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500 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine PLR Articles

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500 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine PLR Articles

In this PLR Content Pack You’ll get 500 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine Articles with Private Label Rights to help you dominate the Alternative Medicine market which is a highly profitable and in-demand niche.

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These Alternative Medicine PLR articles are available in Text file format and can be downloaded instantly after purchase.

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Here are the titles of the 500 Unrestricted Alternative Medicine Articles:

1. 4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache
2. 4 Natural Home Remedies to Ease the Pain of Sunburn
3. 4 Steps To Relieve Back Pain
4. 5 Big Reasons to Relieve and Prevent Thyroid Disorder
5. 5 Easy Ways to Lift the Spirit
6. 5 Low Cost Ways to Soothe the Sting of Sunburn
7. 5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol Level
8. 5 Tips For Uniting Your Body, Mind, and Soul
9. 5 Ways to Relieve Migraine Headaches Naturally
10. 5 Ways to Soothe Mind, Body and Spirit
11. 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy
12. 10 Easy Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief
13. A Beginner’s Guide To Using Aromatherapy With Children
14. A Constipation Home Remedy – Cayenne
15. A Constipation Remedy Using Potassium and Prunes
16. A Dreadful Superstition Grips America
17. A Morning Smoothie to Help You Stop Constipation
18. A Natural Herbal Remedy Could Be Your Answer
19. A Natural Remedy for Gingivitis, Toothaches, and Mouth Sores
20. A New Orleans Chiropractor’s View On Changing Perceptions Of Chiropractic In The US
21. A Short History of Herbs
22. A Very Effective Way Of Avoiding And Relieving Neck Pain
23. A Wealth Of Knowledge In Aromatherapy Books
24. Acid Reflux and Heartburn Natural Remedies
25. Acid Reflux and Heartburn Natural Remedies Part II
26. Acid Reflux Disease – The Big Lie
27. Acid Reflux Disease – The Pharmaceutical Hoax
28. Acid Reflux Disease And Cancer
29. Acid Reflux Drugs and Antacids Are Killing You
30. Acne 101
31. Acne – A Clean Face – Step 1 in a 12 Step Program
32. Acne – An Introduction
33. Acne free skin through Ayurveda
34. Acne Program – Step 2 Using Acne Face Cream
35. Acupressure Fast Facts – Get Pain Relief at Home
36. Acupressure more effective than physical therapy
37. Acupressure s Sweet Spot – How To Get A Rush Without The Sugar
38. Acupuncture – A Benefit
39. Acupuncture – A benefit to the well Individual
40. Acupuncture – Fast Escape From Infertility
41. Acupuncture For Asthma – Fact Or Fiction
42. Acupuncture For High Blood Pressure – A New Treatment That Works
43. Acupuncture Stop Smoking
44. Acupunture Points Map
45. Addiction Treatment Centers Using Experiential Therapies
46. Addressing the undressing – Shedding the light on the shedding of clothes.
47. Affordable Non-Drug solution to ADHD
48. Affordable Non-Drug solution to Insomnia
49. Afraid of Anthrax Strengthen Your Immune System
50. Age-Old Remedy for the Newest Flu
51. Air-Bath and Good Health
52. Allegra reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body
53. Allergies
54. Allergy and Mental Disease
55. Alleviating Anxiety With Zensight Process
56. Aloe Vera juice
57. Alternative Asthma Treatment
58. Alternative Health Treatments
59. Alternative herbal liver cancer cure
60. Alternative Medicine
61. Alternative Medicine – Gaining Popularity And Acceptance
62. Alternative Medicine – What Happens During Acupuncture Treatment
63. Alternative medicine cervical cancer prevention
64. Alternative Medicine is Holistic, Western Medicine is Reductionist
65. Alternative Medicine is Preventive; Western Medicine is Curative
66. Alternative Medicine to Lower Your Blood Pressure
67. Alternative Medicines – Why The Silence
68. Alternative Medicines That Work For Me
69. Alternative Therapies For Asthma Treatment — Biofeedback Holds Promise
70. Alternative Treatments For Headaches And Advice
71. Amla Herb Benefits Indian Gooseberry
72. An internet drugstore is a business unit
73. Applied of kineziologiya – diagnostics is treatment the health
74. Are Alternative Medicines Effective
75. Are you scared to make love because of Asthma
76. Are You Wasting Time and Money at Doctor Visits
77. Aromatherapy – More Than Just Hot Air
78. Aromatherapy – Myth Or Reality
79. Aromatherapy – New Age Fad Or Age-Old Remedy
80. Aromatherapy Revive Your Senses
81. Aromatherapy – The Scent Through Your Skin
82. Aromatherapy – Using Nature’s Aroma To Cure
83. Aromatherapy & Massage
84. Aromatherapy and Back Pain
85. Aromatherapy and Men
86. Aromatherapy as an Relaxing Treatment
87. Aromatherapy Blends A gift specially for you from the nature s lap
88. Aromatherapy Candles – The Brighter Side Of Candles
89. Aromatherapy Diffusers in Action
90. Aromatherapy Essential Oils – An Inheritance Well Acclaimed
91. Aromatherapy Essential Oils – Seven Things You Should Know
92. Aromatherapy Massage Oil – Adding Ease To Your Life
93. Aromatherapy Massage Oils
94. Aromatherapy Newbies – 10 Tips
95. Aromatherapy store – shop for your alternative medical needs
96. Aromatherapy treatment – alternative medicine
97. Arthritis – Home remedies for Arthritis
98. Arthritis Joint Pain Spondylitis Fibromyalgia Muscular Ache Herbal Approach
99. Arthritis Relief with Tea Tree Oil
100. Ashwagandha – the Indian ginseng
101. Asthma Control – Tips on How to Cure your Asthma Naturally
102. Asthma Treatment Medications may not be worth the side effects
103. Asthma Treatment Ways
104. Avoiding Colds and Flu Naturally
105. Award Winning Aromatic Plants
106. Ayurveda Ayurvedic Medicines and Important Herbs
107. Ayurveda approach to Genital Herpes
108. Ayurveda regime for winter depression
109. Ayurveda remedies for Erectile dysfunction
110. Ayurvedic Body Type and Diet Recommendations
111. Ayurvedic Home Remedies for digestive disorders
112. Bach Flower Essences And Remedies – The Seven Helpers
113. Before Taking Viagra
114. Benefit of Green Tea
115. Benefits Of Alternative Medicine
116. Benefits of Ayurveda
117. Benefits of Garlic by
118. Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba
119. Bitter Melon – Benefits, Medicinal Properties
120. Bitter Melon as Diabetes Treatment
121. Blending for the Desired Effect through Aromatherapy Blends
122. Body Harmonics and Pilates in Canada
123. Boost your immune System
124. Brainwave Entrainment MP3
125. Brainwaves Part 1 – Frequencies
126. Breast Enlargement – Rocking the Stream
127. Butea Superba Works Normal Male Well Most Erectile Dysfunction Male
128. Can headaches be caused by sitting at a computer
129. Can the Cure for Headaches be Worse Than the Pain
130. CANCER New Alternative Therapy
131. Cancer and Alternative Medicine An Overview
132. Care for Glittering pair
133. Chakra Balancing
134. Chakra Healing
135. Cheap essential oils – rewarding quality of essential oils
136. Childhood Stutter
137. Chinese Food Therapy Brings Natural Healing To The Body
138. Chinese Herbs
139. Chinese medicines guide
140. Choose The Best Essential Oil Manufacturer To Get Quality Oils
141. Choosing Natural Alternative Medicine Over Chemically Produced Medicine
142. Chronic Constipation – This thing is not a joke Get rid of it ASAP part 1
143. Chronic Constipation – This thing is not a joke Get rid of it ASAP part 2
144. Cleansing Liver Herbal Teas Recharge Your Body
145. Colon Cleanse Provides a Wide Range of Benefits
146. Colon Cleansing The Natural Way
147. Colon Hydrotherapy May Not Be A Complete Answer
148. Colours of the Soul Colour Therapy
149. Comfrey – The Perfect Gift For The Mother To Be
150. Common Aromatherapy Uses
151. Common Herbal Remedies
152. Constipation and Natural Remedies
153. Constipation Home Remedies Using Juices
154. Constipation Remedy Using Apples and Other Juices
155. Coping with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies
156. Could Magnetic Therapy Be The Answer To The Back Pain Insomniacs Dream
157. Create Your Own Bliss With Aromatherapy
158. Cure alternative pancreatic vaccine
159. Cure bone cancer alternative treatment
160. Cure for the Common cold Learn natural tips for keeping a cold away.
161. Curing Migraine and Headaches the Natural Way
162. Debunking the Myths about Iridology
163. Definition and Interesting Features of Fibromyalgia
164. Definition Of Chemotherapy
165. Detox Diet Juice Fasting Recipes
166. Detoxify Your Body through a Detox Foot Patch
167. Dhauti – An Excellent Stomach Cleanser.
168. Discover the alternative asthma treatment. Is there such a thing
169. Do I Have Migraine Headaches
170. Do I Really Need Colonic Irrigation
171. Do I Really want To Use A Homemade Colon Cleanse
172. Does Someone You Know Have Asthma
173. Does Your Child Have Constipation
174. Eating Bran to Eliminate Constipation
175. Eczema and Psoriasis – An Inexpensive and Effective Treatment
176. Effexor XR is a potent inhibitor
177. Eight Tips for Managing Pain
178. Eliminating Stress
179. Emollients and Lubricant Drugstore Laxatives
180. Emotional Freedom Techniques & Answers From Acupunture
181. Energy & Stamina the Wise Woman Way
182. Enuvia Review
183. Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed – The Herbal Aphrodisiac
184. Essential Oil Bottle Now Your Valuable Essential Oil Is Safe
185. Essential Oil Diffusing With an Electric Nebulizer 3 Health Benefits
186. Essential Oil Dilution – Making Essential Oil Suitable For All
187. Essential Oil Uses – A Users Guide
188. Essential Oils The Natural Way To Health And Well Being
189. Essential Oils For Home Care
190. Essential Oils Storage – So That You Continue Benefiting For Years
191. Essentials Oils – Natures Precious Gift
192. Evoking The Right Moods With Aromatherapy Candles
193. Feel anxious again Go excercising or relax to music…
194. Feeling Blue Think Orange
195. Fertility and Well Baby – Case Histories
196. Fighting Obesity – an ayurvedic way
197. Find Help To Stop Smoking Cigarettes
198. Finding A Natural Remedy Isn’t Hard
199. Folk Medicine – The Natural Solution
200. Foot Massage
201. Four Creative Steps To Healing
202. Frankincense In Aromatherapy – Trees Tears And Essential Oils
203. Fruit Extracts – Prevent Aging of Skin the Natural Way
204. Fruits and Juices Important for Relieving Hemorrhoids Part I
205. Fundamental of Massage Therapy
206. Gentian Violet An Effective Treatment For Thrush
207. Get A Massage In Longmont
208. Get A Massage In Sedona
209. Get Heartburn Indigestion and Ulcer Relief Using DGL
210. Getting Candida Yeast Under Control
211. Ginko Biloba – How It Helps Memory and Circulation
212. Ginseng – is this your cuppa tea
213. Ginseng and Its Many Uses
214. Ginseng Tea
215. Gout Treated with Alternative Medicine
216. Green Drink for Constipation
217. Green Tea
218. Green Tea and its amazing health qualities
219. Green Tea Health Benefits
220. Hair loss prevention through Ayurveda
221. Hangover – is there any herbal remedy that cure it
222. Healing Your Child and Flower Essences
223. Healing Herbs for Rashes and Skin Irritations
224. Healing Through Qigong – The Art Of Breathing
225. Health Benefits Of Foot Massage
226. Health care for globe trotters
227. Health Sanatorium
228. Health Solutions with Ashwagandha
229. Healthcare products from online pharmacy
230. Help I’ve Got Heartburn
231. Hemorrhoids – What Do I Need to Do
232. Hemorrhoids and Enlarged Rectal Veins
233. Hemorrhoids Treatment – The Natural Way
234. Herbal Medicines- How they work
235. Herbal Remedies
236. Herbal Remedies for Arthritis Fibromyalgia Spondylosis Muscular Ache
237. Herbal Supplement To Aid Arthritis Sufferer s
238. Herbal Tea Benefits
239. Herbs And Natural Cures
240. Herbs For Detoxification
241. HGH boosters
242. HGH Spray
243. History and Health Benefits of Echinacea
244. History and usage of Chinese herbalism
245. History of Magnetic Therapy
246. Holistically Healing Heartburn
247. Home Remedies for Acne, Arthritis, Backache, Cold, Constipation, Obesity & more
248. Home Remedies For Ear Aches
249. Home Remedies For Removing Black Heads
250. Home Remedies For Warts
251. Homeopathic HGH
252. Homeopathic Home Remedies
253. Homeopathy – Which Way Now
254. Honest Smoking Cessation Advice
255. Horney Goat Weed – The cure for languishing libido
256. How Alternative Medicine Fits into Today’s Society
257. How Brewer’s Yeast and MSM Clear Constipation
258. How Can a Colon Cleanser Keep Your Colon Clean
259. How Colon Cleansing Takes Care of your Insides
260. How Come Acupuncture Brings Perfect Results For All
261. How Constipation Affects Your Colon and Health
262. How does Allergic Rhinitis related to Otitis Media with Effusion OME
263. How Essential Fatty Acids Improve Your Brain Power and Mental Health
264. How Hypnotherapy Helps With Stress And Anxiety
265. How Lemon Juice Power Gives You Asthma Relief
266. How Magnetic Therapy Can Help You
267. How Many Bowel Movements Should You Have Each Day
268. How Mental Attitude and Digestion Affect Acne
269. How Sesame and Sunflower Seeds Can Relieve Constipation
270. How Should Alternative Medicine Be Defined
271. How Successful Is Alternative Health Therapy
272. How the Qlink can help you
273. How to relieve eczema itchy skin using all natural remedies
274. How to Cure Anxiety and ADD by Exorcism
275. How to Fight the Common Cold And Flu
276. How to get a lower blood pressure using medical treatment
277. How to get rid of hay fever
278. How to get rid of your allergies using all natural herbal remedies
279. How to introduce healthy food to your family
280. How to lower blood pressure using a natural treatment
281. How to prevent your nasal allergy
282. How to Raise a Kid with Asthma Part 1
283. How to Raise a Kid with Asthma part 2
284. How To Relieve Yourself From Pain Using Natural Treatment Methods
285. How to Stop Suffering from Constipation
286. How To Take a Sauna
287. How To Use Aromatherapy Candles To Create A Welcoming Atmosphere
288. How to Use Citrus Juices to Relieve Constipation
289. How To Use Grapefruit to Lower High Blood Pressure
290. Human growth hormone supplements benefits and safety
291. Hypnosis – Where’s the Magic
292. Hypnotherapy – Free Your Mind and Soul
293. Hypnotize Yourself For Anaesthesia Your 10 Step Guide to Create Your Own Anaesthesia Today.
294. Hypnotize Yourself Right Now – 10 Steps To Hypnotize Yourself Today
295. Hysteric about headache
296. I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too
297. I have a migraine headache
298. Improve Your Health by Following Fibromyalgia Alternative Therapies
299. Improve Your Health With a Natural Colon Cleanse
300. Inducting Rasayana Therapy in Our Daily Routine
301. Insomnia – Trouble sleeping
302. Insomnia – why suffer in silence
303. Instantly Quit Smoking With Acupuncture
304. Internal Cleansing Products
305. Internet pharmacy Nexium pharmacy Buying cialis online
306. Introduction to Ayurveda
307. Invigorate Sexual Endurance With Levitra
308. Is Acupuncture A Benefit For Your Health
309. Is there really such a thing as hypnosis
310. It s No Joke Laughter is Awesome Medicine
311. Jasmine Essential Oil For Aromatherapy
312. Jatropa Curcas – The Bio Diesel Medicinal Plant
313. Juice Fasting – Clean Your Insides
314. Keep back pain at bay
315. Kidney Stones – Get Rid of Them Fast The Natural Way
316. Lavender The Queen Of Herbs
317. Laxatives You Find In The Drugstore
318. Learn About Alternative Medicine
319. Learn about this new way to recover in short time from surgery interventions
320. Learn about this new way to recuperate in short time from surgery interventions
321. Learn about this new way to recuperate quickly from surgery interventions
322. Lemons for Asthma Attacks and Other Illnesses
323. Levitra Alternative Cialis Lets You Have Sex Whenever You Wish
324. Levitra Alternative Kamagra Reignites the Fire Inside
325. Levitra Enhances Sexual Fantasy And Success Rate In Bed
326. Levitra Is A Pharmacy Wonder One Step Ahead Viagra
327. Lime for Health and Beauty
328. Living a Healthy Life
329. Longing For A Flexible Body Order Online Phentermine
330. Looking For A Heartburn Herbal Remedy Try Herbal Teas
331. Lowering blood pressure with the help of acupuncture
332. Magic Mushrooms – Almost Illegal In The Netherlands
333. Magnetic Jewelry – New technology for pain relief
334. Magnetic Mattress Pads – Therapy While You Sleep
335. Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief
336. Male Growth Hormone
337. Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally
338. Massage In Orlando
339. Massage Therapy – Beyond Touch
340. Massage Therapy Basics
341. Massage Your Head The Indian Way
342. Medicine Chest In A Bottle
343. Meditation
344. Mercury Detoxification
345. Migraine Headaches – Effective Natural Treatment Methods
346. Modern magnetic therapy
347. More free tips on resolving your INSOMNIA problem
348. More Than Just Packaging Aromatherapy Bottles
349. Mother from Illinois Seeks Stem Cell Treatment Abroad
350. Moving Back To The Nature Through Aromatherapy Skin Care
351. Muscle Testing for Herbs
352. Natural cure asthma alternative medicine
353. Natural Cure by Ayurveda
354. Natural Cure For Bed Sores
355. Natural cures during cold and flu season
356. Natural Health Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings
357. Natural Health Remedy – Feel Better More Quickly
358. Natural Herbal Remedies-Harmful Effects and Things to Avoid
359. Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat
360. Natural Liver Cleansing Products
361. Natural Medicine And Herbs – Economical Home Cures And Beauty Aids
362. Natural Remedies
363. Natural remedies and Home remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes
364. Natural Remedies for Reflux and Heartburn
365. Natural Remedies Your Grandmother Swore By
366. Natural Treatments for Anxiety
367. New Hopes For Stoke Patients…NeuroAid
368. No Worries On Medicine Costs With Canadian Drug Stores
369. Organic Essential Oils Sourced Directly from Nature s Lap
370. Organic Juices for Constipation
371. Organic Skin Care – Because Your Skin Is Precious
372. Osteopathy Is Different To Chiropractic Healing
373. Out Of This World – Shamanism Healing
374. Palm Oil Is Another Healthy Oil
375. Personal experiences with noni – Tips For optimal health weight loss and wellness.
376. Potpourri With Herbs And Essential Oils
377. Practical Aromatherapy – Anti-Viral Properties Of Essential Oils
378. Premature Ejaculation
379. Prevent brain cancer alternative treatment
380. Prevent Cancer Through A Detox Diet
381. Preventing Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy through Ayurveda
382. Progesterone and its role in the body
383. Purity Ensured through Pure Essential Oils
384. Rediscover Your Erection With Levitra
385. Reduce Stomach Gas The Natural Way
386. Reduce Acid Reflux or Heartburn by Strengthening the LES Valve
387. Reduce Pimples By Treating Your Skin
388. Reiki a Powerful Tool for Mind Body and Spirit
389. Reiki as an Alternative Healing Process
390. Reiki- Does it Concern Religion
391. Reiki for Your Stress Reduction
392. Relax With Aromatherapy Massage Oils
393. Relieve Migraine Headaches the Natural Way
394. Remedial Massage Therapy
395. Restless Leg Syndrome and Supplements
396. Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated with Alternative Medicine
397. Role of Alternative Medicine in modern society
398. Rolfing Relive Stress and Physical Discomfort through Structural Integration
399. Rosehip Seed Oil – A Foundation For Beauty
400. Sandalwood Oil – Aromatherapy For The Mind Body And Spirit
401. Seriousness of allergy rhinitis
402. Serrapeptase – Natures Anti-Inflammatory
403. Shamanic Healing In The 21st Century
404. Shilajit The most powerful anti – aging substance and Rejuvenator ever know
405. Shopping Help For Aromatherapy Accessories
406. Should Reiki Really Be Considered A Massage Therapy
407. Six Steps of Healing
408. Skin Cancer – Coming to a Face Near You
409. Sleeping Problems in the Elderly
410. So Why Hypnosis
411. Solving the Autism Problem
412. Soma blocks pain sensations between the nerves and the brain
413. Soma treats discomfort associated with certain painful muscle conditions
414. Spices vs. Herbs What s the Difference
415. Spirit of Simples
416. Stage Hypnosis versus Hypnotherapy
417. Stammering In Children
418. Start Now To Boost Immunity For Winter
419. Stem Cell Treatment Abroad
420. Stress – How Aromatherapy can combat its Effects
421. Stress Management Therapy Key To Better Life
422. Subliminal Messages
423. Sunburn Pain Relief
424. Tahitian Noni Juice Health Myth or Miracle Cure
425. Take Control of Your Health
426. Tea Tree Oil
427. Tea Tree Oil and a Whole Foods Diet A Complete Cure for Chronic Disease
428. Tea Tree Oil and Treatment of Boils
429. Tea Tree Oil Sunburn Recipes
430. Thai Medicinal Plant Pueraria Mirifica High Phytoestrogens
431. The Amazing Benefits of Melaleuca Oil
432. The Amazing Powers of Self Hypnosis
433. The Benefits of Natural Medicine
434. The Bug Stops Here
435. The Definition of Alternative Medicine
436. The Easiest And Most Effective Way To Relieve Leg Cramps
437. The Essential Guide To Aromatheray
438. The Flu Shot or Not
439. The internet drugstore becomes the best solution for the buyer
440. The Latest Quit Smoking Help Methods
441. The Magic of Reiki
442. The Many Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
443. The Many Uses and Benefits of Aromatherapy
444. The Many Uses of Natural Herbal Remedies and Oils
445. The Myth Of Magnetic Healing
446. The Nature of Nature Cure
447. The Origins Of Alternative Medicine
448. The Power Of Natural Alternative Medicine – Part 2
449. The Power of Natural Alternative Medicine – Part 1
450. The Radionics and Natural Healing
451. The Therapeutic Effect of Colors
452. The Truth About Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Lyme Disease
453. The Truth About Soap
454. The Use of Chinese Herbs for Lyme Disease
455. Therapeutic Essential Oils
456. Therapeutic uses of Honey in Ayurveda
457. Throat cancer treatment cure alternative
458. Tinnitus Don t Feed the Trolls
459. Tips to Improve Your Asthma
460. Toenail Fungus- Toenail Fungus Treatments That Work and Those That Dont
461. Tooth Decay – Here is how to avoid tooth cavities naturally.
462. Top Stress Reducers Are Dogs
463. Traditional Chinese Medicine To Help Stroke Patients Achieve Better Rehabilitation
464. Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without Surgery
465. Treating ADD With Alternative Medicine
466. Turmeric – Go for Gold
467. Understanding Reiki Therapy
468. Use Ginkgo Biloba to Starve Off Alzheimer s and Dementia
469. Using Essential Fatty Acids for Reducing Arthritis Joint Pain
470. Using Fatty Acids for Reducing Joint Pain
471. Using Rhubarb for Constipation
472. Vinegar Remedies – Colonizing Mars and Helping Debased Taste Buds
473. WANTED .Back Pain Sufferers Wanting Their Life Back
474. What do Essential Fatty Acids do in Your Body
475. What Do Herbal Extracts Do For Your Hair
476. What Ginseng Is and What It Does
477. What If Low-Carb Diets Can Cure Diabetes and Heart Diseases
478. What is a Body Massage
479. What is a Healing Crisis
480. What Is Alternative Medicine
481. What Is Goji Juice
482. What Is Iridology
483. What Is Royal Jelly
484. What Kind of Massage is Right for You
485. What s Science Got to do With It
486. What to do about colds and flu
487. What Type of Arthritis Do You Have
488. What you eat affects how you breathe
489. What You Need to Know about Arthritis
490. What You Need to Know About Mesothelioma
491. Why Detox
492. Why Hydrogenated Oils Are Bad For You
493. Why I Recommend Energy Healing
494. Why Mind Over Matter Matters
495. Why Not Try A Natural Cure For Your Asthma
496. Why Swiss Medica s O24 Works for Pain Relief
497. Why You Need Bacteria in Your Colon
498. Why You Should Consider An Herbal Colon Cleanse
499. Why You Should Not Do Hypnotic Past Life Regression Therapy On Purpose
500. Will surgery help my back pain
501. Wipe Off The Years From Your Appearance
502. Yin and Yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine
503. You Are A Master Of Biofeedback – You Just Don t Know It Yet
504. You Might Just Feel A Bit of a Prick…
505. Zeolite – Just a Fad or Can It Really Change Your Life
506. Zithromax is effective against a wide variety of bacteria organisms
507. Zyban is a smoking cessation aid used to help you stop smoking
508. Zyrtec prevents sneezing runny nose itching and watering of the eyes

Here’s a Sample Article So That You Know What To Expect From These PLR Article Pack):

4 Easy Ways To Relief Headache

Having headache is annoying and sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid. Mostly when we are under pressure, headache appeared automatically. If it gets worse, we might faint due to the pain we felt.

A headache is a condition of mild to severe pain in the head. It can also attack at our upper back or neck. There are different types of headache, but most of the time headache brought on by stress, too long in front of computer, noise and others.

One of the main causes of headache is tension in the muscles of the neck, scalp and jaw. We usually deal with it by taking some sleep or consume over-the counter aspirin to release our pain. However, can we do this at any place?

Obviously, we cannot sleep at the office or at the mall. In addition, we might run of aspirin when headache strike us.

Do not worry! The easiest way to handle headache and we can do it everywhere is through massage. Massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension.

When we suffer from headache, we can help ourselves with self-massage. Simple and everybody can do it, either at work or home.

Here are four easy ways in massage to heal our headache.

1. Eyes Area Massage — Close your eyes. Place your middle fingers to your eyes that are above cheekbones. Massage that area gently but firmly in circular motion for 1 minute,

2. Eyes to Nose Massage – Using thumb, go along the underside of eyebrows (along the bone on top of eye socket). Feel where this bone meets the bridge of your nose and eyes and find a point where there is a small indentation. Very gentle pressure, press your thumbs into the points. You can do it four times by holding and press that area for 10 seconds in each press.

3. Neck Massage — Massage a point where you can feel it by moving the middle fingers of your hands to the back of your head and feel the base of your skull. Specially, at the tops of your neck that meets the base of your skull. Massage for a minutes using finger tips gentle in circular movement.

4. Scalp Massage – Let your palms of your hands massage your scalp on the top of your skull for a minute gently.

Once you have done all those massages, start taking a deep breath. Lift your shoulders towards your ears for five to 10 seconds to relief remaining pain, and then let them drop back down into their natural position.

You are going to feel better when you can do that for a couple of times. Your massage will relief your headache and your head will feel less weighty.

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[YES] You can sell them in auction sites
[YES] You can use them to build your list
[YES] You can give them as a bonus
[YES] You can package them and sell the packages in any way you want
[YES] You can start a membership site and deliver articles to your members
[NO] You cannot give them away for free under any circumstances

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