wealth.

The aim of this book is to give you some ideas to work with that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A starting point, if you will.

I’m here to help you SAVE money, and to see through all the hype that’s out there BEFORE you get burnt ;~)

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