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The Beginners Guide to Membership Sites PLR eBook

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The Beginners Guide to Membership Sites PLR eBook

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Membership Building for Profits in the 21st Century for Ordinary Folks!

Membership websites are the wave of the twenty-first century not for one reason but for several reasons. One reason is that the whole world has become computerized. Another reason is that membership sites make people feel safer and more protected.

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The Beginners Guide to Membership Sites


Yet another reason why membership websites are the wave of the 21st century is that people like to communicate freely with their peers.

There are other reasons why people love membership websites but one thing is for sure; membership websites really are the wave of the 21st century! Members of membership websites love them but the owners of membership websites REALLY love them!

We’ll talk about membership website owners in a bit. Right now let’s talk about why people do love membership website.

We who live in the twenty-first century live in a computerized world. Even those little old ladies who have never sat in front of a computer screen in their lives and probably never will do use computers.

They would never agree that they use computers but anytime they make a purchase in a brick and mortar store, they ARE using a computer when they use their credit card.

When they buy gasoline, the pumps that the gasoline is delivered from are computerized. There are computers in their cars. We all use computers every single day in hundreds of ways.

There is a prevailing fear of identity theft that seems to grip the land. Especially those who are not really computer savvy are concerned about identity theft and general online safety. This is one place where membership websites have an advantage over others. People FEEL safe when they pay to be on a website.

They feel more secure than when they are out there surfing on the free web. People like the feeling of security but safety is not the only reason for the explosion of membership websites today.

Back in the distant past when the Internet was relatively new, communication was a one-way street. Those who owned websites communicated with the visitors to their website but visitors were essentially mute. Then the dot-com bubble burst and things changed dramatically. What we call Web 2.0 was born.

Web 2.0 is interactive. Communication is no longer a one-way street. Communication has most definitely become a two-way street. Website visitors don’t want to just be talked TO they want to respond. They want their say. They want to put in their ‘two-cents’ worth, so to speak. People love two way communication!

Back during the days of Web 1.0 people did have blogs. You might not have heard of them. The old blogs were basically on-line journals that could be read by those who were invited to read them but the reader could not post to the blog. Boy! Has that ever changed!

Today you can not only read blogs but you can post to them provided that you are a member of the website. And, what do people discuss on these membership sites? The answer is everything from soup to nuts! The pros and cons of every subject imaginable are debated. And people love it!

People love membership websites, too, because they like the fact that the membership site has a limited membership. They like exclusive! Membership websites rarely allow foul language of flaming and people like that. On open websites there is not usually a monitor that forbids bad behavior or bad language and is there to enforce the rules.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of actually owning a membership website and there are many, many reasons. One of the main reasons can be summed up in just two beautiful words; recurring income. Every single month the very same people pay you. You don’t have to sell them anything, they’re already sold.

Recurring income adds up fast, too. For example; if you have a membership website that charges $29.95 per month that means that over the course of one year you will make $359.40 from EACH MEMBER and with NO additional overhead expenses. It’s like a money tree!

Additionally, the owner of a membership website does NOT have to scramble for website content constantly. The members supply all of the content that is needed and they PAY the website owner to do it! What’s not to like?

A membership website is a site that members find safe, interesting and satisfying and a membership website is a site that the owner finds profitable, cheap to run in both time and money. Membership websites are the wave of the 21st century because they work and they create a win/win situation for both owners and members!

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