Copywriting Done For You Marketing Templates
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Copywriting Done For You Marketing Templates

Copywriting Done For You Templates – Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files

There’s a lot of confusion around copywriting. Many online marketers are leery of it, mistakenly believing that copywriting is all about selling to customers in an obnoxious or unethical way. They think of times when they experienced high pressure tactics or heard stories ofscammers who disappear into the night after fleecing their buyers.

But copywriting isn’t about being unethical when describing your product or trying to force a customer to buy something they don’t need.

When used correctly, copywriting is a tool for serving your community and providing them with value. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell to your audience – after all, you’re running a business – but you can do it in a way that doesn’t feel slimy or unethical.

Write Copy that Connects

Copywriting is about connecting with your audience. When there’s a genuine connection and your community senses that you truly care, they’re happy to buy from you. In fact, they may even thank you for your products and affiliate recommendations!

Before you write a single word of copy, you need to slow down and consider who you’ll be targeting with your products or services. Knowing your ideal client is the secret to writing copy that makes customers eager to buy from and promote your brand.

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is or if you think your buyer is “anyone who wants it” then your copy is going to fail. You’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

Your ideal client determines the tone you’ll use in your copy. A good marketer knows that not every tone is appropriate for every audience. For example, you sell a digital course on learning guitar at home.

If your target market is twenty-something year old men looking to impress girls, your tone will be light-hearted. Your copy may reference flirting with and impressing a woman while you play guitar.
But if your target market is parents who have a child in elementary school, your copy will be vastly different. You’ll talk about the benefits of learning an instrument and share statistics about how kids that play an instrument do better in school.

After identifying your target audience, your copy should focus on your qualifications. You need to sell your community on why you’re the ideal teacher or creator of your course.

Again, you’re going to think about your target market as you list your credentials. If your target market is parents, you’ll talk about how you make lessons engaging for young kids. You’ll mention that you’ve been playing from a young age and how mastering an instrument gave you the fortitude to push those twenty-year-old men, you’ll mention that the lessons are short so they can fit them into a busy schedule. You’ll share that you serenaded your girlfriend after a huge fight and she totally forgave you.

It’s important to understand that you should never lie about your qualifications to your audience. If they find out, their trust in you is broken. But you can make sure you phrase your credentials in a way that will appeal to your community.

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Introducing The…

Copywriting Done For You Marketing Templates

Let’s Talk About the Templates and Tools Included in this Month’s Package:

Our goal every month is to make things simpler for you…to make it easier for you to write more effective copy and generate more sales. With that in mind, let’s look at this month’s tools.
Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files

Pre-Headlines for Landing Pages & More Swipe File

The pre-headline is the straight to the point, sentence that comes before the main headline on your landing page. It gives you the ability to go more in-depth with your subject line without compromising its length. Use these examples for your own landing pages, sales pages, emails and more.

Headlines Swipe File

Headlines are the most important copywriting element. Use these headline examples as inspiration so you can grab your readers attention in your sales copy

Power Words & Phrases Swipe File

Power words and phrases are an important element in your copy. They can help persuade your audience and motivate action. Use this list of 465 power words and phrases in your copy to help effectively lead your readers to take action.

Call to Action Swipe File

The call to action is used to motivate readers or listeners to take a specific action you suggest. Here is a list of calls to action you can use as-is or customize for your specific needs.

Closings and Sign-Offs Swipe File

Email closings and sign-offs can help you build trust and confidence with your readers, so you’ll want to leave them with something memorable. Use this list of closing sentences to help you connect and nurture your audience.

Postscript/P.S. Swipe File

Your postscript is the high-traffic element below your signature. It contains your last persuasive offer to get them to buy or act on your suggestion. Use these P.S. examples to get you started and inspire variations that work best for your audience.

Transitions Swipe File

If you want your target audience to read to the end of your content, develop the art of adding transition phrases to encourage readers to continue along the page. Use this list of 170 transition phrases to keep your audience reading.

Benefit Bullets Swipe File

Potential customers really want to know how your product will benefit them and why they should buy. Listing the benefits gives customers a reason to buy. Use these examples of features and benefits to help you come up with your list.

Motivating Phrases Swipe File

When writing copy, stop and consider what emotions or circumstances would prompt your reader to take action. These motivating phrases will help influence readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take.

Price Justification Swipe File

One of the most challenging areas of selling products or services is determining what price to charge. Use this list to help you justify your prices with potential clients.

As you can see, all of these templates and tools included in the Copywriting Templates and Swipe Files will give you what you need to get started writing effective copy in your emails, sales pages, landing pages and social media.

Grab these awesome done-for-you Copywriting Templates while the price is still low and learn to properly brand and monetize your content correctly.

You’ll also get an insider guide to explain everything to you and give you the extra edge.

This information along with this month’s tools will help you grow your business using Copywriting.

Grab your Copywriting templates pack today!

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