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8 Quality Healthy Foods Free PLR Articles Exclusive PLR

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Introducing The…

8 Quality Healthy Foods Free PLR Articles Exclusive PLR

Here’s the titles of the articles:

  1. 6 Healthy Foods High in Vitamin D
  2. 9 Foods to Avoid with IBS
  3. 10 Essential Foods for Detoxing
  4. 10 Foods for Better Digestion
  5. 10 Foods to Live Longer
  6. 12 Foods That Must Be Organic
  7. Top 10 Anti-Cellulite Foods
  8. Top 10 Anti-Stress Foods

Here’s a sample article so you can see the quality of the free PLR articles pack:

6 Healthy Foods High in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential contribution to our body. It contributes to healthy bones and muscles, prevents many diseases, such as cardiovascular ones and certain cancers, and benefits the kidney, as well as the immune system. Its deficiency can cause serious health consequences. Although this vitamin is produced naturally by the skin under sun exposure, it can also be drawn from certain foods.

  1. Cod liver oil: the best source of vitamin D

Despite its unpleasant taste, cod liver oil is renowned for its quality and nutritional value. It can be ingested as a capsule or you can find canned cod liver in some supermarkets. It is a fatty acid that supports the cardiovascular system and stimulates memory. It should be noted that 10 cl of cod liver oil is equivalent to 250 g of vitamin D, and the daily requirement for vitamin D for a person from 1 to 70 years is 15 g.

  1. Fatty fish: salmon, trout…

These fish provide valuable vitamin D intake without the need to consume much. Indeed, eating fatty fish once a week would suffice to take advantage of all the benefits that these foods provide for your cardiovascular health. It is recommended to bake or grill them. It should be noted that 100 g of salmon contains between 6 and 23 g of vitamin D, and 100 g of baked trout contains 11 g of vitamin D.

  1. Animal livers

For those who do not like fish, the liver is a very good alternative, since it is the natural storage place for vitamin D. Veal liver is more advised, as it is tender and more flavorful and because a serving of 100 g already guarantees 2.5 g of vitamin D.

  1. The egg yolk

It is a great food rich in vitamin D. 100 g of raw egg yolk provides 2 to 3.2 g of vitamin D. It is better to consume, on average, 4 eggs per week, as only one would not be enough to fulfill the required amount.

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