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680 Unrestricted Real Estate PLR Articles Pack V2

In this PLR Content Pack You’ll get 680 Unrestricted Real Estate Articles with Private Label Rights to help you dominate the Real Estate market which is a highly profitable and in-demand niche.

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680 Unrestricted Real Estate PLR Pack V2

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Here are the titles of the 680 Unrestricted Real Estate Articles:

1. Morocco – Investment Potential is Sky Rocketing
2. Morocco – Property Buyers Guide
3. Morris Countys Appeal to New Yorkers
4. Mortgage Broker Marketing Tips
5. Mortgage Crisis Hit the Sales and Value of Real Estate
6. Mortgage Note Buyers – Who Are They and How Can They Help You
7. Mortgage Officer Training vs Short Sale Training
8. Motivated Sellers – How To Find One
9. Mumbai Real Estate is at an all time High
10. Must known facts about tax liens.
11. My First Real Estate Investing Deal And What You Can Learn From It
12. My Third Real Estate Investing Deal – Another True Nothing Down Deal.
13. Myrtle Beach Cabana District
14. Nebraska Real Estate – The Cornhusker State
15. Need A Job – Move To Huntsville Alabama
16. Negotiating Real Estate – Go Slow
17. Negotiating With Your Lender
18. Nevada Real Estate – A Very Good Gamble
19. New Hampshire Real Estate – Switzerland of America
20. New High End Luxury Condotels Planned in Cebu Philippines
21. New Homes vs Existing Homes
22. New housing and planning delivery grant to Sussex Farmland
23. New Jersey Real Estate – The Garden State
24. New Kitchen For Added Sales Punch
25. New Mexico Real Estate – The Mystical and Mysterious State
26. New Partner in Profit
27. New York Real Estate – The Empire State
28. Niche Social Networking for the Realtor
29. No Money Down – Really
30. No More Estate Agent Fees
31. No more financial distress – foreclosure assistance provided
32. North Carolina Real Estate – Mountains Coast and Tobacco Road
33. North Cyprus – The Last Mediterranean Property Investment Hotspot
34. North Dakota Real Estate – Wide Open Spaces and Wildlife
35. Nothing Down
36. Now May Be The Right Time To Buy A House
37. Oakland California Real Estate
38. Odors Can Make or Break The Sale of Your Home
39. Office Condo Market Cooling Off
40. Official Figures Suggest you go South for the Best French Property Buys.
41. Ohio Real Estate – Large Cities and Little Farms
42. Oklahoma Real Estate – Cowboys and Indians
43. Open Houses for FSBO Sellers
44. Opportunities Flooding US Real Estate – Where Are You
45. Oregon Real Estate – Going Hip and Green
46. Orlando Real Estate – The Importance Of Picking the Right Broker
47. Orlando Real Estate Investments – All Properties Are Not Equal
48. Outdoor Rooms Add Great Value
49. Overpricing Homes – Sellers 1 Mistake When Listing Their Home
50. Owner Financing – Safety Tips
51. Owning The Home That Just Wont Sell
52. Owning The House That Wont Sell
53. Pacific Concord Properties Inc Expands Cebu Philippine Condotel Operations
54. Palm Harbor Florida Real Estate
55. Pamela Anderson – Superstar – Sex Symbol – Animal-Rights Advocate and…. Real Estate Developer.
56. Paris Apartment Marais
57. Paris Apartments marais
60. Pennsylvania Real Estate – The Keystone State
61. Perks That Get Buyers To Make Offers
62. Philippine Apart-Hotel or Condotel Properties being snap up by lively UK investment funds as rents soar
63. Philippine Apart-Hotels or Condotels as an Investment
64. Philippine Apart-Hotels Set to Outstrip Traditional Buy-to-Let Market
65. Philippine Condotel Investments US Road Show Sales Hit 8.9 Million
66. Philippine Condotels – Open The Door To Lifestyle Real Estate
67. Philippine Property Agent says the Brits are coming
68. Philippine Property Forum Launched for Realtors
69. Philippine Property Ownership Law
70. Picking Up Orlando Real Estate Bargains
71. Picture Perfect – the Profit is in the Plan
72. Pinecrest Real Estate – Upscale Village
73. Pinellas County Real Estate A Cornucopia of Home Selections
74. Pitfalls To Avoid In Commercial Real Estate
75. Plants and Emotional Appeal in House Selling
76. PLC Global Filipino Agency announces launch of WEBSEO for Realtors
77. PLC Global Filipino Agency announces Web Site acquisition program after launch of WEBSEO for Realtors
78. PLC International Marketing Networks launches new website for Philippine Condotel Investments
79. Popular Islands and Beaches of Thailand
80. Positivity Pays
81. Pre-Approval Letter – How To Use It To Get Your Dream Home
82. Prepare to Have Your House Appraised
83. Preparing for an Appraisal – Plan For It
84. Preparing for Appraisals – Contracts and Comps
85. Preparing for Miami Real Estate Investing
86. Preparing Your Home for Sale – The First Impression
87. Prepping To Buy Property In Thailand
88. Pre-Purchase Inspection
89. Preventing Garden Invasions
90. Pricing A Home
91. Private House Sale
92. Private Sale (FSBO) Property Pricing
93. Profit From Your Childs University Move
94. Properties in India for sale
95. Properties invesment types
96. Property Buyers Guide to the Turkish Mediterranean
97. Property Foreclosure
98. Property Foreclosure – An Ideal Investment
99. Property Guide to the Turkish Mediterranean
100. Property in Costa Rica – Where Second Homes Are a Good Investment
101. Property in Prague
102. Property Investment Abroad — Beware of Guaranteed Rents
103. Property Management in Spain
104. Property Management Software as an ASP
105. Property Rental Portals – Making the Most of the Services
106. Property Short Sale and Benefits for All
107. Protecting You Homes Value With Increasing Foreclosure Rates
108. Protective Covenants – Buying A Home
109. PSBank Accredits Lancaster Suites Tower I Condotel Investments in the Philippines
110. Pump Up The Value Of Your Rehab Real Estate Investment
111. Purchase Agreement Clauses That Can Save Your Butt
112. Purchasing property and building in Skopelos Island Greece
113. Purchasing Property in Mexico – FAQs
114. Purchasing REO Property
115. Putting your estate in order
116. Quick Home Sale at Tampa Real Estate – Real Estate Agent Can Help You Out
117. Quick Mortgage Tips for Home Loans – Equity Loans Reverse Loans – Cash-Out Loans and Refinance Loans
118. Read Those Regulations Before Making An Offer On A Property
120. Real Estate – A Few Tips On Buying A Home
121. Real Estate – Homes on Market Taking Much Longer to Sell in Past Six Months
122. Real Estate – Inventory of Unsold Homes Growing Steadily Across the Nation
123. Real Estate – Overcoming Your First Big Hurdle
124. Real Estate – Tips On Buying A Home After Bankruptcy
125. Real Estate Ads – Home Style Terms and Their Meanings
126. Real Estate Agent Guide – Best Real Estate Agent makes best deal
127. Real Estate Agent in Texas
128. Real Estate Agent Marketing
129. Real Estate Appraisal – Do It Yourself
130. Real Estate Appraisal – Rental Properties
131. Real Estate Auctions – Helpful Tips
132. Real Estate Boom To End – No
133. Real Estate Bubble
134. Real Estate Buying and Leasing in the Philippines
135. Real Estate Buying And Selling Tips
136. Real Estate Deals – Ten Myths
137. Real Estate Email Marketing Maximizes Your Exposure
138. Real Estate Exchange Tips
139. Real Estate Finance Overseas
140. Real Estate Financing – Ten Ways
141. Real Estate guide- How to deal with Real Estate Business
142. Real Estate Guide to Bluffs Cape Fear – North Carolina
143. Real Estate Help Ahead – Inquire Within
144. Real Estate Home Prices to Cool in 2006 – Soft Landing Projected for Current Record Housing Boom
145. Real Estate Houses – Foam and Concrete Walls
146. Real Estate Ideas – Don t follow the prospective buyers
147. Real Estate In Different American States
148. Real Estate Income Property Investing in Canada
149. Real Estate Industry Problem – Mortgage Fraud
150. Real Estate Inspection – Do Your Own
151. Real Estate Investing
152. Real Estate Investing – Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate Market
153. Real Estate Investing – Always Have a Back-up
154. Real Estate Investing – Do More Deals Make Bigger Money
155. Real Estate Investing – How To Get Motivated Sellers
156. Real Estate Investing – How Visiting A Discussion Forum Can Help Expand Your Business And Knowledge
157. Real Estate Investing – Pre-Foreclosure Secrets
158. Real Estate Investing – Simple Ways To Make More Deals And Earn Greater Profits
159. Real Estate Investing – Some Tips On Investing In Apartment Buildings
160. Real Estate Investing – Tips In Marketing Properties And Deals
161. Real Estate Investing – Wholesaling Homes Is The Foundation
162. Real Estate Investing and Goal Setting
163. Real estate investing gives work at home mom wahm home business opportunity
164. Real Estate Investing Guide – The Difference Between Income Tax And Property Tax
165. Real Estate Investing Is Made More Secure By Using Online Forms And Contracts
166. Real Estate Investing Promises Big Money With Little To No Cash Investment
167. Real Estate Investing Requires You To Learn How To Expand Your Business Network
168. Real Estate Investing with Demographic Reports
169. Real Estate Investing With No Money Down
170. Real Estate Investment – One Simple Formula
171. Real Estate Investment Clubs
172. Real Estate Investment in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires – a one way trip
173. Real Estate Investment in Stunning Cyprus
174. Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the Czech Republic
175. Real Estate Investments – Guideline
176. Real Estate Investments – Land
177. Real Estate Investor Question – Rehab and Sell – or Rehab and Keep
178. Real Estate Is Your Friend – Invest in It
179. Real Estate Lingo for The Newbie
180. Real Estate Market – Weak and Strong Areas
181. Real Estate Market Reaches Equilibrium between Buyers and Sellers
182. Real Estate Market Research
183. Real Estate Marketing – Getting Focused
184. Real Estate Math – Do You Know These Simple Formulas
185. Real Estate Negotiating – 4 Steps to Success
186. Real Estate Negotiation – Seller Motivation
187. Real Estate Negotiation – Time Power
188. Real Estate Negotiation Secrets
189. Real Estate Note Owners Biggest First Mistake
190. Real Estate Owners Should Plan Now Before Tax Breaks Expire
191. Real Estate Ownership – Condominium or Fee Simple
192. Real Estate Partners – A Good Idea
193. Real Estate Professionals In California
194. Real Estate Property – Home for Sale and Rent
195. Real Estate Rentals – Selling For More
196. Real Estate Research By Talking
197. Real Estate Sales – Should you fix up your home before listing it
198. Real estate scams – conditioning
199. Real Estate Search Engine Marketing Options
200. Real Estate Services India
201. Real Estate Slowdown – Opportunities Ahead
202. Real Estate Specialists – The Buyer s Agent
203. Real Estate Success
204. Real Estate Team – Building One
205. Real Estate Terms – From Appraisals to Comps
206. Real Estate Terms – From Condominiums to Deeds of Trust
207. Real Estate Terms – From Easements to Good Title
208. Real Estate Terms – From Pre-Approval Letter to Townhouse
209. Real Estate Terms – From Home Inspections to Personal Property
210. Real Estate Valuation
211. Real Estate Value
212. Real Estate Websites – Virtual Tours and Its Importance
213. Real Estate –What Makes for a Great Agent Website
214. Realtor Commissions – 5 Powerful Ways to Explode Your Business
215. Realty fund
216. Realty times are back after Land Scams
217. Reasons Not To Sell Your Home Yourself
218. Reasons Not To Sell Your Property Yourself
219. Reasons to Avoid Foreclosure
220. Reasons to Move to Charleston
221. Reasons Why the Current Real Estate Boom Is Far From Over
222. Rebranding Your Real Estate Company
223. Reduce The Stress Of Home Selling By Making Good Decisions Early
224. Refinance Rental Property – Don t Sell It
225. Refinancing Real Estate Investments
226. Re-Locate or Re-Model
227. Relocate to Sun in the Phoenix Valley
228. Relocate to the North Carolina Mountains A Guide to Western North Carolina Real Estate
229. Relocating to Tampa Bay
230. Relocating to Tampa Bay A Great Place to Call Home
231. Relocation Colorado Springs
232. Relocation To Austin
233. Relocation to Oregon – Lake Oswego s Three Top Advantages
234. Relocation to Oregon – Real Estate Benefits of Forest Heights
235. Relocation to Ponte Vedra – Florida
236. Renovate for Real Estate Gains
237. Renovating For A Quick Sale
238. Rent To Own Homes Explained
239. Rent To Own Is The Win-Win Scenario
240. Rental Properties 10 Ways To Increase Income
241. Rental Property Income – How To Increase It
242. Rental Property Investment – Finding The Properties
243. Rental Property Management – Ten Questions
244. Renting – Making Other People Rich
245. Renting A Room For Extra Income
246. Renting Back – After Your Home Is Sold
247. Renting Property in the Docklands London.
248. Renting Versus Buying A Home
249. Resale Value On Homes – Never Judge The book By The Cover
250. Retirement Homes in Tampa Bay
251. Retirement Investing. UK Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans and Philippine Condotel rental income properties
252. Retiring in Costa Rica – Why You Should Consider It
253. Retiring to The Bluffs on Cape Fear NC
254. Rhode Island Real Estate – The Cozy State
255. RICS report on Sussex Farmland
256. Right Size to the Right Home
257. RRSP Home Buyers Plan helps Canadians Buy Homes
258. Russian Investors turn to Overseas Property Investments
259. Sales of Spanish property and Related Procedure
260. San Diego Real Estate – San Diego Homes for sale
261. San Diego real estate – the solution for everyone
262. San Jose California Real Estate
263. Sandpoint Idaho Living
264. Sara Hearts Costa Rica
265. Sarasota Real Estate Investing 101
266. Sarasotas Land Rush
267. Save Money On Relocating
268. Save Thousands of Dollars and Feel Great Doing It
269. Saved by a Home Inspector
270. Saving money through investing in real estate
271. Schmidt Brewery Lofts
272. Search Engine Marketing for Real Estate
273. Searching For A Home In Beautiful Boise
274. Searching For an Apartment in New York
275. Second Home Are a Great Investment
276. Section 1031 Exchanges for Real Estate Investors
277. Security for Your Home
278. Sell A Home For Free
279. Sell House Fast
280. Sell My House Fast
281. Sell My House Quick
282. Sell My House Without A Realtor
283. Sell Old Home or Buy New Home First
284. Sell Real Estate Notes For Top Dollar
285. Sell time share property to your advantage
286. Sell Your Home For More Money
287. Sell your Home for the biggest Profit by keeping things uncluttered
288. Sell Your House At Fair Price
289. Sell Your House Fast
290. Sell Your House Fast
291. Sell Your House Online
292. Sell Your Income Property For More
293. Sell Your Own Home
294. Sell Your Real Estate Notes
295. Seller Financing – Six Safety Tips
296. Seller Financing – Why Be The Bank
297. Selling A Home – What Attachments Stay or Go
298. Selling a Home – What Personal Property Stays
299. Selling A Home and Some Key Terms To Know
300. Selling at a Loss – Short Sales Explained
301. Selling it Yourself versus Paying a Realtor
302. Selling Property without A Real Estate Agent
303. Selling Real Estate – 1st Impressions Ten Keys to Maximizing Profit
304. Selling Tips – Determining Your Market
305. Selling You Home Without A Real Estate Agent
306. Selling Your Colorado Condo
307. Selling Your Home
308. Selling Your Home – Alone or with a Broker
309. Selling Your Home – Be Sure It Shows Well
310. Selling Your Home – What Can Go Wrong With Pricing and Loans
311. Selling Your Home – Don t Be A Victim
312. Selling Your Home – What Can Go Wrong With Title and Lenders
313. Selling Your Home is Easier if You Prepare First
314. Selling Your Home on Your Own
315. Selling Your Home on Your Own – Examples of Problems and Solutions
316. Selling Your Home Yourself – Pricing It Appropriately
317. Selling your Home yourself on the Internet
318. Selling Your House – 100 000 Pets
319. Selling Your House – Ten Tips
320. Selling Your Investment Property In A Slow Market
321. Selling Your Own Home – An Outline
322. Selling Your Own Home – Pet Issues
323. Selling your Philippine Website
324. Seminars are the most effective way of being educated in real estate.
325. Septic Systems 101 for Home Buyers
326. Service For Life Newsletter May 2008
327. Servicing the Real Estate Market
328. Seven Steps to De-Clutter Your Home for Sale
329. Sharpening The Saw – How To Keep Improving Your Commercial Real
330. Sherman Oaks CA – Relocation Information
331. Shopping for a Holiday Home in the Sun
332. Shopping For a New Home
333. Should Government Profits on Realty Be Lowered
334. Should I Buy This Home – Heating Issues
335. Should I Choose A Real Estate Agent Or A Realtor
336. Should You FSBO or Use A Realtor
337. Should you invest in the Whistler property market
338. Should You NOT Sell Your Home as a FSBO
339. Should You Tell Everything when Selling
340. Should you use a lease purchase – rent to own – approach to sell rent your home
341. Six Real Estate Investing Principles
342. Six Steps To Yard Sale Success
343. Smaller Homes For Boston
344. Snow Sells Houses – Winter home-staging
345. So You are Unemployed and Want to Become a Real Estate Investor Right Now
346. So you want to be a property developer
347. Some important facts of property management.
348. Some Things You May Not Know About Mold
349. South Carolina Real Estate – Past and Present Collide
350. South Dakota Real Estate – Step Away From The Rat Race
351. Southern Charm in Nashville Real Estate
352. Spanish Property – The Facts You Need To Know
353. Specific Performance Demands In Real Estate Transactions
354. Spokane Housing Market a Great Investment
355. Spotting tax foreclosure property in USA
356. Spring Home Sale Benefits
357. Staging a Home for Sale – 10 Easy Ideas You CAN Use- Part I
358. Staging Your Arizona Home For a Quick Sale
359. Staging Your Home During the Winter Months
360. Staging Your Home for Sale
361. Staging Your Las Vegas Home For A Sale
362. Starting a business in India – beware of the technicalities
363. State Real Estate Auctions – Tips for Buyers
364. Stay Safe With Contractors When Flipping Houses For Profit
365. Steel building construction A grownup s erector set
366. Steps To Consider When You Decide To Sell Your Home
367. Steps To Selling Your House And Property
368. Stop Foreclosure Fast With Help From webuyhousesforcash
369. Stopping foreclosure phase 2
370. Strong Housing Market in the Coming Months
371. Subject To Buying a Home With No Cash
372. Success of Short Sale Investing
373. Summary Regulatory History of Cost Segregation
374. Take a Permanent Vacation
375. Take Advantage of the Sellers Market
376. Take Credit for Heritage Restorations
377. Take These Steps To Make Buyers Remember Your Home
378. Taking Little Steps to Make Your Property Sell Faster
379. Taking Photos of Your Home for Listings
380. Taking Title of Your New House
381. Taking Title When You Buy
382. Tampa Bay Condominiums
383. Tampa Bay Real Estate Bubble Burst Unlikely
384. Tarpon Springs Florida
385. Tarzana CA – Relocation Information
386. Tax foreclosures property investment could be a nightmare investment
387. Tax Liens and Distress Sales – Opportunities for Real Estate Investing
388. Tax Time Tips For Rental Property Investors
389. Tear Your Mortgage a New One by Refinancing Your Home Loan
390. Ten Benefits of Owning a Condo Hotel
391. Ten Real Estate Investing Tips
392. Ten Tips For Selling Your House
393. Tenant Quality Affects Real Estate Value
394. Tennessee Real Estate – Music to the Ears
395. Texas Apartment Market
396. Texas Real Estate – Property in the Big State
397. Texas Real Estate Auction
398. Tgr asia – Developers of jumeirah private island phuket commence
399. The 10 Costliest Landlord Mistakes
400. The REAL Real Estate Roller Coaster
401. The Advantages of Home Ownership
402. The All Important Real Esate Document
403. The Art of Finding Motivated Sellers
404. The Australian Real Estate Market in 2006
405. The Basics Of Estate Planning
406. The Basics of Real Estate Investing
407. The Benefits of a Real Estate Directory to Visitors
408. The Benefits Of Buying Cyprus Properties
409. The Benefits of Having a Realtor
410. The Benefits of Real Estate Investing
411. The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Website Design Service
412. The Best Home For Your Money. Experts predict big business in home rehabbing in 2006.
413. The British Leave Home in Record Numbers to Live Overseas
414. The Bulgarian property market. Fantastic choices- Fantastic returns
415. The facts about buying property in Turkey
416. The First Impression a Buyer Gets
417. The First Time Buyer
418. The Flip Craze
419. The Florida Buyers Rebate is Money in Your Pocket
420. The Florida Foreclosure Process
421. The Garage – Storage or Mess
422. The Good Neighbor Next Door Program
423. The Great Canadian-American Exchange
424. The Guide to Subdivide
425. The home inspection process
426. The Homebuyer-Multiple Realtor Paradox
427. The Importance of Internet Marketing When Selling a Home
428. The Importance of Setting the Scene
429. The Ins and Outs of Bank Foreclosures
430. The Internet and Home Buying
431. The Key to Successfully Investing in Investment Real Estate in Latvia
432. The Language of Foreclosures
433. The Language of Real Estate Investing – Use the F Words to Succeed
434. The Latest Information on Florida Mortgage
435. The Letting Of Flats
436. The Luxury of Owning a Miami Beach Property
437. The Mind of the Real Estate Investor
438. The Misguided Non-cents of Real Estate Experts
439. The Most Exciting Property Market in Europe
440. The Most Important Form in Real Estate
441. The Myth About Discount Real Estate Brokers
442. The Next Step in Real Estate Web Marketing
443. The Party Wall Agreement Isn t All Fun and Games
444. The Perfect Addition To Your Home A Kitchen Island
445. The Pitfalls of Selling Your Home Alone
446. The Power Of Appreciation
447. The Process of Conveyance
448. The Process of Conveyance with FSBO Properties
449. The Quest For A Perfect Apartment
450. The Quitclaim Deed. You Can Sell A House That You Don t Own
451. The Real Estate Boom – How Long Will It Last
452. The Real Estate Market Currently Has a Balance of Buyer Demand and Seller Supply
453. The Real Estate Market in Charleston South Carolina
454. The Real Estate Market in Hong Kong Today
455. The Real Estate Market in Jacksonville Florida
456. The Real Estate Market in Las Vegas Nevada
457. The Real Estate Market in Scottsdale Arizona
458. The Real Problem with Real Estate Agents
459. The REALTOR Advantage
460. The Residential Luxury Apartments Ajman offering will target the mid-range segment.
461. The Rising Appeal of Malta
462. The Secret To Marketing Your FSBO Home For Sale
463. The Secret to Negotiations for FSBO Sellers
464. The Skinny on Apartment Databases and Apartment Locaters
465. The Story Behind Saltbox Architecture
466. The Timeshare Secondary Marketplace The Rest of the Story
467. The Truth About Realtors
468. The UK house market and how to survive it.
469. The UK Self Invested Pension Plan
470. The Unique Appeal of French Creole Homes
471. The Unique Appeal Of Miami Beach Real Estate
472. The Unstoppable Rise of the Bulgarian Property Market
473. The Value of Building Home Equity
474. The Value of Construction Inspections
475. There is More to Nevada Than Just Vegas…
476. Things To Consider If You re Ever Going To Sell A Home
477. Things To Consider When Buying A Home
478. Things to Consider When Purchasing Real Estate
479. Things to Consider When Selling Your Home
480. Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in Florida
481. Things to keep in mind while buying a home
482. Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Timeshare
483. Things To Look For When Purchasing a Home
484. Things you Should Know Before Buying a House
485. Things you Should Know Before Buying a House part 1 of 3
486. Thinking about selling your home
487. Thinking Location when Buying Spanish Property.
488. Thinking Of Selling Your Home
489. This Powerful Quote Was Earth Shattering
490. Thoughts on the Future of the Real Estate Market
491. Three And Four Star Hotels In Dubai
492. Three Deadly Mistakes Every Home Buyer Should Avoid
493. Three Important House Selling Tips
494. Three Party Closings In Real Estate
495. Three Proven Ways To Save Thousands When Selling Your Home
496. Three Ways FSBO Sellers Stumble
497. Three Ways To Purchase Property
498. Timing Clauses Stop Sellers From Inciting Bidding Wars
499. Tips For a Quick Home Sale
500. Tips for a Successful Open House
501. Tips for Investing in Real Estate in Cape Coral Florida
502. Tips For Property Sellers
503. Tips for Single Homebuyers
504. Tips for Success in Real Estate Video
505. Tips For The Unexpected Landlord
506. Tips on how to Sell Buy and list your property
507. Tips On Buying A Home
508. Tips on Decorating Your House to Sell
509. Tips On Hiring a Real Estate Agent And Using The Multiple Listing Service
510. Tips on Selling Your Property
511. Tips on Showing Your Home to Potential Buyers
512. Tips To Help Prepare Your Home For Sale
513. Title Insurance Examples of Problems and Advice
514. Top 5 Emerging Real Estate Markets for 2006
515. Top 10 European Countries for Real Estate Property Investors
516. Top 15 Ways The Real Estate Industry Uses Virtual Assistants
517. Top Five Tips For Successful Property Buying Abroad
518. Top Locations for Property in North Cyprus
519. Top Ten Tips For Home Buyers
520. Towards Property Millionaire
521. Try On Your New Home Before Buying
522. Turkey s Hottest Property Spots
523. Turning A Home Into A Dream Home
524. U.S. Uranium Sector Glowed In 2005 An Even Brighter Future Ahead
525. UK First time buyers turn to Overseas Property
526. UK Investors look at Philippine Apart-Hotel or Condotel Property Investments
527. UK Property Investors go for Philippine Condotel Investments
528. UK Property Investors in the Philippines
529. UK Property Market
530. Understanding Cape Cod Architecture
531. Understanding Deeds When Selling a Home
532. Understanding Gothic Revival Architecture
533. Understanding How a Buyer s Agent Can Help You
534. Understanding Leverage In Commercial Real Estate
535. Understanding Queen Anne Architecture
536. Understanding REOs
537. Understanding Shingle Architecture
538. Understanding Title Insurance
539. Unfinished Homes A Great Way to Buy a Home
540. United Kingdom property investors are emerging as the biggest market for Philippine Condotels
541. United Kingdom property investors emerging as biggest market for Philippine Apart-Hotels or Condotels
542. Unlikely Rooms Can Sell Homes
543. Unreal Estate 10 horror films with demonic dwellings and un-family-friendly locations
544. Unrepresented Home Buyers Should Take Care
545. US-based Pacifica Companies to build another five 5 star hotel in Gujarat India
546. Use Local Market Forecasts and Location Analysis to Secure Maximum Profits when Selling a Home
547. Use Real Estate to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early
548. Used Mobile Homes – Be Careful
549. Useful tips to buying a house
550. Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell your House
551. Using Foreclosure Auctions To Buy A House At Below Market Value
552. Utah Real Estate Mother Nature s Masterpiece
553. Vacation Condos A Great Investment
554. Vacation Home Sales Are Up
555. Vacation Homes- Sure Fire Advice To Consider Before You Buy
556. Valencia Land Grab Link to SIPPs Warning
557. Vallejo California Real Estate
558. Valuation of Business Personal Property BPP
559. Value for money and peaceful living in the beautiful Morocco
561. Vermont Real Estate The Independent State
562. Villas And Apartments From Elegant Resorts
563. Villas in Lanzarote Choosing an Estate Agent
564. Villas in Spain
565. Virginia Real Estate Living in History
566. Virtual Real Estate
567. Want To Buy Real Estate Get Financed With Real Estate Loans
568. Want To Sell Your Home Faster Try Home Staging
569. Warranty Deed vs. Quit Claim Deed
570. Was that House a Good Investment The Answer may not be so obvious
571. Waterfront in Arizona
572. Waterfront Real Estate The Ins and Outs
573. Ways to get the accurate market value of your property
574. Ways to Sell Your Home in Miami Real Estate in Due Time
575. Wealth Building An Advantage of Home Ownership
576. Weeding Out Buyers with Financial Excuses
577. West Virginia Real Estate – Forget Old Notions
578. Western North Carolina Real Estate A Virtual Tour of Black Mountain North Carolina
579. What are Bank Foreclosures and Why are they Important
580. What can be the Effects of Falling Sales on Prices of Real Estate
581. What Do Home Buyers Really Want
582. What Do I Look For In A Home I m Buying Now If I Want To Resell It Later
583. What Do I Look For In A Home I m Buying Now If I Want To Resell It Later
584. What do you need to know about real estate
585. What Does A Real Estate Agent s Open House Have Anything To Do With Internet Marketing
586. What Happens To My Mortgage When I Sell My Home
587. What I Look For In a Neighborhood When Buying Investment Real Estate
588. What is a 1031 Exchange
589. What is a Condotel
590. What Is A Down Payment For A House
591. What Is a Final Walk-Through
592. What is a Foreclosures List
593. What is a Home Inspection
594. What Is A Mortgage
595. What is Fractional Ownership
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Morocco – Investment Potential is Sky Rocketing

For those of us who are a little tired of today’s mass development on the Costa del Sol, Morocco, only just across the water, could prove to be the perfect solution.

Offering respite from overcrowded roads and busy summer periods in Southern Spain, Morocco is currently supplying a demand for fresh investments within a fast growing market.  Conservative estimates of 15% growth per annum for the next 5 years and double digit yields are really possible.

Location and Access

Morocco is just 3 hours flight time from the UK.

Situated in North Africa and literally only a stone’s throw away (actually,  10 km!) from Spain’s southernmost tip, at Tarifa, Morocco is easily accessed from Spain.  Catch a car ferry or high speed catamaran from the ports of Algeciras or Tarifa, and within 35 minutes you will find yourself at Tangier, the gateway to you’re an exciting new world.

Changes to the Infrastructure

•    A huge port is being built between Tangier and Tetouan and this will be called the Golden Mediterranean, taking heavy freight away from Tangier port and making Tangier into a desirable tourist destination.
•    Roads will be improved and a new motorway between Tangier and Tetouan is being built,
•    Tetouan airport will be upgraded and a new airport built in Tangier.
•    The “Open Skies Agreement” has attracted many of the major airlines (Monarch, Ryan Air and Easy Jet) to Tangier and Tetouan airports.
•    Great offers are being offered shortly by Gibraltar Airways, Thompson and Atlas Blue to Tangier.
•    Royal Air Maroc will increase its fleet by 50% in 2007.
•    An excellent new train station has been built by the French in Tangier
•    Planned rail tunnel under the Straits of Gibraltar to link Spain to Morocco in 2008

The new port is earmarked as the main hub into Africa, with good road links being built around it. The Americans have been given the contract to manage this port for the next five years, bringing American workers into the area.

Greatly increased flights will attract a growing number of visitors:

Gibraltar Airways (GB), part of BA, have just announced that it will fly to Tangier shortly for 169 pounds return. Thompson have also promised flights to Agadir for only 29 pounds each way. Atlas Blue currently flies to Morocco for 60 pounds return.

These deals will accelerate in 2006, while Morocco is still an untested market for the budget airlines. These new deals will undoubtedly put pressure on the flag carrier.

Tetouan, about 1 hours drive west of Tangier, has an international airport that is little used.  The large hotel groups, Club Med, Sofitel, Accor in the area have been lobbying the Governor to open it up more regularly, as it is currently used for internal flights only.

Car hire at the moment in Morocco is expensive but this should change when the bucket airline business to Morocco gets established.

Constitution and History

As if the vastly improved communications to the country are not enough, Morocco continues to manifest its forward-thinking policies for economic growth and international recognition through the new King Mohammed VI, who came to power in July 1999.

Mohammed VI is a reformist and a moderniser.  He has set about bettering links with the Western World and improving its human rights issues, as well as laws on corruption and religious extremism, whist introducing more equality to women.  Consequently Morocco is fast becoming the most “Western” of all Muslim countries.

With a huge investment of 5bn dollars, another key reform has been the Plan Azur, which has improved tourism and greatly increased employment figures. In a brief outline, the Plan Azur increased tourism to 2.5m in 2001 and estimates over 10m in 2010.   In 2004 figures reached around 5.6m.

After 6 years of power, Morocco has gained credibility as a suitable investment prospect.   It has low inflation (1.9% in 2005) and a stable currency, the Dirham.  The currency is not fully exchangeable outside Morocco but is worth around 16 to the £ and at 11 to the Euro it moves very much in line with the Euro.

At only 42 years of age, the King was once an international standard golfer.  He was educated in Europe and spent time in America and France.   He studied law and wrote a number of prominent articles regarding the North Africa MAGREB, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

In the past century, the power in Morocco changed hands a number of times, being divided between Spain, France and Britain.  Along with centuries of Moorish and Berber culture, Morocco today has a very interesting mix of old and new.

Morocco maintains strong ties with Spain that retains a number of enclaves, much like British Gibraltar, at Ceuta, Melilla, Peñon de Velez de la Gomera and Peñon de Alhucemas.

Links are also close with France with Morocco, being the third most popular holiday destination for the French.   The legal system, along with the education system, is modelled around the French system.

Morocco has good relations and strong links with the UK and America who receive much of its textiles and manufacturing goods. M & S receive around 30% cent of its knitwear from Morocco.

Investing in Property

There are no laws or complications that would stop foreigners investing in property or land and the legal system is based on the French system with notaries doing much of the administration, particularly in matters of land and property purchase.   Legal fees would set you back around 5 %, much less than the 10 to 15% in France and Spain.

The major property areas offering the widest choice of property are located around Tangier on the northwest tip, Casablanca on the Atlantic coast and inland at the very cosmopolitan Marrakesh.
Inland and the Atlantic coast have fairly established tourist resorts and therefore property prices tend to be higher than in lesser known areas.  New developments are going up along the Atlantic coast, offering value for money.  Riads (old traditional houses set around a courtyard) are to be found in most cities and still represent realistic prices, whilst some may need some tender, loving care or major renovation.

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