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Automation Marketing Training Program Audio Course by Sean Mize

“Are You Ready to Build a 100% Automated Information Marketing Machine to Generate $100k or More in 2016. . . ?”

Perhaps you have been working hard, trying to create a product, or maybe you even created a product, but you don’t know how to sell it.

Or maybe you have been working feverishly to build a list…but you don’t know what to sell your list (and you know that if you don’t sell anything, you aren’t going to hit $100k, right)?

Or maybe you have a couple of products, but now it is getting really confusing figuring out who needs what, who has already bought product 1, how to write your autoresponder emails so they promote both products, but don’t overdo it.

And those sound like simple problems…but you and I both know any one of them can kill your business, and make it seem like you are just wasting your time and your money online, right?

Introducing The…

Automation Marketing Training Program Audio Course



I mean, for all the work you have put in online,you should be making more money, right?

I think you should be!

And my guess is that one of the problems I mentioned above is what’s holding you back.

And the thing is, that’s alot like what held me back online when I first got started.

You see, I think I’m a bit of a smart cookie. Went to school, wrote the papers, got the degrees, had great experience in the corporate world running a $3 million dollar per month sales operation, built several companies from scratch…but when I tried to build an online business…I failed.

I fell flat on my face.

I wrote an ebook just like they say.

I had a website made just like they say.

I drove traffic just like they say.

I made a few sales (yippee!)

But that’s it.

Just a few sales.

And you can’t feed a family on a few sales.

Sorry. Nope. Grocery store won’t take ebooks for payments.

So I tried another angle.

Bought traffic and sent it to affiliate links.

(you know, like traffic flipping)

It worked. Barely. For every $100 in traffic I bought…I did about..$100 in sales.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I subtract $100 in costs from $100 in revenue…I get $0!

And I can’t live on…$0!!!


I was DETERMINED to make it online. DETERMINED. Just like you are.

So I began buying materials to teach me what to do and how to do it.

$97 here. $77 there. $197 somewhere else.

And none of them taught me everything I needed to know.

I studied them and was still stuck.

Ever feel that way?

I did.

Then I discovered a HUGE secret. This is the ONE thing the gurus just don’t want you to know. Because they don’t want everyone doing it. But I am willing to show you.

First of all – why?

Because I am sick and tired of seeing you stumble around in the dark, trying to figure it out, and literally failing every time.

Because it just isn’t fair for you to continue losing money online…when I have the answer.

And I do.

And I have the proof.

Because I have personally used this answer for the last 4 years.

My first year I generated over $100k once I started using this secret. Each year after I have done over $250k.

And I don’t tell you that to brag.

And I don’t tell you that to promise you can make the same money.

Because I can’t.

Because I don’t know how hard you will work (I worked HARD).

And I don’t know if you will only use half my system and try to do the rest on your own because you think your way works better.

Look, I know that might have sounded rude…but I’ve seen it time and time again.

People buy a system – think they can improve on it before they have made a single penny…and then fail. And then blame the system. And that’s just not right, is it?

So I want you to promise me that if I reveal my secrets…you PROMISE to either you use my entire system the way I teach it, and send me a thank you letter or testimonial afterwords…or just don’t try my system at all. Fair enough? Promise?

Ok – here it is.

And before I give it to you – let me warn you .

This is going to sound REALLY simple.

Like – why didn’t I think of that?

Or like – well that’s what I’m already doing (it’s not)

And there are alot of details that frankly if you don’t get them right….my system won’t work.

Ok – here it is:

Create products people want to buy and sell those products to them sequentially using an autoresponder to automatically sell them the first product when they come onto your list, then sell them the 2nd product as soon as they buy the 1st one, then sell them the 3rd product as soon as they buy the 2nd one…and so on.

Did you know that I have over 95 emails in my basic campaign, not counting all the emails I have in my buyer campaigns and my buyers lists, plus the emails I mail each day for additional revenue?

How many emails do you have in your autoresponder?

Are they sequentially ordered in exactly the right order to get people to buy as quickly as possible after they come on your list?

Once someone buys the first product, are they automatically placed into another sales campaign that automatically begins sending them an email sequence to build a deeper relationship and start selling the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th products?

Do you have at least 5 products you can sell sequentially?

Look, if you are missing just ONE of the above steps, you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!

And that’s the purpose of this letter.

Because I want to show you what you are missing…and show you how you can get it all right so that you can earn $100k or MORE this next year online.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have multiple products in your campaign, and you aren’t automatically sequentially selling those products…you are losing money every single day your system is not correct.

And I want to help you fix the leak so you can start making money on your subscribers instead of just spending money month after month to get traffic and subscribers who never buy anything from you.

So I have created a simple, step by step training program that literally walks you through every step of the way.

For the next 7 weeks, I am going to personally work with you to teach you EXACTLY how to create several products and get them into an automated funnel so that you can start making REAL MONEY in the next month

That’s right – I have created a complete step by step training program that includes about 18 hours of detailed instruction upfront, then a weekly lesson module for 7 weeks. Each module comes with precise instructions, exactly what to do and how to do it for the highest level of profit…PLUS a pdf homework assignment of exactly what to do and how to do it to get that part of your business up and running. And you will be held accountable for each step you complete (or don’t complete). Because all of these steps are necessary for you to build a $100k business next year.

So here is what you are going to learn:

  • How to position yourself in your niche so you are literally perceived as a GURU within 30 days – no matter what your niche
  • My own personal method of determining EXACTLY which products to create and what people will buy from you
  • Step by step directions for creating products in as little as 3-5 hours
  • My stupid-simple sales letter formula – I even GIVE you a sample sales letter I wrote for a client – that you can EASILY customize for your niche (I even give you exact directions for that, as well) -so you can write your first sales letter – in just 2-3 hours.
  • My never-before revealed (except to my highest level Platinum clients who pay upwards of $12k to work with me) automation formula for automating in your autoresponder every selling email you ever send…and how to make sure buyers don’t get sent the same email again, and how to queue up multiple products in your sales funnel quickly and easily.
  • My own secret formula for creating one product per week for 8 weeks in a row, so that by the end of 2 months you have 8 products in your sales funnel, all 8 automatically being promoted to your list based on how long they have been on your list and what they have already bought.
  • How to know if you should REMOVE someone from your email list because they are wasting your time and will probably never buy (did you know I purpose delete as many as 10 – 100 subscribers PER DAY from lists depending on these characteristics?)
  • My brand new personal formula for creating more time in your day for the really important things, and dropping loser tasks like a hot potatoe (this is a brand new teaching, never before revealed except to about 30 special clients)
  • Additionally, I am going to teach you how to put all of this together, complete with building a list and driving massive traffic – to literally create an automated MACHINE where you literally only have to pour traffic in the front end, and sales come out the backend.

Now, you are going to receive the teachings up front, at the beginning of the course, so you can start learning EVERYTHING immediately. And the pdf homework assignments will come in your inbox each week (and if you get ahead, just let me know, I’ll send the next lesson out early 🙂 )

In addition, you will learn:

  • How to create a product funnel in just one month, complete with 4 products, ranging from $100 on the low end, to $2000 on the high end
  • How to Determine Precisely What the market will need in your niche – BEFORE it needs it – so that you can BEAT ALL YOUR COMPETITION to market
  • Precisely my exact formula for writing a sales letter from scratch…without any additional sales letter writing classes or training needed
  • My own personal never-before-been-revealed outsourcing formula -where I find my workers, how much I pay them, how I keep them motivated and working their hardest

So perhaps you are wondering, is this for me?

First let me say this…this is NOT for you if:

You are NOT willing to work hard to create your automated machine. You see, it is an automated machine, and I teach you exactly what to do and how to do it – but you have to do the beginning work to CREATE your machine.

You are a lazy person

You are not willing to follow directions.

You want someone to hand you a free lunch

If any of the above describes you – this program is NOT for you.

But if you are the kind of person:

  • who is willing to work hard for 3-6 months while you learn what works and get things set up
  • who really wants to make $100k per year and won’t stop until you get there
  • who really wants to get my secrets and formulas rather than stumbling around for the next 2-3 years trying to figure it all out on your own…

Then THIS probably is for you.

Of course YOU have to make the decision.

In addition to my step by step system for creating an automated system that works like clockwork, and that is easy to implement – and the exact system for automating all of this using simple autoresponder techniques (including some hidden techniques many clients have never seen), you are also going to learn:

  • How to know EXACTLY which products to create in WHICH order to get the most sales the fastest.
  • How to create incredible levels of profit from the buyers on your list (my buy list generates about $15 PER SUBSCRIBER per month).
  • How to know exactly what to say and write so that BEFORE someone gets your sales letter they are READY to buy from you
  • How to correctly manage your time so that you are focusing on the IMPORTANT things rather than the URGENT (this is my own blended system I personally developed after studying many time management and life management experts…and my clients who have been exposed to this have been BLOWN AWAY)
  • How to create the precise balance between building relationship and making sales
  • Learn the BEST way to create multiple products fast…in fact, one of my techniques ensures you will have over 50 hours of teaching content in the first year…while simultaneously submitting over 500 articles to ezinearticles…and you don’t write a word!

Ok, are you ready now? Would it change your life if you had a 100% automated system like the one I use to repeatedly make sales to my subscribers…on autopilot even when I am sleeping or on vacation (as you know, I took 18 weeks of vacation last year, this year my family and I spent 9 weeks traveling through Canada and Alaska, spent 5 days in Homer Alaska fishing (my wife caught a 67 pound halibut) in addition to countless days spent skiing and hiking).

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have been added to your cart!

If so – I suggest you enroll in my new program TODAY.

Ok, now I know that at this point you are probably used to an entire song and dance about how much my system is worth, and how much I am going to discount it to beg you to sign up.

But I’m not.

Either you see the value in learning to build an autopilot system that makes sales while you sleep or play, that will stop you from losing the $3k – $10k per month that you could be earning if you had this set up in your life…or you don’t.

And frankly if you don’t see how you are losing money by NOT having these automated processes in place in your business…you are NOT the kind of person I want to work with.

You see, this isn’t like one of those programs where you get a bunch of mp3s to listen to and the guru disappears.

You see – the goal of this program – is NOT just to teach you WHAT and HOW to do the things necessary to build your business..but it is ALSO to take you by the hand and assist you in having a complete business in place by within the next couple of months – so that you can make 2013 your MOST PROFITABLE YEAR ever. How would that feel to you?

has been added to your cart!

have been added to your cart!

So there is going to be no song and dance, no tricky numbers…the price of my 7 week training program, complete with ALL training and access to me…is just $997 for a limited time only.

So NOW is the time for you to decide.

And by the way – I don’t personally mind if you choose to decide NO – that’s ok with me.

Because this isn’t about my coercing you to work with me.

Because frankly if you aren’t REALLY EXCITED about learning to earn $10k per month or more – and starting your business with real sales in the next month…and possibly before – I simply don’t want to work with you.

And if you’re not sure you want to work with me…I don’t want you in my program.

Because I’m gonna be answering your emails, and teaching you exactly what to do and how to do it…and I want you to TAKE ACTION on what I teach you, on what I personally do in my business to make big money…and I want to know you are going to take action and do what I teach.

But I don’t want you to leave this page undecided.

Because if you leave this page, likely you won’t be back.

And that’s ok…but know this…I simply want you to make a decision today.

Yes or no, its ok with me.

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have been added to your cart!

Make a decision for the future of your family.

How much would it change your families’ life if you were bringing in an extra $3k – $10k per month? What would you do with the extra money?

The question is…do you want to keep losing $3k – $10k per month right now?

Or are you ready to take action and change your life forever?

If you are ready to start working with me…go ahead, make your payment now, you’ll have access to the initial training materials as soon as you click the “return to merchant” button and enter your name and email….then in a few days, after you have begun to study the initial materials, we will do our first coaching call…and your business is going to EXPLODE!

To make one payment of $997 $900 today (save $100):

Or, make 4 easy payments of $250 each:

has been added to your cart!

have been added to your cart!

Perhaps you are still on the fence.

Get off. Either decide you don’t want to take action and change your life….

or that you are READY to change your life forever….how would your life change if you had an extra $3k – $10k coming in each and every month on autopilot?

Or…think about this…if you choose not to take action today – and you lose this opportunity forever – how much regret will you experience at NOT having taking the change to work with me personally to build your own information business online?

You see, imagine how your life would be different TODAY if one year ago you had started working with me, imagine the business you could have now.

And the truth of the matter is, if you don’t take action today, it is likely that one year from now, you will be looking back wondering what could have happened if we had started working together today.

Anyhow, I don’t want to pressure you at all – I want you to work with me only if you want to.

But if you aren’t sure…I give you permission to just do it, just take action today and change your life!

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Package Details:

Download File Size – 76.7 MB

License Details:

[YES] Can be used for Personal Use
[NO] Can convey and sell Giveaway Rights
[NO] Can convey and sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can convey and sell Private Label Rights to the original document


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