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Expert Marketing Program Audio Course by Sean Mize

“Revealed – Discover the Secret to Becoming an Expert in Any Niche in 30 Days – 100% Guaranteed!”

You Will Also Learn EXACTLY Step by Step How to Position Yourself as the Preferred Go-To Expert in Your Niche in 30 Days

Do you ever feel like you aren’t making it in information marketing because no one sees you as the expert that you are?

Or perhaps you AREN’T an expert…but want to become one.

And you know that until you are both an expert, and other people see you as an expert, they simply aren’t going to take you seriously.

And if they don’t take you seriously…they won’t buy from you.

I mean, think about this…who do you buy from – the person who is just writing researched material online…or the person who is the bona fide expert in the niche you are learning about?

Well…why would you expect others to buy from you if you are NOT an expert…if you won’t even buy except from an expert?

Introducing The…

Expert Marketing Program Audio Course


What should this tell you?

This tells you that if YOU want to succeed in information marketing, 2 things have to happen:

1) You need to be an EXPERT in your niche area

and 2) Your buyers must PERCEIVE you as the expert in your niche.

This means that if you are NOT an expert, you don’t have a chance. Might as well pick up your toys and go home. Or BECOME an expert.

And if you ARE an expert, but no one can tell that by your presence online…they still aren’t buy from you.

So what to do about it?

First – before I share with you how to solve this problem, and not only become an expert in 30 days, but also prove to the world that you are an expert, let me share a little about my own journey online.

I am literally an expert at postioning myself as an expert. I’ve done it time and time again online. Many times I do it in just a few weeks. The very first time I did it, it took 60 days before people were coming to ME asking ME what my secrets were…and I didn’t even know 5% of what I know now, and wasn’t even trying to position myself as an expert.

However, the ACTIONS I took made it look like I was an expert – even before I was.

Now, I wasn’t trying to trick anyone…it is just that if you do certain things, knowingly or unknowingly – people will ASSUME you are an expert.

Now, I could have taught this course on how to just make people PERCEIVE you to be an expert.

But that would have been unethical. Because people who are NOT experts could use my material and pose as experts. And that would be morally wrong.

So I decided to add to this a special component…how to literally BECOME an expert in 30 days and know more about a topic in 30 days than 99% of your competition.

So let me ask you this…how would that feel?

To BE the preferred go-to person in your niche in the next 30 days?

I know that sounds crazy, but you can do it.

If you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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But more importantly – just because you are an expert in 30 days (and maybe you are one right now and no one knows it) – if you are not PERCEIVED as being an expert then you simply aren’t doing the business, getting paid for your expertise, or selling your products like an expert. In fact, if you aren’t an expert, hardly anyone is buying from you, because they are buying from the experts instead, right, and leaving you in the rain.

What if you discovered that there is a very easy method – a very specific set of steps that you can easily do in 30 days or less that literally forces your prospects to not only recognize that you are the leading expert…but that leads them to buy when you ask them to because of your trusted expert status?

That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

Well, I am here to tell you now – that very specific set of steps for not just becoming an expert, but positioning yourself as an expert so people will buy from you exists. And it exists in such a way that when you get it right…you literally force anyone who comes into contact with you online to see that not only are you the preferred expert in your niche…but that your credibility is huge..

You see, there are some very specific steps people take when they encounter you online….they look around to find out what others are saying about you, they look to see if you are really an expert…and if they don’t find some very specific things in place, they automatically assume that you are NOT an expert…even if you are.

And…if those things are in place BEFORE you are an expert…they also BELIEVE you ARE an expert…and will buy from you as if you ARE an expert. And THAT is why the only morally ethical way I could share this information with you was if I also taught you how to become an expert at the same time. You can see that, right? I simply couldn’t allow myself to teach people only the one part they could abuse and use to trick the world.

So why am I willing to share this with you?


First – the obvious – I believe that one of the reason you are not succeeding online is because you don’t know how to position yourself as an expert – and I’d like to see you succeed online.

The second – less obvious – I believe most people, even if they know what needs to be done – they can’t imagine doing it in 30 days or less…and since I know how to do it – I want to share that with you.

And because of those two reasons, I have created a highly concise, targeted step by step training course to teach you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it to both become an expert in 30 days, and how to position yourself as an expert in 30 days.

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NOW YOU can BEAT many other expert competitors in your niche to gain complete dominance over your niche and become the #1 preferred expert in your niche.

Perhaps you are thinking…how can that be true…how can I literally become the #1 go-to expert in my niche?

First of all…let me say this…it is easier than you think.

Second…you can literally catapult yourself to being in the same category as the top experts in your niche – using my step by step easy methods – in 30 days.

Third – you can also position yourself in such a way that although someone who knows you might know that your competitor has been an expert longer than you and perhaps has more information than you do – but they will want to work with YOU because YOU are positioned as being the right expert for them. Make sense? (If not, it’s ok, I teach you exactly WHY this is the case in my training)

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Are you ready to receive access to the system that will completely revolutionize the way you position yourself in your niche, and change your life?

If so, like I told you earlier…this material is concise, and very direct and to the point. I teach you exactly why you MUST be positioned as the expert in your niche to make the most sales, and I teach you exactly HOW to do it.

Step by step.

Exactly what to do and how to do it.

And because it is precise, I literally deliver the information to you in about 1 1/2 hours of content.

So if you are used to evaluating products you buy based on the number of hours they run, instead of based on the value of the content and how quickly you can implement it, then you will be disappointed.

Because there is no fluff in this package. It is just the facts. Exactly what to do and how to do.

However, if you are looking for very precise instructions on how to become an expert in your niche, or how to position yourself as the expert that you are, this is EXACTLY what you need to begin positioning yourself as an expert in the next 30 days, and is very easy to assimilate and implement.

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If so – I suggest you download a copy of my new system TODAY.

The reason for this is that because of the depth of the information I am teaching in this program – and because of the fact that I reveal how to position yourself as an expert – this material could be used to deceive others. And because of that I am asking you this…that if you purchase this program, that you will agree to ONLY use this for good, and ONLY use my techniques once you have genuinely BECOME an expert in your niche.

And if I find that people are consistently using my material to defraud the world and their niche – I may simply take this material off the market, and prevent others from learning it.

So…if you want to learn my secrets – secrets I have never revealed to anyone outside my $10,000 Platinum coaching program – I suggest you get this TODAY, and don’t risk losing out, and having someone else in your niche apply this material before you and LOCK YOU OUT of the opportunity to position yourself as the #1 go-to person in your niche.

And truth be told, that could happen. And the only way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is to be the first in your niche to get this knowledge and begin applying it to your niche.

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