Fast Cash Commando with Personal Use Rights
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Fast Cash Commando with Personal Use Rights

Discover 5 Simple Fast Cash Methods for Making $50 – $100 per day Online Starting This Week!

You’re about to learn the exact 5 methods I used to go from a struggling newbie to making a consistent $50 – $100 per day in a few short weeks

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Fast Cash Commando

Fast Cash Commando


Frequently Asked Questions…

 1. What exactly are these 5 methods?

Method 1: “Under the Radar Method”

This is a method that you could quite literally start using today and be seeing commissions in your account a few hours later.

All the traffic you get using this method is long term Free traffic and does not involve any SEO at all. Using this method you get laser targeted traffic so your conversions will be very good so you don’t need lots of traffic for this method to be effective.

This method works in any niche and you can use cpa, amazon, adsense, clickbank, your own products, ebay, or just build a list the options are endless

Method 2: “The Traffic Control Method”

This is a method where you will be in charge of all of your traffic. The way you set this up you will be able to divert all of your traffic any place you want with one push of a button.

This method becomes more powerful over time and the traffic which you generate using this method is long term and all completely free.

You’re not relying on any SEO traffic either for this method so once your traffic starts to build it will be there for a very long time and will not be effected by any google update.

Method 3: “The ClickBank Back Door Method”

This is a cool method that I have not seen anyone else teach. Going by the title it obviously is to do with promoting clickbank products but quite frankly you can use these methods and techniques when using any other affiliate platform.

The way you target keywords is very unique and this leads to insane conversions. I am able to get 20% – 35% conversions promoting clickbank offers using this unique twist which is insane considering the average clickbank product converts at around 1 – 3%.

If you would like to make money on clickbank then you will love this method.

Method 4: “The Hot Gossip Method”

This is another method which I have never seen anyone teach. It is very powerful and you are able to generate a boat load of free traffic using the strategy which I show you in the videos.

Using this method traffic is not a problem. The only thing you have to decide is how you are going to monetize the traffic. You can promote amazon products, cpa, adsense, clickbank products or sell your own products. Once you see the unique twist how you are able to get Big traffic for free using this method you will quickly realize how easy it is to get lots of free traffic back to your website and make money.

Method 5: “The One Man Army Method”

This is a very effective method for making some fast commissions. Traffic is never a problem with this method either because the site you use has a boat load of free targeted traffic that you tap into and once started the traffic will continue to build month after month and last years to come.

By using this method you are literally building yourself an online army of money making assets. This is a very simple method to use to start making money and the best thing is you don’t even need a website for this method

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