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Change Mastery PLR eBook Resell PLR

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Change Mastery PLR eBook Resell PLR

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Change Mastery PLR eBook Resell PLR

Change Mastery PLR eBook Resell PLR

A 13163 Word Change Mastery Ebook with Reseller Private Label Rights so you can resell it with a PLR license!


Here’s a Screenshot inside the Change Mastery PLR book:

Change Mastery PLR eBook Resell PLR Screenshot

Table of Contents for the Change Mastery PLR Ebook:


Chapter 01 – The 1C: Confidence

A Radical Self-Assessment

Be Self-satisfied And You’ll Stagnate

Realize The Need For Change

The Openness To Change

The Cost-benefit Analysis Of A Potential Change

The Need To Change Vs. The Need To Control

Change Can Either Be Self-induced Or Induced From The Outside

Change Should Be For The Better

Chapter 02 – The 2C: Competence

Make Use Of Visualization To Achieve The Change You Want To Manifest

Make A Thorough Assessment Of Your Assets And Talents

Clarify Your Motive And Goal For Change

Change Your Negative Mental Programming

Create A Mental Map For Change

Write Down Your Good And Bad Qualities

Reward Yourself For Every Goal Achieved

The Power Of Affirmation

Chapter 03 – The 3C: Communication

The Environment Is A Factor In Your Successful Change

Make Sure Your Significant Others Know That You Want To Change

Heightening Your Awareness Of The People Around You

Surround Yourself With Optimistic People

Optimistic People Can Challenge Us To Greater Achievements

Climb On The Bandwagon Of Optimistic People

Discovering Our Own Neurosis And Character Disorders

Chapter 04 – The 4C: Cooperation

The Usefulness Of Having A Support Group For Change

Cooperation As A Catalyst For Change

The Advantage Of Having A Common Goal And A Common Enemy

Resolving Conflicts

Listening To Criticisms

Always Seek The Opinion Of Wise Men In Important Matters

Take Criticisms Positively

Chapter 05 – The 5C: Creation

Action Is Better Than Inaction

The Need For Self-discipline

Divide Your Work into Parts So As Not To Be Overwhelmed By The Task

Unfreezing Your Old Habits

Never Give Up When Problems And Hurdles Arise

Delaying Gratification For Future Satisfaction—A Si gn Of Maturity

Refreezing Of New Knowledge Or New Habit

Take The Responsibility For Change

Wrapping Up

Here’s a Sample of the Change Mastery Content inside the eBook:

In this book, you will venture on the main five C’s for change. As you discover the elements of change, you will learn how to become confident in your ability and capability to change. You will acknowledge that communication and cooperation contribute a massive amount to the aspect of change. You will gain the ability to take action by creating movements. You are currently at the bottom of your life-changing mountain. Please take a step forward and climb up. Your life changing experience awaits you.

If we look back at the history of the world in the last several centuries, we will discover the radical and abrupt changes in the knowledge and technology of humanity. A century ago, the Wright brothers were just trying to designing a scale model of their first airplane; yet a century after, men have been able to send spacecraft to the very edges of the solar system. These radical changes are so unprecedented in the history of humanity and the world, and we are always left in awe as to where these changes can lead us. It seems that “nothing on earth is impervious to these radical changes.”

In the ancient times, many wise men have seen the impermanence of everything and they came to the conclusion that the only phenomenon which is permanent is change. This idea is definitely true; likewise, it is apparent in the very nature of our existence. Each of us needs to face the fact that change is the only permanent thing in this world, and hence, each of us should be prepared for change. It is therefore wise to believe that change is inevitable and sooner or later each of us will undergo some forms of change. We can never avoid change for sooner or later, it will dawn on us, but we can somewhat delay it.

Faced with the prospect of its inevitability, we got no choice but to face the challenge of change. In this book, the concept of change is elaborated and guidelines on how to prepare oneself for the onset of changes are delineated. You have heard how people are reactive to change and remain fixated to their old habits and customs. This reaction is natural considering the law of inertia which says that “everything tends to remain at rest or in a continuous motion unless acted upon by an outside force.” However, this resistance to change should be overcome to achieve something substantial in life for the only way to achieve progress is through change.

There are ways to reduce the resistance to change and one way of reducing this resistance is by preparing the inner self for change. Once the inner resistance to change has been overcome, the external transition would become possible and easy. The internal change, like a paradigm shift, is necessary to achieve external change, because the only true change always comes from within.

Chapter 01 – The 1C: Confidence

A Radical Self-Assessment

There is no better way to start change in one’s being than to have a radical assessment of one’s personality. Yes, the best place to begin changes in one’s world is within oneself. The reason for this is the fact that the only organism in this world with which we have a total control is our very own self. If we still have the illusion that changing the outside world would radically change the inside, we are mistaken. Our very own self is the only platform of which we should have perfect control, and for this reason, the best possible change can only start from within.

Now, if we want to change something in ourselves we should know which aspect of ourselves need change. Henceforth, we need a radical self-assessment. What I mean is that we should discover the areas in our life which need to be changed. There are different aspects and areas of our life. I have learned from my college psychology class that there are five important aspects or areas in our life. First, there is the physical aspect which includes our very own body, our instincts, and our bones and muscles. Second, there is the emotional aspect of our life which includes the different emotions which we daily experience and the motivations which prod us to action. Third, there is the intellectual aspect of our life which includes our intellectual skills, our IQ, our logical perspective, and all the mental processes we indulge in every day. Fourth, there is the social aspect of our life which includes our interactions with our fellow human beings, our works, and even our relationship with our significant others, relatives, and friends. Lastly, there is the spiritual aspect of our life which includes our belief system and our relationship with the higher beings. If we want to make some substantial changes in our life, we need to make a thorough assessment of these five aspects and find out which are the dark and grey areas which need to be changed and developed. Only then could we say that we’ve made a radical assessment of our personality if we were able to assess objectively these five aspects of our life. We can do this assessment of ourselves by listing down the different areas of our lives which are veering towards the positive and the negative sides. A realistic assessment of these five areas can give us an objective view of which areas of our life necessitate change.

Be Self-satisfied And You’ll Stagnate

It is very easy to be smugly indulged in our present existence to a point that we resist change, thinking that there is no need for change because the present is definitely comfortable and working well. Yet, this kind of attitude may lead to self-stagnation while the rest of the world is making progress in great strides. We all know what happens if we stagnate, we fail to adapt to the ever-changing situation and we will be left out. A perfect example in nature of stagnation is the stagnant pond with no exit points. The water becomes full of silt that there comes a point that the pond exudes a fetid stench. Thus, if we want to revitalize a pond, we need to improvise an exit canal which will allow the water to move out of it, and new water to come in allowing the rejuvenation of the pond.

In the same way, our self is a like a pond which needs to be renewed and revitalized every once in a while. This need for change is very apparent not only in the grander scale of life but also in the minutiae of life. In the grander scale, a nation should improve its economy otherwise it will be left out by other economies. Likewise, superpowers should continue to improve their technologies so that other rising superpowers can never catch up with them in terms of weaponry. Empires sometimes implode from within because they become self-satisfied. In the smaller scale, a person should always recreate himself or herself by allowing some rooms for changes in one’s life, otherwise, one will risk the prospect of stagnation which is the most pathetic thing that could ever happen to a person. When we allow the cobwebs of pessimisms and lack of vitality to encroach into the very fibers of our being and we become resistant to change and development, we become defeated like a carcass left for the taking of the vultures.

Note: The above content is just a snippet of the ebook.


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Package Details:

Download File Size: 36.9 Megabytes (MB)

eBook Format: Word Doc, Open Office Doc, Text Doc and PDF formats.

PLR eBook Graphics: Includes a Flat and 3D eCover with PSD files.

Total Word Count: 13 000+ Words


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You may not market the product in any immoral, illegal or unethical way (Spam).

You are responsible for your own hosting, download locations, payment processor and customer service to your customers.

Any violation of this license will be subject to revoking this agreement and potential legal action may ensue.

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