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Fast Traffic Cheatsheets

Fast Traffic Cheatsheets Personal Use

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Fast Traffic Cheatsheets Personal Use

Here’s How You Can “Cheat” Your Way To Pulling In A Massive Amount Of Traffic To Any Website You Want!

With this indispensable resource you’ll have all the traffic you need even if you’ve never gotten results before…

I’ve built and profited from several different types of websites. My biggest struggle was always getting “eyeballs” in front of my websites so that I could make money from them.

I struggled with getting traffic to my websites selling my digital products, so nothing sold.

I struggled getting traffic to my membership sites, so I couldn’t build a recurring income.

I struggled getting traffic to my content sites, so no one ever clicked on my ads.

I struggled getting traffic to my lead pages, so I couldn’t build a list!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I bet it does…

Everyone who begins building a business online always hits a wall when it comes to getting traffic.

It’s super hard to learn EVERYTHING you need to know, and then super hard to figure out which traffic tactics you need to be using.

I get it!

I’ve been there and done that and wanted to pull my hair out…

You do all of this work to get “something” up and going to make you money, and then you get stopped right in your tracks because you don’t know how to get people in front of it.

You don’t know how to drive traffic, and until you learn to do so you’re completely stuck!

I Can Help You Get “Unstuck”…

It’s been 14 years since I started my first online business, and over those 14 years I’ve learned 100’s of different ways to get traffic. Not all of them have worked though…

As a matter of fact 90% of them DIDN’T work…

Over the years though I have “thrown out” the tactics that didn’t work, and only kept the ones that not only worked, but worked really well.

After spending years perfecting them I took all of the traffic tactics that worked for me and wrote down each step I took in using each tactic.

This lead to the creation of 20 different “cheatsheets” for 20 different website traffic tactics that I continually use to get all the traffic I need!

I’d like to share them with you… Now you can quit using the wrong traffic tactics, start using the right traffic tactics, and get all the traffic you want!

You’re struggle to drive traffic to your website or any website you want will be over when you get your hands on these cheatsheets!

Introducing The Fast Traffic Cheatsheets Bundle…

Fast Traffic Cheatsheets

With the “Fast Traffic Cheatsheets” in your hands, you’ll go from being overwhelmed to overjoyed once you start getting results from these easy to use cheatsheets.

I’ve taken an entire multi-volume encyclopedia set of traffic-generation information and digested it down to the bare minimum of what you need to know to get great results. These are my personal traffic tactics all laid out for you to start using instantly!

I’ve labeled them “cheatsheets“, but I actually use them myself as sort of mini-blueprints for growing my own traffic!

The cheatsheets (AKA “mini-blueprints”) are more than just a set of steps arranged chronologically. Each cheatsheet is actually packed with instruction on how to do each step that I’m teaching you!

You’re not just going to get a list of steps to take. I tell you HOW to do the steps too!

I’ve included: Steps, ideas, options, examples, templates, questions and more…

Here’s the list of every cheatsheet you’ll get in the “Fast Traffic Cheatsheets” package…

Cheatsheet #1: Website Traffic Conversion Cheatsheet

Getting traffic to your website is half the battle. The second half is to turn those visitors into buyers. This is the cheatsheet that will kick those browsers off the fence and turn them into subscribers and customers!

Cheatsheet #2: Website Traffic Monetization Cheatsheet

A lot of marketers get so caught up in tracking their traffic stats that they forget to make the most of that traffic. Tell you what, traffic is worthless if your visitors aren’t buying what you’re selling, joining your list, or taking some other important action.

So how do you make the most of your traffic and monetize it? First off, make sure you are indeed bringing targeted traffic to your site. And secondly, use this cheatsheet to turn that traffic into money in the bank!

Cheatsheet #3: Website Traffic Funnel Cheatsheet

When it comes to traffic and conversions, your sales funnel is your best friend and marketing tool. Your sales funnel is where you capture your traffic onto a mailing list, present them with a low-cost tripwire product to turn them into a customer, and then promote related offers.

How do you set it all up? By using this profit-making cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #4: SEO For Newbies Cheatsheet

Have you ever looked at your traffic logs and noticed that people are finding your site by searching for niche-relevant words in Google and other search engines?

Sometimes it’s a happy accident. And in other cases, you can make a point of optimizing your web pages for the search engines. This cheatsheet shows you how to start getting more traffic from the search engines!

Cheatsheet #5: 5-Day Website Cheatsheet

Do you want to know the secret of getting a lot of traffic?

It’s this: take consistent action every week to generate traffic. Pretty simple, right? And yet most marketers have no idea where to start or what to do each day.

That’s where this cheatsheet comes in. You’ll get a day-by-day checklist of what you need to do to bring traffic in using affiliate marketing, paid advertising, guest blogging, social media marketing, blogging and email marketing, and more. It’s easier than you think when you see each day laid out in an easy-to-use cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #6: Your First 1000 Visitors Cheatsheet

If you’re just getting started with your traffic strategy and looking to get your first 1000 visitors, then this is the cheatsheet for you.

You’ll get the entire process broken down into an easy step-by-step format. You’ll probably have your first 1000 visitors even before you’ve implemented all the steps in this cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #7: Ultimate Traffic Generating Cheatsheet

Whether you’re setting up a paid advertising campaign or using any number of the effective free methods for generating traffic, there are 20 steps you need to take to ensure your success.

This cheatsheet helps you make sure your traffic strategy is bound for success!

Cheatsheet #8: Website Traffic Hacks Cheatsheet

Do you want more traffic? Better quality traffic? Higher conversions and more money from your traffic?

Of course you do. And that’s why you’ll want to use this cheatsheet, which gives you 20 awesome traffic hacks that are sure to grow your traffic logs and your business…

Cheatsheet #9: Blog Traffic Cheatsheet

Are you looking for the best ways and steps to get traffic to your blog? Then look no further than this cheatsheet. You’ll get 10 big ideas and plenty of steps and tips to implement these profitable ideas!

Cheatsheet #10: Guest Blogging Cheatsheet

Guest blogging is a great way to bring targeted visitors to your site. But do it wrong, and you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time posting your content on sites that will drag your reputation into the mud.

Don’t let that happen to you! Instead, Use this cheatsheet to create and implement a successful, traffic-driving guest blogging strategy!

Cheatsheet #11: Social Media Cheatsheet

All social media is not created equally. Some platforms rely more heavily on pictures (such as Instagram), while others encourage you to post short posts (like Twitter).

That’s why you need to think about your business model, do some research to see where your target market hangs out, and then focus on the social media platforms that best meet your needs.

The good news is that these steps are a whole lot easier than you think – and all you have to do is put this cheatsheet to work for you!

Cheatsheet #12: Viral Marketing Cheatsheet

Viral marketing is part art, part science. If it was all science, then every single viral campaign would take off like a prairie fire in a high wind. Still, you can up your chances of creating one of those amazing viral campaigns by using this cheatsheet.

These are the same strategies the pros use to launch viral campaigns, and now you can use them too!

Cheatsheet #13: Exit Traffic Cheatsheet

Just because someone is leaving your site doesn’t mean that they have no interest in your content and products. On the contrary, they may just not have enough time to go through your site right now. Or maybe they didn’t see a particular offer that intrigued them enough to hit the buy button… this time.

That’s why it’s so important for you to get them on your mailing list before they leave your site! That way, you can follow up with them again and again over time to close the sale. How do you do it?

This cheatsheet will walk you through the process of creating an irresistible offer to capture exiting traffic onto your mailing list before they go!

Cheatsheet #14: Lead Generating Webinar Cheatsheet

A live webinar is a great way to attract leads into your sales funnel. Even better, you’ll have the recordings/replay to offer as another lead magnet to future prospects.

So how do you set up a free webinar that not only attracts leads but helps you generate sales on the backend? By using this step-by-step cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #15: Affiliate Program Cheatsheet

One of the best ways to bring in a steady stream of warm leads who are likely to buy what you’re selling is to start an affiliate program.

This checklist will walk you through the entire process, from picking a platform to motivating affiliates to do their very best for you!

Cheatsheet #16: 15 Day Product Launch Cheatsheet

Have you ever seen those huge product launches that get everyone buzzing and buying?

Those launches don’t happen by accident. They require quite a bit of planning, and two weeks of building anticipation, building buzz, and other promotions to make it happen. Now you too can have a successful product launch by using this 15-day cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #17: Getting Started With Paid Advertising Cheatsheet

One of the keys to success with paid advertising is to find and choose high-quality niche sites on which to advertise. And the good news is that this cheatsheet will walk you through all the necessary steps!

Now you can learn a way to turn on the TARGETED traffic on whenever you want!

Cheatsheet #18: 5 Types Of Ad Campaigns Cheatsheets

Before you can even think of placing an advertisement, you need to define your goal. And then you need to design your ad campaign around that goal.

This cheatsheet will help you do exactly that for five of the most important types of ad campaigns that you’re likely to run!

Cheatsheet #19: Website Traffic Re-Targeting Cheatsheet

Have you ever looked at a product on a site like Amazon, and the next thing you know you’re seeing ads for that product on sites like Facebook, news sites, and seemingly everywhere else? That’s called retargeting, and it’s a great way to bring a visitor back to your site to close the sale (especially if they didn’t buy the first time).

You can also recycle your internal traffic to other parts of your site, such as sending a newsletter subscriber to another lead page in order to further segment your list. You can also recycle your traffic-generation methods to create new traffic, such as when you take a blog post and re-post it on social media.

Together, these three methods work well to save time, generate new traffic, and close more sales. So how do you set it all up? By using this cheatsheet!

Cheatsheet #20: Facebook Ad Campaign Cheatsheet

If you’ve never run a Facebook ad campaign before, then you’re in for a treat. That’s because Facebook has a powerful platform that lets you really narrow in on your audience demographics.

And to maximize your success, you’ll want to use this cheatsheet to set up your campaign!

Here is what I know for certain when it comes to this low-cost, high-value set of cheatsheets…

You’re Finally Going To Know Exactly What To Do To Drive ALL The Traffic You Want To ANY Site You Want…

Seriously… Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been generating traffic for a while now, you’re sure to find plenty of gold nuggets in these cheatsheets to really help you out!

These cheatsheets will help you to…

Avoid all the traffic pitfalls and mistakes that plague most online marketers!

Grow your traffic, increase responses, and maximize profits QUICKLY!

Make getting traffic faster and easier than ever before!

And so much more!

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Not Only Am I Giving You All 20 Cheatsheets, But You’ll Also Get…

Bonus #1: The Social Media 10

The Social Media 10 Report

Are you tired of wasting time on social media? Stop doing it all yourself! The Social Media 10 will reveal the top 10 tools used by the “social marketing gurus“.

Using social media to promote your business can suck a lot of time from your day. Maybe you’ve even looked into trying a tool to help you, but you got overwhelmed with all the options.

It can be confusing trying to figure out what you need without breaking the bank. With The Social Media 10, you’ll find that you are getting where you want to be a lot faster and not spending a lot of money to get there.

The Social Media 10 is your for free when you order!

Bonus #2: Traffic Brain!

Traffic Brain ebook

Having trouble coming up with ideas for ways to get traffic? Then steal my brain… My traffic brain!

Traffic Brain! gives you 43 ideas to start getting traffic right now. Simply open it up, pick one idea from the 43 ideas I’ve packed into it and start getting traffic today.

Need more traffic? Come back and pick another idea and start using it. I call this “traffic stacking” and it’s where you stack one traffic tactic on another until you’re getting all the traffic you want. With Traffic Brain! you’ll never run out of ideas to keep “stacking the traffic“!

Traffic Brain! is yours for free when you order!

Alright… I MUST Have These Cheatsheets! How Much Are They?

Here’s an unbeatable offer: If you’re one of the next 100 39 people to say “yes” to this offer, you’ll lock in a low price of just $7.00

But once these 100 39 spots are gone, the price shoots to $47. It’s a steal at that price – but why pay more? Click the buy now button below to lock in this low price…

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  • Bonus – Traffic Brain Ebook (PDF format)

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